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Yes, Daddy

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Published: 08-Feb-13
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I leaned slowly back, and he turned his head to kiss the inside of my leg. He started to run his hands up the back of my legs, kissing the same spot over and over. I could feel the wetness spread all over my panties, and see my hard nipples poking through my thin shirt. Daddy twisted so she was on his knees, facing me. He continued to kiss my legs, slowly trailing kises higher and higher. I opened my legs further as his head got closer to my pussy. He started to hesitate...

* * * * * * *

I stretched out on the couch in my baggy shirt and panties, not worrying about being modest. The combination always made me feel sexy. They way the panties rode up my ass a little, and how the baggy shirt fell over my large, perky breasts. I didn't need to be modest; Mom and dad were out of town trying to work on what was left of their fucked up marriage. A part of me wished they'd just get it over with so I didn't have to hear them scream behind closed doors anymore.

My mom had a short temper, so my loyalties were with my stepfather, who I considered to be my real dad. He was there for me since I was 10, raising me and treating me as his own for the last eight years.

I got up, stretched and headed to the bar in the sun room. I poured myself a gin and tonic with a slice of lime. Daddy always said I loved old man drinks. I slowly sipped my drink as I strutted over to pur record player. I flipped through the selection and decided on an old R&B album. The crackling of the record when it first begins to play always sent chills down my spine. I walked back to the bar and poured another cocktail, this one with more gin than tonic.

I had just sat back down on the couch, drink in and and record on, when Dad came through the door.

"OH! Hey Daddy. I wasn't expecting you!" I said as I pulled down my shirt a little.

"Hey, hon. Yeah, I came home a few days early. I would wait until she gets home to tell you, but I know it won't come as a shock. Let me grab a drink, then we'll talk." With that, he walked to the bar and pulled out a bottle of whisky. I knew it. They're done. A little flame flickered in my chest. My nipples got hard and all of a sudden I was glad for my lack of pants...If he's finally done with her, then maybe...he came and sat down next to me. I turned towards him.

"So your mother and I had a long talk. We both decided it was time to move on." We sat in silence for a long minute.

"How are you feeling, Daddy"

"I'm actually okay. We haven't been in love for a long time."

"Yeah, I know. Well, here's to finally being able to move on." I raised my cocktail, then took a long drink. Daddy and I sat around, drinking and listening to records. Slowly, we began to sit closer together, touching as we laughed. After an hour or so, Daddy slid down to sit in front of me so I could run my fingers through his hair peppered gray hair, his favorite.

"Mmm, baby girl, you know how much I love those nails. Would you scratch my back, too"

"Of course, daddy." He slipped his shirt off, showing his lean, fit body. I started to scratch down his back, then back up and over to his chest. I opened my legs as he slowly leaned back. I kept running my hands down his chest to his stomach, making me lean forward. We were cheek to cheek, him leaning his head back against my breasts.

"Oh, honey, this feels so good. Thanks for making me feel better. You know I love you, right"

"I know, daddy." I leaned slowly back, and he turned his head to kiss the inside of my leg. He started to run his hands up the back of my legs, kissing the same spot over and over. I could feel the wetness spread all over my panties, and see my hard nipples poking through my thin shirt. Daddy twisted so she was on his knees, facing me. He continued to kiss my legs, slowly trailing kises higher and higher. I opened my legs further as his head got closer to my pussy. He started to hesitate.

"Kiss me there, daddy, please." He looked up at me, and while keeping eye contact, moved his head and slowly kissed me outside my panties. I couldn't keep in my moan. He smiled.

"I think what I found what my girl likes." He kissed me a few more time, going between my thighs and my increasingly wet pussy. I started to whimper and pushed my hips up to his face. "Be patient, baby." Daddy then buried his head in my pussy and ran his hands up my legs, hooking his thumbs on my panties. I lifted my hips again as he smoothly yanked them off. "Mmm, nice and bald. You're beautiful." He spread my lips and dove tongue first inside of me.

I had never felt this kind of pleasure before. Alternating between fucking me and flicking my clit with that tongue. He then started to suck my clit and he slipped a finger inside of me. "Jesus, baby, you're so tight."

"I've been saving myself." The look in his eye when I said that is something I'll never forget. It's like he lost all control. He stood up, pulling me up with him.

"I want to see everything. Arms up." I didn't hesitate. I lifted my arms up, and he ripped my shirt up over my head. He took a step back are just stared. I reached out and started to undo the button on his shorts. I knelt down and pulled them with me. His dick came boucing out, hitting me in the face. Holy shit! It has to be at least 7 inches long. And I don't think I could wrap my entire hand around it!

Daddy grabbed the back of my head and pushed his dick all the way to the back of my mouth. "Touch yourself while I fuck your face." I reached down and started to rub my clit while be grabbed my head and pumped into my mouth. I reached up and started to play with his balls. At my touch, he pulled his dick out of my mouth and started to rub it. "Open" is all he said. I opened my mouth and he placed his balls into my mouth. I licked and sucked, looking up at him through my eye lashes. He looked down at me, rubbing harder.

"I want you to do something for me."

"Anything, Daddy."

"Do you know what a rim job is"

"No, Daddy."

"I am going to bend over and grab the arms of the couch. I want you to lick my asshole, then rub my dick like I was just doing. Okay"

All I could do is nod. He turned, bent over and grabbed the couch. Without a word, I crawled up to him, reached between his legs, grabbed his dick and buried my face in his ass. I started to lick and push my tongue into his asshole. His dick grew even harder as he moaned loudly. He would push back onto my face, making my tongue slide further in. Over and over, I licked down to his taint, then back up to his asshole. He started to breath faster and harder until he stood back up, grabbed his dick, turned and started to cum all over my face and breasts. It came out in hot, delicious loads. I caught some in my mouth and swallowed. "Lick it up, baby girl."

"Yes, daddy." I grabbed my tits and lowered my head, licking off all of his seed. I then wiped my face, licking him off my fingers. When I looked back up, up was slowly stroking his cock again.

"Daddy I want you to fuck me. I want you to spank me for being a bad girl." I could see his dick quickly get hard again. He grabbed my elbow and helped me to stand again. He dipped his head down and started to kiss me. He opened my mouth with his, then slowly walked me backwards against a wall. He pinned my hands above my head with one hand, then reached behind me and grabbed a fistfull of hair. He yanked my head back and trailed his kisses down my neck to my coller bone, then down to my breasts. He took my left nipple into his mouth and sucked. He nibbled and sucked harder and harder until I almost couldn't take it. He moved his head away.

All I wanted to do was reach down and pull his head back in, but couldn't. I whimpered "Daddy, I need you. Nurse me again." He pinned me tighter to the wall, using his hips to keep my body in place. His hard dick pressed between our bellies.

"You want more, baby girl You want daddy to make you into a big girl"

I squirmed and pushed my breasts into him. "Yes, please daddy. Make me your big girl."

He dipped his head back down, took my other nipple into his mouth, then let go of my hands and hair to reach under my ass and left me up. Still nursing me, he slammed me into the wall. I wrapped my legs and arms around him tight.

"This is going to hurt, baby" he said as he shifted his hips into position. Before I could process what he had just said, he rammed the entire length of his cock into me. I felt him rip me apart and fill me up. I couldn't stop my scream.

"Oh yeah, baby. Hurts so good You are so fucking tight. I'm going to make you all mine."

Through the piercing pain, I could also feel the pleasure. "Fuck me daddy. Don't stop. I'm going to come. Harder! Hurt me!"

He turned and carried me to the couch. He put me down and instructed me to hold the couch like he did. I bent over and grabbed the arm. As soon as I did, be grabbed my waist and rammed into me again. He dug his fingers into my harder and his pumping became faster.

"You like that, baby Is daddy hurting you so good"

"Fuck yes, Daddy. Harder!!!"

He grabbed the back of my hair, pulled my head back then slapped my ass hard. I whimpered.

"You're a naughty slut. Sluts get spankings." He slapped me again and again. Finally, he reached around and grabbed both of my breasts. He pushed inside of me as far as he could go, and we found our release. I came harder then I ever knew possible.

"We're just getting started, baby..." he growled in my ear.

"Yes, Daddy."

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