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Keeping Sex in the Family - Chapter 2 - Granddad Came Back

Author: DeepProbsix Contact: deepprobsix@gmail.com
Publish Date : May 28, 2014
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Granddad was really liking what I was doing, faster and faster I bobbed up and down on his cock.

* * * * * * *

The next morning I woke and had breakfast and dad had gone to work and I heard granddad tun up and had coffee with mum his daughter, then mum shouted up and said goodbye and see me tonight, OK I shouted back and a few moments later I heard footsteps on the stairs and before the reached my door I threw back the covers and lay there naked with a semi hard cock, as granddad came in though the door he said Wow your keen, well after what you done for me yesterday I just can not wait to find out what you can show me today.

Ok he said you must have like it then, Oh you bet I said, can I get you anything first he asked me the only thing I need is you naked and in this bed with me I replied granddad laughed and stood there undress and came and got into bed with me this time we lay on our sides facing each other and he place his arm over mine and pulled me close and pushed his lips onto mine and kissed me, I have never had a kiss like it before or since it was electrifying my lips tingled as he pushed his against mine and then he pushed his tongue out and at first I kept my mouth shut and stopped his tongue going into my mouth, but he kept on pushing it forward and in the end I opened my mouth and allowed it inside mine and he twisted his tongue around mine and then I started to do the same to him.

As we kissed his cock grew and so did mine and then were wedged between us fully erect and he allowed me to move back away from him just a bit still kissing me he put his hand down between us and I felt his fingers grip my cock gently and then he started to move it as much as he could between us.

My cock was hard at his touch and I put my hand on the back of his head and held held him to me as we kissed, after a while I let go and granddad stopped kissing me and moved away and told me to lay on my back and I did what I was asked and he them knew between my legs pushing then apart and looking down at my cock you reach over and take something out of your trouser pocket and it's a ruler, now you say lets see how big this fascistic cock is and you hold my cock and place the ruler along it and it works out at 11 1/2 inches and about 6 1/2 inches thick granddad said that that was the biggest he had ever seen and took hold off and he threw the ruler across the floor and took hold of my cock once more.

He held my hard cock upright and lent forward and stuck out his tongue and ran it round and round the head as he pulled the foreskin back over it, I had to close my eyes and just let the smooth pleasure run though me down my cock and balls up me entire body and as he put his lips around the head closing of the shaft so just the head was in his mouth and he was still running his tongue around the head and pushing it inside the slit as far as he could get it.

I said granddad I won't be long before I cum if you keep that up but as he had his mouth full did did not say a thing just pushed a bit more of my cock into it, as he pushed down and inch by inch slipped into his mouth my foreskin was being pulled further and further back and down my cock, with his hand still round the rest of my cock he was wanking me slowly and then I felt his other hand cup my balls and he softly moved them round and round in his hand.

That's when I started to get the feeling I had yesterday when I came for the first time ever but this time I was not scared of the feeling I just kept my eyes closed lay my head back on my pillow and let them run though me, I was saying yes yes granddad oh yes yes I am cumming granddad and as I got the last word out I felt the cum rush up my cock from my balls and it shot straight into granddads mouth and he swallow mu cum as spurt after spurt rushed out of my throbbing cock he squeezed my balls like trying to milk them to get every last drop out of them.

When he knew there was not more to come he let my cock slip from his mouth and move up beside me again he did not say a think but placed his mouth onto mine but this time I just opened my mouth but was then surprised when he let some of my own cum run from his mouth into mine and for the very first time I tasted cum and it was my very own cum at that, I must amit at the time I did not like it that much but swallowed it and as it ran down the back of my throat it's taste started to change some how and as it did, I got to like it and I must say wanted more.

Granddad I said can I try doing to you what you just done to me, well I was hoping you would give it a go I must say so yet go for it but if you don't like it just stop I won't mind I don't want you to do anything you don't want to.

So Granddad lay on his back as I move over and I got between his legs and this was the first real close up of another man's cock I had ever had, when I looked at it I could see it twitching and jumping as I placed my fingers around it and even though I had held it yesterday it still felt like the first time, I could see the veins running up and down the length of it but as I said there was not foreskin to pull back so I got closer to it and as I did I saw this clear drop of liquid come to the top of the slit and I stuck my tongue out as far as I could get it and licked it from the tip.

Granddad just gave out a long Mmmmmmmmmmmm my dear grandson oh you don't know how good that feels it's been so long since I had a tongue and mouth on my cock, and with that I took a deep breath and lowered my mouth over the head and took it inside and closed my mouth around it trapping the head and I started to do when I had had done to mine just a few minutes ago, OH yes yes granddad said as I licked the top and sucked on it and I slowly moved down on it as granddad's cock was about 6 inches long I got it all in I choked a bit but got use to it and then started to move my head up and down his shaft.

From top to bottom I moved my mouth and ever so often I pushed my tongue into the slit on the head and each time I did him arched his back and moaned out with pleasure, Granddad was really liking what I was doing, faster and faster I bobbed up and down on his cock and then I remember what he had done to my balls and so I cupped his and squeezed his and moved them around in my hands, on and on we went until granddad said oh oh yes I am cumming cumming and with that I felt his cock throb inside my mouth and I tasted my first cum from another man, pump after pump shot from him and I just could not seam to sallow it fast enough and I started to choke on it and had to let his cock flopped from my mouth, it still had two or three pumps left and they landed on his stomach. I shallowed what I had in my mouth and found it was a totally different taste to mine own, but once my mouth was clear I lent forward and licked the rest from my granddad's stomach.

I moved up and lay next to him again and we kissed some more, so granddad I said is this all there is to making love to a man or can you show me more, I would love to know and you show me if there is, yes there is some more we can do but only if you want to and as I said before Dave only have to say stop and I will do.

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