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Mum Takes Me In-hand

Author: deepprobsix@gmail.com Contact: Deepprobsix
Publish Date : May 2, 2014
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Mum lent over me and took my cock once again in her fingers and started to move then up and down my limp shaft.

* * * * * * *

The year was 1972 and two day after my 18th birthday, I was 5'10" tall slim build, shoulder length brown hair, and an 8" cock that had never been wanked let alone been inside a pussy.

Back then I lived with my mum and sister she was 7 year older than me, tall long black hair right the way down to her lower back, she had one hell of a figure and nice sized tits, my dad passed away some ten years before he was killed in a work accident.

My mum well she was about 5'6" tall had short brown hair and a I would not say overly fat just a few extra inches here and there and a big pair of tits and my they were big.

We lived out in a small village and in those days it was very quirt and peaceful not a lot to do, I would have called my self a loner as I did not have many friends in the village or at school so I was out walking though the fields which I often did taking our dog for a walk.

I was just returning home and crossed the main road though the village when a car came round the corner and was heading right for me and I had to jump out of the way and fell down this deep ditch as as I fell one of my arms caught in some tree stumps and it broke in three places and my other arm twisted up behind my back and that one broke in two places and got pulled out of the shoulder joint.

I spend a week in hospital and so spent my birthday in there when I did get home both arms were in plaster and would be for so time, so it was down to my mother to look after me.

Now as I said my cock had never been wanked as in those day I did not know very much about sex all I really knew was that a cock went into a woman cunt and put some seed in there and she then had a baby, apart from that nothing at all, I did not even know that women had hair down there let alone about clit's and orgasms.

So I got home from hospital mid afternoon and mum made a cup of tea and I just sat on the sofa watching the TV, in Hospital I had had a tube shoved up my dick so when I need a pee it just drained away and a nurse took care of me when I wanted a dump, I had not given it any thought about how I was going to get on at home until now.

I said to mum I need a pee how do I go well she said I will have to help you so I took my self of to the bathroom and my mother came with me once in the bathroom she just leaned round me and undone my zip on my jeans pushed her hand in and pulled of my cock like it was just something she had always done, she held it while I took a pee then shook it when I had finished and put it back in my pants and did the zip back up.

There you go she said no problem and may I say you have a nice size cock there my son, What I said shocked at what she had just said Mum you cant say that I said, why the hell not she said it's true a lot of men would love to have a size like that, I had gone red in the face with what she was saying to me, so I turned and walked back to the living room.

Mum feed me tea and we watched some more TV ad then I said I am ready for bed now mum can you help me please, so we went of to the bathroom first where I had another pee and mum cleaned my teeth, then went of to the bedroom I stood in the middle of the room and I had a special t-shirt on that done up under each arm as I could not bend then to put it on over my head, and my mum knelt down in front of me lifted her hands and un-buttoned

my jeans and lowered the zip placing a hand at both sides of the waistband she slowly pulled them down over my pants and she just looked at my cock tucked away inside then.

Once she had my jeans of me she placed her hands back on to the waistband of my pants and up till now she had not said a word but as my pants came down and over my still soft cock she whispered Wow nice, I still could not believe my mother said things like this but she pulled of my pants and I stood there naked apart from the plasters on my arms.

I though she was going to get up and get me my night time wear but how wrong I was, I was so shocked when she put out her hand and took my soft limp cock and wrapped her fingers lightly around it, and started to move her fingers back and forth along my cock.

What the hell are you doing mum I said leave my dick alone, she just looked up at me and said I am sure you must have played with yourself many a time son I am just doing it for you, No I haven't I said I have never done what your doing never, it was her turn to look surprised and she said what you have never stroked this wonderful cock and made it cum, made it what I said, made it cum she repeated, I don't know what you mean I said I know how people have sex but never done it I am only just 16 I said to her, even so she replied boys of your age often wank themselves off, well not me did not even know you could.

Mum went on running her fingers alone my cock and it started to swell and grow in her hand it was now getting to it's full length of 8" , Oh my god my mother said what a beauty this is and you a complete Virgin, I bet your sister wish she was here to see this wonderful cock that's for sure, My sister I said why would she want to see it the same reason I do to hold a cock as wonderful as this, My sister hold it Oh yes said mum I am sure when I tell her when she gets home tomorrow she is going to want to hold it for you as well .

By now my cock was rock hard and at it's full length of 8"+ and about 5" in girth I had never been cut as a child so she started to pull the foreskin back over the head of my cock revealing the big purple head that lay beneath, Oh my Oh my said my mother as she looked at it god what a wonderful size it is you take after your dad that's for sure he had a big cock to.

She told me to turn and sit back so my ass was resting on the edge of the bed which I did she came to me again and knelt down in front of my and pushed open my legs and worked her way between them she now reached out again and once more curled her fingers around it, with each stroke of her hand my foreskin was riding back and forth over the head, I closed my eyes as she carried on rubbing my cock harder now and the feels I was getting were nothing like I had ever felt in my life.

O I see you like what I am doing then son she said and I opened my eyes and she was looking at me Mmmmmmmmmmm I said it feels very nice blood good in fact, and I closed my eyes again as she started to move her hand just that bit quicker now, I could feel something strange happing in my balls I had never had this before and I was getting a bit worried and said Mum mum stop please stop I have a funny feeling me my balls oh please stop I said, my mother smiled and said look son just sit there and enjoy the feeling you are having nothing is wrong it just means you we be shooting your first ever load of cum very soon, so I took a very deep breath and once more closed my eyes as this feeling grew inside me in my balls and my cock.

I thought I felt my cock even swell a bit more and I was now panting hard and fast as my mother was moving her hand up and down my cock hard and fast now, on and on she went and the feelings grew and grew until I felt a pain that at the bottom of my cock and it ran up the length of it and then this whit stuff shot out of it spurt after spurt it covered my mothers face and hair and I had to let out a loud cry as this pain that was also pleasure ripped up my cock, my mother was still running her hands up and down my cock as pump after pump of my cock spitting out it's white cum.

After a while my mother slowed down and then stopped wanking my cock and she looked at my in the eyes and she had cum all over her face and as she looked at my she stuck her tongue out and licked as much of it as she could get to, I was amazed at seeing her do this my own mother licking her own sons cum from her face Wow what a sight that was, my cock was now going soft and mum said well my son how was your first ever climax. Oh my god mum I said that was something else I was scared when I started to get those feelings in my balls and cock I have never had anything like that before but now Wow it was pleasure and pain at the same time.

Mum got up and went to the bathroom and came back with a sponge and towel and started to wash me clean and while she was doing this I said to her are you really going to tell Jane that's my sister about the size of my cock mum, Yes of course I will I she will want to see it and feel it, I will tell you son me and your sister have been sleeping together for years now, WHAT I said to women sleeping together,yes said mum don't tell me you did not know that two women can make love together, no I did not I said well they can and men do it to she went on to say, Oh my god I replied really, Ok my son I think your all clean now time for bed, she got me in my PJ bottoms and she helped me into bed.

I will tell you one thing David my son she said me and your sister will teach you a thing or to about making love with a women as I know your sister would love to have your cock as the last bloke she went with only had a very small dick and me well I have not been fucked by a man since your dad died, after mum left the room I just could not sleep thinking about the feel I had had tonight and what it was going to feel like tomorrow and what I was going to do.

I woke to Breakfast being brought into me and feed to me by my mother and she asked how I had sleep after having my first climax ever the night before, it was hard to get to sleep with the feels and the thought s of today in my head but once I dropped of I slept well.

Well rest a bit and I will come and see to your toilet need in a minute ok, yea fine mum I said so when she returned we went of to the bathroom and done what we had to and she took longer to shake my cock once I had finished peeing, I think she just liked holding it, anyway we returned to the bedroom and this time she told me to lay back on the bed and my mum stood there beside me and took of my PJ bottoms and I know lay there naked with my cock laying there limp and mum lent over me and took my cock once again in her fingers and started to move then up and down my limp shaft and then she came up and kissed me on my mouth and I had never had a kiss like it yes I had kiss good by to someone on the lips but never like this so tender and softly, I felt mums tongue pushing against my lips parting them and then she pushed her tongue further into my mouth opening my mouth fully and was twisting her tongue around with my own.

My cock responded to this and started to grow in my mums hand what with her kissing me like this and her hand moving on my cock it was not long before it was rock hard and twitching in her hand, she had started to pull my foreskin back and forth over my swollen head once more and then she rubbed the tip of my cock head with her thumb got it was like small shocks running though me, I was panting for breath though my nose as my mum still had her tongue in my mouth.

She pulled away from kissing me and she lowered her head and kissed down my neck sending shivers down my spine and though my entire body, Oh fuck I said that's wonderful then I thought I was going to pass out when mum placed her lips on my nipple and sucked it in I did not know you could get such feeling from a man's nipple she sucked it into her mouth and then closed her teeth around it gently nipping it between them and then she ran her tongue over the top of it just touching the nipple and I had to arch my back and cried out OH MY FUCKING GOD OH YES as my whole body shook my cock at this point was harder then it had been yesterday and it ached it was so hard in my mums fingers.

She moved over to the other nipple and done the same with that one, before starting to kiss down my body moving slowly and gently kissing ever inch of my chest and stomach and she was getting nearer and nearer to my cock and I wondered what the hell she was going to do, then I found out and could not be what she done, my mother pulled my foreskin back over the head showing the pre-cum covering the head and I was my mother lick her lips and then to my disbelief she placed her mouth over the head and closed her mouth round it.

My god I thought my head was going to explode as feeling that I never thought possible hit my brain, I was in shock my mouther was sucking all my cock into her mouth and then started to run her tongue over the very sensitive blood filled cock head and I cried as these feels hit me, they were so sweet and sensual my mother had let go of my cock by now and just bobbed her head up and down and then she took my balls in her hand and started to squeeze then and run them around in her hand.

I could not take anymore my head was fit to burst I was crying like a baby with the feelings I was getting and I shouted out OH mum oh mum for Christ sake mum and I arched my back and I shot my second load of cum I had ever produced into my mothers mouth and she swallowed it down and her head kept on bobbing up and down on my shaft as it emptied it's cum into her I do not know but I am sure I passed out for a few seconds with the pleasure I was getting from my cock exploding once more.

The next thing I remember was my cock resting against my lower stomach and my mother running her tongue up and down it licking the cum from it and ever time her tongue touched the head my cock twitched and jumped, she kissed back up my body stopping of at my nipples again and these were even more sensitive then the first time and I had to shout out again and she flicked then with her tongue, then she kissed back up my neck over my chin and then placed her mouth once more onto mine and as before pushed her tongue into my opening my mouth as she did so, this time I could taste my own cum on her tongue and in some way it tasted good and weird at the same time.

My cock slowly shrank down to it's normal size and my mother washed it clean and replaced my PJ bottoms and told me to rest for a hour or two after that wonderful cum, and she left the room and I felt totally worn out and it was not long before I was asleep again.

About an hour and a half later my mother came to wake me and get me up for the day with both your arms in plaster you can not do much for yourself so every time I went to the look mum was there holding my cock and shaking it when I had finished but now she kept hold of it a lot longer and ran her hand up and down the soft length of it each time before putting it back inside my trousers.

We had lunch and it was late afternoon when mum came and sat next to me and asked what I had thought about what we had been doing last night and this morning, I was shocked last night mum I said but after what I felt this morning I am looking forward to next time if there is a next time I went on to say, yes there will be she said smiling I am glad you like it and I still can not believe that you had never wanked yourself off and never knew about sex I though boys of your age knew all about it.

She lent over me and kissed me on the cheek and then turned my head and kissed me on the lips so tenderly and then ran her hand down my chest and played with my nipples pulling them and twisting then in her fingers, this got me panting again and moaning softly Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Mmmmmmmmmmmm as she carried on doing this, soon she lowered her hand and undone my button and zip and opened the top of my jeans and placed her hand inside as she done this I moved further to the edge of the sofa so it gave her more room to get her hand inside, she curled her fingers around my growing shaft and pulled it free of my jeans.

She slid of the sofa and got between my legs pushing them open and bent forward and took my cock into her mouth once more, this time as her mouth went down over the head she ran her teeth down the head just touching it but enough to give me a feeling that shook my body as she did it, she started to suck my cock up and down sucking the whole 8" inside her mouth and I could feel the head touching the back of her throat ever time she went down on it.

Then she sat back up and she started to undo her blouse one button at a time slowly undoing then looking at me as she did, my eyes were bulging from my head as her tits slowly came into view, she slipped the blouse over her shoulders and it fell down her arms and onto the floor, the she cupped her breasts in her hands and squeezed then and ran her fingers over her hard nipple that were trying to poke there way out of the bra she had on, as I said my mum had a few extra pounds but was not fat by any means but her tits Wow were they big it was a wonder that her bra could hold these monsters.

Mum placed her hand behind her back and UN-hooked her bra and the straps fell down over her arms and she just held the cups in place and looked me in the eys and lowered her bra away from this monster breasts, as she lower it more and more pink flesh cam into view and wow O wow what a bloody fantastic sight this was, never having seen a pair of tits before and then to have these big balloons hanging there in front of me, I wanted to touch them but could do nothing, Mum said I see you like then my dear O you fuck bet I said just wish I could hold then, Don' worry my son they will still be there when you get that plaster of, O so we can still do this once I have this of then O yes she said.

Then she lent forward and she placed my cock between her big big breasts and squeezed them around it, Oh that feeling of her tits wrapping her tits around my cock ever time I thought the feels could not get any more intents they did, I let out a Oh my God Oh my God and she started to move her tits up and down my hard cock making sure that the head disappeared between the folds of her tits and having her tits touching my cock was so heavenly I was sure I was in heaven as she moved at a slow pace.

On and on she went tit I know know is a tit fuck and she squeezed her tits harder and harder around my cock as she speed up bobbing up and down devouring my cock with her massive tits, she and I were now moan out load both of us saying YES YES ho fuck yes yes, it was not going to be long before I once again shot my lot, mum was now going mad on my cock and I screamed CHRIST OH CHRIST as my cock exploded between her tits and as it did she squeezed her tits around my throbbing cock trapping it so my cum did not shoot out but was trapped between them, on and on my cock throbbed spurting out it's white fluid.

Mum held her tits closed around my cock until it started to shrink and it just came out between the and as it did my cum ran out the bottom of her tits and run down her stomach she let go of her tits and then ran her fingers up catching the cum in her hand and then looked at me and placed her hand up to her mouth and licking it from the palm of her hand, she went back and got as much as she could and when she had got all she could she looked at me and smiled saying thank you son very very nice.

She cleaned me up and then went of to clean herself up by the time she had done that and she had now started making the evening meal, half an hour later my beautiful sister came in and saw me sitting there with my arms in plaster and said well well we could shave a broom up your ass my dear brother and turn you into a scarecrow Oh your so bloody funny I said with a smile.

My sister was out in the kitchen and I could here mum and her talking, then I heard my sister say OH my god how big, so I knew that they were talking about what mum and I had been doing and the size of my cock, my sister went on to say so he had never cum until you took him in hand yesterday, no said mum first time ever but I think he is getting to like it I also told him about us sleeping together and he was shocked that two woman sleep together let alone had sex together, I hope you will help me educate him, you bloody bet said my sis I want to see that cock, not only see it but feel it in me, so you have not fucked him yet then, no just wanked, blow job and this morning a tit fuck and each time he came in bucket loads.

Oh well he will have two fantastic teachers he will be worn out by the time he has that plaster off and they both laughed.

It was time for bed so mum followed me to the bathroom and done what she had to do but then when it came to me taking a pee she called my sister I said no mum no oh stop worrying will you she said and then my sister came into the bathroom and our mum said he wants to pee would you like to help him dear, Oh yea she said and came up beside me and she looked into my eyes and smiled as she undone my jeans and slipped her hand inside without saying a word, her fingers were longer than mums and they folded around my semi hard cock and just pulled it from my pants and she gave a gasp as she looked at it Oh mu God she said wonderful wonderful was all she could say.

After I had finished she did not put my cock away but kept hold of it and lead me back to my bedroom like that, I was placed on the bed and by now my cock was almost hard, mum and sis stood at the bottom of the bed and they took a leg of my jeans each and pulled them off, I was now naked in front of not only my mum but sister as well.

Do you mind if I take hold of his cock first mum no you go ahead she said I have had it three times, my sister came round the side of the bed and took hold of my cock and her hand felt different to mums and she started to stroke it and she also pulled my foreskin back over the head, then she stuck out a finger from the other hand and ran the tip of one of her long nails down the length of my cock from the very tip to the bottom and back up again, God I shouted out OH MY FUCKING CHRIST SIS OH OH yes yes . And she carried on doing this for a while and then lent forward and licked the top and around the head licking up all the pre-cum that had appeared they and giving out a Mmmmmmmmmmmm nice very nice.

Mum came round to the other side and took a nipple in her mouth and started to suck on it, bit it,lick it and these feeling along with my sister sucking my dick god it was twice the pleasure of the tit fuck that morning, I thought that was mind blowing but this I just do not know how to put it into words I was in a dream state the pleasure running though my body wave after wave, then my sister cupped my balls and she squeezed them and with that I could not stand anymore, OH FUCK FUCK FUCK I shouted and my cum rushed from my cock out of the slit on the top and it was sent speed to the back of my sisters mouth and down her throat, she could not drink it fast enough licking, sucking, making sure she got every last little drop.

Once I had finished and she knew there was anymore to get from my twitching cock she raised her head and said to mum god my brothers cum is sweet so tasty I could drink buckets of that, yea it is she said.

My cock had gone limp now and just lay the in my pubic hair wet and sticky, mum left my nipple and moved round the bed and stood in front of her daughter and placed her hands each side of her head and pulled her forward and kissed her like she had done to me easier that day, it was great watching two women kiss like that as I said I did not even know until yesterday that women did that sort of thing.

Mum lowered one hand and placed it on top of my dear sisters tit and started to play with it pinching her nipple making her squirm as she did so, my sis was moaning Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mum oh mum that's nice between kisses, then mum stood back a step and took hold of June's top and lifted it up over her head and she stood there with just her bra on and her tits were small compared to mums they would just be over a hand full were mums you would need ten hands to hold one, but anyway June turned around and mum put her hands up and unhooked her bra and as she let the bra go it fell down June's arms and onto the floor and for the first time I was looking at my sisters tits and Wow they did look nice, nice and firm not any sag in them and her nipple were bark brown and longer then mum's June raised her own hands and cupped her breasts in her hand and squeezed than and as she did she closed her eyes and put her head back and gave out a OH yes yes as she pinched her own nipples.

Mum turned her round to face her again and bent and started to kiss June's tits licking them and playing with them and then like she had done with me she worked her way down over June's stomach and down to the top of her skirt, mum found the clasp at the side and undone that and lowered the zip and her skirt fell to the floor, OH Wow my sister was gorgeous loves long legs and shape any model would be glad to have them, mum was now on her knees in front of June and I could only see from side on and her bum was a wonderful shape like her tits nice and firm and a small pair of panties covering them.

Mum placed a hand into the side of my sisters pants and slowly pulled them down and the back of then slid over her butt revealing a pink firm pair of butt cheeks my cock started to twitch and see her like this, my sister was now nude and standing in front of me and with the body some women would kill for mum put her hands between June's legs and eased them apart and then with my eyes popping out of my head at what I was watching she lent forward and placed her face into June's private area, June gave out a long low moan as mum's face pushed into her and mum raised her hands and squeezed June's tits at the same time.

I had been forgotten about for the moment as they got it on together, after a while mum stood up and June stripped her off completely and now mum was standing towards me I still at this point had not seen June face on but when June pulled mum's knickers down I was shocked to see a thick bush of hair there I never knew that women had hair down below I just stared at it then June dropped to her knees and shoved her face into mums pussy as I now know it's called, her head moving up and down and mum was now the one moaning and she placed her hands on the back of June's head and pushed it harder in towards herself and I could hear a slurping sound.

My cock was now back to rock hard and standing up like a flag pole and wanted some more touching, June was still working on mum when I heard mum saying Oh June Oh June yes yes yes just like that Oh June and then her whole body shook and her big tits swung from side to side as her body continued to shake, then she screamed YESSSSSSSSssssssssssssssssss and at the time did not know what was happening but now my mum had a massive orgasm.

June now stood and she turned to me and for the first time I saw what she had and her pubic hair was not as thick as mum and was jet black God my god twitched at seeing that the June said Oh look mum we must had excited my dear little brother he is nice and hard again.

June walked over to me and took hold of my cock once more and slowly moved her hand up and down it's length, God Dave she said you have such a fantastic cock so long and thick and it feels bloody wonderful in my hand I can not wait to see what it feels like sliding into me.

Mum walked over to the other side of me and lent over me and pushed one of her big tits into my face and I sucked on the nipple pulled it into my mouth Oh your a fast learner she said as I flicked the nipple head with my tongue, mum was moaning softly as I did this I just wish I could use my arms and hands as I wanted to touch and feel them put sucking the nipple was wonderful and then I felt a mouth wrap round my cock and it was my dear sister getting a mouth full of my cock.

Mum looked at June and said well he has shot his load a few times not I thing it is time for his first ever pussy to sit on his cock, as I mum went on to say took his first ever lot of cum I think you should be the first to sit on that wonderful cock my son has that way we can both say we took his virginity.

If your sure said June know mater what I wanted but I must admit I did not care at this point, after having two women kiss,feel, touch, all over my body and suck my cock until it exploded then I did not give a shit who was the first to sit on it as long as one of then did.

June got up on the bed with me and knelt over me and I looked down and saw her pussy slit open as she spread her legs over me and I could see this little pink thing that looked like a small cock sticking up just inside the slit, June moved up so my cock was now trapped against my body and I could feel the heat and wetness coming from her cunt, my sister then started to move herself back and forth sliding up and down my cock as she did this my cock was rock hard and getting very wet from what she was doing and then she lifted herself up and placed her hand down between her legs and took hold on my cock .

Ok little Brother she said you are now going to see what having a wet pussy round your cock feels like, she lifted my cock and placed the head into her slit and moved the head around on that little dick I had seen which of course I know now to call a clit so she then pushed it back along the slit a bit more and the head found the place it was looking for her love tunnel, June then lowered herself down and I felt the head of my cock push open this tunnel and it folded around the head of my cock warm and wet.

As it slid in my foreskin slipped back over the head and as my uncovered head touched the wet walls of her tunnel I shook and held my breath as it rested there for a few seconds then slowly June started to lower herself down my now twitching,throbbing cock lower and lower she went and I was taking in sharp intakes of breath as she slid down then she was sitting fully down on it and My god I nearly fainted with the pleasure of having my first pussy round my cock.

June was saying something but I was in heaven and what she was saying seamed so far away, I heard her say Oh my god mum I have never been so full with a cock before you wait until you sit on this fucker it's wonderful.

I was in heaven myself mum's big tit back in my mouth and my sister sitting on my cock could sex get any better then this I wondered, then June started to move she slowly lifted herself up sliding up my cock leaving it wet with her juice then when it was just about to pop out of her she started back down it again Oh heaven what a feeling that was, slowly and tenderly June started to move up and down my cock she had her back up straight and was cupping her tits in her hands, twisting her own nipples pulling at then she was now moaning OH god Oh god what a cock OH god yes yes.

June was starting to move a bit faster now and coming down faster and harder slamming into me as she reach the bottom of my cock before pulling back up again I want to moan and cry out with her but mum still had her big tits in my face and I was still sucking on one nipple then the other mum was breathing heavy as I did this and then she shook and just said Oh Jesus Christ,sounded like a good one mum said June and she just kept on riding my cock and by now I was getting use to the feeling leading up to my shooting my cum so I told June that I would not be long now and with that she lowered her hand down into her thick black pussy bush and started to rub that clit I had seen and soon she was not only riding my cock hard ashe was rubbing that clit just as hard and then she climaxed ramming hard down on my cock and as she came her cunt gripped my cock and squeezed it tight and I felt her pussy ripple as her orgasm ran though her and that was enough to tip me over the top and I shot mu cum deep inside my first ever pussy and that pussy belonged to my wonderful beautiful sister, I could not have wanted more.

When we had both finished our climax's June lifted herself from me and as she did I saw that her clit was red from where she had been rubbing it so hard and I also saw a drop or two of my cum seep out of her slit and drip down onto me.

June moved over beside me and moved up the bed and mum moved down, mum took hold of my wet limp cock and placed it into her moth and started to suck it making sure that she had pulled the foreskin fully back to like all the way round the head getting every last drop of cum from me, while mum was doing this June had come up and then turned so she was not facing mum and once again placed one leg over me and now her cunt was directly about my face and Oh my god what a wonderful sight, her black pubic hair just split down the middle by her slit, her clit looking swollen and red and her pussy lips wet and covered in her and my cum, lower and nearer her pussy got to my face I had no idea what to do or what she was doing when her pussy landed on my mouth and face, Now lick it suck it and do what you want to with your mouth brother just get on with it and learn.

So that is what I did, I pushed my tongue out and it went straight into her pussy hole and I could feel the juice running from it and into my mouth and down the back of my throat, it tasted nice in fact bloody nice I was soon licking and sucking on my sisters pussy trying to get as much of her juice as I could, mum was still working on my cock sucking it and running her teeth up and down lightly over the head sending shivers up and down my spine, with what she was doing to my cock and feeling my balls playing with them, my sister still moving her cunt back and forth over my face making my whole face wet with her cum juice my cock started to twitch for the third time tonight.

Mum kept working on it and after a while she had got it hard enough to sit on so she climbed onto the bed and knelt over my cock and with out any playing around slid down on it, she cried out OH fuck that's good oh yes fuck fuck yes and she started to ride my cock for all she was worth, God son she said that's the first cock I have had in my cunt since your father and by fuck dose that monster feel good filling my cunt up, she was now slamming up and down on my hard pole which was now fully hard with the workout mum was given it.

I looked past June and could see mum's massive tits bouncing up and down as she rode my cock harder and harder she slammed down onto me then she stopped dead hard down on my cock let out a OH FUCK FUCK FUCK as her cunt walls gripped my shaft and I could feel her climax rip though her body and my balls and down my ass became soaked with her cum juice as it just ran from her, then she started to move up and down on my shaft again but this time more slowly, now mum was facing up my body riding my cock and June my sister was sitting rubbing her cunt slit up and down my face while I had my tongue buried into her love hole, June and mum were sitting facing each other and June took her hands and grabbed as much of mums tits as she could hold and started to squeeze then and then mum done the same to June each twisting and pulling each others nipples, they lent forward and started to kiss each other.

To this day I do not thing I have ever seen so much cum juice ran from the both of them as it did that night both were like rivers cumming again and again as the rode my cock and face, as I had shot my load twice already this night it was taking me longer to shot again for the third time but I think both of them were glad of that as they stop and swapped places and June said to me what ever you do do not cum in me as this load is for mum OK, Yea I said just get that fucking pussy back on my dick will you.

Mum now lowered her big wide open pussy onto my face and the thing I remember is thinking I came out of there as it lowered down and sat fully over my face and I started to lick and suck on it just as I had done with my sisters pussy a few moments before, then I felt June's well wet pussy open up and take my cock into it once sliding down from top to the bottom with out stopping my god I was in seventh heaven I had never in my life felt so much pleasure as I was feeling at that point,my head spun with the pleasure, the smell, the taste god just about every thing, my whole body was tingeing from my head to my toes,mum pushed down on my face and came again her pussy was shaking as she came and her cum juice just flooded from her it was hard to drink it all down it was coming from her so fast.

June's love tube gripped my shaft as she climax her body shaking and she kiss mum on the lips and they hugged each other as they both came together mum filling my mouth and June's running down my cock and ass, I then said if mum wants my load then you two had better change round as it won't be long now, so once more they changed places and mum did not hold back again as she placed my cock into her well wide open cunt she slammed down on my and she started to funk my cock like it was the last time she would ever be able to ride a cock she was riding my cock so hard and then I felt June's pussy hit my face once more and she was rubbing her cunt on my face harder than before back and forth back and forth her juice running from her.

Both mum and June screaming as orgasm after orgasm went though them, shouting things like Oh fuck oh fuck oh I love your cock, oh your tongue in my cunt is wonderful, oh you have a fantastic cock son, and that was it I could take no more I arched my back bit on my sisters clit she screamed and mum slammed down onto me as I filled my own mother womb with warm cum spurt after spurt erupted from my little hole in the top of my cock, it felt like the head had just exploded, My said out loud OH fuck son I can feel your cum shooting right up inside my cunt god your dad was the last one to do that OH fuck that's good.

Both of them sat there but June was the first to move and got up from my face and I took big gasps of air after having her sit on my face while she came, Mum stayed where she was letting my cum soak into her insides, she did not move until my cock had shrunk down again and just slid out of her cunt, when they had both gotten of me my face was soaked and so was my dick,balls and ass with all there cum and I could not wipe it off, so mum and June licked it all up from all over me I think they were hopping that I might rise again but after three good long fucks that was it for the night, I had never felt so worn out in my life, when they had licked me clean I said Thank you Mum thank you Sis I did not know anything about sex, now in three days I have been sucked off, tit fucked licked two pussy, and felt two wonderful cunt around on my dick, God I think I must have died and gone to heaven.

Both mum and my sister help me sit up and I thought they were going to take my to the bathroom but oh no they just sat me on a chair and climbed back onto my bed, mum turned to me and said you did not know woman had sex together well this is how it's done my son.

She lay down with my sister and they wrapped there arms around each other and kissed pulling each other tight June's tit squashed into mum's and it was as if mum's tit just devoured June's as they were lost from sight as they squashed against mum's big big tits, June was running her hand up and down mum's back running her finger nails down her spine making mum shiver as she did so, mum had a hand on the back of June's head and was pulling her close to her and kissing her hard.

Then June pushed mum over onto her back and raised her self above her and with her legs pushed mum's open and lay down on top of mum and there pussy's squashed together as did there tits once more, June started to move back and forth rubbing there pussy's together , both were panting for breath within minutes, they were kissing like mad as June work there cunts together and both were moaning Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm as they kissed.

June pulled away and lifted herself up on her arms and started to really grind her cunt into mum's just like she was fucking her with a fork but in fact there clit's were rubbing together harder and harder as June carried on.

Both climaxed as this was going on and both screamed OH OH OH yessssssssssssssssssssss as they came, but this was not the end June slid herself down her mothers body kissing it as she went until she reached that one hair spot she was looking for and within our mums clit with was tucked inside her pussy lips.

She pushed her face forward and stuck out her tongue and as she brought her head upward she ran her tongue along the slit and opened up her lips and as it hit our mother's clit mum arched her back and said OH fuck fuck yes and June sucked her clit into her mouth and started to flick the tip of mum's clit with her tongue.

Mum was moaning and shaking as June licked and sucked on and on then she brought her hand up between mum's legs and pushed three fingers fully inside and started to move then back and forth finger fucking mother as she still licked her and brought her to yet another earth shattering climax, June got up and turned round placing her knees either side of mum's head and she lowered her own pussy onto her face and then lowered herself back down and started to finger fuck mum once more, mum at the other end was licking June's cunt and then she too pushed some fingers into June's cunt and that made June lift her head and moan out load Oh Fuck mum yes yes as mum started to ram her fingers into the hairy cunt just above her face.

On and on both finger fucked each other, I could see June's pussy dripping her juice onto mum's face as she was having four of mum's fingers pushed hard inside her, as June lay there on mum she was squashing mum big big tits and every time June moved these massive tits shook, before long both were panting and short of breath as there got closer and closer to there orgasm's.

June came first and she shook and raised her head and screamed OH YES YES as her climax ripped though her and her juice ran from her cunt down mum's arm and she was licking up as much as she could get ot and while she did this she arched her back and she to screamed out and she came exploding into June's mouth, both licked each other clean and both had some more small orgasm as they licked at each other.

June got up of mum and turned round and lay down into her arms and they kissed and cuddled touching each others body June running her hands lightly over mum's hard nipples making her give out a Mmmmmmmmmmmmm as she was in turn running her fingers down June's spine and both were shivering with pleasure as they did this to each other, they seam to have for gotten I was in the room but hell I did not care watch my Mother and my sexy sister stroking,kissing, fingering playing with each other all I wished was that I had my hands and arm to go over and join in.

But as they had been on my bed for over half an hour my pecker was starting to rise once more so there I was sitting in a chair with my arms in plaster and this big hard on sticking out in front of me and nothing I could do to it but see it twitching in front of me, both mum and my sister lay they getting there breath back still running their hands over each other when mum lifted her head and looked over June's body and said to me see Dave that's how two women make love to each other, so what did you think of that OH I see you don't have to say a thing by the look of that hard cock you must have enjoyed watching us, I wonder what we can think of doing with that before we go to bed for the night.

So who is going to get his cum then June said to mum, well I am not sure she said I would love to feel his cock throbbing inside me filling me up again but then so would you, Wait a minute I said you could always have a lucky fuck, they looked at each other as if to say what's he on about so I said help me back on the bed will you so they did and I got into the middle right I said now mum you get one side and sis you get the other, so that is what they did June said ok what next then, right you two can not make up you minds on who is going to get my next lot of cum so I thing you should take it in turns to sit on my cock and you both ride it for two minutes at a time and the one that is sitting on it when I lets fly get the cum.

Mmm said mum that's fare lets do it, so June got to sit on my cock first but this time she sat facing away from me and lowered herself down on my rock hard cock and she started to fuck me rising and falling and I was watching her wonderful shaped ass bobbing up and down in front of me. Mum placed a hand on June's ass and stroked it as she fuck me then mum done something I had never dreamed of mind you I had not dreamed of anything I had been doing in the last few days let alone with my mother and sister, but mum slid a finger into June's ass hole and June came the instance the finger entered her juice was now running down my cock and over my balls and running down my ass.

Mum said times up daughter get of that dick my turn now so they swapped places and mum took the same way as June it was a shame in a way as I could not see my mothers big tits bouncing up and down as she rode my cock, June did not shove her finger into mum's ass she went round the front and took then big tits and squeezed them pulled then and twisted her nipples, Mum was now moaning YES YES OH FUCK I AM CUMMING OH FUCK and then like June she let her juices flow as she climaxed and once more my cock got a bath in cum juice, but on and on mum rode that cock that was my and buried deep with in her love walls.

Then time to change again this time my gorgeous sister sat facing me and OH how I wanted to feel her tits in my hand in my fingers me pulling and twisting her dark brown nipple making her moan and shut as I pulled on them, in time I know I would but now I just had to lie there and watch these firm wonderful tits bob up and down in front of me, June's mouth was tightly closed and though gritted teeth she was saying YES YES OH GOD OH FUCKING CHRIST YES as she bounced on my cock.

She looked down at me and asked you going to cum yet not telling I said you will know when I do you will feel my cock explode inside you but you will not know when until it dose, and it's mum's turn again, Oh what already she said but got of to let our dear mum back onto my pole.

Mum how ever did not sit on my cock this time but got between leg spread open legs and placed her massive tits around my cock and started to tit fuck me and as my cock was going back and forth between her tits my foreskin was being moved back and forth over my swollen head and this was making me get ready to shoot but not just yet, while mum tit fucked me June lent over my chest and licked round and round my nipples then gave them a quick nip with her teeth and each time she nipped them it brought me closer and closer to my climax.

On and on they both went and I could not stand it any longer I could not hold back any more as hard as I tried I had to let my cock explode and by God did it explode, my cum shot from the hole in the top of my cock up all over mum's face and then some shot up and over my sisters hair as she still had one of my nipples between her teeth, on and on it spurted warm cum shooting from it spurt after spurt but if finely gave up and stopped pumping and just twitched snuggled between mum's heaving breasts.

Mum let my cock slip out from between her breasts and took my cock into her mouth and sucked and licked at it making sure she had gotten every last drop of cum from my cock, June then went down to mum and took her head between her hands and lifted her head up and then licked the cum from her face she to made sure she had it all, when they had finished they looked at each other and said well that worked out well we both got his cum.

My cock now limp once more they took me to the toilet and cleaned me up and helped me back into bed, but did not put any PJ's on me but placed me in bed in the nude, June saying well if I get hungry in the night I don't want to have to get your clothes of first do I and smiled a very sexy smile.

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