I Had No Idea my Step-Mother Was Like This

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Published: Dec 25, 2009
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I slid my dick in her pussy to use her female moisture as lube. I thrust in hard, she squealed, "Oh My, Rannndyy. You are larger than your father. Fuck me! ! I fucked her wet cunt with my thumb in her butt a few minutes & when she was close to orgasm I withdrew, moved up ah couple inches & "WOW!" She screamed. "My Sweetie. Do My Butt Hard. Fuck My Ass Randyyyy, I'm cumin' OH FUCK, I'M GONNA CUM...

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Is it Or Is it not

Is it Or Is it not incest to have sex with your stepmother after your father had passed away

This is however is very true & how this came down to reality. I was in my last year of college when this happened. I received a frantic call from my step-mom telling me that she had taken my dad to hospital for an apparent heart attack.

I flew home the next day to find Dad's wife sitting in the waiting room for some word from his doctors. Just then (My Father's) doctors came out and told Maggie that dad's conduction was grave & he wasn't going to make it. He said there was just too much damage done by the attack. Your father will not make the night.

"Can I see him doc I asked. Are you his son, Randy He said. "Yes I am. I replied. "Yes go ahead, he's been asking for you"

I walked in his room, Dad looked at me with a painful sigh, trying to smile "Randy, Son listen to me I am not going home. I am dieing." I tried to speak. He said, Listen, Randy I am not going to get out of here alive. Please promise me you'll take care of Maggie! That I know you will. He winked at me. She is going to need you now, more then ever. With that, my dad closed his eyes & died in my arms. I didn't know how to tell my step-mom.

When I walked out to the hallway, Maggie knew he was gone. "Oh Tim, I loved him so!" I noticed crocodile tears welling up. She hugged tightly; I thought her hug was more like lovers than step mom & stepson. She asked me for help with the arrangements. "Sure mom, shall we go to the house and make some calls" I'll call a good friend of mine; he'll know what to do. I said.

Maggie started crying uncontrollably. "Mom, you better come with me. I'll come back to get your car" As we walked she put her arm around my waist. She leaned her head against my shoulder. "Randy" she said. "I'm so glad your here to help me through this. I love you"

"Mom I love you also. You made dad happy. Dad talked about you every time we were together.

I drove her home, made some calls to get preparations under way. Maggie arranged for a beautiful funeral. A couple days after dad's services I called mom at home and said, "Mom I better get back to school before my absence effects my grades"

"OK Randy, but can you stop by for ah while" Yeah sure. I'll be over in a little while I replied.

An hour later I pulled up into dad's drive way. I walked in just like I owned the house. "Mom, Maggie" I called out.

She came out of the bathroom wearing an opened sheer pale blue bed jacket. The front edges flapped in the breeze as she walked. "Mom, what hell are you doing" I asked. "Randy, I wanted to know if you think I'm still pretty. You have never seen me naked. Should I trim my pubic hair closer Are my tits standing up My nipples erect I can see that you are, erect that is" Maggie, yes you still attractive, but why are you doing this

My mom, step-mom dropped to her knees in front of me. She smiled up at me while she lowered my zipper. "What do we have here Randy Did I do this She pulled out my hard dick & kissed the head, slowly sucked me down her throat. "Oh Maggie, that is so nice, what you're doing to me. Why I asked. Why are you doing this I sighed "Oh Yeah Maggie! Suck it. Suck my dick" She sensed that I was enjoying her treatment. Maggie said, "Pull my hair, force my lips around this pretty cock. Make me swallow you whole! You wanna cum in my neck" She asked.

Oh my yes, I said, and that isn't all. She got up and led me the basement. Once down there, she went into a room that was my old bedroom. She turned on a dim light in the corner.

Damn Maggie what is this "Your father made this room for us, it's our den of iniquity. Pretty cool huh"

There was a Sexual Torture Rack, Chains & shackles a lot of leather and a huge bed. I didn't know about this. When did you do all this

"Daddy did this about ah year ago. All of our swinging friends have rooms like this. What do you think Randy"

Wow! How long have you & dad been swingers I had never known this

She grabbed my hard cock and walked over and shoved me down to the bed. She didn't hesitate one bit. She hovered over me & then lowered down over my cock with her trimmed pussy. She was so wet & she slid down all he way to my balls with ease. She began fucking me slow and sensual. Slowly increasing her movement, both up/down. Side to side & back and forth. Maggie was intended on fucking me. I started thrusting back against her as she rode me.

My 7+ inches was riding her clit with each stroke. I was getting close to busting ah nut. Maggie swallowed me to my balls; I felt her swallowing my cock. "Maggie, MOM, I'M CUMMING. OH GAWD. I spurted time after time until I was shot. Maggie kept milking my dick with her throat until I was dry. One of the best BJ's to date. Maggie did you suck off my dad that way

"Yes Randy I sure did, Do you like to fuck butt I love it up the butt. It makes me fuck wildly" She then backed off my dick while speaking. Is that pretty dick up for another round" She started stroking me. She turned around with her ass towards me. Maggie wiggled her hips as inviting me into her booty.

My dick took one look at her hinny and stood out straight & hard. Maggie said, "Take me Randy. Take my butt, Fuck my ass! I love it hard & I see that you are hard. Do me sweetie"

I slid my dick in her pussy to use her female moisture as lube. I thrust in hard, she squealed, "Oh My, Rannndyy. You are larger than your father. Fuck me! ! I fucked her wet cunt with my thumb in her butt a few minutes & when she was close to orgasm I withdrew, moved up ah couple inches & "WOW!" She screamed. "My Sweetie. Do My Butt Hard. Fuck My Ass Randyyyy, I'm cumin' OH FUCK, I'M GONNA CUM. Faster, FASTER & HARD" I pumped her as long as I could without Cumming myself. "Randy, RANDY CUM DEEP IN MY ASS, I YOU LOVE SO! Now Go DEEP AND CUM"

Just hearing her naughty words & pure lust in her eyes was more than my balls would allow. "Maggie here it comes" I had increase depth to stay in rhythm with her. The last of the knots in my nuts I spewed my hot cum deep in her ass. I spread her ass cheeks apart to get in a little bit further. The tension in my nuts subsided ah little. I wanted to save the last few spurts for her pussy. I jammed her pussy hard. She had another toe curling orgasm as I emptied my balls against her cervix. We both climaxed together.

That encounter made a special bond between made us even stronger. Maggie & I both share years with dad, in different ways of course, but her & I have had many sessions since my dad passed away. I realized why he winked at me just before dad died & what it meant...We have had with her swinging group. Thanks Dad!

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