Me, You and Our Son Cums Too

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Published: Mar 5, 2014
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James took this as a sign and got down on his hands and knees and got closer and closer just staring at this hairy cunt that was being held open by his mother.

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While having a meal last week out 18 year old son(James) just came out with the fact he things he is gay, he went on to say that he likes looking at men in magazines and when he is walking around town, my wife Pat and I are open minded and said to us it did not mater but just went on to say do you look at women to and he said yes I would not mind having sex with both to see if I am gay or Bi but yes I fancy both.

We have always talked openly and I asked him if he had had sex with either and he said no, so we said again well which ever you are you know we will be there for you and we left it at that.

On the Saturday that follow my son went out for his usual night out and he would not be home until the early hours, so my wife and I would sit and watch a porn film on the Big TV rather than the smaller one we have in our bed room, as the norm by the time we were half an hour into the film we were both undressed and Pat had my 10" cock in her hand running her hand up and down the full length of my hard shaft, I had one hand in between her legs and had a finger or two curled into her wet pussy.

As we watched the action on TV I said to her get on your hands and knees you slut (she love the dirty talk ) and lean over that coffee table and spread your legs I am going to fuck your slut box hard and fast, so I got round behind her and her cunt was dripping juice and I placed the big purple head of my cock up against her slit and with my hand run it up and down her silt hitting her tender clit each time, do you want it you slut, beg you whore bed of it Oh yes she said oh please fuck me please fuck me my cunt wants your cock.

With that I said her it is you bitch and rammed my whole cock into her pushing up against the coffee table, Pat was moaning out loud that's it fuck me Fuck me hard you bastard fuck me, so I took me cock out so it was just resting on her wet pussy lips and then rammed it back home once more and then started to pound into her harder and harder.

With all the noise she and I were making and the porn film was still going we did not here the front door open and close and as I looked up I saw our son James with the door just open and he stood there watching me fuck his mum hard over the coffee table, I did not let on to Pat that we were being watched and just winked it my son as he saw me looking at him.

I took hold of Pats hips and started to pull her back towards me and I thrust forward hard into her, James had opened the door a bit wider now and could see he had his cock out and was wanking himself while watching us, I bent forward and leaned over my wife and whispered in her ear we are being watched by our son and he is wanking himself how would fancy a cock in your mouth while I fuck you from the rear.

Mmmmmmmmmm she said that sounds nice so I looked up at James and said come on in son it's ok you don't have stand out there mum's fine with you joining us, Rrrrrrealy he said yea come on join us and get them clothes off.

He came into the room as I pulled out off my wife's cunt and stood up Wow he said I can see your nice and hard dad, and then his mum stood up and went over to him and lifted up his t-shirt and pulled it over his head and she lowered her head and took a nipple into her mouth and sucked it in and I saw James close his eyes and knew he was enjoying it.

Pat went back and forth from nipple to nipple and I had got behind her and put my arms around her and played with her tits as she carried on with her nipple sucking and then I moved beside her and knelt down and reach between her and James and found his belt which I undone and then the button and then I lowered his zip, I took hold of his jeans and pulled them down and he stepped out of them.

My wife was still between his nipples and kissing him fully on the lips and by the low moaning that James was doing he was enjoying every minute of it, I then took hold of James's boxers and pulled them down and as I did his cock was so hard that I had to reach into his boxes and pull his cock free from his boxers and as my hand took hold of his hard piece of meat he sucked in his breath with surprise and pleasure, I released his cock from the confines of his boxers and they fell to the floor and he stepped out of them too.

I took a good look at what my son was packing inside his boxers and I saw that he had about the same size cock as me 10" by 6 and a half thick, Oh my I said to my wife looks like your going to be really fucked with two long fat cock tonight my dear little slut. Don't call mum that James said it's ok son she gets more and more sexed up with dirty talk you will see.

Pat pulled away and looked down and she said my god I see he takes after you then in the lunch box department, and with that she went back to work on his nipples, I was still on my knees so I took hold of his cock and pulled the foreskin slowly back over the now swollen head and as I did a small amount of pre-cum came up from the slit on the top so I place my head between him and Pat and took the head of his cock in my mouth, James took a sharp in take of breath as I ran my tongue up over the top of his cock and licked the pre-cum from it then slowly I parted my lips and took the head of his twitching cock into my mouth and I closed my lips around it so just the swollen head was in my mouth and I ran my tongue around the head and up and down the slit on the top and James must have had his mum's tongue inside his mouth at the time as all I heard was a long muffled Mmmmmmmmmmmmm I then started to take a bit more into my mouth and inch by inch it slid into me and I could feel the tip of his cock hit the back of my throat.

I started to gag and had to withdraw it until just the head was back in my mouth, then down I went again and this time got a bit more inside my throat and I carried on like this for a while until I had the whole 10" inside my mouth and throat, James was now moaning out load O my god he was saying O fuck that's so fucking good and his legs were trembling and I thought they might give way under him so I took this wonderful hard cock from my mouth and got up and I said Ok slut leave his nipple alone I think it's about time he had a taste of your soaking wet cunt.

Mmmm said Pat that sounds good James look shocked at what I had just said I said to him don't worry mum will talk you though it and tell you how to please her, so I said to my wife get down on that floor you fucking slut and pull your cunt open so our son can see what you have to offer, so that's what she did placing a pillow under her lower back to lift her cunt up just that bit higher.

James took this as a sign and got down on his hands and knees and got closer and closer just staring at this hairy cunt that was being held open by his mother, then he stuck his tongue out and I saw the tip of his tongue and as he took a deep breath of the wonderful smell coming from his mum's cunt juices and his tongue touched her gaping cunt and I saw him shudder as he tasted her juice.

Pat was saying to him lick my clit suck it even bit it make me come I want you to make me cum, soon James was licking and sucking her cunt then she told him to shove a finger inside her and to curl it up and could he feel a little rough button of skin, yes he said though his heavy breathing well that's my G spot if you suck and lick my clit and rub that with a finger or to you will soon have given my a orgasm and you can taste it and drink all my juices as they run from me.

Well my son was a fast learner as Pat was soon arching her back up even higher as she was getting ready to come into her son's mouth, I in the mean time got on my back and worked my way up between my son's spread open legs and my mouth was now under his balls so I lifted my head and ran my tongue along them and as I did he lifted his head and gave out a Oohhhhhhh yes dad that's fuck great and I took them in my mouth and sucked on them.

I moved up a bit more and cupped my hands round his balls and gently rolled them around in my hand and I took his twitching cock into my mouth once again and I could taste even more per-cum on the head as it entered my mouth I stared to suck him hard taking most of his cock into my mouth, after a while I felt his cock start to swell and I knew by this and his really heavy breathing it was not going to be long before he emptied his cum.

He was now thrusting down with his hips as I sucked him into my mouth and then he raised his head from his mother cunt and said I am cumming dad I am cumming and he tried to pull up and out of my mouth but I placed my hands around him and pulled him down so his cock so fully into my mouth and throat and then he let out a Yesssssssssssssssss as I felt the first splash of cum being pushed down my throat and then spurt after spurt was forced into my throat I did not have to swallow as it was going so hard from his throbbing cock it was being spat right down my throat.

I held him to me as he emptied all his cum into me and when his cock had finished throbbing I let him go and started to suck his cock clean and when it had gone soft I slid out from under him and just as I did James brought his mu to another climax. Pat looked at me and said Fucking hell this boy is good I said well he takes after his dad, I must say his cum tastes good to, WHAT she said you got to drink his cum, yep I said it was the first cock I have ever sucked and I am glad it was my sons, and having him cum in my mouth well it was mind blowing now I know why you love sucking my cock and drinking my cum down.

I still had one massive hard on and my cock felt like it was going to explode if it did not get relived very soon, James lowered his head again and started easting his mum cunt once again, I got up and went and got a tube of KY gel and when I came back I knelt behind my son as his ass was sticking up in the air, I placed a load of KY on his ass and entered a finger into his ass and once again he pulled in a sharp in take of breath and I started to finger fuck his ass, My cock saw now getting painful as it wanted to shoot it's load.

I then pushed another finger into his ass from the other hand once he was taking them I pulled his ass open stretching it and he open his mouth and Ho fuck dad that feels good, well it might get painful I said as I am going to fuck you in a minute OK OK he said just take it easy, I told him it's about time you had your first cunt wrapped round that cock of yours so I had now got his ass ready for my cock I told Pat to get up and get on all fours and she was soon up and her ass and hairy cunt saw just in front of James, well son I said get your cock in there it will soon get back to full hardness once you start fucking your mothers wet cunt. James said are you sure about this mum, Pat replied to fucking right get your dick inside me and do it now I want your virgin dick fucking me.

So he knelt up close behind his mothers cunt and lifted it up and I told him not to just push it in tease her run your cock up and down her slit make the tip just touch her clit make this whore beg for it, it was not long before Pat was begging Please Please Fuck me James for fuck sake fuck me, and with one almighty lunge forward he buried his cock to the fully. Pat screamed Oh my fucking god yes fuck me fuck me hard James, James started to thrust in and out of his mum's cunt.

I got round behind James and it was now my turn to take his virgin ass and empty my load of cum that was hurting like hell, I lined up my hard cock once I had covered it in KY gel and with James's ass going back and forth I just pushed forward and as he came back my cock head entered his virgin ass and he let out a hell of My cock that hurts , but I did not take it out I just ease forward more and it was not long before over half my length was now filling his ass and his cries of Oh it fucking hurts changed to oh god yes yes that better oh the feeling oh my god yes more dad more.

After about five minutes I was fully inside him so there we were mum on hands and knees screaming out yes yes James give me it all yes yes, then there was James fucking his mothers cunt and loosing his virginity at the same time and he was moaning oh god this is fucking wonderful, then there was me fucking my sons ass and I was taking his virgin ass aad it was the first male ass I had ever fucked too.

I could not hold on any longer and I grabbed James waste and pulled him back onto my thrusting cock and held him onto me fully and I let a load YESssssssssssssssss as my cock exploded my pent up cum into his ass Ohhhhhhhhhhh GOD I said as I thought my cum was not going to stop. James said Oh dad I came feel your cock throbbing inside me and I can feel your hot cum shooting up my ass ohhhh it feels so nice. Once I had finished cumming James got back to fucking his mother and I kept inside him as long as I could and just before I plopped out of him he gripped his mum's hips and with one almighty forward thrust rammed into her and shouted take that you slut and he emptied his load into his mums hot wet cunt, Pat said she could feel him throbbing and emptying his load, she just flopped onto the floor worn out and James's cock popped out of her dripping fanny and my cock had just slipped out of James as we all just lay there getting our breath back.

So I said to James well son what did you think to your first cunt then , Fucking wonderful Dad he said, and how did you like me fucking your ass, that felt great to have you done that before Dad no I said that was my first ass apart from you mum's that it, WHAT said James you fuck mum's ass oh yea I said some women love it and your mother sure dose.

So you have fucked your first pussy how about fucking a ass now and it will be my first cock up my ass to so we will have both lost our virginity on our asses today, after a short while and the fact that Pat was between James's legs licking his soft cock getting her and his cum from it he soon began to get hard for the third time tonight. While pat was licking and sucking his cock to full hardness I got the KY gel and started to lube up my ass ready for my son's cock.

James was soon hard once more so I told my slut wife to lay on the floor as I wanted to lick out her cunt so I could taste her and James cum mixed together and as I got down between her legs I lifted them so they were resting now my shoulders and as I licked her cunt James pushed the head of his swollen cock up against my hole and I tried to relax as much as I could and as his head popped into my ass the pain was so bad I bit down on Pats cunt and she as she screamed out she came and came into my mouth.

James just did not care he was like a crazy man how could not get enough ass he just held onto me and pushed the full length into my ass god did it hurt but some of the pain was taken away by my wife cumming and cumming in my mouth he held onto me and started to fuck me and fuck me hard saying yes yes dad oh god dad your ass is so tight round my dick oh fucking Christ yes yes.

the pain was now going away and I began to enjoy it and soon it was sending pleasure running thou my body and I was still licking out Pat's cunt and I moved so I could shove a finger into her ass to, and as I did she cum and cum her juice was just running from her she was moan load and that was when James thrust forward and filled me with his cum and I could see what he meant about feeling his cock throb inside me and I could feel his warm cum filling me up as it spurted from his cock. We all just collapsed in a heap on the floor as we were all worn out, later we talked about what had happened and James said that it was the best night in his life and he hoped that we could all do it again, his mum said well what about tomorrow night god having two cock that size I want to be spit roast by you to.

So we all went to bed worn out and looking forward to tomorrow.

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