The Panty Effect

Author: Danny
Published: Mar 20, 2010
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You've got really up close and personal with the woman of your desires. As you kiss, you can feel each other's heart beating, and hands are everywhere. You know she's yours for the asking. Then she discovers that you are wearing panties! Surely this is a disaster scenario But maybe not...

For me, the woman in question was my mother-in-law, Doreen. My desire for her began in earnest when I was 50 (a mere spring chicken) and she was 75. I'd known her for about 25 years by then and had never really thought about her as anything other than my wife's mother. That changed one morning when the telephone rang and it was Doreen to ask if I could call round to help her. She'd fallen over while getting dressed and was having difficulty getting up again. She doesn't live very far away, so I was soon there. Sure enough, just as she'd said, she'd fallen over but I was a little bit stunned by her state of dress. She was naked, apart from her knickers, which were just half way up.

The first thing was to get her on her feet. That was fairly easy and I was pleased to see that she wasn't hurt. When she had caught her breath, I started to help her get dressed. I knelt down in front of her and helped her get her knickers pulled up. Needless to say, I was transfixed by what was in front of me. Her mound was just lightly furred with grey hair and cleft with the most magnificent cunt slit you could ever wish to see. It seemed to invite you to get lost in its depths. Having pulled her knickers up, I slipped my fingers under the elasticated legs and made sure they were sitting snug on her. Inevitably, my fingers ran over her mound as I made the adjustment.

Then I stood up and helped her on with her bra. Having got it on, she turned and I did the clasp up for her. Again, just for her comfort, of course, I slipped my hands around her and into the cups of her bra to make sure everything was fitted perfectly. I couldn't help noticing that her nipples were quite firm. Then it was time to help her on with her slip. This was a white full slip with pretty lace across the bust and a broad lacy hem. I smoothed it down over her body, running my hands over her breasts, down round her waist, over her bum (taking note of the feel of her knickers through the cool smooth nylon) and over her hips for the lightest of touches on her mound.

At this point, I should have been helping her on with her panty-hose but, I suppose inevitably, that isn't what happened. Instead, we found ourselves very close together - me with my hands on her hips, and her with her hands on my arms, preventing me from moving (as if I wanted to!). Then we kissed - at first just lightly but soon it became passionate and finally a desperate need to press our lips together as tightly and for as long as possible. With the lightest of persuasion, I got Doreen onto the bed. As I moved to join her, she undid the buttons of my shirt so she could run her hands over my chest, making my nipples stand up. We'd barely stopped kissing all this while.

As we lay together, our hands were everywhere - all over each other's body. As my hands ran over her breasts, tummy and mound, hers ran over my chest and down over, what by then, was a distinct bulge in my trousers. As her hand moved to unzip me, that's when I remembered .... I was wearing panties, as I often do! Before I could think what to do, her hand was running over my nylon clad cock. She sensed immediately that there was something unusual. She sat up and looked and said, "My God! You're wearing panties!" Nervously, I owned up, "Well ... er ... yes ... but it's not what you think!" She replied, "Oh yes So what is it then" I explained, "Actually, it's because they are so much more comfortable than men's clothes. I really envy the lovely comfortable, light-weight materials and clothes that you ladies are allowed to wear. I really wish there weren't so many restrictions on how men dress. I wear panties as often as I can, but it's really about being comfortable."

That seemed to be a good enough explanation for her and she lay back down and we were soon embracing passionately again. Soon, I was wearing nothing but my panties - which by now she quite seemed to like - and her breasts were out of her bra and slip (the hem of which was up round her waist). I kissed and licked her nipples as I moved myself to be between her legs. She reached inside my panties and took hold of my cock, stroking it gently. She kept the tip of my cock against her knickers, right where I guessed was the top of her slit, with that magic button hiding under its hood. I reached down and pulled her gusset to one side and she deftly guided my cock into her cunt.

I confess that I was not prepared for the feeling of entering her. She was very moist and I slipped easily into her warm, tight vagina. I was suddenly aware of what I was doing. I was fucking my 75 year old mother-in-law. More to the point, she was fucking me! It was as well I was already inside her because I felt my cock thicken as I though about what we were doing. The more I moved in and out of her, the more wet and smooth she became, and the more ecstatic - and wicked! - it felt. Eventually, I could feel the pressure building. "Mum", I said, "I can't hold on any more. I'm going to cum." She pulled me to her and said, "Yes, please, fill me up. Give me everything. Shoot all of it inside me." With an invitation like that, what could I do but obey my mother-in-law The first rope of spunk that erupted into her was so big that it was almost painful. Her cunt muscles quivered in response to it. Then came the second load and her cunt went into spasm around my cock, pulling two more great spurts of spunk out of me.

After we'd recovered, we agreed we must do it again. "But", she said, "Only if you promise to wear your panties whenever we do it". Do you think I agreed to those terms and conditions ....

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