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Keeping Sex in the Family - Chapter 3 - Granddad Takes Me

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Author: DeepProbsix
Contact: deepprobsix@gmail.com
Published: 30-May-14 Revised/Updated 01-Jun-14
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Oh granddad I was saying with each and every thrust into my virgin ass and he was starting to move faster and faster pumping into me harder and harder and each time...

* * * * * * *

We rested for a bit then my granddad took hold of my cock again and with his touch was soon rock hard once more and ready for whatever he was going to show me.

He started of by rolling me onto my back and getting between my legs once more and as before started to suck my cock running his tongue up and down the full length and licked my balls and sucking one at a time before returning back to my cock.

I was soon moaning and moving around on the bed with pleasure and he then got my legs over his arms and lifted them up and placed them on his shoulders and he ran his finger up and down over my ass crack and played with my hole by moving his finger round and round it and placing a gentle pressure on it but not pushing it in.

Then he said ok my boy get up on your hands and knees, what I said what for you'll see just do it for me will you, Ok granddad anything you say and so I turned over and got up on my hands and knees my cock hanging at a angle hard and stiff then I felt his hands on my ass cheeks and he was pulling them apart and he saw now looking at my tight puckered hole and he pulled my cheeks apart even move and I was breathing hard wondering what he was going to do next and why he wanted me in this position, then I felt like an electric shock hit my puckered hole as his tongue just touched the rim of it, granddad ran his tongue round and round my hole and I felt faint with the pleasure it was given me, I had never felt anything like this before I was so light headed and I could not stop moaning with the pleasure, Oh Oh granddad I kept saying Oh granddad then as I said that he pushed he tongue into my hole and my hole shut tight round his tongue and he moved it as much as he could as I had it tight.

My hole slowly relaxed and he could move his tongue some more and it started to move in and out of my hole and my ass was getting wet with all his spit, on and on he licked and spit on my hole and around it then he removed his tongue and I was just about to say Oh thank you Granddad when I felt something enter my ass and it was his finger, Oh my god he just pushed forward and with all the spit it slipped into me and was not painful at all.

He started to move his finger back and forth in and out of my ass and each time he pushed it in I felt him curl his finger and it ran or should I say stroked my prostrate and I was having even more wonderful feeling and at this my arms gave way and my face went down and hit the pillow, Oh wow granddad I said Oh wow with that he pushed another finger in and I am sure I must have passed out for a few seconds as my head was now spinning with the pleasure he was giving me.

He spat on my ass hole again and he pushed another finger in from his other hand and was now pushing them full in this third finger gave me some pain as it went in and I shouted out but by the time he asked if I wanted him to stop the pain saw going away and I said no no please carry on just a bit of pain but gone now.

So he was now thrusting his three fingers into me and then I felt me pull my ass hole open a bit once more there was a sharp pain but not for long then he let it relax and moved his fingers again then pulled it open some more, now as he pulled it open he held it open and spat up my hole making it wet and slippery inside but I could not work out what as he had his fingers inside me as far as he could get them now so what was he up to, but I must say by this point I did not care as I was fully spaced out with pleasure and then he removed his fingers and I could feel him moving around behind me but had no idea what he was up to.

My head was still spinning with pleasure of what my granddad had been doing with my ass, as I lay there head on my pillow and my ass sticking up in the air as I was kneeling with legs spread as much as I could I felt granddad get up behind me and I heard him spit on something but it was not my ass and I did not feel anything then I felt something touch my ass how and I just thought it was his fingers again but when I felt his hands on my hips I knew it was not his fingers and it was his cock he had pushed against my puckered hole and he put a bit more force behind his pushing and as his cock tried to enter he say relax relax and it wont hurt you so much.

I tried to do what granddad said and as I did I felt it slid just that bit more inside of me and the pain saw getting bad and I told him and he pulled back and the pain went away but he did not take his cock right away from my ass he left it resting against my hole.

He lent forward and kissed up and down my spine and this made me shiver and it felt so good and then I felt his hand grip my cock that saw hanging under me and he started to wank me slowly and then without warming he thrust his hips forward and the head of his cock Popped inside my ass.

I had to scream as it opened my hole and popped inside the pain ripped though my body and brought tears to my eyes I shouted FUCK FUCK FUCK my god that hurt granddad yea sorry about that he said just wait a minute and it will go away unless you want me to stop and I will.

No No I said I want this what ever it is your doing lets just see how it goes and the pain was going away even now as we talked, he held his cock still with his head just inside my hole and the ring of my ass was closed tight just round the bottom of the head, how's the pain now he asked after a few moments it's nearly gone now I said, and with that he put some more pressure behind it and as he did it pushed into me about an inch and then another inch there was still a bit of pain as it move in but nothing like when it first went in, soon granddad's body saw up against my and he had his whole cock inside my ass.

He held it there not moving, as he did this I turned my head and said I did not know this is what you meant when you said men make love to men I just though it was what we done yesterday, no this is what they call gay sex man on man sex, so how is the pain now he asked me, fine now I said all gone that's good he said and pulled his cock back and stopped with the head still in me then pushed back into my ass until our bodies met again, he done this slowly at first resting each time he got full into me, but after a while he pushed in harder and then pulled it fully out and popped it back in and that did cause some pain again but after granddad had done that a few times all was great and I was now beginning to get pleasure and and not pain.

Oh granddad Oh granddad I was saying with each and every thrust into my virgin ass and he was starting to move faster and faster pumping into me harder and harder and each time he got fully inside me my face was pushed into the pillow with the force of his push, he had now taken hold of my hips again and was now forcing himself into me and pulling me back as hard as he could, on and on he went with me still moaning out loud with pleasure, yes yes granddad yes yes, then he said I god oh god I am going to cum yes yes oh god yes and with that he held his cock fully inside me and for the first time in my life I felt a cock throb inside me and then warm sticky cum hit my insides, Oh god it was a wonder my head did not blow of with the pleasure wave that hit me.

Granddad held me firm onto the fully length of his cock as I was being filled up with his cum, I could not believe how I could feel his warm cum running, no spurting up inside me and how good that felt, not only had my virgin ass had it's first cock inside it I now had my first load of cum washing out the insides of it, and I was in heaven.

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