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Keeping Sex in the Family - Chapter 1 - My First Wank

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Author: DeepProbsix
Contact: deepprobsix@gmail.com
Published: 26-May-14 Revised/Updated 27-May-14
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As my cock was so long with one hand round it there was still a good few inches sticking out above my hand.

* * * * * * *

When I grew up in the 60's sex was not taught in school well not that much and I knew very little when I left school at 15 I knew what went where and that was about it and nothing changed until I was 16 ill and stuck in bed I was laying there one day mum and dad were at work and my granddad was looking after me and in those days we did not have a TV in the bedroom or hand held game consuls to play with so I just read books.

My granddad came into my room and ask what I was reading as he sat on the edge of my bed, just some old book very boring I said, don't you have any magazines he said like playboy or penthouse, what are they I asked him, they have stories about sex and naked women in them most boys your age have them hidden somewhere, I won't tell your mum and dad if you want to look at them he went on to say.

I don't have any I said never seen one, would you like me to bring some in tomorrow for you to look at he asked but you must not tell anyone it will be just between you and me Dave ok. Yea granddad I said sure would love to see them.

Next day granddad can to my room when mum and dad had left and he gave me a pile of magazines and I lay back and picked one up and started to read it, my eyes nearly popping out my head when I first saw a woman with big tits splashed across the pages, and by the time I had read some of the stories in there my cock was growing under the cover and sticking up like a tent pole.

Do people real do things like this I asked granddad when he brought me a cup of tea, yes he said some of the stories are made up but what they do is real men and women do that, my god I said I never knew I just though it was well you know just put it in and move back and forth shoot your cum and that was it never anything like this.

Granddad smiled and said well I can see you like what your reading my boy looks like you real got a big one under there, I tried to push it flat and went bright red but granddad said don't worry about it boy I still get a stiff dick reading them so why shouldn't you it's nothing to be ashamed of.

I am going to get a drink will be back later to see how your going with them don't go blind will you he said as he headed for the door, WHAT it's a saying son said Granddad if you wank to much you will go blind, wanking I asked don't tell me you do not wank, I would say yes or know if I knew what you meant Granddad, wanking is when you take your hand cock like you have got from reading those mag's and move your hand up and down the shaft until you cum that's wanking, my god I said I did not know that, so you have never do that then Dave my boy he said I thought all boys your age knew about that sort of thing, well not me I said and granddad went of to get a drink.

I lay back and picked up another Mag and read though it still keeping my hard cock covered under the sheet, then the next one I picked up made me look twice as it only had men in it all with no clothes on just covering there dicks with there hands and something, the funny thing is that these got me even more aroused then the girlie one's did so much so that I took my cock in my hand and started to move my hand up and down it's length as granddad had said.

Reading the book and rubbing my cock was giving me feelings I had never had before and it felt strange inside but good al the same, I was so into the magazine and rubbing my cock that I had not heard my granddad go back and he was standing with his shoulder against the door frame watching me wank under the cover.

He made me jump when he said see feels good to have a wank Dave looks as if your enjoying it by the way your going at it and the size of that thing you have under there, god granddad I said I did not see you there can you tell me why you have a magazine with just men in it, well he went on you see there are men that love women, men that love men and men that love both men and women , also women that lone other women. You see I like both but please Dave don't tell your dad let's keep it just between us can we, of course granddad I said so I take it dad would not like it, I doubt it and if you ever find you like men Dave keep it to yourself as a lot of people do not like that sort of thing, OK granddad I said but will I know.

Well you try it and see that's the only way and by the looks of what the effect that men's only magazine has had on your dick looks like you might be into both.

I must say granddad I do like looking at the men's magazine, well he said how about you pull that bed cover back and scoot over and let me lay there with you and we can read the magazine together what do you say, with out a word I took a deep breath and pulled the covers back letting my granddad see me fully naked and my cock sticking up like a big flag pole, OH my god he said when he saw it what a wonderful cock you have and you have never wanked it.

I though he was going to get on the bed fully clothed but no he stood that and stripped off and joined me on the bed naked and this was the first time I had ever seen another man's cock and it was limp and just hanging down in front of him, and he had thick black pubic hair that was really bushes, he lay beside my and he said wow can not get over the size of that cock I will have to get a tape later and see just how long that baby is and thing to god your a luck sod.

We lay back and started to read and I noticed that as we read granddads cock started to grow getting harder and started to stand up and then he put his hand around it and started to wank and I did the same, granddads cock did not have a foreskin on it where I still had mine and he kept looking as my foreskin slid back and forth over the head of my cock and what I now know as pre cum shone on the top of it.

As my cock was so long with one hand round it there was still a good few inches sticking out above my hand and the next thing I knew granddad placed his other hand onto my cock curling his fingers around it and gripping it just below the head so as we moved our hands down it pulled the foreskin fully back over the head.

After a while of us doing this I had a very strange feeling come over me I had no idea what it was it was just below my balls and I said to granddad, granddad I have a strange feeling I am worried that something is wrong can we stop please I , don't worry he said cutting me off it's just the feelings of your cum getting ready to come out just relax I promise nothing to worry about you know I would never do anything that would hurt you just lay back and relax.

So on and on we moved our hands up and down my cock and granddad still wanked his own with the other hand the feeling I was getting grew down in my balls and I was now breathing harder and harder and my cock was getting even bigger as these feelings grew, then a felt a pain and pleasure at the same time as I felt the feeling in my balls move and started to rise up my cock, Oh OH granddad granddad I said OH OH and then to my disbelieve I saw this white warm sticky stuff shoot from my cock head, spurting out in the slit that runs over the top, it shot out and splashed right up my stomach and chest and some even hit me on the chin and this pain and pleasure hit me like a sledge hammer and I felt so light headed and granddad did not stop wanking my cock as it spurted it's load and then he arched his back as his exploded too and he let it shoot all the way up over his chest to.

His cock twitched and shook and it spurted out it's cum and I just looked on open mouthed at the sight, once his had stop it was not long after that it started to shrink down to the size it was before and granddad had let go of my cock by now but it still twitched from time to time, granddad was panting hard getting his breath back and when he have he turned his head to me and said well what did I tell you nothing to worry about so did you enjoy that, Oh yea I said now I know what those feeling were it was fantastic, I must say I do not thing I would have carried on if you had not been here to talk me though it, thank you granddad. It was a great pleasure my boy he said now let me clean you up and he knelt up and took my now softening cock in his hand and to my surprise he placed my cock into his mouth and licked around the the sticky head and then took the rest of it or what he could get in into his mouth and sucked and lick it clean, when he had finished that he licked of all my cum from my stomach and chest.

When done he got up wiped himself clean with a few tissues and got dressed and said well remember not a work about this to anyone, you can trust me granddad I won't say a word, and thanks again for showing me, can show you a lot more if you want me to he said, really thank you I would love that, your mum will be home soon so got to go now I will see you in the morning Dave.

Can we do some more then I asked, yes if you want to he said I thing I should take these magazines back don't want your mum or dad finding them do we, Ok I said see to you tomorrow granddad and he was gone and I just lay there thinking about what I had just done and the feeling I had and I knew I wanted more of my granddad and could not wait for the morning to come round.

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