The Sex Starved Mom and Her Virgin Son

Author: Kirstie Taylor
Published: May 11, 2014
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Thoughts of his mom unzipping his jeans and pulling his dick out. Mom wanking him off. Mom sucking his dick. Weird perverted thoughts. So wrong.

All characters and terms including 'boy' 'lad' and 'girl' refer to people age 18 and over.


Steven and his mom were sitting on the sofa. They were sitting proper close. There was no space between them. Mom leaned closer and kissed her son on the cheek. Steven pulled himself away.

"What was that for"

"I just thought I'd give you a kiss."

Steven gave a tut and wiped his cheek.

"There's nothing wrong with a mother giving her son a little kiss, is there" said mom.

Steven got a bit fidgety. Mom was being weird again. She was always like this when dad went away for long periods of time. He'd been working away now for almost two months. This was the longest he'd been away.

Steven moved away from his mom a little but she pulled him back. Again she kissed him on the cheek.

"Mom! Stop it!"

Steven rubbed his cheek.

Mother and son sat there watching the telly.


Steven turned to look at his mom.


She leaned in and kissed him again, this time on the lips. Steven pulled himself away. He was now blushing.

"Mom! What are you doing"

He pretended to disapprove but deep down he liked it, what his mom just did. He always liked it when she gave him this special attention, which she always did every time dad worked away.

Steven was a virgin. He'd never had intimate contact with a girl, and whenever his mom kissed him like that, it was the only intimate contact he had ever had from a woman. He always pretended he didn't approve when she did things like that to him, but he liked it really.

Mom had a fantastic sex life. She was 42 but had the sex life of an 18-year-old. She had a strong sex drive and when dad was at home they fucked like it was going out of fashion. But when dad went working away she got very frustrated. She missed him terribly, her husband, Steven's dad. She needed physical contact and the only way she could get it when her husband was away was to get friendly with her son. If she couldn't kiss her husband then she'd kiss her son.

You would have thought by now Steven would have got used to it. It happened every time dad went away. But it still came as a bit of a shock when mom kissed him like that. It was the way she kissed him. It wasn't the normal innocent kiss a mom gives to her son. She kissed him with passion, like she was kissing his dad. Even though they were kisses on the cheek, they were passionate kisses and she'd even made a little groan on a couple of occasions when her lips touched the soft skin on her son's face.

This was the first time she'd ever kissed him on the lips and Steven was shocked to find what was happening in his jeans after she kissed him like that. He may have pulled himself away and make out that he disapproved of what his mom had just done but there was nothing he could do about the tingles he was feeling in his cock.

No. This isn't right.

He tried to concentrate on the telly, take his mind off his mom and those sexy tingles in his dick. But the sexy tingles wouldn't go.

He picked up a cushion and put it on his lap. Under the cushion his dick throbbed into a full boner, straining against the clinging denim.

Fuck! What had just happened

Mom had just kissed him on the lips and he'd got an erection! That's what had just happened. Mom had made his dick hard. His dick felt great and it was all thanks to mom.

Maybe if mom wasn't such an attractive woman he wouldn't have an erection. No, there was no excuse for this. This was wrong. You don't get an erection over your mom. She shouldn't have kissed him like that. But he shouldn't have got an erection.

Steven didn't see the big smirk on his mom's face. He was concentrating on the TV screen, trying to take his mind off his throbbing nob. Mom knew what was going on underneath that cushion. She knew what she'd done to him, kissing him on the lips like that. She'd given her son a boner and was so pleased with herself. She felt quite sexy sitting there, thinking about that tender dick of his throbbing in his jeans.

For one slight moment mom felt a bit disgusted with herself. This was her son for god's sake. She hadn't had sex now for almost two months. She was gagging for it but...her son Maybe she should go out on the town and pick some fit young talent up. She knew she was well fit for her age. She'd have no problem. No, that'd be wrong. She couldn't cheat on her husband like that. This wasn't cheating on her husband, what she was doing. This was just a bit of harmless fun, flirting with her husband's son. She only kissed him. Ok, more like a snog. It wasn't her fault that he had trouble keeping his dick down.

Mother and son just sat there watching the telly for a while, not talking, mom getting quite moist in her knickers, son with the hardest boner ever.

Steven couldn't believe his mom had just done that to him, kissed him full on the lips like that. He could still taste her on his lips and...she tasted nice. This wasn't normal. He wiped his lips.

Mom smiled when she saw the cushion on her son's lap suddenly move. An uncontrollable twitch of her son's cock no doubt.

"What have you been up to today then, Steven"

Steven kept his eyes on the TV screen.


"I saw that Maisie Dexter today, son."

"So What are you telling me that for"

"Just saying. She's a really nice girl."

Steven gave a tut.

"She likes you, you know."

"Mom, do you mind I'm trying to watch the telly."

"I would have thought you'd be courting by now, pet."

"Well you know what thought did, don't you"

She knew it embarrassed him, the subject of girls.

"I'm only teasing you, love. You don't need to bother with girls. There's plenty of time for that."

Mom put her hand on her son's thigh.

"There are no girls round here good enough for you anyway, pet."

Steven looked where his mom's hand was. Mom kept her hand there. Steven started breathing heavy when mom's hand started sliding up his thigh. Her fingers slowly slid up her son's thigh, disappearing under the cushion on the boy's lap.

Steven pulled himself away when he felt his mom's fingers getting dangerously close to his hard dick. He shuffled up to the other side of the sofa, the cushion falling off his lap.

Mom's eyes lit up when she saw her son's tented jeans.


Steven's tented jeans were on full display. Although this was so wrong, he'd never felt sexier in all his life, showing off his tented jeans like that to his mom.

Steven's cock was proper pushing against the stretched denim, the outline of his cockhead clearly showing.

"Those jeans look a bit tight, son."

Steven could have got up and ran upstairs. He could have run out of the house. But he didn't. He didn't even put the cushion back on his lap. Instead he just sat there showing his mom that he had an erection. She wanted to see it so he let her see it. That's why she kissed him like that, passionately on the lips. She knew it'd give him a boner. Well now he had one and she could see it.

Steven was breathing real heavy and fast now. His heart was racing. He was hot all over. He had the strongest dick throb ever. And he just sat there showing it off to his mom. He even spread his thighs and pushed his hips forward.

Mom's eyes were fixed on her son's boned up jeans.

"We have grown up into a big boy, haven't we"

Weird thoughts filled Steven's head. Thoughts of his mom unzipping his jeans and pulling his dick out. Mom wanking him off. Mom sucking his dick. Weird perverted thoughts. So wrong. This was freaking him out. He shouldn't be sitting here with a hard-on next to his mom. She shouldn't have snogged him. It was her fault not his, her fault that he had a big throbbing boner. Moms don't snog their sons. Sons don't get erections in front of their moms.

He didn't move.

He didn't want to.

He almost undid his fly.

Whip it out. Show it to mom. Get naked for mom. Show her how you wank. Wank off for mom. Show her how big it is. Show her how tender it is. Let mom see it throbbing naked. Wank off and shoot spunk for mom.

What the fuck was happening to him

"It's ok, son. It's ok."

Steven sat back. He flung his arms over the back of the sofa. He left it up to his mom. Whatever happened next it was up to his mom, nothing to do with him.

He waited.

Come on, mom. Say something.

He waited some more.

Then she said it.

"You can get it out if you want to, son."


"I'm just saying. If you want to like."

Steven kept his eyes on the TV screen. Hearing his mom say that was making his cock ache. He wanted to take it out so bad.

"I know you masturbate, son. It's nothing to be ashamed of."

Carry on talking dirty, mom.

"I know you do it when you're in your bedroom. Alls I'm saying is, if you want to do it now, you don't have to worry about me."

Steven wanted to do it so bad.

His heart was racing.

"Ok then."

He went for it.

He kept his eyes on the telly and he unzipped his fly. He pulled out his big hot stiff dick with his mom sitting right next to him. This shouldn't be happening. It was so wrong, which is why it was so exciting. He took his hand off his dick and just sat there with it sticking out of his jeans, all hot and naked and hard as fuck, throbbing like it had never throbbed before, his mom sitting next to him. He knew she was looking at it. He couldn't force himself to look at his dick. Seeing it sticking up out of his jeans with his mom sitting next to him, it would take him over the edge. He'd shoot his jizz. There was no way he would be able to control himself.

He just sat there looking at the telly. He could feel the pre-cum dribbling out of his dick. His dick, it had never felt so tender.

"Oh, son. That's a lovely cock."

Oh fuck.

Steven felt his cock twitching.


"Oh, mom! Oooh!"

Steven felt his mom's hand on his dick. He had never had anybody touch his dick before. It felt amazing. He looked. His mom's hand on his tender dick. His mom was holding it. She wrapped her fingers round the thick shaft and gave it a nice gentle squeeze. Then she slowly stroked her son's dick up and down. Steven looked at his mom's hand going up and down on his dick. When she reached the top she slid her finger and thumb over the big fat shiny cockhead, smeared the pre-cum over the slit. Steven let out a deep groan. He looked at his mom.

Mom smiled.

Steven smiled.

"You've got a beautiful dick, son."

"Oh, mom."

Steven took his top off.

"You're a very sexy boy, Steven."

Steven pulled his jeans and boxers down, kicked them off his feet. He got naked for his mom, showed his mom his naked teenage body. He sat there naked on the sofa, his big tender dick throbbing proudly along his flat belly. He looked down at his boner then looked up at his mom.

Mom smiled again.

"You are a big boy."

Steven smiled, his face red. He felt so naughty, being naked and boned up in front of his mom.

Mom took hold of his dick again and Steven gave a little groan.

"It's ok, son, what we're doing. You don't have a girlfriend and I've not got your dad to keep me company at the moment so there's no reason why we shouldn't have a bit of fun. You ok"

"Yes, mom."


Mom smiled, slowly stroking her son's dick up and down, all the time looking at the expression on his face. He was clearly enjoying it. It was giving her immense satisfaction knowing that she was making her sexy son feel so good.

Steven just sat there with his hands behind his head.

"That's it, son. You just let your mom take care of it."

Mom could see how tender her virgin son's dick was so she was very gentle, not squeezing it too tight, hardly putting any pressure on it as she slowly jacked him off.

"You should be very proud of this, son. It's very big."

Steven smiled.

"It's almost as big as your dad's."

Steven got a bit carried away and started humping his mom's fist. He got a bit embarrassed then stopped.

"You don't have to stop, son. That's ok. You just do what you want to do."

Steven didn't carry on shagging his mom's fist, for if he did he'd squirt his jizz and he wanted the pleasure to last. This was the sexiest he had ever felt. Every part of his body felt amazing, dead sensitive. Not just his dick.

Mom ran her other hand all over his body. She had a right good feel of her son's naked body whilst slowly jacking him off.

"Your skin is so soft, sweetheart."

Steven's entire body was tingling under the tender caress of his mom's fingers. He was loving it, showing off his aroused nakedness to his mom. He looked at his mom and smiled. She leaned closer and kissed him on the lips, giving his dick lots of tender loving care. Then he kissed her. Steven, he kissed his mom on the lips. He kissed her just like she kissed him. He may have been inexperienced but he was a great kisser. There was so much passion in that kiss. Mom and son opened their mouths as they kissed. Into her son's mouth mom's tongue slipped.

Steven's dick was now harder than ever, now that mom had put her tongue in his mouth. His heart was pounding, his body now hot and sweaty. He felt proper rude and naughty being naked with a hard cock whilst his mom was fully clothed. He'd often dreamt about what it would be like having sex with a girl for the very first time. He'd never had sex with a girl but surely it couldn't possibly be as exciting as this, being naked and mom playing with his cock.

He had to do it. He'd never forgive himself if he didn't do it. He had to have a feel of his mom's tits. If he couldn't do it now he'd never do it. He reached for one of her tits, cupped it through her dress. The enormity of what he was doing hit him. He had his mom's tit in his hand. How fucking wrong was this He gave it a gentle squeeze through the dress, moved it up and down.

"Mmm. That's nice, son. Play with mommy's titties. There's a good boy."

He cupped the other tit, gently squeezed it through the dress, moved it up and down. He cupped his mom's tits as she wanked him off. Mom and son were being well dirty. Steven's head was in a spin. This was just awesome. He couldn't get enough of his mom's tits, squeezing and rubbing them through the tight dress.

Mom then went and took her dress off. Steven didn't expect that. He thought she just wanted him naked. He thought she just wanted to have fun with his cock. This was a bonus. He sat there masturbating naked in front of his mom. Whilst her son jacked off, mom unclipped her bra, the straps sliding down her arms and off her body.

"Oh, mom!"

Mom had great tits. Steven couldn't take his eyes off them. He'd fantasised about them many times and often wondered what they'd look like naked. He never imagined they'd look this sexy. He never imagined he would ever get to see them naked. He imagined they'd be drooping. After all, she was in her 40s. But no, they didn't droop in the slightest. They were fantastic tits. He had to tell her.

"Mom. Your tits. They're fantastic."

She smiled.

"Thanks, son. It's always nice to hear a compliment. I wish your dad would pay me more compliments."

"I'm not just saying that, mom. They really are amazing."

They were so firm and her pink nipples were well stiff.

He cupped his mom's naked tits. The feel of his mom's naked tits in his hands was almost enough to make him cum. He played with his mom's tits. He sucked one of the big cherry pink nipples, holding on to the big soft tit as he sucked away to his heart's content, his mom's hand lovingly caressing his tender cock.

Mom couldn't wait any longer. She gently lay her son back on the sofa and kissed her way down his hard lean smooth soft-skinned teenage body, holding his hard dick. With her son's dick throbbing in her hand, she licked his tight balls. Steven always shaved his pubes, kept it all nice and smooth down there. His balls were incredibly sensitive and it made him squirm when his mom slipped her fingers between his balls and his arsehole.

"Oh, mom."

He willed her to do it.

Suck my dick, mom. Suck my dick.

He couldn't force himself to actually say it in case she didn't want to suck it. A mom doesn't suck her son's dick. Surely. Being wanked off by mom was the most amazing thing ever. But if she would only suck it.

No. Surely not.


Oh fuck. She is. She's going to suck it.

Steven felt his mom's warm breath on the head of his cock. She brought her mouth close to it, her hand stroking the shaft. She lowered her head and...

"Oh, mom! Mom! Oooh!"

Mom touched the head of her son's cock with the tip of her tongue. Steven's eyes were fixed upon the tip of his mom's tongue as it flickered over the slit in his cockhead.

"Oh, mom!"

Mom's soft warm wet lips closed around the big fat shiny purple head of her son's cock. Steven's cockhead throbbed with intense heat inside his mom's mouth.

"Mom! Oooh!"

Mom sucked his dick, her lips moving up and down on his thick shaft. In and out of his mom's mouth, Steven's dick slid, her tongue swirling around his tingling cockhead.

"Oh, mom! Oh fuck! Suck my cock, mom! Suck my cock!"

Steven started thrusting his cock in and out of his mom's mouth, slamming his hips, fucking his mom's face. He knew she could take it. He'd heard his mom and dad having sex lots of times in their bedroom whilst he jacked off in his own bedroom and he knew his mom loved sucking his dad's cock. He was now giving her what his dad had given her so many times. He knew she could take it so he slammed his cock down her throat. There was no way he could possibly hold it back, not now that his cock was down his mom's throat and his balls up against her chin.

He let out a deep groan and the most powerful orgasm he'd ever had sent the spunk shooting from his cock. Wave after wave of hot spunk squirted down his mom's throat. Mom kept her son's dick in her mouth till it stopped squirting. She sucked every last drop of his cum out of his balls. She swallowed the lot, all the time looking into his eyes.

Mom brought her mouth from her son's dick. She came up and kissed him on the lips. Mom had just blown her son's mind. Steven's first sexual experience was a hundred times better than he had ever imagined it would be. And it was all thanks to his mom.

Mom had been thinking about having sex with her son for some time now. She never thought she would ever pluck up the courage to do it. She was so glad she had finally plucked up the courage to do it. Steven's dad could go away as much as he wanted to now. Mom would never ever be frustrated again. Now she would look forward to it, her husband going away. This was just a start. She'd just sucked her son's cock. No way was it going to stop there.

"When's dad due back, mom" asked Steven after getting his breath back.

"He won't be back till the end of the month."

Steven's eyes lit up.

"Three more weeks!"

And with that thought his dick got hard again.

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