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Keeping Sex in the Family - Chapter 8 - Kirsty and I

Author: DeepProbsix Contact: deepprobsix@gmail.com
Publish Date : Jun 7, 2014
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I was still working on her tits and clitoris and then curled my fingers into the edge of her by now wet wet hole and they just slid inside her...

* * * * * * *

We all went up to bed but on the way up I said to Kirsty would you mind sis if I slept with you tonight just you have such a bloody fantastic body and man would kill for I would just love to have you beside me, you don't have to ask she said you can sleep with me anytime now your into this family thing, Thanks I said and I will just go have a shower and be with you, why go to your room when you could come and shower with me she said.

So we went to her room and we did not have to undress as we were all still naked and Kirsty started the shower and we got in, now there was not much room but enough for us two and I took a sponge and start to run it over her back and washed down over her perfect bum and she said Mmmmmmmmmmm as I worked the sponge between her cheeks and she bent forward enough to make it easer and I worked all down her legs when I reached her feet she turned round and now I started back up her body, feet legs, thighs, and she opened her legs so I could wash between them and I ran the soap covered sponge over her light brown pussy fur and pushed and washed her pussy lips and touched her clit and she shuddered, I worked up over her stomach and then her tits rubbing the sponge round and round on her nipples, it was not long before they were so hard.

She then wash me over and went she came back up me legs and she took my cock into her hand and put some more shower gel on the sponge and then pulled my foreskin back and washed round and round my cock head and my god feeling the rough sponge on my sensitive head soon got me hard once more, Kirsty finished off washing me and then she stood close to me and we kissed our tongues entwining in each others mouths and I put my arms around her and pulled her close.

My cock was trapped between our stomach's as we held each other tight and her nipples pushed into my chest and here I stood in a shower holding my naked sister tight to me and knowing that any man would kill me to be here in stead of me Oh how fucking lucky I was a week ago I would not have dreamt that is would ever have happened to me but here I was.

We kissed for a while then turned the water of and when we got out we dried each other off and drying of my sister was a wonderful experience I can tell you to run a towel though her pussy hair and over her nipples to see them grow to the touch of the towel and the feeling it was giving Kirsty so she had to close her eyes and give out low soft moan's of pleasure and I rubbed her down.

When we were dry Kirsty started to walk from the bathroom but I took her hand and pulled her to me and we kissed again and as we kissed I lifted her up and took her naked body and lowered her onto the bed gently resting her head on the pillow.

All night we had been fucking hard and fast but now I had Kirsty all to my self I wanted to take it slow and gentle and I told her this and she just nodded and smiled, I got on the bed beside her and lent over and kissed her once more but this time I took one of her perfect sized breasts into the palm of my hand and started to kneed it and squeeze it pulling at the nipple, though our kissing Kirsty was giving out low soft moans as I played with her tit and I moved back and forth between the two.

Then I pulled away and moved down so I could started to kiss her nipples and her breasts Kirsty's breasts were rising and falling fast with her breathing and she was getting to moan louder and louder as I kissed, nipped, and licked her tits, and I remembered what I had done to mum that first time so I got my hand and every so lightly ran it down and round over her stomach finally reaching the top of her pubic hair.

As my finger entered her pubic hair she took a deep breath and raised her body of the bed and trembled as a small orgasm went though her Kirsty let out a O Dave yes yes as my finger continues on it's way down though her pussy fur and then down into the top of her slit, pushing down further I hit that little button of skin and started to move my finger round on it with that she arched her back high in the air and shouted OH FUCK YES and as she relaxed she was panting like mad.

I was still working on her tits and clitoris and then curled my fingers into the edge of her by now wet wet hole and they just slid inside her and she gripped them with her mussels and as I pushed further into her she kept her mussels tight on my fingers, yes yes she said as I pushed another finger into her and then I curled my fingers upwards and I found something I had not felt before and little round rough patch of skin and when I touched this Kirsty looked like she was fitting as her body shook so violently and the more I touched it the more and more she shook and then her pussy mussels gripped my fingers so blood tight I could not even move them she came so hard that it looked like she was weeing herself her cum shot from her and covered the bed between her legs and she was now screaming at the top of her voice FUCK FUCK YES YES OH FUCK YES and this went on for some time until her pussy mussels relaxed and let my fingers go and I eased them from her and I did not want to waste any of her sweet sweet honey so I quickly moved down between her legs and started to lap it up it had run down between her ass cheeks so I lifted her legs and spread them apart so her cheeks parted and I ran my tongue completely up and down her ass and cunt licking every single bit of her cum before lowering her legs and pushed my face into her cunt once more and as I did she closed her legs around my neck and pulled my face hard into her cunt and my mouth was right over her hole and I pushed my tongue as far into her as I could get it.

When she had lowed her legs from around my neck and started to kiss back up her body and stopped at her tits to give them another good sucking and licking, but as my cock is long it was already touching her lips and I could feel her wetness on the head and my cock was not twitching wanting to enter this hot wet love tunnel that belonged to my sister.

As I kissed up from her breasts my cock inched in inch by inch filling her and it was taking her breath away as it slipped into her and then it was fully inside her and our pubic hair was together and as just gave small thrusts into her to start with, I was going to take this slowly and not rush as we had been so I slowly raised myself up on my arms and looked down into her beautiful green eyes and her face was glowing and her smile oh her smile so sexy and I lowered my head and kissed her as I slowly pulled back and then slowly into her once more and I started to fuck her very slowly pulling right out before gently pushing back into her.

Oh how her wet hot pussy lips folded around my cock as I pushed back into her each time, she lay there beneath me eyes now closed mouth just open moaning with each and ever push into her Yes yes she kept on saying and with each push into her she raised her bum just of the bed to push against my forward push, time and time again Kirsty had small climaxes and then she slipped a hand down between us and started to move her finger round and round on her clitoris and she started to shake after she had been doing this for a while and then her pussy gripped me tight and she had one massive climax and she shook under me and I still carried on fucking her slowly and she carried on rubbing her clit and I was not going to be long before I came and she seamed to know it as she said OH YES BROTHER fill me fill me up with your wonderful cum, and I pushed into her and then one last push and held myself inside her as my cock pushed cum load after cum load deep inside her and she said OH OH yes OH GOD THAT FEELS WONDERFUL MY DARLING BROTHER and then she came once more not quite and big as the last one but not far of.

When I had gone limp and slipped from her I got of from her and turned round into the 69 and we each cleaned each other off by licking and sucking until both of us had all the cum from each other, I turned round and we kissed and then fell asleep in each others arms and we were still like that in the morning.

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