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My Sister Jenny

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Author: Not Supplied
Published: 25-Aug-12
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I moved behind Jenny and slowly shoved my cock into her cunt, which was fully aroused by Dad's licking and fully dilated. The wetness of her cunt was a sheer pleasure.

* * * * * * *

I wanted to fuck my little sis Jenny for a long time, I was really big and eager to shove it in her fanny. She had big tits and her pussy would always bulge out under her tight clothes. She had a way of pushing up her fanny and wriggling her ass every time she passed me. I knew she was a flirt and a fair game but I spared her for the time being.

I waited 6 years and finally I got my heart's desire last summer. I had come to visit my family for Jenny's 24th birthday. One evening after taking a shower I stepped out of the bathroom absolutely naked to find Jenny standing there in my room.

"WOW!" was her remark before I could say anything, "Here we have the biggest asset of the house." was Jenny's second remark.

"What do you mean by that" I enquired.

"As if you don't know", she replied. "You beat Dad by one inch. I bet when you are fully erect, it will be 10 inches", she says, "Bigger than Daddy's in every way".

I have been living away from home for almost 2 years and did not know all that was going on in our family. She filled me in with her story in the next 5 minutes while I was still standing naked and she was staring at my dangling cock, which was growing as she went on. Dad has been banging her regularly since she was 18, and Mum helped her in the beginning by lubricating Dad's cock with her spit so that it did not hurt her. Mum would often hold Dad's cock while he gently pushed it in her tight pussy. In the beginning it used to hurt but now she can take it all. They would have threesome; Dad fucking her and Mum fucking herself with a two headed dildo while watching them. Jenny and Mum would often suck each other to climax. Mum and Dad had been planning to bring me in into their regular game to make it foursome and they had left it Jenny to get to me.

By the time Jenny finished telling me all about her and Dad and their threesome, my cock was standing straight up ready for action. I told Jenny that I had been fanaticizing fucking her for the past 6 years and she said that she has been peeking at my big cock for that long and wanted me to fill her cunt with my big cock. She quickly took off her shorts; she wasn't wearing any knickers underneath. There was a cunt-shaped wet patch on her shorts; a few trickles of her cunt juice were dribbling down her thighs already; I knew she was all ready for a fuck.

My door was still open and I was afraid Mum and Dad might walk in any time. "Shall we not lock the door" I asked.

"No" she laughed, "It might be fun if Mum and Dad join in". I took off her top; she wasn't wearing any bra either. Her tits were firm and inviting; her nipples were erect, ready for a suck. I grabbed them and sucked her nipples as hard as I could. Jenny moaned and then kneeled down in front of me, on the carpet. She flicked her tongue around the head of my cock, and sucked it with her moist lips; it was ecstasy. She slowly started taking my big cock in her mouth - right up to her throat, while stroking my balls with both her hands. I am sure my cock choked her every time it would hit the back of her mouth; she would cough out an enormous amount of spit and saliva. It would dribble down the side of her mouth onto my balls. This would make me even more excited. Soon I was sitting on the carpet, with Jenny bending over me, still sucking my cock with her ass sticking up and her moist cunt dripping.

I heard Mum walking down the corridor. "What's going on Who is coughing" she asked as she walked in my room. She was a wearing an almost see-through black dressing gown with all her curves showing up; I could tell she was not wearing anything underneath. She came all prepared.

She had one look at Jenny bending down and her dripping pussy, and the whole of my cock in her mouth. "Come and have a look at this" she called out to my Dad. "We now have Ron on board", she said.

My Dad walked; a flimsy short on and no vest. From his bulge I figured out, he guessed what was going on and was ready for action. By the time Dad walked in, Mum had already taken her dressing gown off. At the age of 50 she has a good figure. Her ass was firm and round; her tits were full and heavy, the nipples were dark and sticking out about half an inch. She stood there with her leg spread so that I could see her pink clit, which was long and sticking out of her cunt, ready to be sucked. She had a huge pussy with a thick bush; I could see the lips of her well-fucked pussy hanging a bit. Obviously someone has been fucking her well, I guess it is Dad. She moved her cunt close to my face. I took her clit between my two fingers and squeezed a bit. She moaned and shoved it right in my face. I started sucking it with her juice flowing in my mouth.

Dad took off his shorts and gently shoved his throbbing cock into Jenny's cunt from behind as she moved her ass up and down in the air while still sucking my cock. Jenny moaned and thumped back her ass as hard as she could on Dad's cock.

"Jenny" I said, I did not imagine you could take all that in your small fanny."

"Wait till I take you all the way in." she said

With this Jenny disengaged herself from Dad's cock and mounted on my fully erect 10 inches shaft. She moaned as she slid down; my cock was all wet with her saliva and her cunt was all wet with her own juice. It was tight pussy but she had no problem taking me all the way in. She bounced up and down slowly first and then at a quick pace; each time she would wriggle her ass and squeeze her cunt. I could not keep it any longer. I shot a load of cum into her, which was soon dribbling out of her cunt down my cock.

Mum was already on my bed with her ass sticking up and with my Dad shoving his cock in her cunt from behind. I could see his thick cock gliding in and out of my Mum's cunt. She would spit on her hand and rub it onto Dad's shaft as he would take it out all the way and then ram it in; she would just squirm and wriggle. His balls would slap loudly on her big pussy with a full force, adding more to her pleasure

Jenny dismounted me and was soon sucking my half hard cock and reviving it back to its full size. With her clever flicks she had my cock standing in no time. My little sis got me ready for the second round.

Fucking my Mum

I could not wait to get a mouthful of Mum's cunt juice again. I walked to the bed and asked Dad to move over so that I could give Mum a good suck. She turned over to her back and opened her legs wide. Her clit was standing up like a little penis, pink, hard and erect. I buried my mouth between her thighs. Her skin was soft and her cunt smelled nice. I licked her long and erect clit and sucked it. She shoved her cunt right in my face as if she was going to fuck my face; my face was wet from her juice; she trembled and shivered and moaned loudly with every suck that gave her. From her moaning I figured out she was ready to come. I pressed her clit hard with my lips and sucking it as hard as I could. Within a few minutes she let out an enormous scream as she reached her orgasm. Her cum shot out of her cunt and was all over my face. I had never seen a woman ejaculate like that. The bush around her cunt was all wet.

My cock was throbbing; I was ready once again. I turned Mum over to her belly and shoved my enormous cock right into her cunt from behind. I noticed her ass-hole; it was stretched and large, the rim was dark and rigid, in good shape and perky. It can stretch to take a big cock. I bet she has been ass fucking too. I have to try that one day, I said to myself. I gently caressed her asshole with my finger and she responded by squeezing the asshole tight every time and then relaxing it.

Every time I rammed my cock into her, she would moan and push back onto my cock; with every shove she would squeeze and tighten her asshole. Having given birth to two children and getting fucked regularly by my Dad's fat cock, her cunt was a bit loose; my balls would slap on her pussy with a noise every time I rammed into her. She knew how to mover her ass and squeeze her cunt walls to give me an enormous pleasure. She wriggled her ass continuously and it was difficult for me to hold back. I soon shot my whole load into her. I kept on shoving my cock in and out and with every spasm my load would spill out of her cunt down her thighs.

I had fantasized fucking Jenny but never did I imagine that I would be fucking my Mum too.

I did not want to take my cock out of Mum wet and warm cunt but I could feel it was shrinking in size and it popped out after a while. My cum was dripping out of her cunt and running down her thighs on to the bed. Mum wasn't quite finished as yet so she took out an enormous double-headed dildo from her dressing gown pocket and shoved one head up her asshole and the other one up her cunt. She switched it on and was wriggling with sheer pleasure, bucking her back and moving her ass up and down as if she was riding a horse. Her eyes were closed and she was dazed from the enormous pleasure she was having. It was not long before she reached her climax; she let out a loud scream and her cum shot out of her cunt wetting her hand and the dildo.

Fucking Jenny again

There was a lot of slurping and moaning in the room. I turned round to see what was going on between Dad and Jenny. They were on the floor in a 69 position. Jenny on the top with Dad huge cock in her mouth, sucking and choking. Dad on the floor with his tongue flicking Jenny's little clit

Jenny had a cute little pussy, pink, full swelled-up lips, clean shaven. Made me wonder how such a small cunt could take the whole of my 10 inches all the way in. The sight of her pink cunt, which was dripping with her juice, started to stir up my cock again. I am sure some of my cum was also dripping out still as I had shot out a large load in her cunt.

Mum realized that I wanted to have at a go at Jenny again. She moved over with her dildo still in her cunt and her asshole. She knelled down in front of me and started licking my balls. She was soon sucking them; she first took one of them at a time and then had both my balls in her mouth, gently squeezing them with her mouth. At the same time she stroked my cock up and down with her hands as it started to grow. It went on for 10 minutes before I was again fully erect and ready for Jenny.

I moved behind Jenny and slowly shoved my cock into her cunt, which was fully aroused by Dad's licking and fully dilated. The wetness of her cunt was a sheer pleasure. Mum put one hand behind my hip and with each stoke I made she shoved it hard into Jenny's cunt. Jenny would moan loudly and squirm. With the other hand Mum would take spit from her mouth and rub it on my cock as it slid out.

Jenny shouted out to dad that she was ready to come. Dad said he was ready too. She jerked her body with several successive orgasms and squeezed her pussy wall on my cock really hard. At the same Dad took his cock out of Jenny's mouth and shot his full load onto Jenny tummy and breasts. His load kept on coming and coming - he had an enormous load - at least three times more than mine. It dripped down on his tummy and on to the carpet. Dad kept on sucking Jenny's clit and Jenny kept on squeezing her cunt walls. She came several times and each time her body would shake violently. I kept on pumping her hard and soon shouted I was ready to come. Mum shouted she wanted to see me come on Jenny's asshole so I took my cock out of her cunt and Mum kept on stroking my shaft with one hand and with one hand squeezing my balls. I soon shot out my load on Jenny's ass hole, which dripped down her cunt and her thighs. Jenny squeezed her asshole and released it as if to take some of cum in her ass.

I said to Jenny I would like to fuck her ass one day but it might split her. Mum said "You can fuck me in my ass next time; I can take it all".

All three of us fell on the floor totally exhausted while Mum kept on fucking herself with her vibrating dildo. She must have had four orgasms in that time. Each time she climaxed, she would scream out loud and shoot out her cum all over the dildo.

Ass-fucking Mum

I planned to stay home over the weekend only but postponed going back so that I could fuck Mum again. I was hoping for a four-some, but Jenny was busy with her school and Dad busy with his office. One afternoon I came into Mum bedroom while she was having a little nap. She was in her panties with no bra. She was lying on her back, with her legs wide open. Her tight nickers sticking in the fold of her pussy she was slightly wet. My cock just sprang up seeing the bulging pussy; I just had to have her. I took off my shorts and top and climbed onto the bed. She woke up from the movement.

"I was wondering when you would fulfill your desire", She said as she sat up.

"I am ready right now mum; look at my cock", I said.

Mum slid off her nickers and got hold of my throbbing cock. She bent down and started flicking her tongue all over the head. My pre-cum was oozing already. She opened the bed-side drawer and took out a jar of lubricating jelly. "With the size of your cock I would need it", she said. She poured some on her palms and handed some to me. She asked me to rub some on the ass-hole while she rubbed the jelly on my hard stiff cock.

I took some jelly on my fingers and rubbed my fingers on her ass-hole; first gently around the rim and then pushing one finger into her ass-hole. Every time I would push my finger in, she would grip my fingers with her ass muscle. She asked me to put two fingers in and I did. After a little bit of finger fucking I felt her ass-muscles are relaxed and I dilated. I asked her if she was ready and she said yes. She slid down the side of the bed, with her knees on the floor, her ass sticking up. I could see her brown ass rim all ready for me. She would squeeze it and relax.

My cock was all greasy and so was her ass-hole. I rubbed the head of my cock around her ass-hole a few times and at the same time pushed the head a little into her hole. After a bit of teasing, Mum got hold of my cock shaft and guided it into her ass-hole. I pushed it gently, little at a time. It was tight but it went in without much struggle. I would shove right in and hold it for a while; she would tighten her ass muscle and grip my cock firmly ready to pump every drop of my cum from my cock. What a pleasure and what an ecstasy!!!

I could not keep it for long. I shot a full load into her ass. She kept on gripping my cock inside her ass. I kept my cock inside her and let it grow soft and small until it slipped out.

She was fully worked up; she got on top of the bed, spread her legs wide; I could see her pink clit all erect; I knew what she wanted. My cum was already oozing out of her ass-hole. Without any delay, I buried my head between her thighs, She would shove her pussy right in my face and at the same time craned her two ankles behind my neck and push my face deep into her pussy which was all wet from her love juice; the thick hair around her pussy was all wet and sticky.

I started circling my tongue around her firm clit and sucking it from time to time. Her clit was fully erect clit; every time I pressed her clit hard with my lips, she would buck her hip upwards and thrust her pussy in my face. It went on for a few minutes and then she let out an enormous scream and her body shook violently. She shot her cum all over me.

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