My Long Lost Baby Sister

Author: Ben C.
Published: Feb 4, 2013
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Just as I was close to cumming she released her grip. She kissed me hard. "Fuck me bro", she said, "fuck me so hard". I jumped on top of her, gently sucked her breast until I had another mouthful of mummy-milk. I dribbled it down her pussy and my cock.

I was 40 when Sarah moved into the neighborhood. Sarah was 21, she had long straight black hair, green eyes and a stunning body. In many ways she reminded me of my mother, Jinny, but she had run out on my dad and I when I was 10, so I could be mistaken. She was recently married to Richard with a baby girl, Isla. I had met Sarah a few times and each time she had given me a smile that would melt any man and a wink. What's with the wink, I always wondered.

I came home from work one day, my wife Rachel and Sarah were in the kitchen drinking coffee. Rachel explained that Sarah's husband was out of town for the week and she had offered my services to deliver groceries to Sarah the following evening. Sarah mouthed "Thank you", smiled and winked. Sure, I replied. I excused myself, went to the bathroom and had a wank, hoping to dampen my desire for Sarah.

The following evening I went to Sarah's with the groceries. She opened the door wearing baggy pants and a t-shirt, her slender, curvy figure was hidden under the clothes. She smiled, winked and gave me a kiss on cheek. "I am so pleased your here", she said, "I need someone to watch Isla while I shower". Sure I said. I took the baby and sat in the den. I played with the baby for a few minutes until I sensed she needed a new diaper. I called out to Sarah to ask where to change the baby. "You'll find everything you need in my bedroom", she responded.

I entered her bedroom and realized that the bathroom was ensuite, the door was open a crack, I took a peek. The room was steamy and I could only make out Sarah's silhouette. Sarah's clothes were strewn across the bed including her cute black lace lingerie. I picked up the panties, they were a little damp and the crotch area smelt sweet. I felt my cock hardening. I went to the baby's change station and changed Isla's diaper. Just I finished, I picked up the baby and turned to find Sarah standing behind me in a small white towel. Her long black hair hung wet over her shoulders, dripping down her front. Her towel was tied at the front just above the top of her ample breasts. The towel hung about an inch below her pussy, but I could see the entire way down her long legs to her petite feet. "Ahem", said Sarah, "I think I'll take that baby now, thank you". Slightly embarrassed at my long pause and wandering eyes I gave her the baby and went to leave.

"Where are you going" she enquired as she went to put Isla into her crib. I turned to answer and as I did Sarah's towel fell from her body. As if in slow motion it fell down her back, over her butt and down her legs. She was leaning over the crib and I could see her pussy between her legs. My cock was rock hard in seconds. Again I went to leave before she noticed I had been staring at her. As I was leaving her bedroom she called after me. I stopped but did not turn. "One more thing", she said. I turned and she winked.

She walked up to me and said "I just want to thank you". "For what" I asked. "Just thank you", she responded. She wrapped her naked body around mine, her beautiful breasts pushing into my chest.

She kissed me hard on the mouth, her tongue met mine and my entire body shuddered. I pushed her down on the bed. I cupped her breast with my hand as I kissed the entire length of her body. I kissed back up her body to her breasts and gently sucked on her rock hard nipples. I was pleasantly surprised to get a mouthful of sweet, warm, sticky mummy-milk. I swallowed and went for more. This time I dribbled the milk over her face and her body and finished with her pussy. I ran my tongue around the hairless folds of her pussy gently entering her with the tip of my tongue. At the same time I slipped a finger in her ass. She moaned loudly. I teased her some more until she sat up, pulled me onto the bed and released my throbbing cock. My pants feel to the floor and she licked my balls and up my shaft until she took my entire 8 inches deep down her throat. She sucked my cock hard.

Just as I was close to cumming she released her grip. She kissed me hard. "Fuck me bro", she said, "fuck me so hard". I jumped on top of her, gently sucked her breast until I had another mouthful of mummy-milk. I dribbled it down her pussy and my cock.

I thrust my sticky, milky cock into her tight pussy and I fucked her hard. We kissed and fucked. After several minutes we came together and we collapsed in a sweaty heap on the bed. Eventually we moved and I took my cock out of her pussy. She took my cock and licked it clean of cum and milk. She kissed me, it was the sweetest kiss I had ever had.

"I have a hot-tub in the bathroom, let's get clean", she suggested. We jumped into the warm bubbling hot-tub. I ran my hands all over her body; I could not believe how lucky I had been. We kissed and we caressed each other. Again she took my cock and sucked me until I was hard. She then leant over the side of the hot-tub with her ass to me. She passed me a dildo. "I want you to fuck me again with your cock and stick the dildo up my ass", she said. I happily obliged. She was in ecstasy. I was about to cum again when I took my cock from her pussy and put it up her ass. I fucked her ass for a few minutes and filled it with my cum. She screamed and screamed in delight. We collapsed into the hot-tub, washed each other and returned to the bed to dry off.

We were lying wet on the bed, kissing and holding hands. Sarah whispers in my ear, "I am your sister". She pauses for affect and then whispers, "Isla is your daughter". I sit bolt upright. "WHAT" I exclaim. "My mother is Jinny. I know she left you when you were young, but believe me she has never forgiven herself for that", continued Sarah. "She remarried about 15 years after she left you and I am her daughter".

Still in shock, I ask about Isla. "Now that's a story", she said, "and I hope you don't judge me on this one. My husband is infertile and we wanted a baby, we decided on sperm donation and went to the clinic to choose some sperm. He was insistent on the selection but I felt uncomfortable with having unknown sperm inside me. I cancelled the order the following day and arranged for an email to be sent to you about sperm donation and it worked. I watched you for a few weeks and when you finally went to the clinic I followed you. I noted down the reference number for your sperm and went back a few weeks later once it had been cataloged. I got pregnant from your sperm. My brother's sperm. Isla is your biological daughter."

"I don't know what to say", I said, "you are beautiful and a great fuck but you are my sister". "Listen to me", she said, "I have loved you since I first saw you, Richard it seems is infertile and it makes me less attracted to him. We want another baby and I told Richard I would go back to the clinic while he is away and get more of the sperm that made Isla. I decided that I wanted a baby naturally, I wanted a baby as a result of making love."

My initial shock quickly subsided into lust and desire. "I love you", I responded. We fucked again and passed out in each other's arms. I woke at 6am to my phone. "Where are you", came the angry voice of my wife Rachel. "Darling, listen, I discovered last night that Sarah is my long-lost sister and we have spent the night talking", I responded.

It took Rachel a few days to calm down and understand the situation, but the truth allowed Sarah and I to continue a sexual relationship with few suspicions.

One night I was visiting Sarah, we were fucking in the bedroom when we heard a key in the door. "It's Richard, he's home early", whispered Sarah in a panicked voice. I grabbed my clothes and ran out the back door butt-naked. Although Richard caught sight of me leaving the house he did not realize it was me. Richard left Sarah and filed for a divorce shortly after.

As Sarah was my sister I was able to convince Rachel to agree for Sarah to move in with us. After all she had a baby and was pregnant with her second, or should I say our second!

When Rachel was running errands or out with her girlfriends Sarah and I would fuck all the time, I would fuck her pussy and also her tight asshole. She would regularly suck my cock until I came hard down her throat.

Regularly I would be fucking Rachel in our bedroom and Sarah would watch through a crack in the door. When I was finished with Rachel I would meet Sarah in the bathroom and she would suck me clean. We would kiss passionately before I joined Rachel back in our marital bed.

One night I was out late with the boys. As I entered the house I heard a low moaning sounds. I followed the noises to the bedroom and through the crack in the door I could see Rachel and Sarah's naked bodies intertwined on the bed eating each others pussies. I watched as Sarah took her dildo and fucked Rachel until she came long and hard. Rachel then fucked Sarah until she came and they both collapsed on the bed. I walked in and feigned a look a shock. Rachel jumped up from the bed, "I am sorry", she said, "I know she's your sister but I could not resist". Sarah wrapped a sheet around her body and pretended to blush. I suggested I had missed out on all the fun, but it would probably wrong to have sexual relations with my sister. Both girls looked at me, but Sarah spoke first, "I don't mind if you don't", she said looking at both of us. I smiled, Rachel dropped my pants and both girls, still wet and naked dropped to their knees and worked on my cock. I came over both of them. I removed the remainder of my clothes climbed into bed and we fucked each other all night.

This became a regular arrangement. This was our naughty secret and we enjoyed keeping it.

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