My Son and Daughter

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Published: Apr 3, 2014
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Her knees pushing into her breasts and her cunt and ass sticking up ready to receive a cock.

I am 58 and lost my wife a few years ago now and I live with my Son Aron who is 22 and my Daughter Kirsty who is 17, we live in a 3 bed house and all do our own thing apart from meal times when we all sit down together.

Since my wife died I have not been with another woman and often just pleasure myself when I am at home alone I either watch a porn movie, surf the net for porn and just read sexy stories, well this one night I went to bed early and took out a porn magazine and was reading a few of the stories inside and was laying on the bed stroking my cock until I shot my load all over my stomach, wiping it of I put the magazine away and rolled over and went to sleep.

About 2 in the morning I woke feeling a bit cold and I needed to pee so went to the toilet and as I returned I could hear a noise coming from Kirsty's room and the door was ajar so I though she maybe having a bad dream so I got closer to the door and peeked in, what I saw took me by complete surprise there was my Daughter Kirsty laying on her back with her ass on the edge of the bed and my son on his knees with his head buried between her legs which were wrapped around on his back licking out what I could see of it a very hairy pussy.

Kirsty was saying Yes Yes Aron that's it finger that clit oh fuck yes, I could hear Aron sucking her juices and his tongue lapping her cunt while his fingers worked on her clit, it was not long before Kirsty pushed her feet down on Aron's back which lifted her cunt up into his mouth and she said OH fuck Aron YES YES and she must have cum as the slurping sound of Aron drinking her juices got louder and faster.

When she finished cumming Aron started to kiss up her body working his way from her pubic hair which looked jet black and very thick up to her navel and as he worked his way up to her breasts he kept her legs up on his shoulders so it was pushing her legs back to get him free access to her wet wet cunt when he had working his way fully up her body.

He took a nipple in his mouth and he must have bitten on it as Kirsty moaned you fucker you know how much I love that and he done it again and she place her hands on the back of his head and pushed his face fully down onto her tit which are not large but not small either and from what I could see though the door she had big dark nipples like her mother had, when Aron had finished with her nipples and he moved on and kissed her gently up her neck and round her ears licking and sucking on her lobes, this made Kirsty push her head back and give a soft Mmmmmmmmmmmmm yes yes oh yessssssssssss.

Aron now had Kirsty under him with her knees pushing into her breasts and her cunt and ass sticking up and read to receive a cock, that cock was going to be her brothers, yes I know what your thinking I should have stopped them but fuck watching this was better than any bloody porn movie.

Aron positioned himself over her his arms to each side of her holding his body up and his cock was twitching as he gently lowered himself down and I could see his cock which was about the same size as mine 9 to 10 inches and thick, anyway I was watching it slowly disappear inside my daughter and once he had the whole length inside her he just held it there for a moment or two before pulling right out of her Kirsty said put it back you ass hole put it back and stop teasing me I want your fuck cock in me now, with that Aron just let himself go and his whole cock plunged down into her as she shouted OH FUCK YES YES YES that's so Fucking good, Aron said quieten down will you Dad might hear us.

Sorry can't help it your cock is so fucking great you really fill me up Aron, Aron started to move his body pumping up and down into her nearly pulling the whole way out before thrusting fully back into her with each downward thrust Kirsty breathed out saying Yes yes yes.

Aron was really going for it his ass was pumping up and down in a blur as he rode his sister, on and no he thrust into her you could really hear there bodies slapping together and hear her squelching pussy as he thrust in and out he then held he cock deep inside his sister arched his back and said Oh Yes and his butt twitched as his cock pulsed his cum into Kirsty, Kirsty still had her legs around Aron's back and pulled him tight to her so he emptied his cum as far inside her as she could get it, Oh Aron she said that was a bloody fantastic fuck you are so much better than the other boys I have had I am so glad we started to do this, Yea sis said Aron between deep breathes your not so fucking bad yourself.

Finally Kirsty took her legs from around Aron's back and he rolled from her and lay on his back beside Kirsty, both breathing hard Kirsty's tits rising and falling with each breath, her legs dangled over the edge of the bed and as her bottom was right on the edge this made her pussy stick up and I now had my first full view of her very hairy pubic hair and wow was it thick, I always thought people of her age shaved of there pubic hair but I was wrong Kirsty's was wonderful to look at.

They kissed for a while like to lovers touching each other Aron running his hands over Kirsty's tits very lightly teasing her nipples while Kirsty stroked Aron's cock pulling the foreskin slowly back over his limp cock then pushing it back over the head with her upward stroke.

I heard Aron say I better get to my room sis don't want dad to find us do we, oh I don't know said Kirsty he could always join us and keep it in the family, Aron look shocked at what Kirsty had just said and replied dad would flip his lid if he ever found out about us you know that Kirsty, but must admit it might be nice all three of us, anyway that will never happen so I am off to bed, I moved away from the door and move quickly back to my room before being spotted.

In the morning we were all down for breakfast and sitting round the table and after what I had heard both of them talking about I was trying to think of a way to bring up the subject, of us having a threesome but just could not think as I could still see them together on Kirsty's bed.

Just before I got up from the table I looked at both of them and said my god you to you both like you have been up all night, I could not sleep for some reason said Kirsty and giving a sly look to Aron, yea same here said Aron, as I walked out of the kitchen I heard Kirsty say you don't think he knows do you, I told you last night said Aron he would have flipped his lid if he knew.

So while at work I came up with a plan that might work and once home I put this plan into action, I went to my bed room and took some porn Magazines from there hiding place and just left them on the bed along with a couple of porn DVD's and then left the door open enough so any one walking pass would see them.

When they got home from work as they did each night, normally Kirsty came in first then Aron so when Kirsty got in she went up and had a shower and the airing cupboard was in my room so I had removed the towels from the bathroom so when she called down and said where are the towels dad, I shouted back up in the wash I forgot to replace them so you will have to get one from the airing cupboard, I heard Kirsty walk down the hall and into my room she was in there some time and I knew she was looking at the items I had left out,, I shouted up did you find the towel love, yes thanks she replied and I then heard her come out of my room and into the bath room.

After a while I heard her in her room and then Aron came in I said to him that I had forgotten to replace the towels in the bathroom and I don't know if Kirsty got his when she got her own but if not they were in the airing cupboard, what I have forgotten to say that between getting home and Kirsty getting home I had found a old baby monitor and had plugged it in a socket that was hidden by Kirsty's bed so she would not find it as I wanted to know what they were going to say about the book's and DVD's I had left out.

I heard Aron go into the bedroom after a towel and he was a few minutes before going out and I heard him go into Kirsty's room and the door shut so I turned up the monitor and listened to what they were saying.

Aron said did you see dad's stash of porn on the bed, yea said Kirsty I did not know he had any of that stuff I took a quick look it is pretty hot stuff and some is about family's having sex, I am starting to think he knows Kirsty went on to say and this is his way of saying he wants in what do you think Aron, I dont know what are you going to do just walk down stairs and say hi dad want to come up fuck with me and Aron, because if he dose not know your sure going to look fucking silly and he will blow his top, well I think he knows Kirsty said but your right we will just have to keep an eye for anymore signs that he knows, fine we will do that.

Aron went to have his shower and then we all sat down for tea, after we had cleared up we watched tv for a hour or so when I said I am worn out I am going to bed and read for a while ok dad said Kirsty see you,not if I see you first I said with a smile, Kirsty turned her head and looked at Aron.

My second part of my plan was now coming into action, I left my door ajar as always but tonight I left it open just that bit more so when they walked past my room they would see in, so I got undressed and just lay on the bed naked, I started to read one of my magazines and it was not long before my cock was standing up proud, after about half an hour I heard one of them coming up the stairs, my heart started to beat faster as the nearer they got to the door, as they went by I saw from the corner of my eye it was Aron and he looked into the room as he passed, he went to the loo then rushed back down stairs and then I heard someone coming up the stairs again this time it was Kirsty as as she walked by she stopped and look into my room after a while she moved on.

After a few seconds I heard her coming back and instead of walking passed my door she just pushed it open and stood there looking at me laying naked on the bed with a big fat hard-on and my hand around the base slowly wanking it.

I just looked at her she had her eyes fixed on my cock and I said well what can I do for you Daughter with out stopping my hand from moving up and down my shaft, when she had taken a few deep breaths she said well for one thing let me sit on that cock of your Dad, I looked at her and said be my guest, she sust stood there in the doors way and took of her clothes and just left them in a heap on the floor and walked over to the bed and pushed my legs apart and knelt between them he then lent over and pushed my hand out of the way and replaced it with her own and then lent even further forward and took the head of my cock into her mouth, after not having sex since my wife died the feeling of warm breath on my cock followed by soft lips made my cock jump, and she started to suck my cock I heard Aron coming up the stairs looking for his sister, he got to my door way and as he looked in his mouth dropped open as he saw his sister with my cock half way down her throat. I looked up at him and said well son don't just bloody stand there with your mouth open get them clothes off and get over here and join us.

Aron did not need telling twice within seconds he was naked and on the bed kissing Kirsty's back and placed his hands under her and cupped her tits and started to play with them as Kirsty sucked the rest of my cock deep into her throat, taking all 10" inside her and then started to give me a blow hope I will never forget.

I don't know why but it felt all the better knowing that it was my daughter doing it to me, she cupped my balls and played with them running them around In her hands and fingers, Aron had now gotten round behind her and I guess licking her ass as it was sticking up in the air and Kirsty took a deep sharp breath as Aron pushed a finger either into her ass of cunt I don't know which as I could not see from here but his arm was going back and forth like crazy so I know he saw finger fucking one hole or the other, as he done this Kirsty was sucking harder and harder and as my cock filled her mouth she was trying to breath though her nose and she was making a lot of noise.

Being this was the first time in many years since I had had a blow job and never one like this it was not long before I arched my back up making my cock go just that bit further down Kirsty's throat and then it pumped my bottled up cum down into my daughter who squealed in delight as I cum and cum into her mouth, she drank and lick it all up not wasting a drop.

She lifted her hear and said to Aron that she had just had a lot of my cum down her throat and she was now ready for some up her cunt or ass, Aron did not say a word he pulled his fingers from within Kirsty and she lay on the bed beside me and Aron knelt between her legs and ran his long tongue up from her ass over her cunt lips and found her clit he spend a while there before moving on running his tongue up over her arched body Kirsty was saying Oh yes yes and Aron reach her nipples and took one into his mouth and I rolled over and bent my head and gently took the other one in-between my lips and Oh my daughter tasted so fucking good I bit on her hard nipple as Aron was doing and she arched her back up even more OH YES YES YES she kept say as we both worked on her nipples and tits, Aron let his nipple fall from his mouth and moved up and I moved my hand down and took hold of his cock and lined it up with my Daughter's hairy cunt lips as I moved my hand away Aron pushed forward and with one big hard thrust buried his big cock into his sisters eager cunt it seamed to just suck it in and as he hit the base of his cock against her it pushed her up the bed a few inches, that was how hard he had thrust into her.

My Fucking Christ yes yes yes Kirsty said as Aron started to fuck her hard and fast I replaced my mouth back around her nipple and with all this going on I was starting to rise once again and I knew it would not be long before my cock was ready and fully hard once more. As I lay beside Kirsty sucking on her nipple she put a hand out and took my Harding cock into her hand and started to stroke it, Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I moaned as her fingers played the my very sensitive cock head.

I continued to suck her nipple as Aron raised himself up on his arms and was fucking her hard and fast with each thrust inward Kirsty's tits shook and I was getting more and more excited as she stroke my cock, Kirsty gripped my cock hard as her body arched up and she shook all over as a orgasm ran thou her I pushed my hand down between them and when my finger found her clit after pushing thou her thick mound of hair she climaxed again, I rubbed her clit round and round as Aron fucked her hard and each time he now thrust into his sisters cunt he was jamming my hand between them and pushing my fingers hard onto her swelling clit Kirsty was cumming again and this time Aron rammed in and stayed there and I could feel his cock throbbing against the tip of my fingers.

Kirsty was shaking her head back and forth yes yes yes fill me Aron fill my cunt I want all your cum inside me Yes yes and that is what Aron done filed her and stay there with his cock deep inside his sister, he lent forward and kissed her tenderly on the lips and said your wish is my command my dear sis and they kissed again.

After a few minutes with my hand still jammed in between they Aron lifted up so I could remove my hand and then he lay back on top of his sister Aron looked at me and said how did you know about me and Kirsty, I told them what had happened the night before, Kirsty said why did you not just come in and join us, it was such a shock and I just did not know what to think but once I got back to bed I lay there thinking about it and the more I thought of you to the more I wanted to join you so I cooked up my little plan.

Aron removed his now softening cock and Kirsty look so gorgeous just laying there as Aron lay on the other side of her he started to run his hands over her body lightly touching her flesh and in doing so made Kirsty shiver and as his hands touched her nipple she took a deep intake of breath and pushed her tits upwards into his hand.

Kirsty turned her head towards me and kissed me fully on the lips and pushed her tongue into my mouth and I raised a hand and took one of her hard nipples into my hand as squeezed it and my god it felt so good to feel her nipple respond by getting even harder and Kirsty breathing got harder to, when our lips parted she looked me straight in the eyes and whispered make love to my daddy please.

I moved down the bed and knelt between her knees just like Aron had done and lowered my self forward so I was above her looking holding myself up with my arms and looking down into her beautiful face and she smiled at me and whispered again Oh daddy make love to me please I want you so much.

I felt Aron take hold of my cock and he pulled the foreskin back as far as it would go and aimed it at my daughters waiting cunt, slowly I lowered my cock down and as the head of my now bare cock touched her pubic hair it felt like a electric shock ran up my cock and thou my body, I pushed forward just a bit more and felt the head touch her very wet pussy lips at this I had to take a deep breath as I had not felt this in years, on I pushed very slowly entering her and she gave out a OH yes dad oh yes oh it feel so good, I pushed in until I was completely inside her and I just let it rest there.

Oh my Daughter I said you feel so good I have not felt like this since you mum,Shush she said and raised her head and kissed me again and I started to pull out of her and then push back into her I could feel her warm wet pussy walls open up to let my cock enter and as it did they closed around it. Gripping it by her pussy mussels god I was in heaven and felt dizzy with the feelings I had running thou me. Aron had more round and Kirsty turned her head as Aron lifted it and placed a cushion under it then lay on his side so his cock was by her open mouth and she started to suck his soft cock. I was now pushing into her hard my cock thrusting fully into her filling her with every push forward, Kirsty could not say anything due to Aron's cock planted in her mouth but when climaxed her pussy mussels gripped my cock even tighter as my cock still went in and out of her.

My balls were soaked with her cum and again and again Kirsty's body shock as orgasm after orgasm ripped thou her, I was not going to be long in shooting my cum and started to push harder and harder and thrust after thrust and finally one last big thrust and I held my cock inside her and came filling my own Daughter with my cum, Kirsty pulled away from Aron's cock as she came at the same time and screamed OH Daddy Daddy yes fill me fill me up Oh my god Yes, her whole body was shaking as she gripped my cock with her mussels squeezing it getting every last drop from it, then I felt her go limp and knew she was as worn out as I was, I had to lower myself as my arms were aching and Aron moved out of the way so we could kiss once again, when we pulled away she said Thank you Daddy thank you for giving me what I have wanted for so long, Thank you for your cum inside me she said.

Aron said he had to go to the loo and as he went I asked Kirsty if when Aron was away for two night next week with work if she would come and sleep with me as I wanted to make love to her with just us two there, Oh dad I would love to she replied, then Kirsty pushed me over onto my back and she turned round and she lifted her leg up and over me so we would be in the good old 69 and as she lifted her leg up and spread it over me I saw some of my,Aron's and her own cum juice run from her fanny hole which was being lowered onto my mouth so I just pushed my tongue out as far as it would reach and as it made contact with her pussy lips it sent a shiver thou her and she lifted my limp cock and placed it in her mouth.

I was licking for all I was worth and Kirsty was sucking my cock back to life when Aron came back in and said Oh nothing like waiting for me is there, Kirsty took my cock from her mouth and said sorry Bro but just wanted some more of Dad's cock, Aron said hey why don't you two turn round so your facing the other way as I can not get to your sweet ass sis with you facing down the bed, so Kirsty got off me and I turned round and she then got back over me and lowered her hairy cunt back onto my face.

Aron walked round to the bottom of the bed and he lent forward and pulled his sisters ass cheeks apart and pushed his face between them and as his mouth hit her puckered ass hole she bit on my cock as what Aron was doing to her ass ran thou her, that made me bit onto her clit which in turn made her cum into my mouth, my daughter shook as a climax ran thou her entire body, her juice was just running from her and into my mouth.

Aron then pushed two fingers into his sisters waiting ass and started to fuck her hard with his fingers pushing them in as far as he could, between sucking my cock and lifting her head to get some air Kirsty was saying OH oH yes yes as Aron fucked her ass with his fingers which was just above my head.

Aron then pulled his fingers from her and knelt on the bed so his knees were just touching the top of my head and I looked up as Aron pushed his big fat cock into her ass, I could see her puckered hole open up and to allow the head of his cock to enter and as he pushed forward it opened up wider and wider and his cock slid into her and as the head of his cock went in her hole closed tightly around the shaft to make it a nice tight fit on and on Aron's cock slid into her then I felt his balls hit the top of my head and his cock was fully buried inside his Sisters ass, form down here it was a wonderful sight to have seen, then Aron pulled back and I could see it pulled on her inner pussy lips dragging the out with his withdrawal.

He started to fuck her ass slow and gently pulling out to the to tip of the head of his cock and then pushing back fully into her and his balls hitting my head again, while watching this and licking out her cunt Kirsty was now breathing very hard and her body was starting to shake as the feelings of pleasure ran thou her, and I knew it would not be long before she orgasmed again, I pushed my tongue into her wet pussy her inner lips were covered with her juice and she was pushing down harder and harder onto my face as her climax got nearer and nearer then she pushed down as hard as she could as I felt her inner pussy walls gripped my tongue and I could feel the spasm running thou them as her climax reached it's peak her cum was running from her like a dam had just burst my face was covered in it put I was sure not complaining god her cum tasted so sweet and it had been so long since I had tasted pussy cum I just could not get enough of it.

All this time between her lifting her her to get air and to moan as she came she was sucking my cock running her tongue up and down my cock and balls, and now it was back up to full for force and standing proud, Kirsty was taking the whole 10" into her mouth and I could feel her throat open up to let the head slide into it.

I wanted to let out a moan as her tongue flicked around the tender head but my mouth was still full of her pulsing cunt and her juice as I am sure I had already drunk all of mine and Aron's cum, Aron was still pumping slowly into his sisters ass, by the pace he was shafting her ass was because he did not want to cum to quickly not because he was afraid of hurting her in anyway.

We stayed like this pleasing each other for sometime and Kirsty had a few more climax's and then Aron started to fuck her ass harder and faster his balls now slapping the top of my head harder as he did so, by god my son could last a long time on and on he pumped into her ass, still looking at it from below her ass was pulled in and out as his cock came into view then dissapear back into her filling her up as it did, opening up her ass as it pushed it's way into the depths of her ass until there bodies met with a loud slap, again and again he rammed to his sisters ass and them I saw his balls tighten and the next thing was he rammed into her and held himself there and I could see his balls pumping his cum from him up is long cock and out into her ass, filling it with warm cum, as if right on cue Kirsty thrust her cunt down hard onto my mouth once more and exploded into the biggest orgasm she had had tonight.

Her whole body was shaking against my face as she pumped cum from between her fanny lips and right into my open mouth, I did not think she was got to stop as it was just running out of her.

Oh Aron she said when she had her breath back fuck me that was good, your cock deep in my ass oh what a wonderful feel and Dad sucking on my clit well can it get any better than that, fuck my that was mind blowing she went on to say. Then rolled over totally worn out she just lay there with her legs wide open showing of her swollen cunt lips and her proud clit that was as hard as a rock.

Aron not to miss out on some pussy juice pulled Kirsty by her legs down the bed and then dived his head down between them and landing his mouth right on top of her clit and I heard him suck it into his mouth, this made Kirsty arch her back and Shouted Oh my fucking god YES YES, Aron was eating out her cunt as I lay there watching my Daughter and Son having sex.

Aron gave Kirsty yet one more big Climax and I was still standing proud and my cock was twitching for some action, When Aron moved from between Kirsty's legs she got up and then straddled me and knelt across my body facing me, she raised herself up so she lifted herself of my body and Aron knew just what to do he took hold of my hard cock and placed it up against Kirsty's sweet tender pussy lips and she lowered herself down my shaft until she was sitting fully on to my body, every single bit of my cock was inside her soaking up her warm,wet, cunt as it gripped my shaft Kirsty raised her self up and then lowered herself once again and started to ride my throbbing cock slowly and gently rising and falling taking her time with each and every stroke of her pussy on my cock.

I raised my hands and took hold of these beautiful pear of tits that were bouncing up and down in front of me, I gently took them in my hands and Kirsty closed her eyes and gave out a long Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm that's nice daddy oh so nice as I played with them squeezing and kneeing them with my fingers, her nipple grew even harder under my touch each one pushing into the palm of my hand as it grew to my touch.

Kirsty started to move a bit faster now not any harder just faster moving up and down my shaft I could feel small climax's that Kirsty was having as she rode my cock her juice was running down me and over my balls oh my god did this feel so fucking wonderful, on and on Kirsty rose and lowered herself on me. Moaning louder and louder as she did so and I was now moaning also Oh Kirsty I was saying Oh Kirsty oh god oh god yes, she looked down at me and said I love you dad I love to too I said.

Aron was still laying beside us looking at his sister riding up and down on her fathers cock and his father playing with his sisters tits squeezing them playing with her nipples, he was stroking his limp cock and playing with his own nipple and Kirsty put out a hand and took hold of the nipple nearest to her and twisted it between finger and thumb, Aron made a loud Oh fuck yes sis and she twisted it again.

My daughter was now moving up and down my cock at speed she placed her hands on my chest to help her push herself up and down I was pushing up by arching my back as she was coming down so our bodies hit together and forcing my cock as far in as I could get it, with gritted teeth Kirsty was saying Yes Yes Yes each time we came together, I felt her pussy mussels tighten and grip my dick and I knew it was going to be one hell of a orgasm as her body went ridged as she carried on moving up and down, then she shouted at the top of her voice OH FUCK YES YES YES as she rammed down on my cock fully and her mussels gripped my cock so tight and as this happened I twisted her nipples sending her body into spasms and I could feel ever more of her juice just flood out of her, when her orgasm subsided she lay on top of me pushed her hard nipples into my chest and pushed her legs down so she was now laying flat on top of me my cock was still deep inside her and I asked Aron to move over a bit and when he did I rolled onto my side taking Kirsty with me.

My dear daughter was the filling in a sandwich her father on one side and her brother on the other, Aron moved right up tight against Kirsty's back he asked her to lift one leg for a moment and when she did he slipped he cock back into her ass, Jesus Kirsty cried out both of you oh my fucking god and I could feel Aron's cock rubbing up against mine with only a thin bit of flesh between us, I could feel every little twitch of his cock as he moved it in and out of her ass, as he did this I started to move my throbbing cock in and out of her wet pussy.

On and on we both pounded into her Kirsty was now shouting Fuck Yes Fuck Yes when either Aron or I rammed into her once again she came god knows how many times Kirsty had cum tonight but it was a lot I wondered where all her juices where coming from she was still cumming and it was still running from her, Aron had one arm over her and was playing with her tit as he shoved his cock hard inside her excepting ass, Kirsty could not move just had to lay there and take this pounding form me and her brother, her body was one big shaking mess as she had climax after climax, I felt my cock starting to swell and it would not be long before I came once more inside my Daughter.

On and on I pounded and then my cock exploded filling her up with my warm cum once more this took Kirsty over the top again and as her body shook I felt Aron's cock throb next to mine I could feel it pulsing as his cum entered her ass once more, Kirsty kissed me on the lips and said Thanks Dad, and then took Aron's hand and kissed it as he was still behind her and said thank Brother, Aron Kirsty and I fell asleep like that my cock inside her pussy and Aron's in her ass.

Next morning we all woke and were still huddled together on the top of the bed and I do not think I had slept so well in years we all got up took it in turns to shower and had breakfast and off to work, we all knew we would not have to go and look to others for sexual pleasure as we could now keep that within the family.

So Aron went off for two night due to work and this was going to be the first time Kirsty and myself were going to to make love alone, I made sure I got away from work on time as I wanted to get home and have a shower on before Kirsty got home and then I could start tea as I was going to make to night really special for us.

Kirsty came in and shouted thou Evening dad just going for a shower ok dear I shouted back, I had set the table and lit the candles the stake was ready to cook so when I heard Kirsty moving about in her room I started the stakes and it was just cooked when she came into the kitchen and saw the table set up in the dinning room, Oh my god dad what's all this she asked.

Well remember the other evening when I made love to you with Aron there I asked you if you would sleep with me when he was away and you said you would so I wanted to make this a really special evening and I want to make it a night you will remember and as a thank you for letting me make love to a beautiful young lady like you.

Thanks Dad she said but you did not have to do all this 'O' but I did as I say I want this to be a night you remember, so as she went to sit down I held out the chair for her and pushed it back in and poured some wine into her glass, I served up our meal and we sat there and ate, I took hold of my glass clinked it to hers and said to my wonderful sex daughter who as made my life worth living again thank you darling.

When we had finished we just sat there drinking our wine and when we had finished I got up and took her hand as she stood up and I pulled her to me and I kissed her tender lush lips, I pushed my tongue into her mouth and our tongues entwined and I pulled her close and held her tight and she wrapped her arms around me tightly too.

As we were kissing I knew that I had the love for my daughter that any dad has for his daughter but I also had her love as a lover and we kissed for sometime, when we pulled away for our kiss we were both breathless and to looked into each others eyes, and our love was shared between us and we both knew we had become not only father and daughter but lovers to.

I took her again in my arms and held her close saying in a whisper I love you Kirsty, and kissed her again when we parted this time I took her hand and led her upstairs into my bedroom, once there I turned to her again and kissed her again this time I placed my hands on her back and moved the very gently up and down her spine making her shiver and I lifted up her t-shirt and the back and ran my hands up over her soft bare flesh, to touch her so tenderly sent shock wave up thou my fingers and we both shivered together.

I pulled back away from her just a bit and lifted her t-shirt up over her head and I was surprised to find she had a bra with nipple hole on and her nipples were poking thou the hole already I lent forward and flicked the tips of her nipples and she moaned Mmmmmmmmmmm thats so good daddy and pulled my head onto her breast.

After sucking both her nipples for a few minutes I dropped down to my knees and kissed her now bare stomach tenderly kissed her and still running my hands up and down her back as I did so, then I brought my hands round and slowly undo the button on her jeans and very very slowly lowered her zip and I placed my hands either side of her on her well shaped hips and slowly pulled down the top of her jeans and I started to kiss each bit of flesh I reviled, Kirsty just stood there trembling as I kissed her down and down came her jeans and when I had gotten they down past her knickers I found out that she was wearing stockings and suspenders and Kirsty had on frilly crotchless knickers Oh my god I took a very deep breath and knew she had not forgotten that we were going to spend the night together while Aron was away.

I continued to lower her jeans slowly to the floor and her fish net stockings look so fucking sexy on this gorgeous daughter of mine, I kissed her down one leg and started up the other and as I reached where her thick pubic hair was showing thou the crotchless knickers I kissed her there so gently and then pushed my tongue into her and the tip of my tongue found her harding clit and flicked it with my tongue making her body shake with pleasure.

I spent a while kissing and licking her pussy my daughter was licking what I was doing and she moaned Oh Oh daddy daddy yes yes as she placed a hand on the back of my head and pushed it into her hair so I could lick her cunt even more.

I pushed my head away from her wet crotch and started to kiss my way back up her wonderful shaped body that any model would give to have, I licked and sucked her tits again for a while Kirsty was still trembling as her pleasure ran thou her body her eyes were shut and her head back as soft Mmmmmmmmmmm came from her just parted lips.

I then kissed up the top half of her chest reaching her lower neck and kissed my way around this and finding her earlobes and gently nibbled and kissed them sending a small climax thou Kirsty I placed a hand on her breast and squeezed and once again she moaned and she trembled once more.

I lifted her up and gently lay her on the bed and she watched my as I undressed and when I was fully naked she said Oh dad I want you so badly, come make love to me please, and she held out her hand and as I took it she pulled me towards the bed.

I knelt down beside her and looked at my Daughter and thought my god how beautiful you are, I lay down beside her and she tried to pull me on top of her but I resisted and said there no hurry my dear daughter I told you this was going to be a special night, lets take our time and enjoy your body's being together, well your the daddy she said with a smile I will do what you say.

I lent over her and kissed her on her full lips our tongues meet and twisted together and I placed my hand just over her breast so her nipple was just touching the palm of my hand every time she breathed in and out her nipple hardened even more and then I cupped her breast fully and though the frilly bra I kneaded it and squeezed it and as we kissed Kirsty placed her hand tenderly on the back of my head and held me there.

On and on we kissed her body arching up ever so often as a small orgasm went though her, I wanted to take her slowly to a Climax bigger than she had ever had, I move my head and started to kiss her neck again running my tongue up and down the length of it sucking on her earlobe as I did so, she was now breathing hard as I worked my way down to her breast and taking one of her dark rock hard nipple into my mouth and sucked it stretching it even longer and as she ached her back saying OH YES I bit it gently and flicked the tit with my tongue Fuck Yes she said and I felt her hand curl round my stiff cock and slowly start to rub it.

We stayed like this for sometime, just touching,kissing,sucking,licking, each other getting more and more ready for the hot sex that was to follow, Kirsty still have on all her sexy wear, we had just been touching and working each other up for nearly and hour now and I was now ready to to take it up to the next level.

I knelt up and placed my legs either side of her head and Kirsty took hold of my cock and pulled it back so it would fit into her mouth and she started to suck on the head of my cock, I lowered my head and looked at the wonderful black pubic hair that was sticking thou the crotch and I took a deep breath tough my nose taking in the wonderful sent of my Daughters pussy.

I lowered my head more and pushed my tongue into her wet slit and and found her clit just as hard as I remembered for the first time we made love and she had been fucked two or three times by the time her clit got this hard so I knew what I had been doing to get her ready for a massive climax and the best sex she has every had was working.

I licked and sucked her clit and then ran my tongue down the length of her slit and I did this Kirsty lifted her legs and placed them round my back this pulled her pussy and ass into a better position and I carried on and ran my tongue down right over he puckered up ass hole and it pulsed as my tongue ran over the top of it.

On the way back I pushed my tongue into her hole and her ass really twitched and she let out a big Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm daddy oh daddy she said and as I pushed my tongue a bit further she took a deep deep breath as I licked round her hole then I moved on to her waiting open pussy which was dripping with her juice, hitting her clit she arched up and pushed my head down smothering me in her pussy as I felt another orgasm rip thou her, God my daughter could cum and cum.

I pushed my tongue into her pussy and felt the warmth of her cum running onto it and down my throat, Oh it tasted so sweet it was like having a drink of whisky it warmed you up as it ran down my throat I licked and lick placing my fingers either side of my face and pulled her hairy cunt lips apart so I could get more and more of her sweet sweet cum, Kirsty was still working on my cock she had her arms up around me and was pulling me down so she could take more of my cock only letting in rise up and out of her mouth when she had to moan for what I was doing to her at the other end.

When I was inside her mouth my hips were moving up and down pushing my cock into her filling her mouth and throat with my cock which by now was leaking pre-cum and Kirsty was licking that from around my cock head as it oozed out of me.

I thought it was about time to move to stag three in giving my darling daughter a night she was not going to for get, I lifted my cock from her mouth and got of from over her and when round and knelt onto the edge of the bed where I grabbed her legs and pulled her down the bed so her cunt was in front of my I placed a pillow under her backside to raise her up and buried my head back into her fanny drinking her juice once more, as her ass was now raised I could get my hand under my chin to get to her cunt hold and pushed to fingers gently into her I pushed the as far as I could get them.

I curled my fingers upwards so as I push them in and out of her wet slippery love tunnel they rubbed up and down on her tender flesh and I found the little rough button know as the G spot as soon as my fingers rubbed alone this Kirsty shouted Oh Daddy please fuck me I want your cock my Daddy please please, I pulled my mouth from her clit long enough just to say I will fuck you my darling Daughter but when I am ready and your ready, I am I am daddy she said I want it now but I did not reply I just placed my mouth back over the clit and started back to working on it.

Kirsty was thrashing about on the bed her head rocking from side to side as she took all the pleasure I could give her oh oh oh, yes yes yes fuck oh fuck as yet another orgasm went though her, I was now moving my fingers faster and then turned two into three fingers and then four, I looked up the length of her body from where my face was pushed against her pussy and Kirsty was now pulling and twisting her nipples and tits and still her head was being flung from side to side.

Once she had cum once more I removed my fingers and started to kiss up her body kissing thou her pubic hair which was now matted with her cum juice, on I continued slowly working my way from the top of her bush up her flat lower stomach licking round her belly button and pushing my tongue in and around it

and then moving on yet again kissing from side to side as I worked up her wonderful body which was now shaking with the excitement that I was getting nearer to placing my cock up into her pussy, as I got to her breasts she took her hands away giving me her tits to lick,suck and bite which I did, working on one breast with my mouth and my hand on the other I sucked her nipple into my mouth and bit it quite hard and as I did so Kirsty screamed Oh Oh yes dad yes, and I pinched her other nipple with my finger and thumb.

After staying with her breasts for a long long time Kirsty's body was now shaking so much with pleasure and I knew it was time to enter her love tunnel with my big thick cock, so I moved on kissing her chest and lower neck just I got this far the head of my man hood touched her cunt lips and Kirsty forced herself up arching her back trying to get me inside, Oh daddy oh daddy she pleaded fuck me fuck me I want you cock I can not take anymore I want it now please daddy give it to me.

As I move up just a bit more I sucked her earlobe into my mouth and flicked it with my tongue and as I did I pushed up with my hips and entered her wet hot cunt with cum running from it with all that I had been doing to it.

As my cock touched her very sensitive pussy she screamed as a orgasm ripped thou her trembling body and she flung her legs up around my back squeezing me tight pulling me fully into her the grip of her pussy mussels help my cock tight as the spasm's ripped up and down her pussy, this was the sensation I had wanted for my daughter.

Slowly I pushed back against Kirsty's legs that were still gripping me like a vice against her as I pushed back she relaxed to allow me to slid back out of her until just the tip of my swollen cock head was resting between the folds of her pussy lips I held it there and Kirsty tried to pull me back into her and when I resisted her legs she opened her eyes and looked me in the eyes and said Please Daddy please Daddy I want it so bad Please.

I then pushed forward slowly but firmly from the tip of my tender cock to the bottom of my rock hard shaft my balls slapping against her as I hit home and again she climax and I started to move pulling out and back into her with each thrust inward she raised her body to meet my downward thrust and our bodies meet again and again, with each meeting of our bodies Kirsty was saying thou gritted teeth Oh daddy yes Oh daddy yes yes Oh daddy fuck my daddy, hearing her saying these words as I push into her again and again was a wonderful sound.

On and on I pumped into her again and again she climaxed and it was not going to be long before I unloaded my pent up cum, my cock was swelling inside her as on and on I thrust now a lot harder ramming into her Kirsty must have sensed that I was getting ready to cum as she said OH Daddy Daddy Fill me fill me pleaseeeeeeeeeeee as we both came in explosive orgasms like I do not think both of us had never experienced before.

My cock felt like the head had just exploded as hot stream after hot stream of my cum shoot from my throbbing cock into my Daughters hot wet pussy I felt like I was never going to stop I let out a Ahhhhhhhhhhhrrrrrrrrrrrr as it shoot from my cock, Kirsty pulled me tight against her with her legs and her pussy mussels clamped my cock harder then it had before it seamed to be squeezing it the ripples of her mussels running up and down my cock trying to get every last drop of my cum for it.

Kirsty was thrashing about under me her head rocking from side to side as again and again she screamed Oh fuck yes oh fuck yes yes yes as climax after climax ripped thou her, when we had both finally finished cumming we were so worm out the we rolled over on our sides and just lay there panting for breath and my cock was still being held tightly inside her as her cunt mussels still had not relaxed after all that activity.

Kirsty opened her eyes and looked at me bent her head forward and kissed me on the lips so tenderly and as she pulled away she said in a soft whisper thank you daddy thank you that was so intents I have never experienced anything like that before well I replied that is what I wanted I told you it would be a night you would never forget, I sure won't she said and kissed me again.

Her mussels finally relaxed and as my cock slowly slipped from her wet pussy Kirsty gave a Oooooo it's come out what a shame, she pulled from my arms rolled me on my back and got over me and we were back in the good old 69 and we licked and sucked each other clean and Kirsty returned to my arms and we lay they just touching and kissing each other, when I looked at the time we had been at it for nearly two and a half hours.

We both fell a sleep while warped in each others arms and when we woke in the morning we kissed and cuddled again before having to get up for work.

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