My Mom's Ass

Author: Sally Hollister
Published: Aug 25, 2012
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We were sitting in the lounge after dinner on Saturday, which Mom usually had with us, when she said to Jim, "So, young man, I understand you want to bugger my daughter."

I'd known for a long time what Jim wanted. He wanted to fuck me in the ass but he had a big cock and I just knew I could never get it up there. He'd spent hours, in the past, licking my pooper and fingering it gently, trying to get me to loosen up so he could slip it in. But every time, the minute that big head of his cock got close to my sphincter I tightened up and there was just no way it was going to happen.

I tried everything to try and get his mind off it. I gave him pussy all the time and sucked his cock till my jaw ached but still that desire remained in him.

"Doesn't my pussy make you happy" I asked once.

"Of course it does," he said, snuggling up behind me, his cock between my ass cheeks, still nudging away trying to get up my brown-eye. "I just think fucking your ass would be good, special like."

"Even though it would hurt me"

"It wouldn't hurt you if you would just relax."

"I'm trying," I insisted.

It was true, I wasn't outraged, I wasn't disgusted and I would quite happily have let him fuck my poo hole, but it was my body that rebelled and said a quite definite no. But Jim was my husband, I loved him and if ass was what he wanted then it was my job as his wife to get him some.

"Do you think I could get him a hooker to fuck in the ass" I asked my Mom, Janet. "Maybe for his birthday or something."

"Wouldn't that piss you off, him fucking another woman."

"Normally yes, but I'd like to keep him happy, so what do I do"

"I think if he was that desperate for an ass he'd have got one himself already," she answered.

"No, we're pretty open about things, he'd have told me. What is it with guys anyway They've got a perfectly good pussy right next door but all they want is your shit hole."

Mom smiled. "It's because it's dirty. Forbidden. You tell a man he can't have something and he wants it all the more."

My mom and I had always been very open with each other and didn't have any difficulty in discussing intimate things, but even I was surprised when she added, "Your Dad used to love fucking my ass."

"Dad fucked your ass" I almost shrieked, refusing to believe that my late father would have indulged in anything so vulgar.

"Oh sure. He was up my pooper every Saturday night. I'd have given him it more often but I didn't want it to get too loose. I loved it though. Gave me really intense orgasms."

"Seriously How did you manage it"

We were sitting out in her yard, sipping martinis and she freshened mine with a shot of vodka. "It was never a big problem. Uncomfortable at first, yes, but once I got used to it I really enjoyed it."

I looked at my 48 year old Mom and tried to imagine her lying underneath my father with his cock up her ass. It was a disturbing vision.

"You know, I think I'd like it too, once it was in, but I just seize up, and Jim gets pissed off."

"Well, men get worked up, honey, and when they want something it's difficult to deflect them from what they want."

"So what am I doing wrong He lubes me up plenty, stretches me with his fingers and I'm fine, but the minute his cock goes near my ass I freeze and my asshole shrinks."

My Mom reached over and stroked my hand. "Maybe it just needs some time, honey."

"Time He's been trying to get it up there for five years."

Janet sipped her drink and I could see her mind working. "It's in your mind then. Sure, it could be painful if a guy shoved his cock up your ass without any warning, but if he's prepared you, all you'd expect is for it to be a little uncomfortable till your ass got used to it."

"Is that what it was like when Dad first ass-fucked you"

"Yes. Oliver was always a very considerate lover and when he buggered me it was with my consent and suitable preparation. You seem to be in the same boat, but it's not working."

"I want it up my ass! I insisted.

"Yes, yes, Kelly, but you've got it into your head that he's going to split you open and it's gonna hurt, so that's where your problem lies."

"I know that, Mon, but what do I do about it"

She stirred her drink with the swizzle stick and once again I saw her considering the problem. Finally she said, "I think you should let Jim fuck me in the ass while you watch, and maybe that would let you see that it's not as bad as you think."

I admit my jaw dropped. "Janet, you're my Mom!"

"Yes I am, and I admit I miss anal and I'd love to have Jim cock's up my ass but this is for you, honey."

Again, all I could do was stare at her. My dad had died two years ago and it was more than likely that she'd never had sex since then, so I could sympathise. But to imagine my husband porking my Mom was a bit weird, to say the least.

"But what if Jim doesn't want to fuck your ass"

"Oh, I think he'd like to screw his mother in law. I've seen him looking .."

"He hasn't .."

"No, he's always been a perfect gentleman, but I've seen a wistful look in his eye now and again, wondering about possibilities."

My mother was still an attractive woman. She'd retained her slim figure and though she had a few laughter lines her skin was still incredibly smooth. I hoped I looked like her at her age and couldn't blame Jim for wondering.

"But how do we go about it We can't just bring it up over dinner."

"With complete honesty," Janet explained, "We'll all sit down and explain to Jim what I'm offering and why.

"Sounds dangerous."

Mom laughed. "He's not about to fall in love with me, Kelly, he loves you. The whole point is that you watch us and see how easy and pleasant it is. That way maybe you can get over your own psychological block." "Jim's a big boy, Mom, it might be more than you can take."

"Oh, don't worry about me, your Dad was a big boy too and all he gave me was pleasure."

I leaned back in my chair. "You really came with ass fucking"

"Every time. It's not like coming with a pussy fuck or even a clitty rub, it's much deeper in your core, more .. primeval or something, but totally satisfying."

It sounded good but I still feared that opening gambit and how Jim would react. "Okay, but you'll have to make the running, Mom."

I had no doubts that she could handle the introduction to her offer but should have known that, with her sense of humor, she'd make a party of it. We were sitting in the lounge after dinner on Saturday, which Mom usually had with us, when she said to Jim, "So, young man, I understand you want to bugger my daughter."

Jim's jaw dropped. "You what .."

"I don't blame you," Janet continued, "Kelly has a beautiful ass."


"It's true, honey, us Bellfield women have always had great asses. Your grandmother's butt was getting wolf-whistles when she was in her sixties."

Thinking about Granny Bellfield's butt was a step too far. "Can we not talk about that"

Luckily Mom dropped her revelations about the ancestry of my ass. "So, Jim, is it true Do you want to poke Kelly's pooper"

Jim looked accusingly at me and I shrugged. "You know Mom, Jim."

He turned his gaze towards my mother. "You seem to know an awful lot about our sex life, Janet."

"I know Kelly can't relax her ass enough to let you up there and it's driving you crazy."

It was Jim's turn to look embarrassed. "I wouldn't say crazy."

"You ever fucked any girl up the tush"

"No," Jim admitted.

Janet gave a wicked smile. "So, you're no expert."

"I didn't think it needed a college degree."

Mom ignored his sally. "Well, I am an expert when it comes to taking it up the butt and I'm willing to share that experience with you so you'll know what you're doing."

My husband stirred uneasily. "What do you mean"

"What I mean is I'm offering you the chance to fuck me up the ass while Kelly watches and learns."

Jim went silent.

"What's up, my fanny don't appeal to you"

"It appeals to me fine, but .."

I glanced down at his groin and saw a twitch. He might not be able to verbalise it, but his cock was more than interested in porking my Mom's ass. I reached over and covered his crotch with my hand, partly to hide his excitement from Janet, but also to feel how stiff it was getting him. The answer was, very.

"You wouldn't have any problems fucking your mother in law up the butt" Janet asked.

I swear he flushed. "The problem would be with Kelly watching, I think."

"Oh, she has to watch, that's what the whole deal's about. No Kelly, no Janet's pooper." She waited for a response then added, "Your call."

Jim turned to me. "You okay with this You think it'll help you"

"I don't know. I don't have a problem with you fucking my Mom, but I'm not convinced I'll learn anything. I mean, I've seen plenty of pornos with girls getting ass-fucked."

"Oh hell, pornos are just full of fake fucking, you'll never learn anything from them," Janet insisted.

That put a doubt in my mind. Did Janet really want to teach me something or did my Mon just want to get fucked by my husband It didn't bother me, Jim and I were pretty loose with things like that, but why this charade about ass fucking then

"So when does this training session take place" Jim asked.

"Right now," Janet answered, standing up and unzipping her dress. It fell to the floor, revealing that she was wearing a little black push-up bra, tiny black panties, along with black stockings and a suspender belt. It was old-school sexy and still worked as I felt Jim's cock stiffen even more.

Janet held her hands out to Jim and pulled him to his feet where she proceeded to kiss him passionately. It gave me the strangest feeling to see my mother kiss my husband, especially as his hands went immediately to her butt and squeezed her ass cheeks.

They both moaned with arousal as they ground their bodies against each other and I too felt my panties dampening.

"Let's go upstairs," Janet whispered, taking Jim's hand and stretching out a hand to include me.

Up in our bedroom she lay across our marital bed with Jim sitting by her side while I took a chair. She immediately started unbuttoning his shirt and kissing his chest and I, unconsciously, put my hand between my legs. Jim shook off his shirt and allowed my mother to unzip and remove his pants. When she pulled down his shorts his cock sprang out more erect than I'd ever seen it so early in any sexual action.

"Oh my, you were right, he is a big boy," Mom cooed, grabbing his tool eagerly and jerking on it while she pulled it towards her mouth. I knew Jim liked it inside a warm wet mouth immediately but Janet only kissed it along the length of the shaft. Jim shifted to try and get it into her mouth but she always managed to avoid it, placating him by cupping his balls and gently fondling them.

Jim started groping at my mother's boobies, pulling them from her bra and twisting on her nipples which made her groan. He pushed her back on the bed and began mouthing her big mounds while her legs attempted to curl around him. His hands wandered down her body and his disappeared inside her panties. I knew that hand, it had felt me up thousands of times, so I knew what Janet was getting. The opening up of her pussy lips, the gentle dabbing at her opening with his fingertips, the expert caressing of her little pleasure bud. Sure enough she let out a loud moan and frantically pulled her panties off. She wasn't shaved, or even trimmed, down there, again very old school. She threw her legs open to allow her lover, my husband, easier access to her privates and I saw her moisture glistening on her pussy lips even through her thick curly bush.

My dad had put on weight as he aged and had a sizable belly on him by the time he passed, and I could tell from the look on Janet's face that she was enjoying having a fit, young, man by her side. Her hands ran over him, enjoying the tightness of his muscles, the sleek power of him. I unzipped my slacks and slipped my hand under my panties and, as I suspected, I was sopping between my legs.

Jim had kissed his way down my Mom's belly and was feasting on her cunt, drawing great whoops of joy from her, her hands clawing at his head as he manoeuvred him into a position that would give her maximum pleasure.

"Oh, Jim, finger my ass while you're licking my pussy," she pleaded.

I moved forward to get a closer view of the action. My Mom's asshole didn't look as if it had taken a whole lot of anal action, being as pink and puckered as my own, but Jim's finger slipped inside her easily. She reached down to me, took my free hand in hers and squeezed it reassuringly.

"He sure has a good tongue, honey. Let's see if he can make me come with it."

Jim took that as a challenge, of course, and started lapping at her crack voraciously, while his finger twisted inside her butt hole.

Suddenly, and without any warning, she burst into a fit of giggles and thrashed her legs around.

"Oh God, that was good, first man-induced come in years. That's one I owe you, Jim."

She released my hand and pulled my husband up beside her where she thanked him for her orgasm by kissing his pussy-juice covered face.

"You wanna fuck now or do you want me to suck you" she asked.

"You're the coach, Janet," Jim said.

"I'd like a little pussy fucking before we get down to the anal business, if you don't mind"

"Mom" I queried, "I didn't realise you were going to give him your pussy."

"Pussy fucking is good foreplay for anal," she explained, which was a revelation as when Jim and I had attempted it previously we'd all but ignored my front passage.

Mom pulled Jim on top of her, spreading her legs and wrapping them round his waist as he pointed his cock at her snatch and slid it in. She gave a satisfied groan as he filled her and her hands raked his back. "Oh yes, good cock!"

My pussy was throbbing too and I wanted a piece of the action but I couldn't see how to fit in with Jim embedded in my Mom. Finally I worked my way round back and satisfied myself with licking his balls as they swung backwards and forwards, slapping against her ass hole.

Even though he was fucking her with some ferocity I could sense that Jim wasn't giving her his all, he was holding back for her sweet ass and I worried that the stimulus I was giving his balls might be too much. So I let go of his nuts and made my way up the bed to kiss his mouth as he rode my mother.

"Let me turn over," Janet said and Jim lifted himself off her to allow her to flip. She put her hands on the cheeks of her ass and peeled them open. "Just pussy for now, remember," she ordered, quite aware that the sight of her tight little brown-eye might have Jim decide to get stuck straight into her pooper. Luckily he managed to control himself, guided his cock into her pussy and was soon fucking her rhythmically again. She let out a long, satisfied, gurgle and I could tell that she'd been missing cock more than she'd cared to admit. I'd have to do something about finding her a regular boyfriend because I didn't want to share my husband with her on a permanent basis. She was likely to wear him out for one thing!

I was still fingering myself, excited at watching my husband fucking my mother, and it was obvious that both these parties were having the time of their lives. Mom came again several times, each time breaking into a fit of giggles.

It made fascinating watching, especially when I got between their legs and saw my husband's butt bobbing up and down. His cock looked even bigger from this angle, stretching Mom's hairy hole to the max, forcing her creamy juices to leak down her thighs.

"Want that cock sucked now" Janet asked and I suspected that Jim, though he loved oral, would have been quite happy to keep fucking her. Despite that he pulled out of her and laid back. Mom spun round and engulfed his cock head into her mouth, before releasing it and cleaning up her juices by licking the length of it. Her eyes flicked up and she saw me close, eyeing the action hungrily. She crooked a finger and invited me over.

"Let's give this big boy something special," she said, pushing his cock head towards my mouth. I took it eagerly and started sucking while Mom moved down to lick his balls. Jim moaned like somebody who'd fulfilled every erotic desire. Janet and I swapped sucking his cock and licking his shaft and it swelled to an almost unbelievable size.

"You'll never get that in your ass, Mom," I warned.

Mom grinned and whispered conspiratorially, "It's smaller than your Dad's."

That came as a shock because I thought Jim was one of the best endowed men I'd ever encountered, and I'd had a few.

"Pooper time!" Janet finally announced, lying down on her back and lifting her legs.

This confused me and I asked, "What are you doing"

"Getting ready to take your husband's cock up my ass."

"Like that Can you do that"

"Didn't he just fuck my pussy from the back So what says he can't fuck my ass hole from the front."

"I just never thought .." I stammered.

"This way you're opening your ass for your lover, instead of closing it to him. Once he's opened you up a bit, then you can flip over and take it face down or doggy or whatever," she explained.

She lifted her legs up onto Jim's shoulders and he tentatively placed the massive head of his cock up against her poo hole. As she'd said it looked more opened than earlier.

"Don't you want some lube" Jim asked.

"No, I want it to hurt a little. This is a very bad thing I'm doing, giving myself to my daughter's husband, so I should be punished a bit."

It was a weird way of looking at things but she was my Mom and I assumed she knew what she was talking about.

"Slowly," she ordered my husband, "let me adjust to your cock."

He moved forward and I saw the head of his cock distend my Mom's ass hole.

"Doesn't that hurt, mom" I asked.

"No, it feels good, as long as he goes slow."

He inched into her and she screwed her face up a little but it didn't last as she was soon smiling again as he pushed gently further and further up her anus. I moved up beside her and asked, "Did you ever take anybody else's cock up your ass, apart from Dad's"

She eyed me warily. "There are some things mothers don't tell their daughters."

Which basically meant she had. I'd always suspected my mom of having affairs, but the same applied to my Dad, so I didn't care as long as they were happy. I'd just picked this moment to flat out ask because I thought she might let something slip, but she was wise to me.

Jim had half his cock inside her and was holding there, her hands on his chest guiding him. She took a couple of deep breaths and allowed him to penetrate her totally.

"Oh God, big cock up my ass," she breathed as the final inch slid in. "Don't move now, Jim, give me a minute to get used to it."

"How does it feel, honey" I asked my husband.

"Tight," he answered with a self-satisfied grin.

Mom wiggled her ass to get comfortable and said, "Okay, you can start fucking me now, but start slow."

As he started his motion Janet put her fingers down to her clit and started rubbing it. I felt left out again and wanted to touch my mother, but I thought that would be crossing a line, so I peeled my clothes off instead and lay down beside her to play with my pussy.

"Is it good, Mom"

"It's great. I feel really full. You can go a bit faster now, Jim."

Jim started pounding my Mom's ass and within seconds she came again, the same giggles, but this time more guttural.

The bedroom was reeking of sweat and sex and it was having an effect on me. I rubbed myself off to a quick climax but I wanted more, I wanted to be fucked. I writhed beside my mother, squeezing my boobies and rubbing my shaved pussy, hoping my husband would be tempted by it, but he continued fucking my mother's ass, a sheen of sweat covering his body as he laboured up her pooper.

At one point she pushed him off her and flipped over so he could fuck her ass from behind.

I couldn't take him up my pussy directly out of my Mom's ass anyway, I knew that much about cleanliness and hygiene. And if he had to go off to the bathroom to wash his cock the moment would be lost. But Janet had taught me a couple of things, pussy fucking first was good and to get it in first, the missionary position was good and it had to be done slow so that your ass could adjust. I'd remember that for the future but right now I just wanted to be fucked. He was my husband and that cock by rights should be up my ass. Okay, I hadn't done all the prep Mom had recommended but I didn't care even if it was going to hurt. I needed it, bad.

So I pulled my knees up to my ears as my mother had done, spreading my anus in the process and said, "Jim, fuck me up the ass, right now."

It was the first time I'd ever ordered him to do it and I could sense that he was confused. He was almost at the point of coming inside my mother and I'd just attempted to derail him. It might have been what he wanted but not right now just when he was about to blow his nut.

"Your wife is inviting you to fuck her ass, Jim," my mother said, "I think it would be very ungallant to refuse such an offer."

He didn't need any further urging but pulled his cock clear of Janet's asshole and plunged it into mine.

I screamed with the shock of it but Jim wasn't about to take any protests now and proceeded to fuck me for the last few seconds till he gushed his creamy foam right up my pooper, seconds after I had the warmest, most powerful orgasm I'd ever had, complete with ecstatic shrieks. Those few moments of ass fucking had broken the barrier for me. It was indeed intense but the feeling of fullness was delightful and I couldn't wait to do it again.

My Mom stood and started searching for her underwear. "Job done, I think," she announced, "Just don't get addicted to it, cause I want grandkids."

- This story is taken from the short story collection Anal Introductions, by Sally Hollister, and available on Amazon.

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