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My Son Pleases My Daughter - Part 2

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Author: Deepprobsix
Contact: deepprobsix@gmail.com
Published: 27-Apr-14
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Kerry stood there her big breasts just hanging there her nipples dark and hard.

* * * * * * *

So the morning after watching my son take my daughters virginity due to her being in a wheelchair and afraid she would never feel love or sex my son said he would make love to her so he did not feel guilty when his girlfriend Kerry stayed over, she knew what Aron my son had done and was fully behind his decision to make his sister happy they did not know that I knew what they had been doing the night before.

I was sitting in the lounge with my daughter Kirsty and she had a big smile across her face I asked her why so happy this morning my dear, she just said my dear old brother cheered me my last night and I am still happy this morning, well that's good I am glad he loves you so much you know, did he talk to you about Kerry staying over a bit more I asked her known the answer, yes he did and I told him not to be silly just because I am not getting any no need for him to be a monk is there now lets drop the subject can we.

I was so glad to see Kirsty so happy and that night Aron said that Kerry was coming over to stay for the weekend if no-one minded Kirsty and I both said that was fine, got Kirsty sorted for bed and helped her into bed and kissed her on the cheek and said see you in the morning, night dad she said.

I lay in bed wondering if I would have a repeat showing like last night so I switch on the spy cam and lay there reading with my lap top beside me, about half and hour later Aron called into Kirsty's room and without saying a thing turned of the baby monitor thinking I could not hear them but not only could I hear then but see every thing they done to.

Aron went over to the bed and took Kirsty's hand and kissed it and slowly kissed up her arm when her got to the t-shirt sleeve he just kissed over it and then up her neck still not a word had been spoken all I could hear was Mmmmmmmmmm Mmmmmmmm as he kissed her his kissed her on the lips and must have pushed his tongue inside her mouth and she stopped the moaning sound and placed her hand on the back of Aron's head and ran her fingers though his hair, our house is kept warm for Kirsty as since the accident she has always felt the cold so we had never had the need for heavy quilts, Aron stood for a second and pulled the quilt down and completely of the bed.

Aron lay down beside his sister still fully clothed and started to kiss her once more, he slipped his hand under her t-shirt and found one of her breaths and took it in his hand and by what I could see was playing with it squeezing it pulling at her nipple, Kirsty closed her eyes and just moaned again as he touched her soon Aron got up and took Kirsty by the hands and pulled her so she was sitting up and he placed his hands on the bottom of her t-shirt and pulled it up wards and of over her head, her firm breasts came into view and her nipples were sticking out about 3/4 of a inch rock hard and Aron took one in his mouth and sucked it,bit it, licked it, Kirsty was moaning out loud again OH OH yes my brother oh yes. Aron got up and undressed.

Instead of laying Kirsty back Aron got on the bed and knelt over Kirsty's lap he held Kirsty up with one hand on her back and with the other hand he placed his now erect cock in between her boobs and said to her push them around my cock sis and she did and Aron started to rise and fall in her lap and started to tit fuck his sister, oh oh oh she said and Aron twisted her nipple with his one free hand his cock was about 7 to 8 inches long so each time he moved up the head of his cock was just under Kirsty's mouth, why don't you open your mouth and see if I can get the head of my cock in, with that Kirsty look shocked but then smiled and opened her mouth and bent her head forward and she did in fact take the head of his cock and a bit more into her mouth, Mmmmm Mmmmm Mmmmm Kirsty's was saying when she did not have a mouth full of rock hard cock.

After a while Aron started to speed up and I guessed that he was on his way to shooting his lot, How do you fancy a mouth full of cum he said,Kirsty lifted her head and said I don't know what if I don't like it then just spit it out I will clean up any mess, OK then lets try it every thing you have done for me has been bloody great so why should this be any different so she lowered her head again and took the head of his cock back into her mouth.

Aron was not far from coming and as he speed up with his thrusting he started to moan oh oh here it comes and with that he pushed up to make sure he was in her mouth and shot his load into her open mouth and as soon as it started to pump it's cum she closed her mouth around it tight and I saw her swallow and she had just swallowed her first load of cum, well she was not pulling her mouth away from his cock and spitting it out, in stead she let go of her tits that she had been holding around her brothers cock and pulled he up to get as much of his throbbing cock into her mouth and she was still moaning a muffled Mmmmmm Mmmmmm each time his cock twitched, Aron was panting like mad and he held onto Kirsty and lay her back on the bed gently lent forward and kissed her ever so tenderly saying I love you sis.

His cock started to go down after his tit fuck and Kirsty said so what is it tomorrow night then Aron, Aron looked at her and said what you thing that was it Oh no my sweet sister that was just the beginning, I would never leave a woman without them having a orgasm some men might but not me I like to make sure we both feel happy went we have finished, I am happy but glad you have not finished with me yet, I want more a lot lot more and I well give it to you said Aron.

Once he had his breath back he got up of the bed and moved Kirsty down the bed a bit then got back onto the bed and placed a knee either side of her head and lent so they were in the 69 position, Aron opened her legs as poor Kirsty could not and as he lowered his head towards her big black hair cunt bush he lowered he limp cock down into her open mouth, His tongue shot out and pushed it's way though her pubic hair and found the top of her slit and started to flick out his tongue so it flicked across the top of her clit and Kirsty could not say anything as she had her mouth full even if it was just a limp cock for now, but she did shiver as Aron flicked her clit then he lowered his head and pushed his tongue right over it and sucked it into his mouth Kirsty turned her head and his cock came out and she cried OH Christ OH Christ yes yes yes, as I saw her shake as a small orgasm went though her.

Aron then pushed two fingers into his sisters wide open pussy her thick black pubic hair given way to allow his fingers to enter her and he pushed then in as far as he could get then and it was a wonder Kirsty did not bite his cock of as he did as she shook with pleasure as he started to move his fingers in and out of her, still working on her clit at the same time Kirsty was going wide sucking as hard as she could on Aron's cock and by now she was making her brothers cock hard again, Aron moved her legs wider apart and ran his finger up and down over her ass hole, Kirsty cried OH fuck Oh fuck what are you doing OH fuck that's goodddddddddddddddddddddddd she said as he pushed a finger into her ass opening up her puckered hole to allow his finger to enter her.

Oh yes Oh yes she was still saying as he now had a finger in her ass two in her cunt and his mouth on her clit, Kirsty was shaking her head even with Aron's now hard cock shoved into it then she shouted Oh FUCKKKKKKKKKKkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk as she came she look like she was going to explode as her orgasm ran though her body the only thing that was not shaking and moving around on the bed was poor Kirsty's legs the rest of her was like she was having a fit as this massive climax ripped though her.

When she had finished Aron got up and turned round closing her legs for her and then lay down beside her again and lent up on one elbow and started to kiss her again and placed a hand on her breast and played with her nipple which was rock hard and as her brothers hand touched it Kirsty closed her eyes and was breathing heavily and breasts moving up and down under Aron's gentle touch.

They both just lay there touching each other and talking about what Kirsty was feeling and if she was enjoying it, Aron she said I am in heaven I did not think I could ever be this happy are you sure Kerry dose not mind you doing this for me, no she is fine with it and as I say you never know she might join us one day, That would be good I think said Kirsty.

Aron moved and got of the bed and took Kirsty's hand ok it's time I fucked that wonderful hairy pussy of yours so how about letting me fuck you from behind, yea sure she said but I don't think my legs will hold me up like that No need and Aron lifted her up and put her so she was sitting on the edge of the bed and then laid her back so her feet were touching the floor then he rolled her over and her bum was now sticking up in the air and as Aron moved her legs gently apart her cunt came into view.

Are you comfortable my darling sister he said YES yes she replied and Aron dropped to his knees behind her, he placed his hands on he bum cheeks and pulled them apart and he ran his tongue down from the bottom of her spine down over her hole and on down to her wet pussy then ran his tongue back up all the way again he done this many times and each time Kirsty was moaning out Mmmmmmmmmmmmm yes yes my dear brother yes yes Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm then Aron was licking just around her ass hole and this was driving Kirsty mad and wanting Aron's cock pushed into her waiting pussy.

This would be only the second time that Kirsty will have had a cock inside her and she could not wait for it she was pleading with Aron to fuck her, Shove it me me please please please Aron fuck me oh I want your dick please please, Aron rose up and placed a hand either side of Kirsty's body as it hung of the bed he took one hand and took hold of his cock and placed it up against her pussy and pushed forward and it found where it wanted to go with out any trouble, it was not long before he had the whole length inside her and she said YES YES O Aron Aron that's so fucking good, his lower body was hard up against her ass, then he withdrew and plunged back into her so hard that there bodies made a big slapping sound as Aron hit into Kirsty ass.

Aron started to pound into his sister with hard long strokes Kirsty's hands were gripping onto the bed sheet her knuckles turning white as climax after climax went tough her her head was turning from side to side as Aron pounded her pussy from the rear, O Christ O Christ, YES YES O Fuck yes O Aron O Aron Kirsty was saying.

Aron lowered himself down and kissed Kirsty's back and followed her big long scare she still had from all the operations she had since the accident, tenderly he lower himself down onto her still pushing in and out of her but a lot slower now more tenderly he moved her hair to one side and kissed the back of her neck as he slowly moved in and out of her.

After a while Aron lifted himself up again and kissed her back and scare again and then stated to move harder and harder inside her pushing hard as he made his inward thrust and as he did he was moving Kirsty up onto the bed with each thrust. After a few more minutes of this Aron pulled out of Kirsty and she said Put it back put it back please please put it back, but Aron dropped to her knees again and started to lick on her ass and pussy again then he got up and lifted Kirsty back fully on the bed but keeping her face down and got two pillows and placed them under her stomach so it lifted her ass and pussy up.

Aron climbed back onto the bed and opened Kirsty's legs again and knelt between them and placed his hands either side of her shoulders and lowed himself down very gently and his cock was between her legs and he pushed up with his body and then it popped into her and she cried out as it did yes yes o I want this yes yes Aron pushed upward and in it slid and once again he started to fuck her again the bed was now bouncing up and down as he rammed into her the head board was banging on the wall and if I had not known what was got on between my Son and Daughter the banging of the head board would have woken me up that's for sure.

Aron got of Kirsty again and turned her over and left the pillows under her bum this time and as he knelt between her legs this time he lifted them up and placed them on his shoulder and stated to lick her cunt which was now sticking up into his face, with her legs up on his shoulders he had great access to her hairy pussy and shoved his face right into it Kirsty was loving this she placed her hands on his head and ran her fingers though his hair and then placed her own hands on her firm breasts and played with her nipples as her brother stuck his tongue into her and licked the inside of her love tunnel.

Aron lifted his head and kissed his way up though her pubic hair and up her stomach and as he moved up her body he brought her legs with him still over his shoulders, Aron was now kissing her tits and nipples taking one then the other into his mouth and sucking on them then as he moved up to kiss her neck his cock touched her open pussy hole and as it was so wet from the orgasms she had been having it just popped into her and Kirsty cried out OH OH OH Aron yes yes yes and pushed fully into her and started to ram into her hard and fast Aron lifted himself up and Kirsty's legs bent back some more her knees were touching her breasts, Aron was pulling out of her until just the tip of his cock was just touching her pussy and then wham in it went again.

Kirsty's body shook again and not just from the pounding Aron was giving her but from another orgasm that ripped though her the headboard was really banging against the wall now but they just did not care as harder and harder Aron thrust into his sister that was laying beneath him taking all the cock he could give her and with a final pump into her he exploded inside her , OH fuck Oh fuck she cried as his cum rushed from his throbbing cock filling her insides , mmmmmmmmmmm I can feel it mmmmmm wonderful brother that's wonderful that feels so far up inside me it's a wonder I can not taste it she said.

Aron Lowered her legs and straightened than for her and lay down beside her kissing her cheek and neck, you have now fucked me two nights in a row now brother and it has been bloody fantastic and I have never felt happier in my life laying here with you after you have made love to me I am sure a lucky woman to have a caring brother like you that's for sure, My dear sis said Aron you know I would do anything for you anything.

They just lay there for a while and then Kirsty took hold of Aron's cock and held it in her hand and turned her head to look at Aron and said you know I have felt your cock shoot cum into me a few times and even in my mouth but you know what I have not seen it cum, not seen it shoot cum from that little hole on the top see what cum looks like, would you let me see it cum please Aron.

Yea sure but you are going to have to let me rest for a while so they lay there in each other arms just kissing and touching each other, Aron slipped his down between his sisters legs and started to play with her pussy rubbing her clit round and round, Kirsty was moaning softly as he did this her nipples rock hard as Aron lowered his head and took one in his mouth to suck on it gently, letting it go and flicking it with his tongue then sucking it back into his mouth, Kirsty cried out OH FUCK OH FUCK as she climaxed once more.

Aron carried on playing with her clit sending shivers though her her hands pulling her brothers head tight to her tit as she was getting ready to cum again, Oh Aron Oh Aron Kirsty lowered her hand again and found Aron's cock which despite shooting twice tonight already was starting to grow in size once more, Kirsty started to rub it making it hard in her hand they kept at this for some time and then Aron pulled away and knelt over her sister and placed his cock between her tits and pushed them together trapping it and then started to move back and forth Kirsty had propped up her head on a pillow so she could she his cock going back and forth between her firm mounds and Aron was pulling her nipples as he fucked her tits.

Kirsty brought her hand up and placed it over the top of her tits so every time Aron pushed forward as his cock came out the top of her tits it now hit her hand so making his sensitive cock head even more so, soon Aron said that he was on the verge of shootinghis load and he speed up pushing back and forth faster and faster, Kirsty saying YES YES hoot your cum over me I want to see your cock shoot it's cum Oh Yes, with that Aron pulled his cock from between his sisters tits and let his cock spring up and it shoot cum and it reached Kirsty's face and hair, OH OH said Kirsty wonderful wonderful as it splashed all over her face and was now running down her chin and dripping onto her chest.

Oh what a wonderful sight she said as Aron's cock finally stopped twitching and spurting it's juice, Kirsty licked her lips where his cum landed and then got her hands and wiped her face down and then placed her fingers into her mouth licking them clean, Aron lent forward and kissed her and lay down with her once more.

After a while Aron got up and gently lifted Kirsty though to the bathroom and I could hear the shower going as he helped Kirsty take a shower when he carried her back into the room she was dressed and ready for bed, Thank you brother she said great night again thanks to you, Yea Yea said Aron it's just as great for me as it is for you I love making love with you don't know why it just feels so different that with Kerry love you sis now get some rest with that he switched the monitor back on turned out the light and left.

The following day Kirsty was once again happy and singing away to herself and I kept on & on trying to get her to tell me what had made her so happy the last couple of days not letting on that I knew what it was, being fucked by her brother what was doing it but I could I just could not get her to tell me so left it at that, but just finished off by saying you know you can tell me anything you know, yea I know dad she said.

Well that night we got a call from Aron saying that he would not be home to late as he had a breakdown to go to and it was some way a way, he said let Kirsty know please and tell her see her tomorrow, when I told Kirsty that her brother was not coming in until late her faced dropped and soon after said could I help her get ready for bed and she felt tired so I did and she washed I helped her into her night clothes and was just lifting her into bed when she said dad if I tell you something you won't be mad will you.

Of course not I said what could you have done that is so bad I said and gave her a smile, well she took a deep breath and said I am 24 and as you know due to the accident I have not had a boyfriend and so never had sex, well a couple of night ago Aron came in and asked if I minded if Kerry stopped over more at night but he felt bad because of I had never been with a man and he did not want to rub it in and make me feel bad, that was thoughtful of him I said, yes but I said I did not mine Kerry staying over but wonderful and here is the worse part Dad I asked him if he would make love to me to shown me what it's like.

The last couple of nights we have made love in here and Aron has shown me what sex is like and it's wonderful I am sorry dad I know it's wrong but I just wanted to know what it was like please don't hate me or Aron for doing that, hate you two never, anyway I said I know what you to have been doing, What said Kirsty how well when the head board is banging on the wall like a bloody road hammer and there is only the three of us here then it dose not take much to work it out, I just wanted you to tell me in your own time and I am now glad you have, I think it is great that you and Aron are so close as I know if anything happened to me he would take care of you.

Yes I know he would said Kirsty but I still can not believe you knew it has taken a great weight of my mind I hated not telling you sorry dad, I took a deep breath and said well that's ok but I am the only one not getting any now with that I went to get us some dinner.

Kirsty stayed with me for a while longer that evening before I got her ready for bed and I heard Aron come in at about 3 in the morning, he called in on Kirsty and then went of to bed, the next day Aron went in to see Kirsty before going of to work when he had gone I went to see if Kirsty was ok and she said I told him that I had told you about us and he was fine now he knows you do not mind, the weekend coming was a bank holiday so when Aron got home he said that Kerry was going over to stay on Friday night and would be stopping until the Monday night if that was OK with everyone yes that's fine said Kirsty and I.

So that Friday Kerry tuned up and we had a meal and we played a game of cards at the kitchen table, a bottle or two of wine with cheeses and biscuits we all had a great time, Just before we finished Aron said dad you know what's been going on between Kirsty and I well Kerry knows to as I would not have kept that from her and she is fine with it in fact Kerry is Bi-sexual and wondered if it was ok for her to join Kirsty and me but now you know I would like you to say it is ok.

Well I said I think you two are wonderful doing this for Kirsty it is something she could not go out and do so why should I say know my dear daughter here has never been happier than of late so you both have my blessing.

With that we had another glass of wine and I went to get Kirsty sorted for bed and could not wait to see what was going to happen tonight I placed Kirsty in her bed and kissed her good night, she kissed my cheek and said thanks dad your the best, I went into the lounge watch the news and then of to bed, I said to Kerry and Aron if you to do find yourselves in with Kirsty tonight or any night keep the headboard banging down it's know fun being in the next room knowing what you lot will be doing while I am laying there alone, I laughed as I said goodnight and went to bed.

I heard the monitor being switched off so got out my laptop and switched it on and on the screen I saw Kirsty laying on the bed all covers of off her Kerry was sitting on one side and Aron on the other Aron bent forward and kissed her on the lips and then Kerry done the same as Kerry pulled away Kirsty went O fucking wow I have had a beautiful woman kiss me O wow and Kerry lent forward and kissed her again and this time she pushed her tongue inside Kirsty's mouth and she responded by doing the same and bringing her hands up and placing them around Kerry and cuddled her as they kissed.

As they were kissing Aron moved round the bottom of the bed and reached up and so gently took hold of Kirsty's night wear by the waist band and started to lower them down her legs, Kerry had placed a hand on one of Kirsty's beasts and was now playing with it though her top even with her mouth full of Kerr's tongue Kirsty could manage a Mmmmmmmmmmm as Kerry played with her tits.

Aron had Kirsty's bottom half of and he opened her legs slowly and knelt between them and as Kirsty could not feel anything or anyone touching her legs she jumped when Aron placed his mouth onto her pussy and pushed his tongue inside her slit and touched her clit, Kirsty moaned again as Aron started to lick her slit and clit, Kerry pulled away from Kirsty and looked down at Aron between Kirsty's legs and said by Christ you don't waist time do you but Aron never responded he just kept on licking.

Kerry said to Kirsty will you help me undress o I would love to and Kerry got on the bed next to her and Kirsty placed her hands on the bottom of Kerry's t-shirt and slowly lifted it up and she bent forward so Kirsty could pull it over her head, she sat back up and she was wearing a frilly cupped bra and her tits were brimming over the cups and Kirsty looked at them taking in a deep breath and gave out a WOW, where Kirsty's tits as I have said are not big but very firm and and just over a handful Kerry's you would need two hands or three hands just for one, Kerry turned round and Kirsty lifted her hands and undid the clasp on her bra and eased the straps down over Kerry's shoulders.

Kerry held her bra in place as she got up and turned to sit and face Kirsty again, when she sat down she said I want you yo take my bra off me, Kirsty's lifted her hands and took hold of the bra where Kerry had her hands and just before she took it for her breasts she gave out a OH FUCK and had a orgasm brought on by Aron's licking and sucking of her pussy.

Once that had died down Kirsty returned to the bra in hand and slowly pulled it away from Kerry's big tits, as she pulled the bra away the sight of them made Kirsty go wide eyed these tits were big and hung down with the weight Kirsty threw the bra to one side and looked up into Kerry's eyes and then reached up to take one in her hand and as she did Kerry closed her and took a deep breath as her fingers took hold of her and her nipple between her finger and thumb and played with it.

Aron looked up as Kerry sighed at Kirsty's touch and said that's it sis twist that nipple she loves it, so Kirsty did and Kerry shuddered and lent forward again and kissed Kirsty once more before lifting her tit up and placing the nipple into her mouth, Kirsty did not need anyone to tell her what to do as she sucked Kerry's nipple into her mouth and started to lick it and bite it Kerry was in heaven already and Kirsty placed her hands on the tit she was sucking and squeezed it making Kerry shudder again.

Aron moved up her body and took one of Kirsty's tits into his mouth and started to do the same to her what she was doing to Kerry, Kerry pulled way from Kirsty and she moved down between Kirsty's legs and started to lick her pussy she placed Kirsty's legs up on her shoulders and was running her tongue up and down her pussy each time making sure she touched her clit making Kirsty moan.

Aron was still fully dressed at this point and Kerry still had her jeans on but Kirsty was completely naked and enjoying being licked, sucked, and touched as Kerry licked her she cried out OH fuck Kerry YES YESssssssssssssss as another orgasm went though her body,I now had one big hard on and as I watched the show on my laptop I slowly wanked my cock under the bed covers.

Aron was still working on Kirsty's breasts when Kerry stood up and walked round the bed to be beside Kirsty and she took her hand and said well you going to finish what you started and undress me then, Kerry stood there her big breasts just hanging there her nipples dark and hard Kirsty moved her hand over to took the button on the top of Kerry's jeans and popped it open then lowered the zip slowly bringing it down to the bottom all the while she was looking into Kerry's eyes and just mouthed the words Thank you Kerry, Kirsty took hold of one side of the jeans top and Kerry the other and together they lowered then down until there were over her wonderful trim hips and they fell to the floor and Kerry stood in front of Kirsty with just her small thong on.

The thong was tied in place by bows either side and Kirsty took hold of one of the bows and pulled and the thong stayed in place so Kirsty took hold of the other bow , I was nearly inside my laptop screen waiting to see what Kerry had beneath the thong and I was now pounding my own dick like mad, Kirsty pulled the other bow undone and Kerry opened her legs just a little so the thong fell to the floor, she now stood there naked and her pussy was shaven clean, just inside the top of her slit you could see her clit just poking out, Kirsty Gasped as she looked at it and gently put her hand out towards it and ran her finger from between Kerry's legs up her slit and pushed her finger in as she got to the top and toughed her clit making Kerry shudder and moan.

Aron stood and undressed and got back down between Kirsty's legs and started on her cunt once more, Kerry on the other hand got on the bed and placed her knees either side of Kirsty's shoulders and lowered herself down onto her face pushing her pussy onto Kirsty's mouth as she did this Kirsty lifted her hands and took as much of Kerry's big tits in each hand and squeezed them Kerry shouted out Oh yes yes yes, and her body shook, it was not long before Kirsty came into Aron's mouth and it was Kirsty's time to moan out loud as her orgasm ripped though her body.

Once Aron had licking and drank all Kirsty's cum up he got up and asked Kerry to move of Kirsty for a minute once Kerry got of Aron moved Kirsty down the bed a bit and then said to Kerry you can get back on now if you want but instead of sitting upright on Kirsty's face lean forward on to your elbows will you, so Kerry climbed back over Kirsty and sat back down on her face and lent forward like Aron had asked. Aron the got on the bed and knelt over Kirsty but behind Kerry and kissed down her spine sending shivers up and down her body.

Aron took hold of his rock hard cock and placed it up against Kerry's ass hole and pushed forward and it popped inside her and he pushed forward entering her until his body was hard against hers and he held it there for a while before pulling out until just the very tip of his cock was touching the opening of her ass before plunging back fully into her , Kerry cried out OH FUCK that ass Fuck it hard, and with Aron pumping in and out of her ass it was making Kerry move her pussy up and down Kirsty's face both girls were cumming again and again.

I could not stand anymore and shot my cum all over my stomach my cock pumped and pumped it's cum and I lay back on my pillow panting for breath and just lay there look at the three of them having so much fun when Aron pulled out of Kerry's ass and moved down the bed and found an old cloth wiped his cock before getting between Kirsty's legs but this time he did not go down and lick her pussy he edged his cock into her slit and then pushed it inside her and Kirsty's mouth was full of Kerry's pussy but still managed to give a loud MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm as it slid into her and he started to pump back and forth into her forcing his cock into her hard.

Kerry got of from Kirsty's face and lent over her and kissed her on the mouth and it looked like she was pushing her tongue fully into her mouth as Aron still pounded into her pussy, Kerry then placed her mouth over one of Kirsty's nipples and she must have bitten it as Kirsty shouted out OH OH OH Kerry OH Yes, and she must have cum again as her body shook once more.

Aron started to grunt with each shove into her and then he gave one last push and held it inside of Kirsty as he could get it and filled her with his cum, Kirsty moaned out load and then started to cry lightly , When Kerry asked what the matter was Kirsty said oh nothings wrong it's just that I am so happy with the pleasure you have given me I have never felt so good thank you both, Don't be sill said Kerry we are getting as much from this as you are.

Aron slipped from Kirsty's pussy as he went limp and Kerry told him to get out of the way as she wanted to get down there and lick his and Kirsty's cum up and that is what she did, pushing her mouth over Kirsty's wet dripping cunt and pushed her tongue fully inside her leaking cunt lips and it was not long before Kirsty was starting to moan and shake as Kerry went to work on her pussy lips.

Aron knelt on the bed beside Kirsty's head saying come on sis time to suck my dick and get mine and your cum from it, Kirsty did not need asking twice she took hold of her brothers cock and placed it in her mouth and slowly closed her lips around it and sucked it into her mouth until the whole thing had gone inside her and the hand she had held his cock with she placed on his balls and started to move them round and round in her hand, Aron closed his eyes as she did this and let the pleasure of his sister sucking his cock and playing with his balls run though him.

Kerry looked up and took her mouth away from the pussy she was licking and said Liking that are you me dear Oh fuck yes Aron replied still with his eyes closed, Kirsty reached over with her other hand and could just reach one of Aron's nipples and took it between her finger and thumb and twisted it hard this made Aron shudder and moan so Kirsty carried on twisting it one way then the other each time sending shivers and shudders running though Aron, so he in turn took hold of Kirsty's firm rounded tits and squeezed them between his fingers and then took hold of her nipples and pulled them upwards as far as he could before he twisted them making Kirsty Cry out OH OH FUCK YES YES YES OH FUCK and this made Aron twist them even more.

It was not long before Aron started to get hard again growing inside Kirsty's mouth as she sucked on it but Kirsty was taking it all she was still playing with his balls, Kerry now lifted her head and said can I have that cock in me now it's hard again please, I want some of it's juice in me now please, sure thing love said Aron and gently pulled it from Kirsty's mouth Kerry moved up the bed and lay beside Kirsty taking her hand in hers and Aron got between her legs and slowly lowered his head and took a nipple into his mouth and bit gently onto it making Kerry arch her back as he did so.

Then he started to kiss up her neck and around to her ear and licked her earlobe and as he did this he pushed his nor rock hard cock into her, it slid it smoothly as she was so wet, watching all this on my laptop was now getting my cock growing again so I wrapped my fingers around it and started to run them up and down my shaft for the second time tonight.

Aron raised himself up on his hands and started a gentle pumping into Kerry, Kerry had such a wonderful body it was nice and firm apart from her big breasts which were now being force up and down with every thrust Aron was giving her as she lay there under him, Kerry was pushing up her body to meet Aron's going down, this was something that poor Kirsty could not do but it did not seam to matter.

Kerry took the hand she was holding and placed it on her lower stomach and pushed it down between her and Aron until Kirsty's hand felt her clit and Kerry then pulled her hand away and I could see Kirsty's hand slowly moving round and round on Kerry's clit, Kerry closed her eyes as Kirsty played with her and as Aron fucked her then she arched her back up high as she came, Ooooooooooooooo said Kirsty I could feel that climax on my fingers as it ran though you I bet you could said Kerry that was a fucking good one and it was thanks to you and your wonderful fingers helping Aron bring me off. WOW that was good she said again.

Aron was still pounding into her and Kirsty still had her hand between then when Kerry moved her hand over to Kirsty's pussy and she started to finger her clit all were moaning by now each saying things like OH fuck yes yes, Oh Christ, and just YES YES YES. Kirsty top half shook again as a orgasm rushed though her, then Kerry came again making her lift her body up from the bed as she did so.

Then Aron filled her with cum as he gave out one big grunt as his cock exploded inside and again Kerry cried out as she felt his cum filling her warming her insides, he held his cock fully inside her making sure every last drop was up as far as her could get it, he then remover he cock and asked Kirsty if she would like Kerry to get over her so she could have a lick of her cum filled cunt, Oh yea said Kirsty get it over here.

Kerry got into a 69 and lowed her cunt onto Kirsty's face yet put she did not lower her own head down into Kirsty's cunt instead she took Aron's cock into her mouth and sucked him for a while then once she was done she let his limp cock fall from her mouth and then lowered her head and placed it onto Kirsty's pussy licking though her thick black pubic hair and pushing her tongue deep inside her making her give a muffled cry as she was still licking the pussy that was covering her mouth.

Before long they both came again and as Kerry got of she was facing full on to my hidden camera and as I looked at her well formed body and the shaven cunt I came again myself it had been a bloody long time since I had cum twice in one night, But when Kerry got of from Kirsty she said to her you know I thing of you like a sister and I am really glad we have now found out that we all want sex with each other should make for some interesting times I think, sure will said Aron, Kerry went on I know your dad helps you in the bath and that but if you ever want help with anything just ask will you please said Kerry.

Thank you Kerry that means so much to me Kirsty said, she went on to say I have never felt this good in my life, I have always know Aron love's me and would always do anything for me which he has proven over the last week, Having sex with your sister is a big thing but he done it to help me and now I have you to, God I feel so lucky to have you and thank you again Kerry for being so understanding and letting Aron fuck me. To night you both have shown me how wonderful sex can be, I love you both.

Ok said Aron time to get you cleaned up now sis, you can go tough to our room if you want Kerry while I just sort Kirsty out, Oh said Kerry I was hopping I could come and help out, yea sure if you want to and Kirsty dose not mind, Fuck no said Kirsty why should I mind,

So Aron lifted her though to the shower room and I cold not see what happened in there but they did not come out for over half an hour and there were a lot of Oh Yes OH yes and FUCK FUCK YES so I could only guess that it was not just washing Kirsty and getting her ready for bed,

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