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Keeping Sex in the Family - Chapter 7 - The Weekend is Here

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Author: DeepProbsix
Contact: deepprobsix@gmail.com
Published: 05-Jun-14 Revised/Updated 07-Jun-14
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After a while granddad filled my ass with his cum and it felt warm and so so good feeling his cock throb against my ass walls...

* * * * * * *

Well Friday night got here and I must say I need the last two days to get my strength back after two days of fucking, Granddad just turned up and he is stopping the weekend as it seams we are going to have a family gang bang, I must amit after what I have done over the last few days I am looking forward to it as to think at the beginning of the week I never much about sex, never wanked off, or even kissed a woman or man come to that now I have done that and much much more, well tea time now and lets see what happens after tea.

We are just waiting for mum and dad to finish in the kitchen then we will see, Granddad is sitting on the sofa next to Kirsty my sister and Kirsty has her hand of his knee and keeps moving her hand up and down the inside of his leg and she keeps moving it higher and higher and then she touches his zip on his trousers and rubs his cock though then and he has to move as his cock grows bigger to give myself room, I for got to say my sister is 18 years old and has one hell of a figure so I must say I was looking forward to seeing her naked as to having her under me well that will be a dream come true, anyway now you know that lets carry on Kirsty unzip granddads zip and pushed her hand inside and took hold of his cock, granddad slipped forward on the sofa so his was nearly sitting on the edge and was leaning bock to make his body as straight as he could and Kirsty pulled his cock out though the fly's.

Granddad had his eyes closed as Kirsty started to wank his cock stroking it slowly up and down spitting on the end to make it slippery and granddad was giving out soft moans at this, then mum and dad came from the kitchen and said what you started with out us Kirsty and why are you sitting over there Dave come and join in, dad sat on the sofa and soon had his hand up Kirsty's top and feeling her breasts and she lent over granddad, mum came over to me and took my hand and pulled me from the chair and stood in front of me and we kissed pulling each other tight and my arm wrapped around her and as we kissed I gently ran my hands up and down her back and she shivered in my arms and said Mmmmmmmmmmmmm like that and I could feel her nipples getting hard tough her top.

I now had a good idea what I need to do so I placed my hands under her top and the back while we kissed and started to lift it up pulling it up and soon it was off and she stood there in her jeans and just her bra and her bust was bursting over the cup's of her bra and my o my did they look good.

I pulled her to me again and with my arms around her once more I unclipped her bra and pulled it round from her back and as she stepped back a step I pulled it from her and her wonderful breasts came into view.

I was so engrossed in this I jumped when I felt a hand on my jeans and someone was undoing my button and then my zip when I looked down it was Kirsty as dad had taken over on granddads cock and Kirsty was now pulling my jeans down and so I stepped out of them and she did now waste any time and yanked my pants down with one full pull and I stepped out of them to.

Mum removed my top and she pulled me to her again and her hard nipples pushed into my chest, Kirsty then took the jeans of her mum and now we were both naked and and Kirsty took hold of my cock with one hand and she was running her fingers up and down mum cunt slit and then pushed two fingers inside her and started to finger fuck her mother while sliding her hand up and down my now rock hard shaft she looked up and said to me, it's about time you joined in the family family fun brother, now I can have to massive cock to fuck me this is going to be one wild weekend and with that she placed her beautiful lips round my cock head and sucked it in and as she did she raked her teeth across the sensitive head making me shudder.

She removed her fingers from mum and took my cock from her mouth and mum was still kissing me at this time Kirsty moved my cock so that the head now nestled mum's slit and she was moving it up and down so my head was rubbing back and forth over mum clitoris and this made mum shudder and moan after a while Kirsty pushed the head down further and mum lent back just a bit and Kirsty pushed my cock in mum and mum gasped as it slid into her and Kirsty just watched as I started to work my cock back and forth and she took hold of my balls and squeezed them and I let out a OH god yes yes though gritted teeth.

Granddad was now naked and so was dad the only person in the room fully dressed was my wonderful beautiful sister and while I was standing there sliding my cock in and out of mum who was now getting ready for her first orgasm Kirsty placed her hand between us and started playing with mum's clitoris and I could feel her fingers moving round and round in small circles and this tipped mum over the top and she climaxed big time her body shaking and her knees nearly gave way but she just managed to keep standing, when she had finished she took my cock from her.

Mum walked over and joined dad and granddad on the sofa while Kirsty got round in front of me and took hold of my wet sticky cum covered cock and popped it straight into her mouth and she started to lick and suck on it Kirsty must have had dad's cock in her mouth many times as she took most it it and I could feel it going down the back of her throat and she was not gagging at all.

Kirsty's head was now bobbing up and down on my cock fast and each time I could feel it pushing my foreskin back over the head as it went down her throat, then dad came over took hold of Kirsty's ass and pulled it up so she was now on her hands and knees my cock going in and out of her and then dad dropped behind her and with one big push he entered her and his body slapped against her well formed ass, and from here it was a wonderful shaped ass dad started to pound her pussy and it was hard for Kirsty to moan but she did manage a Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm when my cock was on it's way out of her throat.

I heard mum giving a loud moan from over on the sofa and when I looked over mum was sitting on granddad's cock kneeling astride him, is hands up cupping her tits and squeezing them and twisting them, dad made me look back by saying Dave swap places, so I with drew my cock as did dad and Kirsty just stayed were she was and we swapped round dad pushed his wet cock into my sisters mouth and I knelt down behind her and OH my god she was just bloody fantastic her body was so perfect in every way, not a mark or blemish on it and the curves of her but,hips,thighs so heavenly to look at and as I have said before she would look great in the centre of any magazine and here I was just about to aim my cock and this pussy that was covered with light brown pussy fur.

Slowly I inched forward and my cock touched her wet pussy lips and I just eased into her and inch by inch it disappeared inside her she was much tighter then mum but then mum had had us two and plenty of cock by what I now knew about this family, I took hold of her hips and started to fuck her pulling her back onto my cock as I was pushing hard into her, I was moaning Sis Sis Oh Sis and I saw in the corner of my eye granddad now had mum on her back and saw over her holding him self up on his arm and really pounding down into her she had her legs bend up taking all of it both were moaning out loud.

I said Oh fuck Sis you body it's so beautiful and I am going to be filling it up very soon, but she could not answer as dad still had his dick pumping into her mouth and throat, on and on I pounded and then I got the feeling of my cum starting it's journey, my balls started to tingle and that grew and started to move up my cock from my balls, up and up it ran making my cock tingle all the way to the head and then as I rammed into her holding her back onto my cock I felt like my cock head had just split open and out poured my cum, pump after pump of my creamy wet cum filling this model of a sister that it was buried to deep in.

I held myself there for a while and made sure it had filled her and ever drop of cum was now very deep inside my sisters womb, I sat back onto the floor and my cock popped out of her cunt and as it did I looked and saw droplets of my cum apear on her pussy lips and I put my hand up and wiped it along her pussy and then placed my hand inside my mouth and licked it off, oh now mum's juice was sweet but this saw something else, it was divine heavenly in fact and I wanted more was I rolled over on my back and pushed myself under her and she knew what I was doing as she lowered her pussy onto my mouth as soon as my head we under her and I stuck my tongue out and licked along her pussy lips and pushed my tongue into it and then found her clitoris and flicked it with the tip of my tongue and like mum her whole body shook.

Dad was still fucking her face and I was not only drinking her cum and mine while I was still making her make more by playing with her clit, then I saw someone kneel over my chest and it was granddad he still had a big hard on and he had one hand on it and he was guiding it towards Kirsty's ass hole and as his cock touch her ass yes shook and shuddered and she climaxed and she filled my mouth with even more sexy juice oh my head was now spinning with pure delight at the pleasure.

Granddad was now fully into Kirsty's ass and he started to ease in and out of her and he started to fuck her hard when I heard dad grunt and he must have filled Kirsty up and shot his warm cum right down her throat and I could hear her trying to sallow it as he pumped it out of his big cock, as he was finishing I felt a pair of moist lips go round the head of my cock and it must have been mum.

She was sucking on my cock like mad and I was sucking Kirsty's clitoris into my mouth and nipping it between my teeth and flicking it with my tongue, granddad's cock was pumping into her ass hard and fast and his balls were banging into my face from time to time, and dad at the other end was just about ready to cum and with a loud grunt he emptied his cum into his daughters throat and she drank every last drop and then Kirsty came again filling my mouth with her cum and it was just running from her, mum now had my cock hard once more and sat a crossed me and pushed herself down onto it taking the full 11+ inches then granddad grunted and he rammed into Kirsty's ass and filled her up she shook as again she climaxed into my mouth, granddad took his cock from her and then got of from over me, this just me laying on the floor with mum riding my cock hard she was lifting herself up with her knees and then forcing herself down as hard as she could, dad had dropped to his knees and was licking granddad's cock and sucking any cum her could from it.

Poor Kirsty was worn out and slumped into a chair and just watched the show while she got her breath back, mum got of my cock and took my hand and helped me up and she went over to the table were not a hour ago we sat having dinner she lay on her back a crossed the table so her ass was just on the edge and lifted her legs and bent them so her knees were resting against her tits and like that her pussy was pushed into the air giving complete access to it and I wasted no time in pushing my face into it and darted my tongue into her deep pussy lips and into her hole beneath.

Mum squealed with delight as my tongue ran over her clitoris and Kirsty must have had her second wind as she came over and started to like and suck her mothers nipples, as I licked her I got a finger and pushed into her ass and she tried to pull her legs even high so I could get it in even further, Kirsty and I stayed like this for some time and mum was squirming all over the place having orgasm after orgasm and then I stood up and took my cock into my hand and ran the head up and down the dark haired pussy it front of me just pushing it in enough to enter between her lips but not enough to enter her and she was now screaming out FUCK ME FUCK ME I WANT IT I CAN NOT TAKE ANY MORE PLEASE FUCK ME and that is what I did as my cock slipped down from the top of her slit it ran over her clitoris and down her slit a bit more then found her wet wet hole and with that I lunged into her fully penetrating into her and her cunt gripped my cock and she exploded with one almighty orgasm.

Dad had now got hard once now and her got behind Kirsty and pushed his cock into her light brown furry cunt and as he did she bit down onto her mother nipple making her squeal again and again, then Granddad came round behind me and as I fucked mum he placed his hands around me found my nipples and took them in his fingers and nipped them between his finger nails and then twisted them so hard I nearly shot my lot as the pain ripped though my body, he then let go and bent down behind me and spat on my ass hole and shoved in two fingers.

Once he had me opened up he stood back up put a hand on his dick lined it up with my ass and pushed it in, as his head entered my ass the pain shoot though me again like the first time but not so bad and quickly died away and he was now pushing forward and when he was full in me he nipped my nipples once again and as he did he withdrew and rammed back into me and the force of him pushing into me pushed me harder into mum, her cunt was now like a river her juice running freely from it.

Soon I was getting ready to cum once more and with granddad fucking my ass I was getting ready to shot a big load, I rammed home a few more times and then I just could not hold back any longer and my cock exploded inside mum filling her fully, but what I did not expect was how different cumming felt with a cock still pounding your ass, my god wave after wave of pleasure hit me like a freight train, I felt faint with it as granddad's cock just kept on pounding into me hitting my prostrate each time sending shock waves though me, and with all this pleasure my cock did not go limp but kept hard and I started to fuck my gorgeous sisters cunt once more.

After a while granddad filled my ass with his cum and it felt warm and so so good feeling his cock throb against my ass walls and his warm cum pushing it's way from his cock and splashing it's self inside me.

When granddad removed his cock from me I removed mine from mum and dad was still fucking his daughter hard and fast and I still had a hard on that needed to be doing something so I went round behind dad and pushed my cock into him he gave out a yell as I entered him and shouted oh yes son fuck that ass hard, and as I started to fuck him I saw granddad kneel between mum's now lowered legs and pushed his face into her cunt, dad came and filled up Kirsty's pussy and feeling him cum made me shoot my load into his ass, mum then came into granddad's mouth we could not have all timed it better if we had tried to.

Worn out and nackard we all sat down and all agreed that we would now wait until tomorrow before carrying on, we all just sat around naked and had wine and beer before turning in for the night.

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