My Wife and Son

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Published: Mar 7, 2014
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She forced her cunt down onto James mouth and and still he finger fucked her when her climax stated to fade she took his cock back into her mouth and started to really work on his cock.

On a Thursday evening is my night out with my son-in-law we go of to the pub for a pint or two and a game of pool, we arrived at eight as usual but this evening Liam said he was on call and he may get called away so he would only be drinking soft drinks.

We played pool for about an hour and then his phone rang so he had to go I said I would stop in the pub and finish my drink them take a walk home, Liam said he was sorry I said not to worry one of them things.

So I walked the ten minutes to my home and got there around ten thirty I would not normally be in until midnight or later, I was surprised to see al the lights of knowing my wife and son were at home so I guest they must be in bed so I was as quite as possible going in.

When I reached the lounge I could hear noises coming from up stairs it sounded like the headboard hitting the wall like someone was having a good hard fuck, So I did not know what to make of it, so instead of calling out I crept up stairs and found the noise was coming from our bedroom and the door to my sons room was empty and in darkness,I crept forward and the door to our bed room was not shut right on so I peeked though the gap in the door and was shocked at first to see my 23 year old son behind his mum fucking her doggy style.

He then spat onto her ass hole and just pushed a finger inside her pushing it fully home and this took her over the edge as she lifted her and shouted out load "O" MY FUCKING GOD YES and her whole body shook as her climax rushed though her and my son did not stop on and on he pumped in and out of her and fucking her ass with his finger just as hard and fast as he was fucking her cunt.

I could see she was climaxing again and again, I could hear the squelching of her cunt juice as my son fucked her cunt god she sounded so wet it must have been running from her like a river, then my son gave one last hard thrust and arch his back forcing himself into her as far as he could and then held himself there as he filled his mother cunt with his cum, "O" said my wife screamed I can feel you cum in me yes son fucking fill my cunt up.

He must have shot a bucket load as he held himself fully inside her and he body was ridged as he came, finally he relaxed and just bent over his mum's body and placed a arm round her and squeezed one of her breast's while gently kissing her back and softly said I love you mum, and she replied I love you to son.

I was just about to move away when I heard my son say time to lick that pussy out I think and made his mother stay on all fours and lay on his back and moved up between her legs until her hairy cunt was above him and he lifted his head and started to lick and suck out his own cum along with her juice to, yes yes she whispered that is wonderfullllllllllllllllllllll as she must have cum once again and her body went ridged once more and she was shaking all over.

My son's cock was starting to recover already and it became to grow and twitch as he eat out his mothers pussy then he brought up a hand found her ass hole once more and pushed his finger in more gently this time and started to finger fuck her once more,then I saw him slip another finger in beside the first, my wife was getting ready to climax again as she was panting hard and in-between

saying yes yes son O yes go on fuck my ass and lick that cunt god your so fucking good at this Yessssssssssssssss as she orgasmed again and as she did I could hear my son drinking down her cum juice as it flowed out of her.

When my wife stopped cumming he slid up right under her body stopping for a short while to suck on her tits sucking each nipple in turn then squeezing them together and taking both nipples in his mouth at once, then as he moved up so he was fully under her he lifted his cock with one hand found her waiting cunt and gave one big upward thrust and his cock when fully home and there bodys slapped together hard, my wife screamed out again "O" fuck son that is so fucking good "O" yes "O" yes and she bent her head down and kissed him fully on the lips and I could tell they tongues were being pushed in and out of each others mouths.

When my wife pulled away from kissing him she sat upright and started to ride him he lifted his arms and took a breast in each hand and gently squeezed them forcing out nipples out between his finger and thumbs and then picked then hard st this my wife sat down hard on his cock as yet one more climax ripped though her, she looked down and smiled at this young man that was her son and mouthed the words thank you son this is wonderful.

She started to ride his cock once more rising up just to the tip of his cock which looked about the same size as mine 10" long 6 & a half inch's in girth so it was just held inside her cunt before plunging down on hid hard ridged cock until there bodies slammed together making a load squelching sound and they hit there bodies together.

My son was still playing with his mother tits then my wife turned round so she was on sitting on his cock facing away from him and she did this without getting off she started to ride his cock again as James my son pushed a finger into her ass hole as it went up and down in front of him my wife was leaning forward as he could get at her hole better it was not long before he had three fingers inside her fully home and he was fucking her ass good and hard, then I heard him say come on mum it's time to put my cock in your ass your nice and open and with the amount of cum juice over it, you will just slid on down it.

With that still facing away from him she lifted herself of his cock and as it came out of her it shone with the amount of cum that was on it and he took hold of his cock and placed the head onto her puckered hole and she pushed herself back down onto it and as it went in she said "Ooooooooooo" my god yes yes yes "O" my fucking god yes yes, and she took all 10" inside her and James pulled himself up so he was sitting up and with his mum sitting in his lap with his cock buried deep inside her ass, he put his hands round her and took hold of her tits again and started to feel them my wife had her eye's close and moaning softly mmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmm o yes James mmmmmmmmm.

After a while James lay back and my wife started to lift her self up and sliding back down his cock once more on and on they fucked until James said I am not going to last much longer mum and she lifted of his cock and moved back up over his body and they got into the good old 69 position James pulled a pillow under his head so he could reach his mum's dripping cunt and his mum took his cock in her hand so tenderly and licked the top of it, tasting him and then closed her mouth around the head and swallowed his cock and I knew she was good at this as she took the whole thing inside her mouth and down her throat.

James was now licking her cunt fast and had one hand up over his head fingering her ass once more my wife's head was bobbing up and down like a seagull on a rough sea, my wife had to take his cock from her mouth as she came again and by the way she was shouting it was the best of the night or at least in the time I had been spying on them.

As she came she forced her cunt down onto James mouth and and still he finger fucked her when her climax stated to fade she took his cock back into her mouth and started to really work on his cock and took his balls in one hand hold herself up with the other and I could she that it was not long before James would be shoot his load again as he was now thrusting up his hips as his mothers mouth was on the way down, he took his fingers out of her ass hole and gripped the quilt with both hands as he forced his hips up once more and held them there as he shot load after load into his mum's eager mouth, AAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaa he cried as he load left his throbbing cock, his mother trying as hard as she could to drink it down as it shot from him but I could just see small amounts of his cum escape from the corners of her mouth, and I knew he had shot a great deal of cum.

They liked each other clean and my wife turned round and lay down beside James and they kissed hard and they pulled each other close, when they finished kissing they both rolled over on there backs with my wife laying her head on James's arm then she turned her head and looked at the clock it was reading 23:45 "O" my god my wife said look at the time James your father might be back soon, god your so fucking good in bed I just forget about the time come on we had better get dressed.

I took that as my queue to move and I did not want them to know I had been spying on them so I moved quietly down stairs and went out the front door I went for a walk round the block to kill half and hour and then went back home.

I went inside and there sitting on the sofa was my wife watching the TV and James was on his laptop both looked up and said Hi how's your evening been I said a great one as it happens yea very good any one for a cupper, after that James went of to bed saying god I feel nackard ( I thought yea I bet you do ) and off he went then we went up to bed and we cuddled for a while and my wife said I love you and I said I love you to and we fell asleep in each others arms.

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