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Keeping Sex in the Family - Chapter 6 - Mum Cums Too

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Author: DeepProbsix
Contact: deepprobsix@gmail.com
Published: 04-Jun-14 Revised/Updated 05-Jun-14
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Mum looked at me and said why not take my top of son see what a real pair of breasts look and feel like...

* * * * * * *

So I went into mum's bed room and to my surprise she was sitting on the edge of the bed fully clothed her hand on her knees and as I walked in she looked up and said you looked shocked my dear what's wrong, nothing I said just though you would be undressed and in bed, Oh no she said you have to undress me that is all part of it working up to the sex is some of the fun of it.

Mum stood up and came over to me I just had my towel wrapped around me but you could see that my cock had begun to grow already as it was starting to push forward and showing a lump in the front of the towel.

Mum took my hand and pulled me to her and she planted her mouth onto mine and we kissed and I put my arms round her and pulled her tight to me and as we kissed I ran my hands up and down her back which made her shiver, I let one hand drop and rested it on her well formed bum and squeezed it gently and as I did this mum gave a Mmmmmmmmmmm so I knew I was going right, so I placed my other hand on her other cheek and gripped her even tighter and lifted her up just a bit.

Both of us were now moaning and my cock sprang up as I stepped back from mum and she looked at it and took hold of the towel and gave it a pull and it fell away and she took hold of it and gave it a little wank, making me take a deep breath oh nice I said.

She took one of my hands and this time placed it upon her breast I felt a tingle run up my arm as my hand closed round it and even thou the top she was wearing it felt so smooth and wonderful, I squeezed it and played with it thou the top and then raised my other hand and took the other one and mum started to moan and closed her eyes as I just played with them.

Mum looked at me and said why not take my top of son see what a real pair of breasts look and feel like, my hands trembling I slowly took hold of the bottom of her top and slowly ever so slowly raised it she put her arms up so the top would slip over them,

As I pulled the top up first her bare stomach came into view and her belly button mum was about 56 but she did not have a bad body her flat stomach gave way to the bottom of her breasts and I had to take a real deep breath as these wonderful balls of flesh game into view, her tits were just more then a held full and firm and very smooth looking her skin tone was light but her nipples were dark brown and they looked really heard and sticking out from her breasts, her top came up over her hands and I threw it on the floor and at first I just could not do a thing but stare at these wonderful tits the first real tits I have ever laid eyes on and with really trembling hands I reach out and as the palm of my hand touch her skin it was like a small electric shock and then my hand touched it.

The warmth of the skin ran into my hand and it felt so smooth and silky to the touch, her nipple was hard to my touch and it pushed into my hand as I slowly closed my hand over it and once more squeezed her breasts but this time in the flesh and no top between us, I then took the other one and felt them both, mum said now kiss them and suck on the nipples, I did what I was told and lent forward keeping one tit in my hand I let the other one go and as mu lips toughed it mum gave out a cry of OH OH YES and she placed a hand on the back of my head and pulled it forward squashing my face into her and her nipple sprang into my mouth and soon I was licking and sucking it and mum said bit it son bit it and I did, not to hard but I gripped it between my teeth and flicked the end of it and she just screamed OH FUCK YES YES and then she shook but I did not know why at this point.

I worked on both tits for some time and mum was going mad with pleasure and when I finally stood back she was very red in the face and panting for her breath, Oh dear she said you learn very quickly you sure know how to suck and please a woman by sucking her tits that's for sure.

With that she dropped to her knees and took my cock into both her hands and started to run them up and down the whole of the shaft rubbing her thumbs over the head as it came into view as the foreskin pulled back over it, Oh god I was in heaven and then I felt her lips once more slip over and round the head and her soft tongue ran round and round it licking of the pre-cum as she did so, after a while she stood and said ok my dear son how it's time for you to take my jeans of so get down on your knees in front of me.

I dropped to my knees and my cock was now sticking out in front of me and it ached as it twitch and jumped, ok now slowly undo the button and zip always take your time it all adds to the excitement and as I lowered the zip her pink frilly knickers started to come into view, once the zip was down she told me to lower her jeans again slowly making sure I leave her knickers on for now,

I curled my fingers over the top of her jeans at the sides and slowly eased them down over her hips and right in front of my eyes her pick knickers were coming into view and as these were thin lace I could see some of her hair she had been talking about earlier when she told me why it was called a pussy.

Slowly I pushed her jeans down to the floor and mum stepped out of them and I knelt back on to my heels and just looked at my mother standing there in front of me with nothing but her knickers on and I could she her dark hair thou the lace, mum had a wonderful pair of legs long and slender and as I look mum stepped forward placed her hands on the back of my head and pulled it forward and pushed it into her crotch, and it was then that I got my first ever smell of a woman's cunt scent I breathed in deeply and the aroma was overwhelming and my nose pushed into her slit the only thing between me and her bare pussy as she called it was this very thin lace, I felt a dampness on my nose and it felt warm.

Mum started to rub her cunt up and down over my nose and moaning as she did so, her body shaking as I placed my hands on the back of her legs and her skin oh her skin so gently to the touch and I ran my hands up and down her legs getting higher and higher and then my hands reached her bum cheeks and slowly I took them in my hands and pulled her tighter to me and as I did so she shook again and my nose became wet and that is when I wondered if a woman came like a man did.

After doing this for a while and my hands had been kneading her cheeks, she took her hands from my hand and I lowered my and she took a step back and turned to walk over to the bed and as she turned I saw her ass for the first time and how it wiggled as she walked over to the bed I had now stood back up and walked over behind her and she got onto the bed and lay on her back and looked up at me and said like son like what you see then, Oh yea do I, I replied you have a body that would look good in any of the magazines granddad showed me, why thank you darling she said that nice of you to say so, it's true I said and she then patted the bed beside her and I lay down beside her and we kissed again and I took hold of her breast again and pulled on her nipple making her close her eyes and moan as I did so.

Ok she said now kneel beside me facing over my body it did not take me long I can tell you OK she went on now start kissing my breasts and then nipples and slowly work your hand down over my stomach and when you get to my knickers push you hand inside them, mu god I was so nervous I was now shaking as I lent over her and started what mum had told me to do, once again she had closed her eyes and her breasts were rising and falling fast with her heavy breathing, my hand slowly sliding further and further down over her stomach my hand was just touching her soft silky skin as it went and then I felt her belly button over this I went and then I found my fingers touching her knickers top.

I ran my fingers back and forth over the elastic waistband and mum then raised her bum from the bed and I took that as push your fingers under the top and taking a deep breath though my nose as my mouth was full of her hard nipple, I push my finger down into her lower stomach flesh and then down under the top of her knickers, slowly pushing forward I had now idea what to expect and then my fingers touch her pubic hair, it felt thick and wiry but I carried on and eased my fingers thou it and then found the started of her pussy and wet slit, Oh YES YES she said push your finger into it, so that is what I did and as my finger entered it I felt this lump of skin and as my finger touched it MUM just cried out OH FUCK FUCK YES, and I started to move my finger on it and mum was shaking and raising her body of the bed as I played with this bit of flesh which mum told me later that it was called a clitoris and it was very sentience and gave a woman a lot of pleasure when played with.

She said move down move down further and I slid my fingers down away from her clitoris and push them down further my fingers were now getting wet as they moved down then I found the opening and pushed my finger into it and as it slid in mum raised her back once more but this time her cunt locked it's self round my finger and I felt it pulse as what I now now was her cumming, her juice ran from her and her whole body was like she saw having a fit, when It died away she opened her eyes and said well son you have just given your first female an orgasm.

Wow I said is that what that was god your seamed to really enjoy it mum, that was bloody wonderful son she said come lay with me a minute before we go on want to get my breath back she said, so I laid down and we kissed some more.

Once we had rested mum told me to kneel between her open legs and told me to take hold of her knickers, so I gently curled my fingers into the top of her knickers and slowly pulled them down and as I did mum lifted her bum just of the bed and the sides of her knickers slid over her hips and as the front of them lowered more and more of her black pussy hair came into view, my eyes were on storks as more and more of my mum cunt was exposed.

If was wet and her slit open and I could now see the clitoris clearly poking out and looking a bit red from where I had worked my finger on it, while staring at her pussy I pulled her knickers down of of her legs and now my mother was laying there naked in front of her own son legs spread wide opening her pussy so I could see al of it, mum said now lower yourself down and start to lick at it make sure you lick and flick your tongue on my clitoris.

As I lent forward we heard a noise from down stairs and I said dad must be home, mum said don't worry my darling he is sleeping with your sister tonight, WHAT dad is sleeping with Kirsty as in sleeping with her doing what we are doing, Oh yes said mum he has been fucking Kirsty since she was 16, now come on get and lick my pussy and stop talking, I lowered my head to within an inch or so and I looked closely at this wonderful pussy and I could not believe that I was just about to lick it.

My tongue touched mum's clitoris and she jumped and gave out a long low moan as I did what she had said and started to run my tongue over it,round it,flicking it and then sucking it and like her nipple I bit down on it and mum pushed her cunt up into my face as I did this.

On and on I licked and then she said put some fingers into me please please push them in and I pushed two fingers into her hole and the wetness or it as I did her juice ran down my fingers and over my hand and I started to move then back and forth while still working on her clitoris with my mouth and tongue.

So mum was shouting and screaming and I felt her pussy mussels tighten round my fingers again and this time they gripped tighter than before and mum came again her whole body convalescing and shaking as her cum juice just ran from her lick up lick up she panted and I did, it tasted like sweet sweet honey oh it was wonderful as it ran into my mouth and down my throat I could not get enough of this wonderful stuff and once I had licked it all up I started on her clitoris once more and it was not long before mum was shaking her head from side to side and saying YES YES OH FUCK YES and she pushed my head hard onto her as she climaxed again and again.

Right son she said once she had calmed down a bit it's time for your cock to enter it's first wet pussy, so started kissing up my body from my clitoris and work your way up slowly, so I started as she said with licking and kissing her clitoris and then up though her black thick pubic hair onto her lower stomach and I kissed all over her and in and round her belly button before working my way up her stomach until I reach her breasts and as I reached them my cock head was just touching her pussy and I could feel the hair touching my cock head,

I sucked a nipple into my mouth and mum gasped for breath and I move up taking her nipple in my mouth with me and my cock was now just between her pussy lips and I could feel her wetness and the warmth from her cunt, then as I let her nipple go and started to kiss up her neck the head of my cock slipped into her opening up that pick smooth hole I had just been licking and my cock slipped in and as I pushed forward inch after inch slipped inside her and as I kissed her ear lobe my cock was now buried fully inside her and I just let it lay inside her without moving just to take in this feeling I was getting in my cock, a tingling which was running up and down my cock giving me so much pleasure, OH Christ mum I said that feel bloody fantastic Oh my God what feeling.

After a few minutes I lifted myself up on my arms to take my weight of mum and then for the first time ever I started to fuck my first pussy moving in and out very slowly I wanted to take my time and not cum to quick, I eased out and back in again pushing fully into her, Oh fuck me fuck me hard she said don't worry about cumming to quick we have plenty of time to do it again so with those words I started to push in and out harder and faster, I was with drawing out to the tip of my cock before plunging back until our bodies slapped together.

Harder harder mum screamed as I rammed into her yes yes oh fuck yes oh oh and her cunt gripped my cock as I carried on fucking her and she climaxed as I rode her though it my cock covered in her cum and it was also running down my balls, mum brought her legs up and wrapped them around my back and I felt my cock enter her just a bit further, yes yes she carried on shouting I was sure dad was going to come in with the noise she was making but no he stayed with my sister doing to her what I saw now doing to mum I had no doubt.

I was getting very close to loosing my load of cum, Wow fucking a pussy was better that a ass but only because how wet it got I did not want to give up either and I was hopping to keep it in the family as it had been up to now by the seams of it.

Mum raised her hands and cupped her own breasts and started to squeeze them and she took her nipples between her thumb and finger and nipped them hard and then twisted them, she raised her ass of the bed and came once more but this was a big one FUCK FUCK FUCK yes OH YES she shouted out loud OOOoooooooooooo Fuck and this time it was my cock that her mussels gripped really hard and as it did I could not hold back and as I pushed fully inside her I held it there and my cock shot my cum out like water from a fire man's hose and mum squealed and squealed as she felt my cum filling her insides OH OH YES YES FILL ME fill me up she squealed and her orgasm just kept on cumming.

Oh my god mum that was out of this fucking world I said wow I had never dreamed having sex was so much fun, at school they just said where to put it and cum and that was it they never said you could get so much joy from it, well darling she said you will have plenty more of that and as often as you want it, just remember you tell know one, of course I won't I said, I lowed myself down and was now laying on top of mum again and her nipples dug into my chest and we just lay there like that and kissed deep and hard, my cock started to shrink and in the end slipped for my mum bushy cunt and it slipped down between her legs and she said lay on your back son will you.

I got of and onto my back and mum knelt over my head and went down onto her elbows and took my cum covered cock into her mouth and as she did she lowered her pussy onto my face and while I licked her cunt she sucked my cock, pulling the foreskin fully back over the head so she could lick the cum of all round it, I was taking deep breaths again and so was mum by this time.

After a while she got of from over me and I was now getting hard once more and she kept on all fours and told me to give her pussy a good fucking from the rear and who was I to say no, so I got round behind her and took hold of my cock raised it level with her cunt lips and pushed forward and in my cock slipped and once fully in I took hold of her hips and started to fuck her and now I knew she could take it I was fucking her hard and fast.

Once again she was squealing and shouting OH son oh son fuck me son fuck me hard I was now fucking her harder and I could not ram into her any harder if my life depended on it, Oh yes son she kept shouting and hearing her say that made me know I was doing ok at fucking my own mother, she had another climax and I did not stop I just kept banging into her forcing her forward with every thrust her firm tits being force to swing back and forth.

She was cumming again and again and now I could feel my cum starting to rise inside my swinging balls, Oh mum I said get ready for another load, OH yes yes son she said fill me fill me I want your cum as far inside me as you can get it oh son yes, after about another ten thrusts I felt it rushing up my cock and then force it'e way out and started to fill my mothers womb spurt after spurt shot from my cock and it was pushed as far as I could get it, I arched myself back so I could push as much of my throbbing cock into her, Oh yes yes I can feel it in me oh yes yes said mum, my cock stopped pumping cum and still gave a small twitch from time to time as I still held it as far as I could up my mother quivering cunt.

Then I pulled out of her and before she could move I turned over onto my back and slid under her sliding my head under her bum and between her kneeling legs and I hooked my arms around her thighs and bulled her down so she was now sitting on my face and I started to lick and drink at cum I had just emptied inside her that was not staring to seep out of her along with her own juice and oh what a taste it was, and the wonderful smell that was going from her my head spun with the delights I was in heaven and my whole body felt so relaxed.

When mum rose up and got of from over me we lay down and kissed and cuddled and I said thanks mum that was wonderful thanks for teaching me and letting me fuck you, I have never know so much pleasure I hope I was ok for you, son she said you were better than OK you were bloody fantastic for your first time you have completely satisfied me, come lets go shower and then sleep and we can tell dad and granddad how good it was in the morning.

Off we went we both showered and mum said next time maybe we can do it in here it's nice under running water, Oh yes I said that sounds good, we went back to bed and once more kissed and cuddled our tongues entwining in each others mouths, we fell asleep in each others arm I had the best nights sleep I had had in years I was so relaxed, I was woken by dad crashing around the room looking for thing and clothes for work, good night with mum then I hear he said, yea I said was bloody fantastic dad, well dad went on got to go now but tell granddad to come over the weekend and stop over as we are going to have a great time this weekend now we all know everyone is fucking everyone.

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