Father Time

Author: MtyMo
Published: Sep 15, 2009
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A 70 year old man who lives in the mountains back deep in the pine forest. I had felt that old age had robbed me of my virility. My nearest neighbor lives over a mile away. My wife passed away 2 years ago, but I have two daughters. Leah is 42 and Millie is 40. They live about 3 hours away and have full time jobs.My heart stopped when I heard those magic words "Dad, would you come here a moment."

Saturday, two weeks ago, they were up here seeing to their old man and cooking, washing and cleaning (even though I didn't need them too). They were pushing me to find a new wife to come and take care of me. Finally, on Sunday morning as they were getting ready to leave and still pushing me to get a wife, I told them that I didn't need one. If I had someone to come in once a month and fuck me silly I would have all that I would ever need. The next Saturday I was going to saw up a lot of logs into firewood and stack it. Leah said that if I did the cutting she would do the stacking. She arrived here early in the morning, we had breakfast and started on the logs. After a hard days work, we stopped and Leah said that she was going to take a quick shower to get rid of the sweat. I was puttering about the kitchen trying to get some food together and listening to the shower running. Leah shut off the shower and a couple of minutes later called. "Dad, would you come here a moment." When I came into the bathroom, she was standing in front of the mirror completely naked. I was startled to see her like that but couldn't help admiring the way she looked. Slim compact body, large slightly pendant titties and a luxuriant curly bush about her groin. I felt 'Old Johnny' begin to rise. That hadn't happened much in the past several months. "Dad, would you put lotion on my back My skin is really dry from all the sweat and the shower." She was holding a bottle of lotion and I stepped behind her and extended my hand for the lotion. As I rubbed the lotion into my daughters back my cock grew very hard and was trying to break its way out of the pair of shorts that I had on. I knew she was my child, but seeing her boobs gently bobbing in tune with my massage caused a flaming desire in my loins that hadn't occurred in years - even before my wife passed. "Give me your hand, Dad". I pushed it forward between her arm and body. While she poured more lotion I could feel the soft side of her titty against my forearm. "Now do my front for me, huh" and leaned back against my bare chest. She pushed back against me and couldn't help but feel the raging hard on that was against the crack of her ass. I began rubbing the lotion into her shoulders and tummy. I was careful not to touch her tits, but Leah took my hands and placed them squarely upon them. Her nipples were in the palm of my hand and I felt them become hard. Gently massaging her breasts I took each nipple between thumb and forefingers and rolled them gently. She let out a deep sigh and pressed my hands more firmly into her boobs. Reaching behind her, she took hold of 'Old Johnny' and asked "Is this for me". "Well it isn't for anyone else." I can't tell you how good it felt to have my daughter hold my cock. My body was tingling all over and my breath was coming in gasps. Putting her other hand behind her, she undid the button of my shorts, unzipped the fly and pushed them down where they dropped to the floor. I was totally naked now wanting desperately to bury my dick into her pussy but I was still holding back because she was my daughter and incest was taboo. She spun in my arms and hugged me tight with those hardened nipples trying to bore holes into my chest while she still caressed my cock. She stepped back and leading me by my cock, she went into the bedroom. "Are you sure you want to do this Leah, its not something a father and daughter is supposed to do." She just smiled and firmly pushed me onto the bed on my back. My daughter got onto the bed and straddled my hips and using both hands guided my cock between the swollen lips of her pussy. The heat there felt like it could almost burn. 'Old Johnny' was twitching and so hard I could have driven nails with it. As soon as Leah got the head of my cock into her snatch she dropped her hips onto me, driving my cock deep into her love canal. I was in heaven , the warmth of her hole sent shivers up my spine and caused my dick to pulse within her. The soft, moist and warm walls of her pussy were sending bolts of lighting throughout my body. She stayed still, impaled on my dick for a few moments letting her cunt squeeze my cock. Letting out a deep sigh, she said "I have been dreaming of this moment ever since I was 13 years old." She straightened up a little and I could feel the muscles of her pussy methodically squeeze and release my cock. Leah kept this up and using a circular motion of her hips slowly raised her wet box off my cock. When the head came free of her sheath, she took it in her hand and guided it into her snatch and again dropped down on it and repeated the same procedure - several times. She leaned forward and pressed her left tit against my lips. I opened my mouth and began sucking and nursing on that mound and probing her nipple with my tongue. She was steadily sighing and moaning now and I increased my attention to her tit Soon the slow work on my shaft gave way to wild bouncing on my cock with juices dripping everywhere. Looking down between us, there was a silvery sheen of pussy juice coating my dick and I felt her warm pussy nectar seep down over my balls. I knew that I couldn't hold out much longer before I was squirting cum deep within her cunt and the look of ecstasy on her face told me that she wouldn't either. I rolled us both over and began to fuck my daughter as if I would never get another screw. Leah's legs were locked around my hips to hold me in her. Pounding her canal as hard as I could was causing her juices to flow out and down the crack of her ass. I was watching her face and soon the look of lust took over her expression as her eyes closed. I could see she was near cumming. She began to gasp and turn red and moaned loudly as the spasms of her pussy squeezed my cock. Her long and loud orgasm triggered my cock and I filled her love hold with pulse after pulse of the very seed that had created her. I started to pull my cock from her when she objected. " Poppa, please leave it in me, it feels so good". We rolled to our sides with my softening dick still buried in her. In a few moments she was asleep and soon I was also. I woke up the next morning knowing something unusual had awakened me. As I came to my senses I realized that Leah's pussy was beating a rhythm clenching my rod. Soon I was stiff again and wanting to fuck my daughter again. "Come on Poppa, give me some more meat" she urged. She rolled me over onto my back and sat up and begin to slide up and down my cock. It was really getting good and we were nearing our climaxes. We were both startled almost out of our wits when someone shouted "No fair, you started without me." My daughter almost pulled off of me as we both looked to see who was in the house with us. Millie was standing next to the bed - she had driven up right outside, entered the house and came into the bedroom without us hearing so strong was our passion. Millie frantically tore off her clothes and placing one knee near my shoulder she straddled me and pressed her hot, wet cunt onto my face and held herself in place by holding onto the headboard. The musky smell of her fuck box made me thrust my tongue into her and begin lapping up all her juices. She must have been thinking about this already because she was really wet and even the pubic hair was damp. I slid my fully extended taster into her love hole and my daughter fucked my tongue and moaned each time she slid her pussy over me. They were so vigorous that each thrust of her groin pressed my head back into my pillow and shut off my breathing. I was loving the taste of her, her passion and the sounds of pleasure coming from her. I found it hard to believe, but I was fucking one daughter and eating the other. I looked up through Millie's pubic hair and saw that Leah had both of her sisters large tits in her hands and was rolling the nipples between her fingers and Millie was using her free hand to hold Leah's hands tight to her breasts. Quickly everything came to the end of our passion. Millie began panting and grinding her pussy into my mouth while Leah pounded my cock. The muscles in Millie's pussy were shivering on my tongue and Leah dropped down to where red and black pubic hair were intertwined. Both girls were moaning and I reached my limit and started shooting my spunk deep into Leah. I was filling my daughter's love channel with the very seed that created her and loving every minute. The girls finally left Sunday morning after three more sessions of fucking and licking. They said that as soon as their work week was ended they both would be back up again for a repeat performance! Believe me, I don't think that I'm impotent any more and am really looking forward for their visit.

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