The Week I Had with My Cousin

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Published: Dec 20, 2013
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They were nice and round her nipples were rock hard as I entered her bra and sucked them.

For starters I didn't plan on fucking my cousin (Although I don't regret it).

It was May, the weekend just before Cinco de Mayo. My friends decided to go Bar hopping, little did we know we would be breaking the Bank after Just 1 Beer and a shot of fireball wiskey.

While we were feeling down our mood changed when one of Our friends had an Apartment to go to. We loaded up from the bar and headed out first for beer then to the Apartment where our Friends friend lived.

Earlier that day I had been instant messaging my "Cousin" (Cousin in because we are not related by Blood) She was a Fox, Dark skin, Nice perky Titts, Beautiful face with fierce Yellow eyes and a Fat Ass. She was feeling down and was going to drink with some friends.

When we got to the Apartment she sent me a message saying her friends stood her up and that she was all alone. I told her how we went to the bar but left due to outrageous prices. And then Fate happened. She was at the same Apartment Complex that we were at. Quickly I invited her over.

She came over with a Bottle of Vodka she had been drinking from. She was so Hot wearing Denim shorts and spaghetti straps. I introduced her to My friends, She introduced herself to everyone as My cousin.. (that would make for some explaining later)

The night was fun. Everyone drank a lot and later that night I found myself laying next to my Beautiful Cousin, We looked into each other's eyes then she asked me "Are we related by Blood" to which I replied with a wet kiss and a "Hell no" We began making out to everyone's disgust haha, But I didn't care I was horny, she was Hot plus we have no Blood relationship.

I began exploring her Body focusing on her Perky titts. They were nice and round her nipples were rock hard as I entered her bra and sucked them. I started with one, then went to the other. She felt me up lifting my shirt off. She then opened her eyes I looked me dead in the eyes. "Fuck Me" is all she said.

Most everyone gone home for the night or asleep I was ready to Fuck my cousin right here in a strangers living room. I pulled down her shorts and honest to God I felt the heat from her Pussy. Her Panties were damp. She told me to leave them on and to just move them to the side.

I pulled down my Pants and boxers in one movement my rock hard dick flung out. To her excitement "Oh my God, its so Big" she said "I want it in me!" she guided me down on Her.

My 8inch dick slid in her Hot furnace of a Pussy. I dropped all the way down. "Shit! I'm not use to such a big Dick, God its hitting my Gspot." That's all the dirty talk I needed I began pounding her Pussy.

Kissing her Neck every now and then as I fucked my beautiful cousin. She scratched at my chest and back as I gave her deep thrusts. "Don't stop!" she continued to moan as I punished her. I felt her orgasm, with a high pitched moan and a shake of her whole body I emptied my balls into her But kept pumping as she Urged me not to Stop.. "Don't stop!" I fucked her violently as she dug her nails into my chest, Then she gasped as for a Second time I came inside of her.

I pulled out Cum oozing from her, I whispered in her ear "How was it" her Reply a Kiss on my cheek "More than enough" we fell asleep after our First Fuck.. Emphasis on First!

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