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I Never Thought


Author: Grace Brazil
Published: 02-Jul-12

Simon rammed his cock head deep into my mouth and his first thick creamy spurt shot across my tongue and right down my throat. I'm not opposed to swallowing but in this case I had little choice.

* * * * * * *

True I had been out the night before and had come home both half drunk and fully horny. My friend brought me home safe and sound but he could not get it up so I left him in the driveway and came it.

My son Eddy had gone out early the next morning to play ball at the public play ground down the block. I had gotten up made sure he was fed and then made a pot of coffee for myself. I had on an old worn out cotton robe. It hung open as I moved around the kitchen. I leaned against the counter and the knob from the drawer pressed right on my clit.

I closed my eyes and saw my friend Ernie's cock and slowly pressed into the knob. I was thinking of the last time we were together and how he had complimented me on my ability to get him really hard, hard by sucking his cock. It was our third time together and it was only mediocre the first two times for both of us.

For me I was scared out of my wits. This was the first time I had let a guy get passed a hot kiss since my husband died eighteen months before.

For Ernie it was his first time in a long while too. I should mention I'm forty nine and Ernie is sixty one. He is a widower and has a few health problems so his getting it up took a bit more help from me. However I did enjoy helping. My help was just fondling him the first two times. He got hard but lost it before he could get me hot. But this third time I went down on him and that got the job done. I guess Ernie's wife had not liked sucking him. So the thrill of me sucking him got him up and running. When he did get hard he was some kind of a man.

Last night as we danced and drank we talked about how good it was the last time and how we both wanted to get it on again.

But the booze flowed and so did Ernie's ability to get hard. So here I was the morning after still horny and masturbating with a fucking drawer knob. How sad is that My brain kicked in gear was I heard a knock on the back door and then it swung open as I quickly backed off my polishing knob.

I grabbed my robe pulling it together as my son's best friend Simon came it. I was sure he got a peek at my full bush and maybe a nipple as I turned but he showed no emotion as I gathered the robe in one hand.

"Morning Mrs. G. is Eddy here"

For what ever reason I looked at Simon smiling at me and could not seem to focus on what he was saying. Simon was a big boy. Tall broad shouldered and I could see the rather large out line in his cut off jeans. Simon and Eddy had graduated high school in the spring and here it was October and still warm enough to ware cut offs.

Simon repeated his question then followed with "Are you feel well Mrs. G"

I mumbled some thing and said "Oh sorry; Simon I was out last night and had a few too many. You're not twenty one yet are you"

Simon smiled and said "No not yet but I've had a few nights like that."

"I said "Oh really so you drink already Has Eddy been with you when you were drinking"

He laughed and said "You'll have to ask Eddy about that."

I leaned back on the counter and felt the knob press into my crack. That brought back a few memories and sent a jolt through me.

I asked "Were there girls involved when you boys were out drinking"

He moved in and around to this side of the table. He said again "Are you feeling alright Mrs. G Should I call someone You look a little shaky."

I grabbed the counter with both hands to steady myself and my robe fell open from neck to pussy. Simon's eyes widened and he had a silly shy smile starting to grow from ear to ear.

My legs started to shake and Simon wisely grabbed me before I fell on the floor. He put one hand around my shoulder and the other hand came right up between my legs. His kid either was very good and knew what he was doing or just trying to help with out thinking. Either way I wiggled and moaned cupping my hand over his. I moaned and pressed hard pulling his fingers into my wetness.

Simon said "Oh fuck." In a deep sexy male voice.

I said "Simon I'm so fucking horny." I grabbed his enlarged swollen cock. How this is what I remembered as a girl. Just how fast a young boy could get hard. I squeezed and Simon moaned. I now had my arm around his neck and his hand and fingers were still rubbing my wet lips. So there we were him with one arm around my waist and the other down between us with his fingers playing a tune on my pussy. I had one arm around his neck holding on for dear life and the other arm down between us feeing a very swollen cock.

I raised my face and we kissed. This boy was no boy he was all man. As I opened my mouth his tongue darted in like a horny snake. At the same time he rammed two fingers up inside me.

He was now finger fucking me and I was one handed undoing his belt and zipper. I was surprised how well I could do this as it had been a very long time.

His cut offs dropped to the floor and I slipped a hand down inside his jockey shorts. I shuttered as I felt this hunk of solid meat. My need to see his cock up close was immediate and uncontrollable. I pushed Simon back and went to my knees. This had to be the thickest cock I had ever seen. No as long as some but surly the thickest. I looked up into deep blue eyes and closed mine as I swallowed half of his throbbing cock.

I don't now what the girls did that he had been with but I had him moaning "Oh God." In ten seconds flat. Then came "Oh Christ, oh fuck and then oh god again. I pulled off his cock and asked "You like me sucking your cock."

Simon glared at me and pushed my mouth back on his cock. He then said "You're the best cocksucker Mrs. G. even better than Wanda."

I did not know who Wanda was but at this point I was not going to pause long enough to ask,

Simon grabbed my hair in both hands and starred ramming his cock in my mouth. This boy wanted to fuck my mouth until her got off. I wanted this thick juicy cock in my pussy but it all of a sudden exploded.

Simon rammed his cock head deep into my mouth and his first thick creamy spurt shot across my tongue and right down my throat. I'm not opposed to swallowing but in this case I had little choice. Simon came and came and I swallowed and swallowed. About a gallon later he slumped a little and his cock pulled from my mouth. I fell back on my ass looking up at his still semi-hard cock bouncing to the beat of his heart.

He looked down and smiled. I looked up and smiled.

Simon helped me to my feet and hand in hand we walked down the hall to my bedroom.

I did not have to work on his cock to get it hard again by the time we got to the bed he was hard as a fucking rock and ready to go again.

I fell on my back lifted my legs. Simon took one look and plunged in for the next twenty minutes of the best fucking I have had in years. I screamed and climaxed then Simon screamed and he climax but never stopped.

My pussy was wet and sloppy with our cum and I loved it. I had my second climax and screamed of him to fuck me harder.

I had my third climax followed by Simons' greatly weakened spurt. We lay locked together for a long time. Simon rolled off as we both took a few minutes to get our breath.

I got up moved slowly toward the bathroom. I sat there for what seemed a long time thinking of what I had done. I must have been out of my head. How could I have screwed a kid ... correction man, young man like a fucking whore cougar

I went to the shower and douched and let the hot water cool me off. I was thinking I had to make Simon understand this was a one time thing and it only happened because I was still drunk from the night before. I had to make him promise to never say a word or I would be shamed out of town. And my son would never forgive me. "Oh God what have I done."

Still naked with only a towel around my breast I went back into the bedroom. Simon was gone. I sat on the bed and cried.

Over and over my head was screaming "Oh god what have I done."

I must have fallen asleep because I woke with Eddy calling out for me.

I rolled over and shook my head awake from a sexy dream. I had been dreaming of sex with boys all kind of boys tall, short, heavy, thin and all have wonderful cocks. All this wonderful cocks were shooting cum all over me as I lie naked on the floor.

Weakly I sat up to see Eddy standing in the doorway looking at me in all my naked glory. My towel had disappeared and I was naked resting on my elbows legs spread as if waiting for Simon to return.

I said "Eddy. I'd like a little privacy if you don't mind."

Eddy said "Sure Mom. I'll close the door." But he did not close the door in any hurry. He lingered letting his eyes roam over my body like maggots on a dead rat. I did not move either. I was thinking of what Simon had said about these underage boys drinking and my assumption that there were girls present at these drinking sessions. I was on fire all of a sudden and I was seeing Simon with his thick hard cock fucking these young girls and maybe this Wanda who ever she was sucking him off. Then I let my mind wander to the idea that maybe these kids were having group sex. I could see my son and Simon with two girls fucking and maybe even screwing one in a double penetration. I was going nuts and I was not thinking straight. I had to shake this and get back to normal.

I let my eyes once again focus on the door. Eddy was still there looking at me. I could not move I was mesmerized into stillness, frozen in time. Simon must have told Eddy. That was why he was still looking at me. I was so ashamed.

I watched as Eddy slowly entered the room stopping at the edge of the bed. He ever so slowly let his shorts drop to the floor. He was naked. His cock was long and swinging from side to side. The bulbous head was shinny and there was a milky drop of pre-cum lingering on the tip. I want to roll away but I could not move. I tried to scream but not a sound came out.

Eddy moved to the side and there behind him was Simon with wonderful cock all swollen to full thickness and ready to fuck me again. But how could I enjoy Simon again with Eddy here in the same room. Oh, God was I going to fuck my son and his best friend at the same time.

How could I, how would it be. Would I suck Simon's thick juicy cock while Eddy fucked me Or would it be better for me to suck my son's cock and have Simon fuck me doggie. Maybe Simon would like to fuck my ass. It had been so long... there was some thing wrong. This could not be happening. I had to stop. I jerked awake sitting up screaming for them to stop.

I was alone in my bedroom. The towel was here wrapped around one leg and pulled up between my legs rubbing my swollen pussy.

I had been dreaming about my son looking at me but the swollen pussy was real and I had for real fucked Simon and sucked him off. That part was bad enough but what was I thinking of including Eddy into my dreams. This was really getting crazy. Something had to change and fast.

I returned to the kitchen dressed in a T-shirt and shorts. At forty nine I was still not too bad looking. I'm five foot seven, weight in at a cool one hundred and thirty six pounds and fill up my bra with twin babies size 38C and they are still able to point the way. Well maybe at a slightly downward angle. But still not too bad.

I poured a cup of coffee and looked down at the knob and said out loud "Its' all you fault." I got no answer. But I thought the little fucked was grinning slightly.

I had to get out of the house so I made a sandwich put it on the table along with a note telling Eddy I was going shopping and then going to see my friend Karen.

Karen and I had gone to school together and this friendship when back over forty years. Our sexual start years were to say the least highly memorable for both of us as we told each other every detail. Then when we were in collage we double dated a few times. One weekend we were invited to a lake for beer, swinging and a few hot dogs. The only thing was the hot dogs turned out to be attached to a couple brothers.

The beer came first and then the hot dogs. This was the first time we ever got in on n the same room at the same time.

I remember Karen telling me afterward how exciting she got watching me suck on a cock. I don't remember names any more only that we got well fucked and at some point the guys had us go down on each other and while we were in a sixty nine we lost our virgin ass holes.

Karen is a tall dark haired beauty with long pointed tits with long nipples. She has the thickest dark bush of any girl I'd ever seen. But the thing was with Karen she was totally addicted to oral sex. She would rather suck cock or fuck any day. After our forced lesbian encounter she started to include this when ever she was in a group sex thing. I on the other hand only ever did it once of twice more and always with Karen.

We both married about the same time and came up pregnant nearly at the same time. Karen had a girl and I of course had a boy. Her daughter is now married and living out of state.

Karen and I are both single now, I a widow and Karen divorced. We still visit from time to time but for some reason we don't socialize much. But this morning when I called she was happy to hear from me and said she would have the coffee on when I arrived.

If there was another person in this entire world that I could talk to it was Karen.

I felt nervous and still shaking from my encounter this morning. I was sure it showed in big block letter across my forehead "Wow, I just fucked my son's best friend"

It took Karen about ten seconds to see I was upset and of course she wanted to know why.

I him-hawed around but finely admitted I had sex with a kid of age yet a lot younger than I in the neighbor and that I was still crazy drunk from the night before. Karen's no dummy and she right away asked "This neighborhood kid ... He knows your son, right"

I hung my head and shook it to admit that was the case.

Karen said "Grace whole that thought the yard boy is here and I need to tell him what to do."

Karen got up from the table and opened the back door. I passed out cold. Simon was standing at the door.

I woke with Karen bending over me and Simon standing next to her. I was on the day bed on the sun porch. Karen had a wet towel in her hand wiping my forehead.

Karen said "Well I guess I know who the neighborhood kid was. I guess there is no need to introduce my Yard boy and some times lover Simon."

I moaned and hid my face. Karen said "Grace don't feel bad Simon has been doing my yard and me for three months. I know how charming he can be and of course you know about his juicy thick cock. He told me all about this morning. So wake up dear friend and let's talk about this."

I did not want to talk about it now or ever but after a cup of coffee and Karen with a few more encouraging words. I took a long look at Simon and Karen standing there side by side smiling at me. I started to laugh, they laughed and then I cried.

Karen came and kneeled down hugged me and I settled down again. But this time came around and stood next to Karen so that his zipper was right at head height.

Karen smiled still kneeling she turned to pull down his zipper and pull out his lovely sizeable cock. I watched not so much in disbelief but in awe of Karen's openness and expertise as she sucked his cock deep into her mouth. I watched and felt the shakes return to my whole body. Karen still had an arm resting across my knees and I was locked in sitting there to watch her at close range.

Simon looked even larger that I remembered from a few hours ago. Karen pulled back as Simon took my head in his hand pulling me down to replace my mouth where Karen's had been just a moment ago.

I did not pull back, I did not hesitate I was wild with passion and I eagerly swallowed as much of his cock as I could. Karen moved out of the way as I moved to kneel in front of Simon so I could get a good mouth full of his sweet cock.

When Karen knelt to once again take her turn she was completely naked. I stood and followed her lead without taking my eyes off the prize at hand.

A few second later Karen was bent over the arm of the sofa with Simon right behind her fucking her doggie with all his might. I had little to do so I knelt next to her ass and felt up his thighs and up his ass. Karen cried out and she really did spurt around his cock to let the milky stuff run down her legs.

Simon pulled back swung his cock toward me and I thoughtlessly swallowed it to suck off Karen's juice. I licked and sucked for a few moments then Simon once more aimed is cock at her pussy and started up again.

Karen screamed for him to fuck her as she was going to cum again. He did and she did.

There was never a moment of lost motion. Karen moved out of the way and Simon had my bent over the arm rest as Karen was just a second before. Simon was a man of all men he never missed a beat as he rammed his wonderful cock into my wet pussy. I was soon screaming as Karen had been that I was coming and for Simon to fuck her harder. He did.

Karen told Simon not to cum in me so when he was finely ready he pulled out and shot his load into Karen's open waiting mouth. Karen licked his cock clean and slowly milked the last drop of cum out of it.

I fell back on the sofa and shook like a leaf in a wind storm. Karen joined me and Simon wandered off some where.

I said "Oh shit." Karen laughed.

Karen said "If nothing else that boy has stamina."

I swallowed hard and said "What if my son fines out about this"

Karen said "Well what is done is done. But my guess is he would think he Mom was one sexy and great lady."

I gritted my teeth and said "Karen you don't know my son. He is not that way; He would hate me and never speak to me again."

Karen sat up as Simon came back into the room his cock swinging happily from side to side. Simon stopped next to Karen. Karen looked up at Simon smiled and then turned to me and said "The next time Eddy stops by I'll tell him about you concerns. I like Eddy he's a good boy and he also does my yard from time to time. What is really great is when Eddy comes over with Simon and they both do my yard."

My mouth was hanging open. I was dumb founded and just shaking my head as if in total disbelief. Of course I could not believe my ears and the words my dear friend was saying. How could she be fucking my son But for her it was just another

young hard cock. Nothing personal in it.

I mumbled "You didn't"

Karen smiled and said "Sorry to say so my love but yes we have had a few threesome and if Simon bring Wanda it's a great foursome." I simply could not believe my ears and my brain was shutting down. I fell back on the sofa and closed my eye tight. My head was so tired I simply closed off the world around me and went to sleep.

I started to dream again and this time Eddy was a baby suckling my breasts. It was a strange feeling I thought both nipples were being sucked on. Did I have two babies

I woke with a start. Simon was sucking hard on one nipple with Karen sucking on the other. I circled both my babies with my arms and hugged them to me. Simon slipped his hand between my legs and inserted a finger into my wet pussy and another into my rectum. It had been a long time, a very long time but it was not uncomfortable. In fact it was arousing.

I moved one leg to give Simon more room. Karen must have thought that was a sigh for her to join in. She pushed two finger in to my pussy and Simon wiggle two up my behind.

I was in haven; eyes closed enjoying this affection and love when I felt a soft warm touch of something rubbing my cheek. Without thinking I turned my head and opened my mouth. I was rewarded with the sweet taste of a cock. I thought as they say "It just get any better than this."

I let the cock slip in and out of my mouth it was warm, sweet and very hard. I tasted pre-cum and loved that too.

I felt Simon move over between my legs and lift my ass up and push his wonderful thick cock into my dripping pussy.

I le the cock in my mouth go all the way back to my gage reflex spot but I held off and let the cock head fill my throat. What a wonderful day it was a thick juicy cock in my pussy and a sweet cock hard cock fucking my mouth. I wondered how's cock was in my mouth. Oh well it did not matter not a all.

The sweet tasting cock in my mouth enlarged and I knew I was going to be rewarded with a mouth full of sperm. It was thick, sweet and warm. I swallowed and milked this cock until it stopped spurting and pulled from my mouth. Simon lifted my ass up and rammed into me hard filling my cunt with a load of his juicy juice.

Karen came and hugged me. I sat up and slowly opened my eyes. I froze and could not believe my eyes. My son Eddy was standing next to Simon milking his cock.

Eddy blushed and said "Mom. I, I well it was. Or I should say you were great. I've never had a better fucking blow job."

What could I say do or scream I had allowed this to happen. I wanted to let Karen and Simon do as they wished with me. It had all started earlier today and I let it happen all day long. Karen had told me Eddy was fucking her along with Simon so what did I think would happen from this group. I was such a fucking whore. I could not speak and did not move.

Simon said "Ed old friend you're Mom is one hell of a lady. A great fuck and wow, what a cocksucker." He turned to Karen and said "Karen; you're great too and I do love you."

Eddy hugged Karen and said "I love you too and I love your fucking ass."

Karen said "Grace loves a good ass fuck too if I remember rightly."

Eddy said "I think Mom and I need to go home and have a long talk. So if you wonderful people will excuse us we'll be on our way."

I did not say a word. The deed was done, if there was any harm done it was too late to worry about it now. I went straight to my room and closed the door. Eddy did not speak or try to come in. I did not go out even to make dinner. It was seven the next morning when I went to the kitchen and made coffee.

Eddy heard me moving around and came to join me. He said "Mom do you want to talk"

I said "No just yet. Can we just be us for a while yet"

He said "Sure Mom."

I poured two cups of coffee and set Eddy's on the table and took mine to the Sunroom. I sat looking out over the back yard where I had played with a little boy that I loved so much. But then all of a sudden he grew up and became sexually active and in some strange way I was drawn into this web of open sex with my friends and my own son. What was I too do

Very little that I could see. Deep down I felt or knew that if Simon cam around again I would welcome him in any way he wanted and I also knew that if I was to join Simon and Karen again there could be no way to keep Edward my only son from joining the fray. It was wrong, so very wrong but I had heard of such things happening. Incest between son and mother is not something people talk about but I was sure it happened more often than we thought. Even in good families. Was ours a good family I wondered.

I did not move but called to Eddy and ask if he would please bring the coffee pot. He did and when he had poured he sat across from me and waited.

Not looking at him in the eye I asked. "Did Simon tell you everything"

He took his time and said "Most of it. Simon has stolen looks at you for a long time. He told me at my nineteenth birthday party he wanted to screw you. He said you had a figure that turned him on."

I let this sink in and knew some how that Simon showing up after Eddy went off to the ball field was not an accident. I said "Was this all planed Eddy. Did you set me up How did you know I was ready for any of this"

"Well Mom we, Simon and I had been mowing Karen's yard for a few months now and she kind of offered a few hints as to some of the stuff you two were into when you were our age and then later when you two went to college together. So when Simon said he wanted to get you alone. Well I told him you had been pretty bad off the night before. I had heard part of your conversation with Ernie so I guessed this might be the right time. It seemed to have been. Simon came straight to Karen's house and told us what had happened. I came home to check on you and found you in bed moaning and rubbing yourself. I wanted to jump in bed with you then but thought better of it. Then when I read your note I called Karen and talked to her and Simon. You know how that turned out. I of course watched all the action until it looked like the right time and well... You know."

I did not respond but kind of felt used and screwed. Well I guess that part was true. But I had been used and now there was very little I could do about it. Karen seemed to like what these boys did for and to her. She gave as good as she got and all loved every minute of it. How what was I to do to show how I felt about all this

I looked up and at Eddy. He had his shorts pulled to the side and was playing with this cock.

I had sucked that cock only a few hours ago. Yesterday was not a total blur and I did well remember his cock in my mouth as Simon fucked me. I liked Simon and his thick cock. I liked it when I sucked him off. I liked the feel and taste of his semen in my mouth. I liked Eddy cock as well and I liked the sweet taste of his semen going over my tongue and down my throat.

I watched feeling a slow warmth running all over me. My face got flushed, my hands got sweaty and my pussy felt hot and wet.

I said "Have you something in mind Eddy"

"I would love a repeat of yesterday. If I may be so selfish. I promise I'll do my best to give you a full and satisfying pay back just as soon as your done. It was so hot watching you suck my cock Mom. But this time I want you too know what you're doing and have your eyes open and I want you to know I'm watching you."

I brazenly said "I did like what Simon was doing to me while I sucked your cock."

Eddy stood up and walked to me. He said "I'll call Simon if you would like that. But why don't we try it alone for this first time."

I agreed and reached for Eddy.

Part I

What happened over the next few days was wonderful and highly immoral. Eddy was concerned about me and careful in everything he and we did. Of course we started sleeping in the same bed and we found my shower would accommodate both of us. On Saturday morning Simon came over about time we finished breakfast. He said we were invited to party at Karnes house that same night.

I was a little nervous about going public with our arrangement. But Karen and Simon already knew so I agreed to go. Simon was half way out the back door when I asked "How is this Wanda you keep talking about Will she be joining this group tonight"

Simon said "I think she will be there. She is another lady I mow grass for. Eddy has helped mow her grass a few time ask him."

When Simon grabbed me and kissed me he said "I've missed you." And hurried out the back door.

Eddy was refilling our cups as I turned around. Eddy took our cups into the sunroom and I followed.

I said "Okay so with it. How is this Wanda"

He smiled and said "Grace; do you remember pastor Cramer's sister. The large Polish blonde with the size 44-d tits that used to visit once in a while. I'm sue you remember her. Any way a few months she moved in the Pastor's old house after he died. She's been back in town for a while now."

"So you and Simon have been mowing her yard as well as Karen's. Just how many older women have you two be screwing"

"Grace; we did not plan it this lawn care stuff just ballooned after we got started. Simon as you know is highly active and san woo most any woman he sets his sights on. Wanda put a notice at the market that she needed help with her lawn and Simon went to check if out. He found her a welcome recipient of his many charms and fucked her the firs day he went over there."

"So when did you start mowing her grass"

"It was about a week later when I was introduced to Wanda.

Simon had filled me in on what she liked and so far there was nothing she did not like. She loves to suck cock and she loves to have her ass fucked hard and deep."

Eddy stopped and looked at me. I knew he was thinking about how he had introduced me once again to anal sex just two days ago. I had told Eddy that I my ass was not virgin but that it had been years. He showed some eagerness toward this subject so I let him finger me first and with some K-Y jelly applied to his cock and my ass my Eddy did me doggie slow and easy until he was fully planted in my behind. I moaned my joy and Eddy showed me how much he liked it by cumming up my ass twice. He washed himself off and I sucked him off in a sixty-nine as he wanted to get me off and I said I wanted him to lick me to a climax so we did a sixty-nine.

I could see Eddy was thinking and I knew he wanted to fuck me in the ass. I think Eddy has come to be a real ass lover with the help of this Wanda. Eddy had fucked me in the doggie position and we both enjoyed it but this time he rolled my up with my legs well above my shoulders so my ass was where my pussy would normally be. He came down into me and was fucking my ass like he would fuck my pussy. I felt more of him this way and I had an explosive climax just as Eddy started to cum. I had never climaxed before from anal sex and it was very erotic and highly arousing.

We showered and rested for most of the afternoon. I was thinking of Simon and his thick cock as I slipped off to sleep. I had wild frolicking dreams of Eddy and Simon taking me together with Simon driving his thick cock up my well lubricated ass. I think I climaxed while dreaming. Another first.

When I woke Eddy was still sleeping comfortably on his back. His chest was bare of hair unlike his father and his body was slim muscular and solid as a rock. I looked at his manhood which was resting across his thigh. Eddy had not been circumcised but his foreskin was pulled back so just the tip was showing.

That little mouth was flayed and there was a wetness that I found kind of sexy. I wanted to lick the tip of his cock. I straighten up and looked at myself in the mirror on the door. I thought I had grown older in just a couple of weeks. I looked tired and my breasts hung a little lower all of a sudden.

I looked at my son again and a flash of reality creped over me at what I had been doing with not only my own sin but his best friend. Young boys that were really fully grown men in body and soul but in years they were young. Too young for me.

Still looked at my naked figure I wondered if I had let myself be drawn into this wired world of sex, incest and immoral ways. I looked back at Eddy and knew I had to get away and find myself again if I was too ever be happy with myself. I could not keep this crazy zany sex infected life.

Several hours later I faked an illness and send Eddy to the party on his own. As soon as Eddy was out the door I tossed a thing in a bag and tossed the bag in the back of my car. I left Eddy a note and headed out of town.

I was in total confusion as I hit the road I was crying, seeing Simon in my mind with Eddy and Karen, Wanda and how ever else was at this sex fuck out.

Two hours later I was at Lake Grass checking into a cabin up the hill with a view of the lake and beach area nearly at my feet. I was in cabin number six. There were cabins on both sides of me and behind. I settled in with a shower and a couple of beers I had bought at the gas station where I filled up. Wrapped in my old cotton robe I sat on the front porch sipping beer and watching the last few diehards brave the cool water of the lake. It had been a long ht summer and was still hanging in there.

A young couple were just coming out of the water and hugging close the came up the rise toward me.

Stopping in front of me they said "Hi. We're in five. We're Bill and Cathy."

"Grace, I'm alone enjoying the last of the warm weather."

The couple looked at one another and Bill said "Cathy has fixed a large pot of chili if you'd like to join us we have plenty."

I had not eaten and chili sounded good so I accepted the invitation and said I'd be over in ten minutes as they had asked."

I guessed Bill to be in his thirties and Cathy maybe a little younger. I followed them with my eyes as I drank the last of my beer. Just as this couple was at there door of number five. Cathy reached her hand in side Bills swim suit and grabbed his dick. I wondered if I might be intruding.

I slipped on my cut off and a t-shirt and walked over to number five.

Cathy opened the door dressed in a silk robe. I could see she was naked under it and also that she was well endowed. Bill was in cut off jeans as was I. However Bills shorts were even shorter than mine. I could also see Bill was well endowed. This got me thinking of the party I had passed on. I knew the boys would not miss me with all the other sex kittens available.

Bill said "The days are really getting shorter its already nearly dark out there. I'll miss the summer nights."

Cathy joined in "Bill has a nice place in the country and when I go out we run around naked and enjoy the privacy."

I said "Oh, so you're not married."

Bill said "No. Cathy works in my real estate office in Bridgeton. She came to me when she graduated high school last spring and we fell madly head over heels and here we are."

Cathy said "I'm eighteen and Bill is forty but I don't care."

I was some what surprised as Bill sure looked fit and younger. I thought I guess I'm not the only one that has a thing for the younger kids.

Without thinking I said "I know how that is. I came up here to get away for a young man and think a little."

Bill looked at me and slowly grinned from ear to ear. "I thought at first I was trying to regain my youth too. But I think this is the real thing and that is all that counts."

Laughing out loud as Cathy dished up three steaming bowels of chili she said "Besides Bill has a monster of a cock and I love to suck him off."

Bill looked at Cathy rather sternly and said "Cathy."

Cathy started to blush and said "Oh my I'm so sorry. Some times my mouth and good sense don't work too well together."

I laughed and said "I know that feeling. I was a happy widow a few weeks ago and then this way to young man came by asking to mow my lawn. Well I don't even remember how it got started but the next thing I knew." I let the rest of it hang in the air.

Bill sat us around the table and said looking at me "Again maybe it was you trying to regain your youth Cathy was so willing to learn everything about the office and before I knew it I was teaching her more than just real estate."

Cathy said "I was a virgin. All most. All I had ever done was give a few blow jobs. I really love to suck cock. Do you like to suck cock Grace"

Bill said "Cathy."

Cathy said "Oh fuck did I do it again. Well I'll shut my mouth and not say another word."

Bill smiled and said "Well I would not want you to keep you mouth shut to long." He laughed and so did I.

I said "Cathy is an original as was my Young man. It was thrilling and exciting but my problem was that Simon is a friend of my son. So I had to get away." I paused for a second and said "But to answer your question Cathy yes I do enjoy oral sex and Simon was well made to that particular pleasure."

Bill said "Will you girls stop this kind of talk I'm getting aroused."

Cathy said "I really love to play with Bill's cock it is so big. I can hardly get it all in my mouth let alone my pussy. We've been trying to get his cock in my ass but it's too tight but one day soon I'm sure."

Bill said "Grace; will you please forgive this over zealous young nymph and enjoy the chili."

I laughed and went back to eating my chili. However I thought Bill was not the only one here that was getting aroused.

Cathy scooped up the dished and Bill poured the wine. As soon as we were seated Cathy said "Grace did you fall in love with your young man I bet you miss him fucking you."

Bill did not say anything this time her just rolled his eyes and let Cathy chatter.

I said "I do. But I'm not been with Simon for two weeks and in the mean time strangely as it may sound I found another boy / man to mow my lawn."

Cathy sat up and said "You mean you started fucking another young boy"

I said "Sadly as it may sound I'm forty two and both boys were nineteen. I guess like Bill said I was trying to get back my miss spent youth."

I looked over at Bill and saw his shorts were not holding his enlarged cock very well. Cathy noticed it also and said "Grave; do you mind if I let the monster loose before he busts a zipper

I did not answer as Cathy moved quickly to Bill and unzipped his jeans. His cock sprang out fully extended to my guess was a good nine or ten inches. I had not seen a cock that long since my college days.

Cathy took it in both hands jerking it up and down. Cathy pointed it at me wiggled it and ask 'Isn't this a beauty. Have you ever seen one this big God I love it so." With this said Cathy dropped to her knees and swallowed his cock a good amount of it anyway. I stood and walked toward the door. Bill said "Grace; you don't have to go."

I stuttered stepped and turned to look at Bill. He said "We would like you to stay. Cathy is well shell we say open to new ideas."

How long I stood there I don't know I do remember watching sweet young Cathy's head bobbing up and down and her squealing with delight. Cathy had found her calling and she was delighted to make Bill happy and herself at the same time

Bill lifted an arm with hand pen wanting me to take it. All the talk had gotten to me and of course as we had talked I saw the boys in my mind doing me and they how I guessed how they were doing Karen and friends. I missed Simon I misses Eddy.

I reached out and took Bill's hand. He pulled me down and closes until we were kissing. His hands found their way up under my T-shirt and his fingers were twisting my nipples in time with Cathy's head bouncing up and down. Bill guided me down next to Cathy and I was eager to get my turn.

Cathy gave up Bill's cock and let me get down in front to do my job of giving him pleasure. I held his massive cock in two hands and still had several inches showing. Cathy had pulled my jeans down and off so I was naked from the waist down.

Next thing I knew I had Bill's cock in my mouth sliding my mouth up and down enjoying this as much as Bill was when Cathy spread my knees so she could slide under me. I widened my stance to give her room. Cathy found my pussy wet and warm and happy to feel her tongue lap up the juice dripping freely from me.

Cathy had a tongue like a dog and she knew how to use it. She licked my pussy, she licked my ass and she chewed on my clitorises.

I was some worked up and In between moans from me to show both Bill and Cathy how much pleasure I was having I let my mind think of Eddy and Simon.

Bill pushed up away and had me get on the sofa with Cathy squatting over my face and Bill between my legs. I wondered if I was enough woman for Bill's cock as he pushed into me. It was tight but Cathy had done a great job of getting me ready for Bill. Bill's cock hit bottom. I felt it so arched my back to lift my ass off the sofa that was better. Bill was not rough but he did like to go deep. Cathy was pressing her pussy down on my face. She was more of my attention. I was so aroused by the monster cock fucking me I had failed to keep Cathy happy. I did my best to enjoy and give joy as best I could.

Cathy yelled and wiggled and let go with a flood of juicy juice. Her discharge was thick and in of pungent. But I licked her and bit on her clitoris. She screamed and gave up more of her joyous flow.

I felt Bill get harder and move in and out faster and knew he was going to cum. Then it came that warm feeling of male semen flooding my pussy and the feeling of this man twisting with pleasure.

Bill lifted his weight off me and slammed his cock into me. I felt his wonderful jerk and jerk again several times before he pulled all the way out and turned so Cathy could gobble up the last of his and my foaming climaxes.

We three relaxed in the nude sipping wine. Cathy started to talk sexy and once again I found myself getting aroused. Cathy was asking personal questions about my sex life and at the same time filling me in on most exciting encounters.

Bill was also becoming aroused once again as he listened and followed the conversation and exposť.

Cathy looked at me and said "Bill can go on for two or three times if I talk sexy it get him really hot. But I think he likes you Grace and I know he would love to hear more about this young boy fucking you. Have you also thought of fucking your son"

"She knew all this time she knew." I thought this but was not about to admit to it.

Maybe it was the shock look on my face or the pause I took me to get my head and voice in tune. But Cathy laughed out loud and said "Bill Darling ... I think Grave has fucked her son. Yes I'm sure of it. Grace has fucked her son and his best friend. Isn't that wonderful Grace tell us. How was it the first time Tell us. Please. You've got to tell us."

I let my head drop to my chest and I started to cry. I stood and grabbed for my jeans. But Bill stood and took me into his arms and held me until I stopped crying. He whispered "Grace; we have a confession to make. Cathy is my daughter so we know how a parent and child can fall in love with each other."

I stood back and just looked at this tall good looking guy. How could he fuck his own daughter What kind of monster was he

But as I saw how Cathy smiled and hugged him around the waist and how she was so proud that he had told me. I started to see the joy they shared and the love they had. I saw in he eyes the same look that drove me away from Eddy. He was in love time me and I knew as I stood there that I was in love with him as a man and lover not a son. But then I thought of Simon. Was I also in love with him How could I be in love with two young men at the same time I felt down deep that Eddy was out having fun at this sex party and yet I knew he loved me too. There had to be some changes made in our life style it this was to continue.

Cathy had move around so she was hugging me and Bill at the same time. I looked up and Bill smiled as he bent down and kissed me. I liked his kiss. I was feeling strange at this mixed up sexual get together and the idea of incest. Bill took me into his arms and pulled me to him. We kissed passionately I felt a warm sensation slowly creep through me. He slipped his tongue into my open waiting mouth. I circled his neck and we locked lips for a very long time.

"Could I be falling in love again Could I be in love with this man I only met I knew nothing about him except he was a wonderful lover. This was crazy. But yet his kisses were more that just passion. I had to wonder if Bill was thinking the same as I."

Bill danced me over toward the bedroom door. I pulled back and said "No. no more tonight. This is so crazy. I have to go." He did not try to stop me this time."

The night was a long one filled with contradictions terrible dreams and still there were moments of wonder and love. I dreamed of Simon loving me slowly and them Eddy coming to me and resting his weight on me as I felt his manhood filling me with the greatest joy of my life.

But there was Bill. He took time to kiss me caress me, hold me close and he was so gentle. He made love to me and I made love to him. I woke when the sun came in the window.

I was so mad the dream was so vivid and then it was gone.

Rolling over I hated the sun for waking me, I hated myself for just being me and allowing this to happen to me. What was would happen if anyone found out. I had to get this mess cleaned up and stop this from ever happening again.

It was all my fault. I let Simon get to me, seduce me and worst of all my son got involved. True the first time I did not know it was Eddy but I let it go on and that was the problem. I let it happen and I got to liking the attention of these two boys. What was I to do What was going to happen to me I felt something was going to happen I was going to be in the middle of it all.

The knock on the door got me out of bed. I opened it a crack.

Bill was standing there. He said "Grace I'm sorry if I woke you. Cathy and I are going down to the Inn for breakfast would you like to join us. He said he would give me a minute. I washed my face brushed my hair and pulled on a clean T-shirt and shorts.

Cathy took my hand and Bill took the other and we three walked down the hill to the Inn like a family. We sat in a booth with me next to Bill and Cathy across from up acting like the daughter she was.

Some how I felt like something had changed during the night and for the better from what I could see. Bill was very warm and acted as if he liked me for more that a crazy sex partner. It was kind of nice to act like a normal person for a change. Bill and I talked about what we liked to do, and when we could meet for dinner. He kissed me and I returned the feelings.

On my way home my cell was ringing off the hook. I knew it was Eddy and I did not want to talk right then so I let it ring.

I pulled in and went around back. The kitchen door flew open and Eddy said "Where the fuck were you"

I slapped him so fast he never had a chance to protect himself. He looked at me in total surprise and stunned.

He blinked and started to say something when I raised my hand again. He move back with out saying a word. I walked past his and then turned back and said "Edward, I'm the parent here and don't you ever forget it and never speak to me that way again." I went to my room laughing to my self ... I think I just solved the problem I was dreading.

I showered and changed my clothes. When I came out there was a note on the table. Eddy apologized for his actions and said he would be back after work. He did not say what the work was. I wondered if it was mowing some older ladies lawn.

At dinner Eddy did not say much only that he had taken a job at a book store and would be working five days a week to start.

He did not ask where I had gone nor did he seem like he wanted to regain my affection. He went to bed early in his own bed. I let it be and hoped we did not have to talk about our past ever again.

I had a week of staying home alone and that suited me just fine. However I spend a lot of time thinking of Bill. I wanted him to call. Then on Thursday evening he did. He said he would like to come over to Lake City the next day and wanted to take me out for dinner at the Lake Inn on the river. I told him I would love that.

The Inn was nearly full to my surprise. We were seated close to the large window that looks out over the river. We ate talking only of small stuff and our lives and marriages.

Then the lights dimmed and the band came on and we had our first dance. Bill moved me around the floor smoothly and we kind of melted together. Bill leaned down kissed me on the neck and said "Cathy and I had a long talk and agreed we would no longer engage in unholy togetherness." I told him I had worried so much about my Eddy and then what happened when I came home. I told him I thought that problem was also resolved and I was no longer interested the younger generation and their way of life.

We fell into a slow dance and after a few more drinks I asked Bill if he would like to come to the house for a night cap.

We did not rush but our clothing was dripping like rain drops as we moved toward my bedroom. We fell naked on the bed and were locked in each other's arms. Bill kissed and we swapped tongues. Bill kissed me over and over again as he moved slowly down my body. Each nipple was licked, sucked and fondled. I parted my legs as Bill continued south. He turned around and spread his knees on both sides of my head.

I spread my pussy and licked my wet pussy as if he were saving my life. He lovely cock hung down and was rapidly gaining in size. I grabbed it opened my mouth and let it grow to full size. I was a mouth full. Bill lifted his hips only to lower them again. He knew just how far to push into my mouth so he would not gag me. My body responded so quickly it even surprised me.

I gasped screamed out loud and let go with a flood of the true nectar of the gods. Bill licked, laps and wiggled his tongue into me making me scream for joy.

When he had done all he could do for me he turned around and easily slipped his lovely cock into me up to the very hilt.

I was full of hard cock moaning with joy, happiness and lust. Bill pushed deep into me and I felt the warmth of his semen flood my love cave to over flowing.

I said between gasps of breath. Bill darling let me suck you cock I want to taste you."

Bill obliged and pulled out moving up so his throbbing cock was at my mouth. I swallowed the head just as he shot off again. It was milky, warm and so sweet. I was in heaven.

Bill said "Suck it my darling. Grace, Grace you're ... Oh, god suck me. Suck my fucking cock. Grace I'm coming again."

Bill pulled back grabbed his cock and jerked himself while I raised my head so he could shot my mouth full. I knew he wanted to watch his cum spurt into my mouth. He squeezed a final load right on to my tongue. Then I pulled him to me and swallowed his cock.

I still had his cock in my mouth when the bedroom door open and Eddy stepped in to the room. Bill just stopped all movement but did not pull his cock out of my mouth.

I started to pull back but Bill gently laid his hand on my head. Eddy said "Mom; Bill I'm sorry if I'm interrupting you but I wanted to meet Bill and I think you two are great together and to you Bill; I want to say My mom is the greatest and you'll never fine anyone any better. She is a great lady and one very special person. I'll go now and let you to enjoy the rest of the day."

Eddy left and Bill said "I thought we should listen to what the boy had to say. I'm sorry Grace but I thought it best if you did not yell or get all over the boys ass. I hope you agree with me."

I said "I do agree with you but it kind of killed the moment."

Bill grabbed is cock and shook it at me and said "Not for me."

I lowered my head and finished Bill off and then we showered together, dressed and went to the kitchen. No one else was in the house.

Bill moved in, Eddy moved out and all was wonderful for a long time. However we were not to have a happy here after.

Until later; gb1970_gb@Yahoo.com

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