Fucking My Lil Bro

Author: Jenni Contact: Not Disclosed
Published: Apr 3, 2014
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He shot his creamy virgin fluid into my mouth just as I felt my own powerful orgasmic convulsions reverberate through my loins.

The following is true, happened a dozen years ago. I relate it with a hope of igniting a discussion of the pitfalls of incest, but also the comfort and satisfaction it can bring to some people.

My brother was 13 when I first fucked him. Me, I was 15 and horny as hell. Heavy into romance novels and those steamy sex scenes. Trouble was, I guess, looking back 12 years, I was not exactly what guys were looking for in my high school. I mean, 140 pounds on a 5'5" body was a bit chunky (although one guy told me I had nice boobs), a bit bookish, and my complexion needed some work, too. So I didn't get the party invites or the overnight "dates."

Anyway -- and the only reason I tell this story is because although what I did was morally questionable - things worked out okay in the end for both me and my brother. Well, at the time, being a virgin without a boyfriend, the only thing I could do to satisfy my hormonal urges was to finger pop myself. From the time I was 12, I could bring on an orgasm almost at will. I even shoplifted a vibrator, and that was heaven sent.

But I needed the real thing and so I just knew I'd soon have to get laid to keep from going--absolutely crazy! I also knew that my brother had a little collection of sex magazines, and I figured he might somehow be receptive to a hit from me, assuming he was horny also. Also, in recent months before the "encounter" I'm relating, he and I had exchanged hints and remarks about sexuality that encouraged me to take an aggressor's role in this highly important matter.

So, one night I crept into Billy's bedroom down the hallway after his and my mom's lights were off. I knelt on the floor until I heard him breathing softly, asleep. I had on a cotton-polyester nightshirt and panties which I knew I could shuck in seconds when (and if) things heated up. It was June, so my brother slept in just his white jockey briefs, with the top sheet half covering his body.

He was on his side facing away from me as I s-l-o-w-l-y eased onto his bed behind him and laid real still for about five minutes. Look, I knew Billy was moving deep into puberty - he was in a growth spurt that had taken him to about 5'9" - and, as a matter of fact, a few months earlier I'd watched him jack off in the bathroom when the door was slightly ajar and he didn't know I was in the house.

I sneaked up and peered in. He was on the toilet, naked, slouched back against the tank, with his hard teenage dick in his hand, slowly working the head up and down, his eyes fixed on his cock, oblivious to my presence. In about two minutes, this clear fluid - what I learned was precum - began to seep from his tiny pee slit and his eyes began to roll back in his head. His hand was working faster now and his flat belly was taut, but undulating with each stroke. I watched his jaws clench and suddenly he let out a low groan as his creamy sperm spurted from his penis onto his public hair and his fingers.

Was I excited! I'd never seen semen, or a male orgasm!

"Ah-ah-ah-ag-gh . . . " he wheezed, as he continued to pump until the last of his sticky cum dripped from his dick. I got so hot watching him shoot his milk that I started to finger my pussy through my cutoffs. But I slipped away down the hall when he began to get off the pot to wipe off the cum with tissue.

So, anyway, though I knew he was a virgin, he was capable of coming, and I calculated that he was ready, and hopefully willing, to get laid, or soon would be. In the bed next to him that night I waited until he seemed sound asleep, then I started to make my move. I slipped the sheet down off his torso to reveal his white jockeys, which conveniently and titillatingly snugly covered his firm behind. Testing to see if he was in fact sleeping, I gently traced my finger tips from his shoulder down his back and back up. No reaction to that.

Next, I slipped my fingers into his waistband and slithered my middle finger down to his ass crack. I knew at this point that I was treading into an area that could potentially bring untold hell upon myself and Billy, not to mention my mom, a single mother doing her best to raise us without our dad. But my cunt had started to release its lubrication and I couldn't -- and wouldn't - stop. I was hot! I inched my finger down Billy's crack until I felt the pucker of his anus. I rubbed it ever so gently then sniffed my finger. It smelled faintly of shit, but surprisingly, that set me off even more, stirring my cunt juices so strongly that I licked my finger and gently reinserted it in his asshole. His breaths continued just short of a snore.

With my free hand I pulled my shirt up over my breasts to my armpits, exposing my fast-hardening nipples. Giving each one a quick squeeze, I shivered with expectation as I lowered myself on the mattress until my face was at Billy's waist. Feeling my clitoris engorge, I withdrew my finger from Billy's ass and pushed it into my pussy, teasing my clit in a clockwise massage. As my breathing and heart rate increased, I listened for any sign that Billy might awaken. But no. Good!

The room was bathed in a soft light through the window from the porch light below and a nearby street lamp so I had a decent view of my brother's "boy" body. A little baby fat, but not a bad build. Certainly fuckable.

I tingled at the prospect of the exploration that awaited me. I furtively grasped his waistband and slowly pulled his underpants down, stopping when they were halfway off his ass. What a cute butt!

Now I wanted to play with myself s-o-o-o badly - I wanted to come! His ass was almost perfect -- smooth, pale apple cheeks, lightly muscled. I slid inched down a bit more behind him and thrust my tongue into the upper valley of his crack. I stopped momentarily, listening for continued signs of sleep. Then I licked lightly down his cleft until my tongue touched his anus. God! I couldn't believe what I was doing! But I couldn't stop!

I slid his briefs down over his smooth rounded cheeks until his waistband was just beneath his buttocks (still no reaction from him). I kissed his bottom in moist gentle nips and again licked his asshole, inhaling his boy smell and tasting his anal musk. Now I had to get him to the point where, somehow, I could get laid, or otherwise get my cookies off. But - and I believe it was fate - he stopped his low breathing and became very still and quiet.

I withdrew my tongue from his crack, and waited. He resumed sleeplike breaths, but I sensed he was not slumbering as before. I waited. In about a minute he slowly rolled onto his back, his semi-hard circumcised penis laying atop his belly, his briefs lowered to below his scrotum. I suppressed a gasp as his private parts were splayed to my view, but I managed not to stir from my position at his mid-waist.

Now, I waited for maybe five minutes, as he mumbled some disjointed words and fidgeted, moving his hand kind of reflexively down to his penis, which he encircled with his fingers. He was stirring! For me, it had to be now!

I removed my panties and tossed them and my nightshirt onto the floor. Then I started to lick his left ribcage and ver to his belly, circling his navel with my wet tongue and inserting it into his cute innie bellybutton. He heaved a low moan, I paused, then traced my tongue parallel to his arm down his belly to his wispy thatch of pubic hair (like me, he's a brunette). I nuzzled his hair there, all the while listening for his breathing and monitoring his movements. Could he be awake

As I pushed my nose into his upper groin, I nudged his hand from his penis, slowly closing my fingers on his hardening cock. Slowly pulling his organ up, down, up, down, I reached underneath myself to finger my oozing cunt and gently tweak my clit, which now peeked out from my labia. He moaned again, but remained on his back as I continued to lightly massage his glans and shaft.

Precum soon emerged from his pee hole and glistened in a lazy rivulet down his stiff organ, dripping into his curly pubic hair. Furtively, I moved over him, and, fixing my eyes on his closed lids, I lowered my ace to his cock. Moistening my lips and drawing a half mouthful of saliva, I covered the head of his penis with my lips, sliding them over his dick head and down his shaft, wetting the underside of his penis with my spittle. I was blowing my "little" brother! And finger fucking myself at the same time!

I licked his cock shaft up and down, puckering my lips as I took his swollen glans into my mouth, while slipping the tip of my tongue in his pee hole. (My various chick-lit readings had taught me that my teeth should never touch the cock,)

I sucked Billy this way for maybe a half-minute, tasting the sweet-salty skin of his turgid dick as I neared orgasm. His body began to stir with my sucking action, his abs tighted and his thighs and arms pressed into the mattress.

Suddenly, I sensed maybe he was not asleep! (Maybe he'd never been.) But, he just moaned, sighed and seemed to "groove" with the rhythm of the blow job. I continued sucking him and moved a free hand down to his near-hairless balls. If he was awake, I was determined to give him a good taste of my sisterly affection. I gently kneaded his tight testicles -- each one -- then I ran my wet finger into his sweaty ass crack. As I sucked him and played with his anus, I pulled on my clit to accelerate my self-stimulation. I felt the sweet euphoria wafting over and through my breasts, belly, pussy and asshole. I was going to come!

All at once, Billy began to come! He shot his creamy virgin fluid into my mouth just as I felt my own powerful orgasmic convulsions reverberate through my loins. He shot load after load past my lips as I tried I vain to swallow his gushers. But his overflow streamed from my mouth and dripped onto his belly. Still, incredibly, his eyes remained closed --- even as I gasped and bucked in the ecstasy of my own orgasm.

I flung the sheet off and slid his shorts all the way down and off his legs, and, as my pussy throbbed, I rose and mounted Billy's still stiff penis, easing onto him without regard to his state of consciousness. I sat on his cock until it filled my cunt and moved up and down on him, feeling his organ penetrate deep into my vagina, re-stimulating my sensitized clitoris. I gave myself over to animal lust, working his cock in and out of my dripping pussy as I licked and sucked Billy's erect nipples and lightly bit his neck and shoulders.

I came again, this time in multiple waves of undulation, riding Billy's dick until my pulsations subsided into a blissful refraction.

I collapsed onto my brother's yielding body, his penis still inside me. Only then did I fully realize that we had completed sexual intercourse - incest - and that my little brother Billy had been awake most of the time and had obviously enjoyed my ministrations! He looked at me with a wide-eyed smirk.

"You little bastard," I whispered sharply as I lifted off him and rolled to the side. "You-you were awake, weren't you, you little shit"

"Hey, Jen, take it easy," he cautioned. "For Christ sake, I woke up when you first pulled my drivvies down. Look, you enjoyed it, I enjoyed it. We have our needs, and nobody else has to know."

"I can't believe you let me think you were asleep, Billy," I scolded, but I was still feeling a warm fuzzy haze and really felt no desire to feign displeasure.

"Hey, come here you little ho, he shrieked, as he quickly pulled me onto my belly, parted my plump butt cheeks and mounted me doggie style. "If we're gonna do it, let's do it all!"

Billy thrust his semi-hard dick into my slippery cunt, pushing it in as far as his five-and-a-half-incher would go. I gasped, both at his aggressiveness and the incredible sensation of feeling from my rear his re-hardened membrane pushing into my pussy.

We fucked vigorously like two longtime lovers, and, as we did the first time, we came almost simultaneously. We fell asleep in an embrace, and in the morning I coaxed him to lick my wet pussy to another orgasm. Throughout our teens, my brother and I continued our "experimentations," with gratifying results. We're in our twenties now, college grads with professional careers. And we're still together, in a nice condo.

And as I said, things worked out good for us. Our life together is terrific - and very discreet. I can't recommend our lifestyle to everyone, but for us, well, we're like, well, brother and sister!

About: The author of "Fucking My Lil Bro" is Jenni - You can contact the writer at Not Disclosed. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Incest & Taboo Stories section.

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