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My Two Sons and Daughter

Woman showing boobs
Author: deepprobsix Contact: deepprobsix@gmail.com
Publish Date : May 26, 2014
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Kirsty got up and stood there and pushed her knickers down and I could not hold back any longer and shot my load as her perfect body came into view...

* * * * * * *

My family is made up of the following myself 58, 5' 11" tall and of medium built, have a cock size of 11" long and girth of 6".

My wife 56 blond,blue eyes just a bit over weight but nothing to worry about, she is 5'6" and has 40" beasts and boy oh boy they are great for tit fucking.

My oldest son Jon 22 years old and he is 5'8" tall and by the bulge in his trousers has a big cock like mine.

My youngest son Aron 18 1/2 he is 5'6 and is of medium built just like his brother I have never seen a bulge in his pants so could not tell you what size cock he has.

My daughter Kirsty she is also 18 1/2 as she is a twin she is something to look at and drool over, she has one hell of a body 36" breast, 26" waist and 34" hips and she like her mother has blond hair but piercing green eyes and just to look at her gives you a hard on. she is 5'8" tall.

So my story of my Two sons and my Daughter it all began when we moved into a new home as the one we had was not big enough for us anymore, the house needed some tender loving care and I like doing D.I.Y so I was going to do most of it myself.

I started with the bedrooms and I felt it was best to get them sorted out first and I was going to start on Aron's first as that seamed the worst and every boys was happy with that, so as I had a lot of work to do in there, taking up floor boards stripping the wallpaper re-wiring Aron was going to share with his big brother for a while so we moved his single bed in Jon's room and that was that.

As I removed the floor boards I was putting in new wiring and cable TV so each room would have the internet and I was working late one night my wife and every one had gone to bed and as I was only re-wiring I would not be making any noise to keep them awake, when I hear the sound of one of the boys saying yes yes Oh yes and then it went quite.

Well that must have been one of them wanking off I though and I wondered which one it was or was it both, this I would love to have seen and this popped another idea in my head why not wire each bedroom up wit a hidden camera that way I could watch they got up to and while I was working with the floorboards up and plastering some of the walls it would be easy, so the next day of I went to the local electrical shop and brought what I needed and I started my plan with Aron's room, when I finished his room there was no way you could see the hidden camera and it covered most of the room, all it needed was a power suply as the rest was WiFi so easy when I had the room apart.

Next came Jon's room and while I was working on that Aron move into Aron's room then came Kirsty's room and then ours the bathroom and then the whole down stairs, when I finished Aron's room is where the story really starts.

Jon and Aron shared the room as I say while I worked on Jon's room and each even I started up the computer and set it to record what ever happened in Aron's room, the following day every one was out leaving me home alone so I sat in front of my computer screen and started up what it had recorded the night before.

So it ran for about 1/2 hour and nothing but then Aron came into the room followed by Jon both just in there shorts ready for bed and I thought that was it but how mistaken I was, as they walked a crossed the room they walked over to the same bed and got into it.

Lucky for me they did not cover themselves up so I could see all that was going on, Aron lay on his back and put his arm out and Jon lay beside him and rested his head on his arm and they lay there cuddling each other I could not believe what I was seeing, my two sons gay not that I minded but I just never expected it.

So they kissed and cuddled each other for a while then Jon eased his hand down over Aron's stomach and pushed it inside Aron's shorts and by what I could see he wrapped his fingers around Aron's shaft and he started to move his hands up and down, Aron closed his eyes and Jon wanked him and he lent over and kissed Aron tenderly on the lips and they tongues entwined as they kissed, Jon then moved his head down and started to kiss Aron's nipples working on one then the other he was sucking them and pulling them with his teeth and Aron was breathing heavy and I could just about hear him saying Yes YES oh yes as his brother sucked his nipples and played with his stiff cock.

Jon started to kiss down his stomach and when he got to the top of the shorts he moved himself round and got between Aron's legs and took hold of his shorts and pulled them down and Aron's cock sprang out rock hard, Jon pulled the shorts right of and just threw them on the floor and turned back to the cock sticking up in front of him, it looked like from where I was watching Aron's cock was about 7" long and thick but that did not mater to Jon who just curled his fingers round it and started to run them up and down this shaft he had in his hand.

Once more Aron lay back and closed his eyes and was giving out low soft moans and his brother wanked him off then Jon lent his head forward and took the tip of the cock into his mouth and then moved his hand out of the way and slid the whole length into his mouth and before you knew it he had every inch down his throat and loving it by the looks of it.

He cupped Aron's balls as as he started to work his mouth up and down and Aron was now starting to moan out louder and say things like OH Jon YES YES OH FUCK Jon .

On and on Jon sucked and played with the balls in his hand Aron was now starting to thrust up with his body and Jon slid his cock into his mouth, then Aron pushed up and he must have cum into Jon's mouth as Jon held his face fully down onto Aron and he was taking all the cum right down his throat, as he lifted his head from Aron's cock he made sure his lips were closed tight round it and getting every drop of cum from it and then he took it in his hand and licked around the head to make sure there was nothing left.

Oh Jon that was fucking good said Aron fucking good, well that's what brothers are for, and then he lay down beside Aron again and they kissed again, this time Aron got up and told Jon to get on all fours and he knelt down hind him and placed his hands on his butt cheeks and pulled them apart and then ran his tongue up over his ass and then back down again, stopping at his hole and running his tongue round it over it and then pushed it into it, it was now Jon's turn to moan as Aron pleased him then Aron spat on his ass and then pushed two fingers into his ass.

When I saw this I had to stand up and drop my jeans and pants to the floor and sat back down and took my cock into my hand and started to jerk of slowly.

Aron was now thumping his fingers hard into his brothers ass and Jon was loving it from the sounds he was making, OH YES YES HARDER he was saying and Aron did what he asked but then spat on his ass again and then pushed four finger in and I could see Jon Butt open up to allow Aron's fingers to enter, Aron was going mad forcing his fingers into him, then my eyes popped open as wide as they could with another load of spit Aron pushed his whole hand up inside Jon's ass and this was the first fisting I had ever seen and Jon was in heaven by the look and sound of it.

Aron's whole hand was being taken right out before being pushed fully into him again and again, I notice that Aron was now getting hard again and his cock was swinging up and down as he rammed his fist in and out then he just pulled his hand out and knelt up and rammed his now hard cock into him and I saw Jon's ass close round his cock and held it in there nice and tight , Aron took hold of Jon's hips and started to fuck him hard and fast both moaning and grunting as they fuck I was still stroking my cock while watching this and I adjusted my chair and let the back down was I was now laying back more and I started to pound my cock as Aron pounded into Jon, then he held himself inside as he shot his lot up Jon's ass and Jon just said OH FUCK FUCK YES.

Aron pulled out and lay on his stomach on the bed worn out and was panting for breath but Jon got over the top of him and placed his cock between Aron's butt cheeks and pushed down and then it popped inside his brothers ass, Jon raised himself up on his arms and started to ram his cock fully into Aron that lay under him.

Aron was taking the lot and Jon was pounding down into his ass really hard and as he did he was saying YES YES oh fuck yes and then I shot my lot and it spat out of my cock like never before it was the most amazing cum I thing I had ever had, and then I saw Jon drive down deep and held himself in and filled Aron's ass with cum, after a while Jon pulled himself out of Aron and lay down beside him after a while they kissed and went back to there own bed's and I know that was that for the night so I turned of the computer and cleaned myself and the carpet up and went back to work, thinking how did I not know that my son's were gay well I say gay but they both have had girlfriend so they must be Bi-Sexual.

I got a few more nights like that over the next week or two while I worked on Kirsty's room and she shared the bed with mum and I slept on the sofa, I did not think I would get anything from there room like I had got from Aron and Jon but how bloody wrong can you be.

I once again was left alone and when to the computer and as my wife and daughter were sharing the same bed I just though that they would talk and go of to sleep but Di my wife got into bed wearing a small night gown that just covered her ass and I mean only just and then when Kirsty came out of the bed room I saw her most wonderful figure that I must say have dreamt about but never seen like this boy o boy was she hot, and I though well I will come back to this bit in a minute and just look at this and jerk off over her body, all she was wearing was a small pair of pants that did not cover very much.

She got into bed with mum and they lay there talking for a while and I was just about to rewind it to where Kirsty had come from the bathroom when I noticed that her mum's hand had moved over and onto Kirsty's leg and was being run up and down as much of her leg as she could from were she lay.

Kirsty pushed her head back into the pillow closed her eyes and opened her mouth and gave out a MMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mum that's nice, Di then moved her hand higher and it must have been now running over her pussy dam I thought why could you two not be like the boy's and take the covers off the bed. Then I though my god what a family I have and why am I the one to miss out on all this fun I have two sons fucking each other now my wife and daughter are at it.

Once again down went my jeans and pants and out came my cock for yet another pounding when I started to watch again Kirsty was panting hard as Di was doing things to her under the quilt then as luck could have it Di said I'm getting hot and threw the cover onto the floor and the sight that greeted my eyes was my wife had her hand inside Kirsty's small pants and was rubbing her pussy hard and fast and Kirsty's was squirming under her hand and panting hard.

Di then pulled her hand from inside Kirsty's pants and lifted her gown and was now naked and as she knelt over my daughter Kirsty lifted her hand and took a tit in each hand and squeezed them and played with them making Di squeal with pleasure, Kirsty paid a lot of attention to her nipple and then Di leant forward and kissed her and she took one of her nipples and twisted it and Kirsty done the same back to her, Di lay down next to Kirsty and they kissed and played with each other.

Kirsty got up and stood there and pushed her knickers down and I could not hold back any longer and shot my load as her perfect body came into view and her pussy looked so bloody fantastic it was shaven and I could see her wet gleaming slit and Oh boy it looked so inviting.

Kirsty got back on the bed but pushed mum onto her back and pushed her legs open and just pushed two fingers into her mum's very hairy cunt, Di pushed her head back and screamed out OH OH YES YES and Kirsty started to fuck her with two fingers and then she brought up her other hand and placed a thumb on her mum's clit and started to move it round and round, my wife was now squirming and moving around as Kirsty really fucked her cunt hard and then she removed her thumb and replaced it with her tongue and as her tongue touch her now swollen clit Di pushed her butt from the bed and screamed as she orgasmed and her juice ran from her and Kirsty removed her finger and lick it all up.

My wife then got up and pushed Kirsty on her back and was soon down eating her pussy out and she was licking and sucking her daughters cunt hard and then she told Kirsty to raise her ass of the bed and as she did my wife shoved a finger into Kirsty's ass and Kirsty gave a loud OH MUM MUM YES and while licking her daughter cunt she was now ramming a finger into her ass at the same time, I was now hard again and it would not be long before I was cumming again something I had not done fro a long long time cum twice within 1/2 hour or so.

Kirsty had her own tits in each hand and was really pulling and twisting her nipples and she was shaking with the pleasure she was getting, on and on they went until Kirsty stopped playing with her nipple and tits she placed her hands on her mum's head and pushed her head hard into her pussy as she had one big massive climax cumming into her mother mouth and she was drinking it down as fast as she could, then when Kirsty had finished she got up from between her legs moved up the bed and kissed Kirsty full on the lips and she still had Kirsty's cum all over her lips and mouth and Kirsty licked it all from her, They lay down in each others arms and as they did I shot my second load for the day and it felt so so good.

I finished doing all the rooms upstairs and had watched the boys and my wife and daughter quit a few times now and each time I had a great jerk off, they had said before I started the bathroom that they wanted a shower and did not care it we did not have a bath, so I fitted in a big what is called a wet room instead and everyone seamed happy with that, my wife and I have spent many a good sex session in there but that's not this story.

So after all I had seen over the last few months my son's getting it on together, my wife and daughter doing the same I did not think I could have anymore shocks to come, yes right.

I had to go away for the weekend due to work and I left the computer taping all room for the weekend when I returned the Monday I once again had the house to myself so I thought I would take a seat and look though the weekend tape and see what I had missed, the Friday night Aron had Fucked Jon while Jon was on all fours and then Aron sat over Jon and rode his cock, the same night Di and Kirsty got out a few Vibrators and pleased each other with them I jerked off over them.

Moving onto the Saturday night was when another big surprise meat my eyes and this one had my cock hard the moment I saw it and I was not far from shooting my load without even touching my cock that's for sure.

Kirsty came into the shower room took of her things and treated me to her wonderful body I just could not get over even mow how beautiful she was a lot of men would kill to have a woman like this on their arm and in their bed but here she was my daughter stripping of naked to have a shower and me her dad sitting back to watch her, she started to water and when it was hot enough she got in and started to soap her self up with shower gel, she was rubbing it into her shaven pussy lips around her breasts and up and down her legs and she just bent over and the sight of her ass just sticking up in the air, Oh what a bloody view.

Then as she washed her hair this is where I got a shock Aron walked in and Kirsty did not bat an eye lid as he stripped of and joined her in the shower, My god my son and my beautiful daughter taking a shower together he took a sponge and started to wash her body some more doing over her back and then turned her round and washed her tits and worked his way down to her shaven cunt and eased her legs apart and washed between then pushing the sponge in between her cunt lips and as the sponge touched her clit she had to put her arms out and grabbed the walls and she climaxed her body shaking.

Then when I though I had seen it all in walked Jon he also stripped of and now all three were in the shower both boys washing Kirsty and Kirsty washing them.

Aron was in front of his sister and once the soap had been washed off he bent forward and took a nipple into his mouth and she closed her eyes and pushed her breast forward against his mouth.

Jon was round behind her and he was standing close to her back and his cock was hard and resting between her ass cheeks and he had his arms round her and his hands were working on her pussy pulling her lips apart and pushing a finger into her lips and playing with her clit and again she came but this time the boys held her up, then Aron dropped to his knees and as Jon held her lips apart Aron pushed his tongue inside her and started to lick her cunt.

Jon let go of her pussy lips and took hold of his cock and move away from Kirsty's back just a bit then bent his knees and came forward again and this time his cock was not resting on her ass cheeks but went between them and the head of his cock popped inside his sisters ass and he just slid forward and they must have done this before as Kirsty did not even flinch when it entered her.

Jon now started to fuck his sisters ass and by god did I envy him having that wonderful body to touch,kiss,and most of all fuck.

Aron started to kiss his way up her body kissing as he came and then up over her tits kissing them and nipping her nipples as he rose up and then as he stood up his cock entered her shaven pussy and she let out a scream as she now had a hard cock in both her holes and they both were fucking her hard,

Kirsty was in heavy and she was shouted and shouted as these two fucked her like crazy, then with a nod they both pulled out of her and just twisted her round and then Jon pushed his cock in her cunt and Aron took her rear, Kirsty had her head back onto Aron's shoulder and she was just saying YES YES YES over and over as she had climax after climax rip though her body and if she had not been impaled onto these to cock I think she would have been in a big heap on the floor.

Jon was the first to cum and he thrust his cock deep within her pussy and let his cock fire away filling her with his seed, he held his cock inside her long enough as Aron filled her ass

he gave one large grunt as he pushed forward and his seed fill her Kirsty was still saying YES YES OH FUCK YES and she climaxed once more.

Both boys washed and left Kirsty sitting on the floor of the shower with the warm water running over her worn out body, I had shot my cum all over the floor and was just about to turn the computer of for the day and I thought I would watch the rest another day but then to my amazement my wife walked in naked and got into the shower with helped Kirsty up and said those two worn you out then my love, Kirsty said yes by fuck they know how to please,Yes I know they do said my wife, What What did I hear right I wound the video back and had to turn up the volume and yes she did say yes I know they can which meant they had fuck there mother and by the sound of it she loved every minute of it.

Once kirsty was up mum said I think I had better just check your pussy and ass to make sure they and nice and clean so she turned Kirsty around and pulled her ass cheeks apart and started to lick her daughters ass hole Kirsty had to lean forward and rest her elbows on the wall as she was so worn out and Di just kept on licking and sucking her ass getting as much cum out of it as she could then she said yep none left in there now your pussy my love, Kirsty turned round leant back against the wall and opened her legs and my wife pulled her lips apart and pushed two fingers fully up into Kirsty's cunt and when she pulled them out she put them straight into her mouth and licked them clean before doing it again and again, Poor Kirsty was cumming again and again as she was so so sensitive from all the licking,suck,and fucking she had had, just her mum's touch brought her to a orgasm .

My wife got up and helped her to her room where Kirsty got into bed and she fell right asleep, my wife walked out of there room and into Aron's she was still naked from the shower and Aron looked up and smiled and said just me or Jon to Oh she said both of you I want yo to do to me what you to done to you sister, So Aron shouted to Jon that mum wanted him in his room and Jon came in and he to was still naked, God I could not believe all this was going on in my home when I went away and why had they not invited me into all of this, anyway to end the story My dear wife stood in the middle of the room and Jon went round behind her and Aron to the front Aron took her tits and nipple and jon started on the cunt just like they had with Kirsty.

I shot my cum once more across the carpet as this two pleased they mother Jon was rubbing her clit hard and fast and as Aron pushed his cock up inside his mothers cunt she brought her legs up and wrapped them around his waist this stuck her ass out and this was such an invite for Jon that with out any more playing around he stood up and rammed his cock into his mother ass, My god she had never let me fuck her in the ass always saying she did not like it, she would get it up the ass next time we got to bed that was for sure, she was now screaming and shouting out as both her sons fucked her holes hard and fast and then like before they changed round.

Di did not put her legs up round Jon waist but stood there between them Jon ramming his cock up her pussy parting her lips and pubic hair and fucked her like mad Aron had his cock buried inside his mothers ass and was forcing it hard up inside her, this time it was Aron that came first and he filled his mothers ass with his warm sticky cum, Jon was not far behind and he pushed fully up inside his mums cunt and filled her womb with his seed and she orgasmed for the last time that day, both boys went to bed and my dear wife walked no staggered to our bed she had no-one to lick her out like she had done Kirsty so she lay on the bed and pushed some fingers into her pussy and dragged out as much cum as she could and licked her fingers clean doing this a few times and then the same with her ass, and then they were all asleep.

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