My Sister brings me Birthday Happiness

Author: Horny Beaver
Published: Jul 30, 2009
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So I went up with my sister and we went into her room and laughed about the expressions of my friends at her body, my sister was very proud that she could do that to boys now. After a few more laughs and a couple more drinks she said "now you've seen my pussy I wanna see all your body, and your cock."

I will start by setting the scene; this is a story from when I was turning 16. My sister was 21 and had moved away, this story is about when she came back for my birthday, a birthday I wouldn't forget. I had never had thoughts about my sister of a sexual nature before but when she came back home this time she had lost a lot of weight and her boobs stood out from her body much better than before, and she had the curves that she had always wanted.

When she first came back we had the usual jokes with one another, me calling her fat-girl and her calling me skinny-boy, which was quite accurate with me being a long distance runner at the time. I only called her fat-girl as she was once fat, but I said it then with knowledge that she wasn't the fat-girl she once was. Well anyway that evening was the night before my birthday. So I did what I did on most Friday nights and go out and have a drink with my friends and act like we were much bigger and better than we were. Once I'd got drunk enough my mates started asking me about my sister as a joke, they asked me if the fat blonde still had the pork, and I told them she was much prettier than she once was. They, of course, didn't believe me so made me take them back and prove she wasn't as fat.

So, not really taking much notice for anyone else in the house I went straight into my sister's room. What I saw next was stunning. I hadn't known that she had just had a shower, after she herself had been out for a drink with her friends. I came in to see her with a towel covering her shoulder length blonde hair and she was drying herself down. Her 34DD breasts were out in plain sight for me to see. I then looked down and saw her small trail of hair, maybe 2 inches long that led down to her pussy. It was an amazing sight to see, and I know my sister and I had heard her talking to her friends that she had only been with one man, so her pussy was far from experienced and used, you could say. As I had walked in she turned round and looked at me, it took her a few seconds to realise she was in such a naked state in front of her brother but eventually put the towel back around her.

She then asked me to get out of her room and I just stood speechless at what I had seen. "Jack, Jack. Get out...... Why are you still looking at my body". I still was quite unresponsive. Then she realised that I was taken back by her beauty and was a bit drunk so she used this for herself. "you think I'm prettier now than I was before, when I was your little fat-girl" she asked with a jokey tone. I just said "yeah, your amazing" when I heard my friends shouting up "so where's your sister then, I bet she's still fat isn't she". Then I told her that I wanted to prove to my friends that she wasn't fat anymore. She said this sounded fun so she dried herself up and went downstairs in her nightie, a very short one that showed off her now stunning legs. She liked a few of my friends and thought very highly of some of them, and had even gone on my phones to get their numbers.

But she was not happy for them calling her fat, so what she did was go down and tease these boys as much as she could, she went up and stroked herself along the side of my friend Steven, who was the one who had called her fat. She said "so you still think I'm fat do you, you think these boobs are fat and these legs" as she rubbed those parts of her body. Steven was just speechless and shook his head. Then our mum shouted down for us to get into bed or get out the house. So as I wanted to try my luck with my sister I said I was going in and my friends went home.

So I went up with my sister and we went into her room and laughed about the expressions of my friends at her body, my sister was very proud that she could do that to boys now. After a few more laughs and a couple more drinks she said "now you've seen my pussy I wanna see all your body, and your cock." I was taken back but being as horny as I was I duly said yes and stripped off for her. I was confident we weren't going to get walked in on because my parents room is upstairs and my sisters bedroom is at the opposite end downstairs. She just looked at my body and my semi erect cock that was around 5 inches but gets up o about 61/2 when fully up. I was growing at the sight of my sister and she could tell this. She then told me to sit down and came sat on my lap, my cock went into her nightie and I felt the outside of her underwear. She always slept in underwear, which I could never understand. I grew to my peak with my cock up her dress and she just giggled, "does your sister make you horny Jack. Do you want fat-girl as your fuck-girl". I jst smiled and kissed her neck, "I dunno, do you wanna be it for me, it is a bit wrong". She just looked at me with a killer seductive smile "well doesn't the wrongness of it make you want it more". I was just getting ready to kiss her again when I heard my mum shout to us and heard her coming downstairs. I quickly hopped up and put my clothes back on, and we sat as if we were just talking to one another.

This is where I thought it had ended, my sister said she didn't want to do it in case mum and dad came in and saw us. But it was the next morning I was to get my surprise. I had woken up at 11 o clock which meant my parents had gone to the market, with it being a saturday. I looked down and realised I had morning glory so wanked off thinking of my sister last night, and when I was just about to come I heard a voice behind me, at my door. "Happy Birthday Jack. I heard you calling my name" I then realised that I had wanked saying "Katie, Yeah Katie fuck me harder", I had got too much into my imagination. Katie then came over to me and whispered in my ear "I forgot to buy you a present but I'm sure I can do something for you. "she looked down at my cock and just asked "you wanna get a shower" I hopped straight up and went into the bathroom, I was already naked so I took the liberty of slowly undressing my sister. I couldn't believe this, I was undressing a 21 year old blonde with DD's and I was about to shower with her. We went in and began washing one another down, we started with each others hair then I got to rub the shower gel all over her boobs and felt the suds bubbling up over her nipples. She then got down to my cock and wanked it off that last little bit that I hadn't finished off before, I came over her back and it dripped down into her ass. She turned to me "that was a bit warmer than the sower gel, you're a bit excited". We then kissed in the shower until the hot water ran out, which in our house was barely 10 minutes. We both went back into my room and were drying each other, I got down to her pussy and with my fingers in it, shoved the towel between her lips, she let out a soft moan and looked down at me. I then pushed her back so she fell onto my bed, and on my hands and knees I licked her out.

With my thumb rubbing her clit I stuck my long tongue right in between her pussy lips and she came in my face after 2 or three minutes. She then told me she had no wish of sucking my cock and we just went straight to the next base. "I want you to do me missionary first" . I was thinking first. This will be good. I put her on her back and opened her legs out wide, I slowly put my cock to her and pushed it in, one inch at a time. She was already dripping wet so it was easy to get her in "Oh Jack, do me hard. I want you to be better than Alun." Alun was her last fucker, 2 years ago. We were pumping hard by now and I was about to come "are you on birth control sis" "Yeah so just come in my ahhhh pussy". I did as she asked then kept going till she came again. We lay down looking at one another and she goes "Am I the first girl you've had" "No, but you were by far the best, the only others were slags on drunk nights" This lowered the tone too much so she slapped me. "I can be a little slut you know" I asked her how "do me in the ass, I'll get a vibrator to do my pussy". I was so taken back by this I just gasped and nodded. So I lay down on the bed and she, after getting the vibrator sat on my cock, slowly edging onto it. after a few ins and outs we were really pumping and she was screaming "ohhh jack yeaahhh mmmmm ohhhh" this just made me so horny and I came, it was like a gushing and so much came out this time, it covered both of us, just as I finished coming she starting orgasming. She was bucking and screaming and then she passed out, she just lay on me. When she came back round she just whispered to me "happy birthday"

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