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Keeping Sex in the Family - Chapter 4 - Dad

Author: DeepProbsix Contact: deepprobsix@gmail.com
Publish Date : Jun 1, 2014
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My cock finally stopped spurting cum and I just held it in as I did not want the feel of an ass round my cock to go away...

* * * * * * *

So granddad was on his knees behind me with his cock buried deep in my now non virgin ass and me on my knees and my head resting on my pillow as his cock emptied his last drops of cum into me, when we heard someone clapping we both turned our heads and saw my dad leaning against the door post watching us and he had a big big smile across his face, granddad pulled out of me and tried to cover himself up and I pulled the sheet back over me.

Dad said don't look so bloody worry you two, granddad said I am sorry son it's just but dad but his hand up and said stop pop's no need to explain I always wondered if you like men and much as women as I have often seen you looking at a man's ass as they have walked by when we have been out now I know that you are, so maybe I should tell you I do to so how about letting me join you two for some fun.

Dad came into the room and said well Dave how long have you been into men since yesterday I said with a big gulp of air, I never knew that men had sex until yesterday I carried on and granddad helped me wank of for the first time and today he took my ass with his cock and just cum inside me as you saw and that was the very first time to.

Ok he said now I know so you have not had your cock inside a man's ass yet then I take it he said to me, no dad not yet but must say if it feels anything like granddad has just to me then I would love to try it, well I think you should do it with granddad as he had been showing you what is what it's only fair that you have your first ass with him, I take it dad that you take it as well as giving it yes son he said I do and I would loves Dave cock in me and being his first.

So that was that I was now going to fuck my first ass and as I pulled back the covers dad said "O" Dave I see you got your big cock from me then as he undress and when he dropped his jeans he had about the same size cock as me and he also still had his foreskin.

So then said dad lets get started and have some great fun shall we, he lay on the floor and asked granddad to get over him in the 69 position which he did, that let me get behind him and have access to his ass and dad sucked on his cock and he sucked on his, as granddad had done to me I spat on his ass and on my cock and then placed me cock head up against the opening to my granddad ass.

I gave a small push and was totally surprised to find it open up and allow my cock to enter with out any trouble, and then I pushed forward and it slid in put I did not know how much of my 11" granddad would take and I did not want to hurt him as I did not know how far I could go, so I just pushed half way in and then out again and start to fuck his ass when he lifted his head and said wow that's some funk god Dave you can push more in if you want I will tell you if it is to much, so with the next push I slowly pushed my cock forward and slowly it eased into him, by now he was back to sucking his son-in-laws cock and dad was going to town on granddads cock to.

In the end I had it all inside him how he took it I could not work out but he did and I started to move slowly in and out pulling out until just the head was touching his ass lips before pushing in to him again, then as I felt that I was not hurting granddad I started to quicken up and pull out and straight back in and every so often granddad lifted his head and moaned out oh oh Dave oh oh you learn fast oh fuck that's good just keep going oh yes,again he lowered his head and took dad's cock back into his mouth.

His ass hole felt totally different to having a hand wrapped around it much tighter and warm and as I push in and out I could feel my foreskin being dragged back and forth over my swollen head and I could also feel the walls of granddad ass rubbing up against my head to and I knew I would not take long before I shot my cum,

I was now pounding into his warm ass and I was now shouting OH OH OH yes granddad I am going to fill you up and then I felt a hand grip my balls and play with them and knew it must be dad and he held on and squeezed and I unloaded my cum I pulled granddad back onto me and my cock let my cum fly up into his ass and it was like it was never going to stop I was worn out and could not move for a while as my cock emptied out.

My cock finally stopped spurting cum and I just held it in as I did not want the feels of a ass round my cock to go away, it was heaven so I had just had my first ass and boy oh boy was it good, in the end my cock went limp and I had to take it out and granddad got of from dad and turned to kiss me and said that was one of the best ass fucks I have had and it was the biggest cock I have ever had in there and I am so glad it was yours.

Dad have gotten up now and said why don't you sit on the edge of the bed son while dad licks you clean and see if he can get you hard again so I put some pillows up against the wall and and sat on the very edge of the bed and lent back against the pillows and granddad spread my legs wide apart and knelt down between them and took my very limp cock into his hands and then placed it in his mouth, granddad was on his knees and dad got down behind him and took hold of his cock and granddad had his second big cock fill him and stretch him open.

Dad was looking at me and smiled as he took hold of his father-in-laws hips and with one massive push rammed his cock from tip to bottom in one hard push and that pushed granddad forward onto my cock and he sucked it in, dad was now pounding hard and fast holding on to the hips in front of him, his cock was going in and out of my granddad's ass it was nearly a blur, dad then shouted oh dad here I cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and rammed in holding his cock as far in as he could get it, pumping his cum filling up his ass and it was mixing with what I had just placed in there myself not some 15 minutes ago.

Dad held his cock in granddad's ass until he went limp but by now after all the sucking I had had from granddad I was now getting hard once more, I wanted was more ass I had a taste for it now and wanted as much as I could have but time was not on our side and mum would be home soon but I wanted to fuck my own dad so I said I am sure we have time I just want you ass dad granddad was the first I just want to see if it will feel different with you.

Ok Ok dad said but we can not be to long I don't want your mum finding out about this until I have talked to her, both me and granddad turned and said WHAT you are going to tell her about this, yes of course said dad it was her that told me that she thought you were bi-sexual dad but at first I did not believe her and she knows I am as we tell each other everything so yes I am going to tell her, so granddad said ok son if you think she will be ok with that as I do not want to fall out with my daughter, don't worry dad said dad you won't and as for you Dave she had wondered if you were as you have never had a girl friend, but now I can tell her that you were still unsure about sex and you had never done it before she will be so happy that we have kept it in the family.

So dad told me to lay on the floor on my back and I did dad knelt over me facing me and put his hand round behind him and took hold of my cock Oh boy I am going to enjoy riding this beauty he said and with that he raised himself up and then shuffled back on his knees and lowered himself down and as he did my cock eased it's self into my own dad's ass, his cock was still limp from fucking granddad and as he went up and down on my shaft his cock was slapping up and down on my stomach.

Granddad not wanting to be left out stood beside dad took hold of dad's head and turned it towards him and pushed his hard cock into his mouth, dad just opened his mouth and took it and I placed my hand on dad's cock and held his soft limp cock as he still bounced on me, he was trying to moan as he rode my dick but with his mouth full of his father-in-laws cock he could not say much.

So granddad was moaning as dad sucked and licked his dick, dad also had his balls in one hand and with his other hand had one of my nipples between his thumb and finger pulling it and twisting it god that hurt just as much as when granddad pushed his cock into me the fist time but even thou this hurt like hell it was also very pleasant and made me fill that I wanted to cum.

Granddad pushed his cock into dad's mouth and I saw my dad swallowing as fast as he could and he was drinking my granddad's cum, granddad was saying yes yes oh yes as he emptied his balls into dad's throat, dad licked it and sucked it dry and seeing all this and having my nipple twisted this way and that and dad ramming himself hard down now my cock I wanted to cum and by god did I, I still had hold of dad's cock when I arched my back and dad knew what that meant and forced himself down onto my raised body and sat there while my cock gave pump after pump of cum inside my father filling him up and yes he did feel different, his ass felt bigger and not so tight round my shaft and I just guess dad have fuck a lot more than granddad.

We all finished and cleaned ourselves up and just in time as five minutes later mum came in and said oh dad you still here, yea said granddad we got talking and time just flew by, see you tomorrow you two he said and was gone, dad and I went down stairs and made tea which we ate at the table, dad acted like nothing had happened and I was so glad, after tea I said I was going to go and take a long hot bath and dad said ok no problem I need to talk to mum anyway see you soon, with that I knew what dad was going to do and tell mum what had been going on, I just prayed that she would not hit the roof and she would be ok with it like dad had said she would.

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