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Couple Plus One

Author: Lou O'Brien
Publish Date : Aug 9, 2010
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"Hi, I'm Bill, this is my wife Amanda and our daughter Megan". Holy shit. What's going on I came over here to fuck the guy's wife, and he brings his daughter

* * * * * * *

I haven't had sex with my my wife for a year and a half, and it had gotten to the point where half the women walking through WalMart would catch my eye, causing me to mumble to myself "I need to get laid".

I found a website that offered the chance to meet people to hook up with. As I am already 50, the vast majority of those women under 30 didn't even see fit to respond to my pages. I became interested in couples, as the thought of screwing some guys wife while he watched gave me a strange turn on. Once again, success was hard to come by as almost all the couples were looking for other couples or single women, or a guy willing to go both ways. Finally I found a profile of a couple looking for a single male, age not important. They lived about two hours from me, he was 41 and she was 38. Their profile pic showed her with a dick in her mouth, and she was fairly cute and didn't look overweight. The next day they wrote back and invited me to meet them in a public place, suggesting the pool at one of their local hotels. I booked a room for the next weekend, and got hard when I daydreamed about what was to come.

The day finally arrived as I tried to hold my speed under 70 as I headed down the interstate. I didn't waste any time checking in, dropping my stuff off in my room and changing into my trunks and a golf shirt, with a towel over my arm. I used my room card to get into the pool area, then quickly looked around to check out who was already there. I spotted a girl in the hot tub, a heavy set man and his young daughter in the shallow end, and a late 30'ish couple in the deep end. I put my room key in my shirt pocket, pulled off the shirt and left it on a bench. I tried to stick a toe in the water to check how cold it was, but almost lost my balance and fell in. Oh well, go for it. I slipped off the edge on had a momentary shock from the coolness of the water. I almost lost my shorts as I bounced back up from the bottom, but I adjusted pretty quickly. I was about 20 feet away from the couple, deciding if they were my 'dates' and how to approach them. As I waited, the girl got out of the hut tub and made her way to the edge of the pool. It was hard to tell how old she was - her face, pleasant but short of pretty looked mature, but her breasts were quite small. What really caught my eye was her hips - a flat muscular belly, toned thighs, perfectly shaped butt cheeks falling slightly out of the corner of her bikini, and a pubic area that just drew my eyes. She dove into the pool, coming back up next to the couple. "Are you Lou" the man called over to me. "Yes". "Hi, I'm Bill, this is my wife Amanda and our daughter Megan". Holy shit. What's going on I came over here to fuck the guy's wife, and he brings his daughter Megan was standing on front of her father, playfully smiling and hopping up and down with both her hands on his shoulders for support. Even if it was my daughter, I thought that would give me a hard on.

Bill asked it I'd like a beer, and suggested we all go to the hot tub. Out of the pool, I got a better look at Bill's wife. There was no mistaking that Amanda and Megan were mother and daughter. The elder woman had heavier thighs, though not fat, fuller developed breasts and was several inches taller - but their faces could pass for twins. When I got to the tub I wasn't sure where I should sit and hesitated to get in. Bill was in first, then his wife on his right and daughter on his left. That only left a space for me between the two ladies. I eased my way in to the water, sitting on one of the steps and now getting used to the warmer water. I was nervous, especially sitting next to Megan. We chatted for a few minutes while sipping the beers. Megan told me they lived out in the middle of nowhere, with her school only graduating about 30 students a year. About this time Amanda reached behind her neck to untie her bikini top, pulling it off and setting it next to her on the deck. "How do you like them" she asked, holding both up for my approval. Her nipples were starting to get hard, and my cock stirred as well. Although showing some sag, they were nice sized and I'm sure would feel very soft in my hands. "Oh, very nice!" I was shocked out of my gaze when I felt Megan's hand on my thigh. "Can you be a sweetie and help me with mine" As I turned towards their daughter, she spun away so that her back was to me, the tied string of her bikini top in easy reach. Fumbling, I pulled open the tie and pushed the strings off her shoulders. Turning back to face me, Megan said "They're not as big as my mom's, but they still have time to grow." I arranged this meeting specifically to have sex, but now I was struggling to hide my erection from the girl's parents. Megan didn't help when she started rubbing her foot on my ankle.

It seemed like forever until Bill suggested we go to their room. Amanda and Megan wrapped towels around their bare chests as we left the pool area and walked down the hall. Once inside, Megan plopped face down on one of the two queen beds. "Lou, can you give me a back rub" Only wearing her bikini bottom, she turned to hand me a bottle of KY lotion, which let me get my best view so far of the hard nipples on her undersized tits. I sat on the bed beside her, spread some lotion in the middle of her back, then started to rub both my hands over her shoulders and back. "Oh, this always gets me horny!". My hands worked their way lower, onto her waist and hips. I jumped down to her thighs, one then the other. My dick was rock hard. "Can you take off my panties" After sliding them off I started to knead the cheeks of her beautiful ass. "OK, now the front". She rolled over, looking up at me, naked with her legs slightly spread open to reveal her hairless pussy. Instead of the oil, I dropped my head to take a nipple in my mouth, and let a hand work down her belly until it found the moistness of her lips. I had gotten so wrapped up in Megan that I had tuned out her parents. Looking up, I saw Amanda on the bed on all fours as Bill was entering her doggy style, both of them facing towards their daughter on the bed with me. Megan whispered "I'm ready, let's do it!". Even though her pussy felt plenty wet, I figured it was going to be tight so I spread some of the KY oil on my dick as I positioned myself between her legs. I rubbed the end of my penis into the folds of her pussy, then when I felt it give way I leaned forward and in. Megan stiffened and let out a gasp as I penetrated her. I started pumping, building up speed and pushing deeper. She was a screamer, moaning loudly with each thrust I made into her cunt. My dick was on fire. "Don't worry, I'm on the pill" It wasn't long before I couldn't take it anymore, slowing and then one last plunge where I unloaded my cum inside.

After a minute, I backed myself out as my cock began to soften. I felt hands brushing the back of my shoulders. "I'm impressed" said the girl's mother. "Come on over here with me, let's see if I can get this thing back to life." I climbed off Megan's bed, then Amanda pushed me onto my back on her's while she took me, covered with my cum and her daughter's juices, into her mouth. While laying there, getting sucked off by Amanda, I could see Bill walk over to the side of his daughter's bed. Bill stood while Megan sat up and started to softly lick her father's cock. As good as Amanda's cock sucking was, it was the sight of this girl that I had just fucked now with her father that sprung my tool back to life. "Oh goody, now it's my turn again!" as Amanda responded to my new erection. She motioned for me to give her some room on the bed, then laid on her left side, facing her husband and daughter on the other bed. I was behind her, and slide my cock between her legs and found her pussy. I reached around and squeezed one of her tits as I slowly fucked her from behind. With Bill now erect again as well, he laid on the bed and helped Megan mount his stiff cock, lowering herself onto it's length. Soon she was bouncing up and down, moaning and crying out "Fuck me Daddy, oh please fuck me harder."

I leaned over and whispered into Amanda's ear "Don't you have a problem with this" which was kind of ironic, as I was questioning who her husband was fucking while my own cock was inside her pussy. "Do you have a daughter Haven't you ever looked at her that way My father taught me everything about how to make love to a man, and now my husband is doing the same with Megan. Bill and I have prepared her to be a woman from as early as possible." Bill kept thrusting faster and faster into his daughter, then watching him cum brought me to squirt what little I had left into his wife.

We all just laid the for awhile, dozing off, me with Amanda and Bill with his daughter. After waking, I quietly went to the shower, washed off and got dressed. Nonetheless, the rest were awake when I came out of the shower. I thanked them for the evening, but said I had to get home. I honestly told them it was a time that I would never forget, and I promised to keep in touch, maybe we could do this again. Megan and her mom each gave me a kiss as I left.

Driving back home, it was impossible to stop thinking about watching Bill fuck his own daughter, after I had my cock in the same tight sweet pussy. Soon I was unzipped my hand was in my shorts, stroking myself as I drove. The only time the image of Megan faded from my mind was when it was replaced by that of my daughter. If my wife won't fuck me...

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