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My Son Pleases My Daughter - Part 1

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Author: Deepprobsix
Contact: deepprobsix@gmail.com
Published: 23-Apr-14 Revised/Updated 27-Apr-14
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Kirsty closed her eyes as her brother sucked her nipple and she gently place a hand on the back of his head and ran her fingers though his hair holding him onto her breast which was rising and falling fast with her breath.

* * * * * * *

First let me quickly tell you about my family I and 55 had to give up work to look after my Daughter when she was injured in a very bad car accident when she was 8 she can not walk due to suffering a broken back she is now 24 and lives at home with me and my son he is 26 and works at a local garage, my wife was killed in the accident so it is just us three.

My son has a girlfriend and she gets on really well with my Daughter Kirsty, My son Aron dotes over his sister and would do anything for her.

So that the family so my daughter was staying with a friend for the day she dose this about once a week as she thinks I need a break and tells me to get myself down the pub so that is what I done, My phone rang and Aron said where are you dad I just got home and no one's in, my day off son I said I am down the pub having a pint, stay right there he said I am on my way, so Aron joined me and we sat there having a chat when I ask him why is it you only have Kerry over to stay about once a mouth you know she is always welcome to stay as much as she wants to, not worried she might come and warm my bed and have a man, Yea right Aron laughed.

He said no Kerry dose not stay because she is worried about Kirsty she dose not like to rub it in that we have sex and she dose not she feels like it is just rubbing her nose it in, I ask if he would like me to have a word with Kirsty and see how she feels as I said I am sure she would be find with it or better still why don't you ask her I know she would tell you the truth on how she felt.

So a few nights later Aron said he was going to have a talk with Kirsty about we had talked about in the pub, I wanted to hear how it went so I stood in the hall way to listen, Aron was talking to Kirsty and then said sis there is something I would like to ask you how do you feel when Kerry stays over at night sometimes it's just I would like her to stay more often but I worry about you as you know and I hate the idea of me and Kerry in bed and you all alone know what we are doing you know what I mean, Having sex Kirsty said, OK OK sex said Aron, yes it bothers me that you are lucky enough to be having sex when I am stuck in this fucking wheelchair and never even had a boy friend let alone sex.

I am sorry sis said Aron wish I could do something to help you, Well how about we make a deal Kirsty went on to say you can have Kerry over to stop as much as you want as long as you show me what sex is like, how can I do that said Aron by having sex with me stupid Kirsty replied, I was shocked that Kirsty would even ask that of Aron but even more shocked when Aron said ok sis you know I would do anything for you and if that means sex then if that's what you want then that's what you shall have.

The door to Kirsty's room was not shut right on so I peeked in and saw Aron bend down and kiss his sister on the lips gently and tenderly, I left and went back to the lounge, Aron came back and said all sorted she dose not mind Kerry stopping so that's good.

Now my room was next to Kirsty's and I said to Aron I am of to bed as it was 11pm and he said ok dad see you in the morning, I called in on Kirsty to make sure she was ok and she was in bed reading said good night and see me in the morning, as always told her to wake me if she needed anything.

The next day I took Kirsty into town and we went round the shops and I brought a WiFi spy camera and Kirsty wanted to be dropped of at her friends so that left me alone in the house so I set up the camera in Kirsty's bedroom we have a baby monitor so if we needs me she can always call out, so I fixed the camera inside this and went to try it and all worked fine.

That night after we had all gone to bed I heard Aron go into Kirsty's room and then the baby monitor was turned of and I knew Aron was going to show Kirsty what sex was all about so I got my lap top and lay back in bed to watch the show.

Aron went and sat next to Kirsty and took her hand and said are you sure you want this sis yes yes she said I have wondered what sex was like, just because my legs don't work I still have feeling in my well you know cunt I have played with myself before but that's it.

So Aron lent forward and kissed his sister on the lips and he hugged her tight and from what I could make out he was pushing his tongue into her mouth and she got the idea and done that same back to him, if was not long before Kirsty was breathing heavy as they kissed, Aron was running his fingers though her hair and up and down her back.

He placed a hand under her top and he must have taken hold of her breast as Kirsty took a sharp in take of breath and let out a soft Mmmmmmmmm and I could just make out his hand moving under her top, Aron pulled away from kissing Kirsty and placed both hands on the bottom of her top and slowly lifted it up revealing her well firm breasts I help Kirsty bath so I had seen her tits many times but this was the first time Aron had and he said OH MY GOD Kirsty what wonderful tits you have so bloody firm and the nipples so hard and long and with that he lent forward and took a nipple in his mouth and licked it and kissed it.

Kirsty closed her eyes as her brother sucked her nipple and she gently place a hand on the back of his head and ran her fingers though his hair holding him onto her breast which was rising and falling fast with her breath, he raised his other hand and cupped her other breast and flicked her nipple with his finger before taking it in between his thumb and fore finger and squeezing it making Kirsty Sigh OH yes yes oh god yes as he did so.

Aron was taking things slow and gently with Kirsty and he spent time on her tits then he moved the bed cover out of the way and looked down at her naked top half and said are you really sure about this you know it's wrong don't you, yes yes I know but I want to feel what sex is like and you might be the only one to ever get to show me what sex is like and I can not think of a better person to that my virginity away and show me what it's like.

Ok but just one more thing if you want me to stop at anytime you just have to say and I will, with that he lent over and kissed his sister once again and then stood up, slowly lifting his top up and over his head and as he did this Kirsty raised her hand and touched his stomach and ran her hand over it, she grabbed the belt of his jeans and pulled his to the bedside and she undo the belt and button looking into Aron's eyes all time time, then she took a deep breath and lowered the zip and eased her hand inside his jeans and shorts.

When Kirsty's hand touched Aron's cock she gasped as she wrapped her fingers around it and whispered my god I never thought it would feel so wonderful to hold a cock in my hand and with that see pulled it from it's hiding place and brought it out to look at, as she did this Aron's jeans and shorts fell to the floor and he stepped out of them, Kirsty still had her fingers around Aron's shaft and was looking at it wide eyed and she moved her hand and pulled the foreskin back to reveal his big purple head that was already shining with pre-cum, Kirsty ran her thumb over the head and it was Aron's turn to take a deep breath as she did this, her thumb got pre-cum on it so as she let go she placed her thumb into her mouth and tasted her times taste of it Mmmmmmmmmm tastes nice she said and smiled up at him.

Aron now knelt on the bed beside Kirsty and placed his hands on her tits once more and played with the squeezed them and her nipples she was moaning yes yes Ooooo thats nice then Aron knelt either side of her closed legs and placed a hand in each side at top of her night time trousers and slowly pulled them down over her hips as he did this he lent forward and kiss from her breasts down over her stomach and as he pulled down her night wear her black bush of pubic hair started to come into view, now Kirsty has a really back bush of hair as it is not one thing I am comfortable with to trim my own daughter hairy vagina so it as just grown.

As it came into view Aron said Bloody hell sis what a wonderful hair cunt you have Kerry always shaves hers this is going to be worth fucking my sister just to have such a hair cunt round my dick, glad you like it Kirsty replied, as Aron pulled down her night wear even further all her pussy was not in view and soon her trousers were completely of and Aron now had his sister naked before him.

He lay down beside her and kissed her gently and played with her nipples for a while Kirsty was breathing hard now as Aron gently touched her body running his hand lightly over her stomach and tits just touching her skin and sometimes pushed his hand down further into her bush each time Kirsty moaned with a OH god oh god and she had her eyes closed as he touched her.

Then he pushed his finger down further and touched her clit and started to rum it moving his fingers round and round as he touch her, Kirsty sounded like she was going towards her first Orgasm brought on by a man even if it was her brother, on and on Aron rubbed her clit Kirsty was saying YES YES oh Christ these feelings these feelings OH OH my god and then she came shouting out OH YESSSSSSSSSSsssssssssss and Aron quickly put his mouth over hers to stop the noise she was making.

When her orgasm died down Aron took his mouth away from his sisters lips and said with a big Smile for Christ sake Kirsty keep the noise down you will have dad in here in a minute, sorry she said but I have climaxed when doing it myself but Christ never anything like that Wow that was fucking wonderful.

Aron started to move his fingers again and this time he pushed a finger inside her and started to move his finger in and out of her pussy her thick pubic hair was matted already with her cum juice and as Aron pushed his finger in and out of her Kirsty 's head was being thrown side to side saying YES, YES, Yes each time his finger entered her, Aron clamped his mouth over one of her nipples, Kirsty took a deep breath as he did Oh yes she said then he moved from her nipple and started to kissing down over her stomach kissing softly as he went, then he opened her legs and knelt between them still fingering cunt as he did this the started to kiss her again from her belly button and reached her black pubic hair and he ran his tongue though it to the top of her slit licking of the cum that had been place on it as he fingered her, he had now reached her clit he pushed his tongue though her bush and found her clit and as his tongue touched the tip of it she cried out again as a orgasm went though her.

Aron was now licking her clit and fingering her pussy Kirsty was going wide as she got feelings that she had never felt before, Aron did not stop on and on he licked and kissed her pussy, then I saw him slid another finger inside her and she gave out a OOOOOOOooooooooooooooo yea as he did, then she must have had a real big orgasm as the top half of her body shook and her firm tits wobbled as it ran though her and she had to place her own hand over her mouth to stop her from screaming out to loud.

Aron kept on for a while and then pulled his head away and looked up into his sisters eyes and smiled and then started to kiss up her body back up though her pubic hair over her belly button and up onto her tits kissing each nipple as he reached them then up the top half of her chest and up her neck he was now laying on top of his sister and his cock was trapped between them, he raised he head and said are you sure you want to do this sis it is not to late to stop you know.

Kirsty said that you for asking but after the feelings you have given me and the orgasms I have had are nothing like I have had before so yes I want you, I want you inside me as you know I can never have kids so we do not have to worry about that either so yes Aron I want you to take my Virginity and I could not loose it to a better person than you.

So Aron started to kiss his sisters neck and licked her earlobe and as she gave out a sigh of pleasure he raise himself up and placed his cock into her slit and the head found the hole beneath and it looked like he held it there and then ever so gently applied a little pressure and I could see it move slowly inwards, Kirsty screwed up her face like she was in pain as Aron pushed forward and then her face changed as Aron slid his cock into her and she gave out a OH YES as Aron pushed fully into her until he could not go any further and he just held his cock inside his sister and I heard him say are you ok sis dose it hurt, It did for a a second or two but then it just feels wonderful I can feel your cock right up inside me it is such strange feeling I am glad I never lost my feelings further up my body god I would not wanted to have missed out on this.

Aron started to move out of her and he pulled all the way out before pushing slowly back in and he started a slow in and out motion and each time he slipped into her he kept saying OH Aron OH Aron yes my dear yes and he lifted himself right up on his arm and started to move harder and faster picking up speed as he went and forcing harder and harder into her YES YES YES oh don't stop don't stop Kirsty was saying into Aron's ear , OH OH MY GOD I am cumming again OH OH YES YES YES OooooHhhhhhhhhhhhh YESsssssssssssssssssss she shouted as she came again climaxing she flung her hands up round Aron's neck and pulled herself up and kissed him on his lips and held herself there as the climax went though her and then she just let go and fell back onto the bed, Aron started to fuck her again and she started to moan right away as he thrust into her it was not long before Aron Grunted and pushed into Kirsty as far as he could and he must have Cum filling up his sisters virgin love tube with his warm cum, Kirsty's eyes shot open as he came and she gave out a OH MY Christ and shook again under Aron as yet one more climax went though her, Aron Aron Oh Aron Kirsty was saying I can feel your cum right up inside me warming my insides as it came out of your cock oh my god that was bloody fantastic thank you thank you so much my dear brother I never knew it could be so wonderful, thank you she said again and Aron lowered himself onto her and they kissed and lay in each other arm touching each other stroking each other just like lover should when they have just had fantastic sex.

Aron got up after a while and started to get dress and then he dress Kirsty taking her to the loo before settling her down as Aron bent over to kiss her goodnight she said thank you again and held him around the neck holding him as they kissed as Aron started to leave Kirsty said will you do it again sometime I don't mind if you don't as I know you have to think of Kerry, Aron walked back and sat on the edge of the bed and took Kirsty's hand, my darling sister it would give me the greatest pleasure to make love to you again and again, as for Kerry she know I had to tell her even if it meant he leaving me I could not and would not do it to her behind her back.

Kerry love you like a sister and she was a bit shocked at first but when she had thought about it she could see the sense in it and gave us her blessing so you don't have to worry I can give you what you want when you want and it will be hurting no one you never know I said I might even talk her into joining us one day how would that be my dear sister he said.

Oh my I have never thought about another woman but I yes it would be nice just to see but I will not get my hopes up as long as I know I have you now and you can give me so much pleasure I will be happy with that Aron turned and just before he turned the baby monitor back on he said maybe next time we should leave this on and give dad something to listen to and keep it in the family.

As you have now read this story and if you like it or did not like it please let me know I love to have feedback on my stories, and like some have done be brave and add a photo of how or what you did to yourself while reading the story. Dave deepprobsix@gmail.com

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