My Daughter

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Published: Dec 10, 2013
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I slowly opened her legs and knelt between them she was laying back eyes closed as I took hold of the top of her slim little panties and slowly pulled them down and as I did so kiss each inch as it was revealed.

One Saturday night not so long ago I was sitting at home alone as my wife had been called into work due to someone take ill I was watching a porn film and had a big hard on .

Just then the door opened and my daughter who is 23 and lives with her boyfriend When she saw what I was watching she said I take it Mum's not in then and gave me a grin I shot up and grabbed the remote to turn it of but my daughter said don't turn it off because of me Dave and I watch them a lot.

She got us a drink and came to sit beside me and started to watch the film with me after a while I asked where Dave was and see said out with the lads so I thought I would come and see you and mum as I wanted to ask her something so I said that mum was at work and that she would not be home tonight and could I help.

My daughter got a red face and said no it's ok it's a woman thing Ok I said if your sure she then said ok it's about sex really and what your watching on this film,Go on I said well you see all these women having big orgasms yet I have never been able to have one I get to a point then it goes away.

Well your not like your mother then I said she has two or three or more each time we have sex but that's not as much as I would like now-er days.

So what do you think you do that Dave doesn't, sorry love I said as I have no idea what he dose I can not compare and tell you, she took a big gulp of her drink and looked at me and said you could show me I can see you have a big hard on from watching this film shame to let it go to waste,

My mouth dropped open and I said are you saying that you want me to see if I can make you cum yes she said we have the film on, you have a hard on and I want a orgasm so why not lets see if I can have one.

With that she placed her hand over my zip and slowly lowered it and slipped a hand in side and curled her fingers around my shaft MY GOD she said that a size cock you have there dad it feels twice the size of Dave's Thicker and longer Wow I am going to enjoy this.

It felt so good I had my head resting back with my eyes closed as I felt my Daughter undo my jeans and she knelt on the floor between my legs and pulled them down and of my legs taking my boxers with them and as she did so my 10" cock sprung up and my Daughter took in a sharp in take of breath and placed her hands back round the shaft and started to rub up and down, by now I was starting to breath harder and soon I took for the rest of my clothes.

I stood up and told my Daughter to stand up and as she did I pulled her forward and kissed her fully on the mouth pushing my tongue inside her mouth she opened het lips to let me and we just stood there kissing and hugging for some time.

I pulled back and said you sure you want to do this as it is not to late to change your mind you know she looked at me saying now I have seen what you have got I really want it god I have never had a cock that size before so I picked her up and carried her of to the bedroom and gently laid her down on the bed and climbed on beside her and we started to kiss once more I UN-buttoned her dress and slipped it over her head and she was now laying there in just her bra and pants.

Now my Daughter is a natural blond and has blue eyes and is 5' 11" tall she has wonderful long legs and has one hell of a body to go with it and here she was laying in-front of me waiting for me to make love to her and make her cum,was this a dream I placed a hand on her leg No this was no dream her soft silky skin was running under my hand as I slowly worked my way up her leg from her ankle over her knee and up the inside of her leg to just touching her panties she was taking in long deep breaths as I did this.

Her bra was fastened at the front so I lent forward and UN-clipped it and pushed the cup aside and her firm breasts were there just in front of my face there were not big non small but round and firm and her nipples were getting hard as I watched them grow I leant forward and gently blew over her Harding nipple and they were now rock hard and I took one into my mouth sucking it in and nipping it between my teeth and flicking the top with my tongue She arched her back and moaned loudly as I did so.

I spent some time working her nipples between my mouth and my hands and by the time I have finished with them she was clawing at me digging her nails into my back pulling my head down hard onto her so I could suck as much as I could get into my mouth.

I pulled away and slowly worked my way down her body kissing each and every inch as I went running my tongue around her belly button and I slowly opened her legs and knelt between them she was laying back eyes closed as I took hold of the top of her slim little panties and slowly pulled them down and as I did so kiss each inch as it was revealed.

I was surprised to find her shaven I don't know why I just was but as I said I was kissing each inch and now I had reached the top of her gleaming wet slit and the smell was so sweet and I could not wait to taste it but I forced myself to go slow and took the time to kiss down the inside of her legs as I removed her panties completely.

I stared to kiss up the inside of her legs once more and this time I knew I was going to taste this wonderful pussy my Daughter was by now moaning hard and saying things like Oh god dad that's wonderful MMMmmm that feels so fuck good she was raising her self of the bed arching her back as I touched her wet cunt for the first time with my tongue.

As I did so I took in a deep breath and the smell as I pushed my tongue into this wet and warm slit opening it up my daughter was squeezing her tits and nipples hard as I did this and I pushed my tongue in further and found her clict she screamed as I flicked the top of it and then sucked it into my mouth Yes Yes Yes she was saying go I have never had feeling like this ever Dad your wonderful.

With that I ran a finger up and down her slit while still licking her juices up and then with one push I entered my finger into her and started to fuck her cunt with my finger she was so wet the squelching noises she was making as my finger ramped into her then a second finger and a third followed I was now fucking her hard pushing my fingers inside her as far as I could get them and then I curled my fingers up as they went in and hit her G spot and she had her first Orgasm and her pussy lips gripped tight around my fingers making sure I could not take them out and I carried on fucking her as she came.

She was now shouting Yes Dad Yes Dad Oh my god dad thank you thank you god that was wonderful, she was covered in sweat and I moved up with my fingers still inside her and kissed her hard on the lips and the last of her orgasm ended.

There I said to her as I removed my soaking wet fingers from her she took hold of my hand and licked the cum from them you have now had your first orgasm and I did not even had to fuck you, I know she said I can not believe I had a orgasm and I still have not had your monster cock in me yet, what do you mean yet I said you wanted me to give you a orgasm and I have do don't need me to fuck you now.

You have to be joking she said now I have had my first I want some more and now only that I want that cock dad I want to feel it inside me I want you to fill me with it and then make me cum again and again and then fill me with your hot cum are you really sure you want that darling I said yea you bet.

So I went down between her legs once more and started to lick her pussy clean and entered four fingers back inside her and it was not long before her juices were flowing fast and she was nearing another climax and a started to move up her body and as I did I placed her legs onto my shoulders and by the time I was fully above her my cock was right above her wet waiting hole and I asked once more if she was sure and she closed her eyes and said yes dad yes I want you to fuck me with that cock.

I lined up the head of my cock with her no gaping wet pussy hole and just pushed forward entering her fully she screamed Oh Oh god that feels wonderful Oh yes dad fill me up fuck me make me cum again while your big cock is inside me, I started to fuck her with long slow strokes at first and her juices were just running out of her and each time I hit rock bottom and my balls slapped up against her ass she screamed out and I started to speed up and ram my cock harder each time.

She came again and her cunt mussels gripped my cock with force and I just rode her hard as she orgasmed my back by now was covered in scratches from her digging in her nails, As her climax left her I pulled out of her and she said no dad I want you to fill me with your cum, Smiling I said don't worry my darling I just want you to get on your hands and knees she did not want telling twice.

I got up behind her and eased my cock back into her now wide open pussy hole cum was just running out of her I took hold of her hips and started to ram into her hard while forcing her back onto my cock the was a loud slapping sound each time out bodies met and I was not far from shooting my load now and I told my daughter so, yes yes dad she said fill me up good.

I was just about to cum when she came again and as her mussels tightened around my pounding cock I pulled her back onto my as far as I could making sure my cock was as deep inside her as I could ever get and I shouted YES YES as I let go of my load of hot sticky cum , my cock shoot out more cum than I had ever felt it shoot before my daughter pussy was still gripping my cock tight as her climax still went on and on, as it faded away she just sank down onto the bed with me still on top of her back, she turned her head to one side and said god dad I never knew sex could be that fuck good I am worn out but feel bloody fantastic thank you dad.

I lifted my self of and lay down on my back beside her my cock now starting to go limp and my daughter got up and turned round and took hold of my now soft cock and started to suck it getting all the cum from it she could so I opened her legs and done the same for her and it was not long before I had my fingers ramming in and out of her to bring her to one last climax.

She would have spent the night but we both knew that was not a good idea, so she got dressed and left me in bed but before she went she kissed me and squeeze my cock one last time and went out the door but then popped her head back round and said let me know when mum is at work overnight again won't you dad and with that she was gone.

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