Tony and Aunt Tammy Hit it Off!

Author: Tammy
Published: Nov 23, 2013
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I just lunged into her crotch and my tongue deep in her cunt and sucked my aunt off for a good 15 minutes as she was moaning and eventually came.

My Aunt Tammy,

She is 45 years old, long dirty blond hair, nice size med-large ass, C cup size tits, hairy but trimmed pussy, freckled skin on her chest mainly, average size aureolas and nipples, right between the avg and little thick side. hazel green eyes, great smile. over all their is all that mixed to make her very hot and a girl I want to suck off and fuck her brains out.

How I got to suck my aunts pussy, for many years she knew I had a sexual attraction for her and that's a story on its own but nothing ever persisted except for me spying on her naked allot and me being caught at the window looking in. lol

Just a month ago, we all went to a family party and my Uncle Ed was away for the weekend on a job in Oregon I think and my Aunt happen to have too many drinks and she was obliterated, thankfully my other Aunt didn't have clothes for her because Tammy got soaked by falling in the small pool at the Halloween party and it being cold out up here in Seattle Washington. But I volunteered to bring her home and I got her in the car and she was passed out cold and her being in her close soaked wearing a white shirt, you could see her tits even through her bra. I pull up to the house and go to get her out, figuring she would wake up, but I had to physically pull her out of the car and carry her and me carrying her up over my shoulders, her tits where dangling right over my shoulders and in the side of my face which was a turn on.

I got in the house and managed to get her up the stairs and sit her up on her chair in her room while I tried looking for extra blankets to cover the bed so she didn't get the bed wet. I couldn't find any so I tried to get some towels but couldn't find but only 1 clean one so I decided to take her shirt, shoes, socks, and pants off leaving her in her undies and bra and I started drying her off with the towel and picked her up but not meaning it but when I did her tits where right in my face with only a bra separating my face from her tits. Her nipples where perked to the peak and you could see right through her bra as if she didn't have one on.

I then laid her on the bed and just as I was about to just cover her and and walk away from the temptation of taking a really good peak at her tits by lifting her bra I seen that her undies where basically see through also from being wet and her pubes where sticking out of the sides of her undies because of her legs being a bit open.

So at this point I hesitated on putting the blanket on her and stared at her crotch area and my heart beating a mile a minute hoping she didn't wake up catching me staring at her crotch. I tried waking her up a few times and she was just out of it saying random sexual stuff, probably being because she was always open about her sexuality. Then I tested the waters, I groped her tits a little and she was smiling and kinda like a good moan or something as if she was aroused. So I groped them again and longer and she was doing the same so I bravely lifted her bra and her tits where still peaking, I played with her nipples testing the waters seeing if she would notice, so far green light. Then I started taking pics with my phone and even took video of me sucking on her tits. It was amazing sucking those beautiful tits of hers just as I always imagined it would be, that alone would have been enough to get me off with just a few strokes.

So I dared to go deeper, I started kissing down her stomach and her pubic area and still things where good. I then boldly pulled her underwear off with the plan if I got caught to tell her I was just undressing her out of the wet clothes, and even at that would be testing things but would be justifiable. So she naturally opened her legs more and just then I fully noticed and comprehended, their was my Aunts hot pussy just a couple feet from my eyes, other than the 10 plus feet peaking in through the window. I then got a closer and closer look taking pics and video of her completely naked as my heart is now beating rapidly taking a huge risk and I was overcome by this urge to go down on her. I started lightly kissing and touched her vagina and inner thighs and just right before I was going to pull away because it seemed like she was waking up, her legs came up bending the knees and spread and she started a little moan and started brazenly touching herself. At this point I didn't care anymore what would happen, just the chance to get a full taste of my Aunt's pussy was worth the risk and I knew I would never get another chance at this ever again so I just lunged into her crotch and my tongue deep in her cunt and sucked my aunt off for a good 15 minutes as she was moaning and eventually came, the taste of her cum was out of this world and she just passed right out again. I moved her a few times and she was out of it so at this point it was go or bust, so I got naked and started sticking my cock in her face jerking it off then got ballsey and got on the bed with my head towards her feat and rolled my Aunt on top of me and even though she was passed out into a 69 position and I had my Aunt's ass and pussy in my face and I licked her asshole as she again began moaning. I then rolled her off me then got her on her stomach and arched her ass up in the air on her knees and my Aunts ass and all was wide open and out, I licked every inch of her ass inside and out, I fucked the shit out of her ass hole with my tongues and licked her hot hair wet pussy from the back while taking pics and video the whole time of this angle.

Then I just went for it all, I stuck my pre-cum dripped cock in her cunt and fucked my auntie hard from behind in the doggie style and she started moaning loud and she must have awakened and started screaming ohhh I'm cumming baby, I'm cumming, fuck me baby fuck my cunt hard and I made my 45 year old Aunt cum and I pulled out and cum gallons all over her hot ass and ass hole, as she reached behind and started jerking my cock and then rubbing the cum in on her ass and fingering her asshole with the cum on it.

Then after I was like OHHH SHITTT.. She rolled to her stomach and jumped a mile but still drunk as hell, asking what the hell was I doing her, why are we having sex. I told her that I am drunk even though I only had a few drinks and that she seduced me, and she said "I did" and I was like yeah, I drove you home and you grabbed me and started sucking me off and it led to this and I said I don't remember how I got home and stuff cuz I was drunk. But she told me to stay with her and when we woke up I was again ohhh shittt. I again explained to her the same story because she woke up asking me if we just had sex and I told her yes and what I told her last night. she was for a minute shocked and then she said she was sorry for seducing me and to please never tell about this. I told her no problem and I wont tell anyone and I am not mad, and I told her I have to admit I enjoyed it very much it was the best sex I had in a long time, she said regardless of us being related it was the best for her in a long time as well even though she didn't remember most of it.

So me being relieved and excited, I said just like this, "well since we already went at it, lets at least do it again so this time we can really enjoy and don't worry it will be our secret and we cant do anymore damage cuz we already fucked, so might as well enjoy and remember it". She agreed and this time she really sucked my cock when we did 69 and I came 2 more times and got her off 5 more times. We took a shower, went to a late lunch and then dinner went out to the Casino, hit for a good $5,500 dollars and with us drinking at the Casino having a good time, not drunk just feeling good, I offered a love suit hotel room at the Casino and jacoozi and she accepted and we fucked like animals. It was so hot eating my Aunts ass and pussy while she was standing bent over with one leg up on the arm rest of the jacoozi and the best thing is we video taped the whole thing.

But of course you all want to know what came out of this, we have managed to fuck again and spend the night with each other last week because my uncle was called back to another job out of state in Sandiego California. see I would normally feel bad for my uncle, but what she dont know is he has been cheating on her for a long time reason he hasn't gave it to Tammy is months and my uncle had a deal with me. He knew about me having sexual fantasies of her so one day I caught him cheating and he told me that if I don't tell, he wouldn't get mad or anything if I made a move on my Aunt but not to tell him what happened because he didn't care but to not say anything, he even spiced up the deal at the time, this was months ago giving me naked pics of my aunt to keep my mouth shut which came in handy in those nights of whacking off, but now when my uncle isn't home, me and my aunt fuck and fuck allot, and with her complaining how uncle doesn't give it to her and she don't care no more, she fucks my brains out every chance she gets and it is working out for me, her and my uncle. My uncle takes off on his "business trips" which are legit but he is seeing this woman who works with his company and travels with him and when he does I take a nice little weekend or week over my Aunts house and fuck her. Within the last few weeks I must have fucked her over 20 times and not even lying, I can't get enough of my Aunt, the hottest part of it all is when she screams and moans my name asking who my favorite auntie is, and its soooo great just yelling and moaning "ohhh aunty tammy" and cumming all over or in her and her actually being awake. I already have a 1 TB hard drive just about full of video and pics of me and Aunty Tammy's home made porns.

In closing, the most surreal moment that never gets old is eating her pussy, the good smell of her wetness and cum and the taste of her hot hairy wet pussy I can eat forever, like 2 nights ago I ate her pussy for a hour as promised for her giving me money to help me pay for my car payment. My tongue still is soar but well worth it. But yes I ended up telling my Aunt the truth of that first night and she actually thanked me and was thankful that someone finally gave her what she needs.

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