Fucking my Aunt Kate - Part 2

Author: Anon
Published: Nov 29, 2013
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She pushed her hips backward and I forced my shaft deeper into her tight virgin hole until I eventually had the whole dick buried in aunt kate.

My dick dripping with cum and my aunts pussy juices as I walk to the shower watching her beautiful body sway in front of me while we leave a trail of our cum. As I got closer to her body I firmly grabbed and squeezed her left ass cheek.

"Great ass aunt kate" I said

"Behave now. You will get to explore every part of my body in th shower" she said and with that my dick stood again at full attention.

As we got into the bathroom Aunt Kate started the shower so the water could warm up.

She got into the shower then turned to me, "You the one that made me dirty, you should get in here and clean up your mess."

As I got in th shower I watched as the water dripped down her magnificent body. I rubbed her front cleaning her tits and pussy and explored my hands over her slippery, soapy flesh, squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples and then wandering down her stomach and started to trace the outside folds of her hairless mounds to caress her pussy.

Her body was so beautiful and I couldnt resist sliding one finger between her lips to touch her clit. As I rubbed on her clit I looked up and stared deep into her brown eyes then put my tongue deep down her throat and shared a passionate kiss. I firmly gripped her ass, started squeezing it and spread her ass wide and pushed it so hard against me that my dick that was just resting between her legs now rammed between her pussy lips. I took my rigid cock n rubbed it against her pussy lips, put it at the opening of her pussy and slowly pushed it in.

"No, I want you to fuck my ass! Please!"

"Have you done anal sex before"

"No but I would love you to be my first please craig."

As I turned her around i started fondling her breast from behind and kissed her in the neck. With the right hand on her tits I put the left hand on her pussy. I had 3 fingers rubbing her pussy until I slipped my left hand away from her pussy.

With both hands nw I was fondling her breasts, moving from one to the other. Aunt kate was moaning softly now as I traced my hands slowly down her hips to gently caress her firm rounded ass.

Aunt kate opened her legs as i pushed her up against the shower wall as I forced 1 finger inside her ass slipping it in and out then 2, then 3 making it wider and easier for my big cock to go in. A moan escaped aunt kate lips softly as i finger fucked her in the ass.

"Stop being such a tease craig and fuck your aunt virgin ass"

Not needing another invitation I took my throbbing penis in my hand. It was huge with a large red head that was shining with his sex juice.

I bent her almost completely over. Her ass was raised and pushed back. She moaned as I entered the tip into her virgin ass, easing it out before sliding in some more. She pushed her hips backward and I forced my shaft deeper into her tight virgin hole until I eventually had the whole dick buried in aunt kate as she let out a lot of loud moans.

Her eyes closed tightly as I slid my penis into her virgin ass. With my hands on her hips I started with slow thrust then speeded up my fucking.


Aunt Kate screamed as she felt my 10inches ripping her ass apart. I fucked her as fast as I possibly could. I pulled my cock all the way out then forcefully rammed all of it as hard as I could back in. The faster I went the more louder she scream in pain as I tore through my aunts little hole. I enjoyed every bit of my cock in her, stretching her and filling her.

She started screaming louder and louder, "Fuck me harder Craig, Fuck my ass, God, give it to me, Oh, Oh, Oh...SHIT!"

It was her first time ever and she really started getting into it. This continued about 25 minutes until I was ready to cum.

"Oh aunt kate I'm about to explode." "Shoot your load deep up aunts ass babe"

Instead of screaming she bit her lip hard as she orgasmed, my more than satisfied aunt fell exhausted against the shower wall.

I slammed into her a few more times and came into her ass. As I came I grabbed onto her tits and rammed every part of me in her. I let every drop of me in her ass and almost fell against the shower wall and then breathed hard for a few minutes.

Pulling my dick out of her ass with a sickening plop the cum ran out. She turned around to me forcing a kiss down my throat and going down to kiss my dick.

"You got such a lovely cock craig,I want you to always fuck me."

"I can't see how uncle greg wouldn't wanna fuck you. You so fucking great and I would fuck you all week if I could"

"You the best fuck I ever had. I would like to do you in so many other positions."

We shared one last passionaste kiss before we got out the shower.

"What the fuck..." Was all that Lisa got out.

"How, how long have you two..." She stopped herself in mid-sentence.

Carrie jumped up and cowered in the corner of her easy chair with her legs pulled up and hiding her huge tits while I covered my dick.

The tears began to run down Lisa's beautiful face

Holy shit I thought, we were so caught up in our lust that I have totally forgotten about my cousin Kelly that was at work. What if she told her dad about what was happening All these thoughts were going through my mind.

What was kelly going to do

Well atleast I fucked my hot aunt twice in a day so any punishment I were to receive wouldn't compare to the best fucking I ever received. Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

About: The author of "Fucking my Aunt Kate - Part 2" is Anon. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Incest & Taboo Stories section.

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