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Keeping Sex in the Family - Chapter 9 - Saturday and Sunday

Woman showing boobs
Author: DeepProbsix Contact: deepprobsix@gmail.com
Publish Date : Jun 7, 2014
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Dad was really licking and now finger fucking Kirsty hard and she orgasmed and dad drank her sexy juice licking it up from around her pussy lips...

* * * * * * *

So we lay in bed together my sister and I just talking and I was telling her how beautiful she was and how I just could not believe how I had been lucky enough to make love to her, I said that to someone like me it was only ever a dream to be in bed with someone like her and she blushed and said don't be silly Dave, we got up and showered alone this time and I went to get breakfast and see what mum dad and granddad were up to, as I walked past the bedroom door of mum and dad's room dad grabbed my arm and pulled me into the room.

There tied to the bed was mum, she was on her back arm above her head tied to the corners of the headboard, and her legs spread wide and each tied to of the bottom bed posts, she had a vibrator buzzing away in her cunt and a clitoris stimulator strapped to her and she was just about to orgasm as I walked in and the sight that greeted my eyes as mum rose her but from the bed and orgasmed made my cock grow instantly and dad said that my boy.

I went over and kissed mum on the lips and asked how long have you been tied up for, the last half hour or so she said but I will be here all day apart from and she had to stop to climax again then carried on saying going to the toilet so any of you can come in when you wish and use me as you want it is Kirsty's turn tomorrow.

So mum said what are you waiting for use me and with that I got on the bed and pinched her nipples and pulled them so I nearly lifted her of the bed and when I had them pulled as far out as I dare I twisted then as hard as I could mum squealed OH OH yes yes yes and she came again then I gently ran my palm over her rock hard nipples just touching them and she gave a long low moan and shivered, I pulled one in my mouth and bit on it as I pulled the other one again she squealed out loud FUCK FUCK FUCK and then I worked my way down her body her stomach raising and falling fast with her heavy breathing as I reach her pubic hair she held her breath as I ran my tongue though it and as she breathed out with a Oooooooooooooooooooooooo yes and I pulled the thing that had been buzzing away on her clitoris away and pushed my tongue in between her pussy lips and found her clitoris hard and ready to be sucked into my mouth and I suck it as hard as I could to get as much of it in as I could then bit down on it, mum rose her but from the bed and she exploded and her cum spurted out from around the sides of the vibrator and ran down her but and onto the bed.

I was son working hard on her clitoris and she climaxed again and again as I moved my finger and mouth round and round on it, then I unfastened the vibrator and pulled it from her and as I did the cum juice that it had been holding inside her ran out like a river I ran the tip of the vibrator over her clitoris and she shouted and swore that she wanted my cock and wanted it now, but I took no notice I had other plans I wanted to find out if mum had that little skin button just inside her cunt like Kirsty had, So I sucked her clitoris and rammed two fingers inside her and started to finger fuck her all the while dad was sitting in a chair gently running his hand up and down his own long shaft, when I had finger fuck her enough I curled my fingers up and yes I found the same little button so I placed my fingers on it and started moving them round and round and mum went wild shaking moaning and climaxing like there was not going to be a tomorrow, Wow said dad you learn blood fast kid.

I moved round between her legs and with my fingers still rubbing her what I now is called the G spot I started running my tongue up and down her quivering pussy and she raise her self of the bed again, Fuck me fuck me oh for Christ sake fuck me I want it so fucking bad fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee she screamed as she came once more.

Now when a woman is begging you to fuck her and when that woman is your beautiful mother then how can you say no, so I pulled me fingers out from her running pussy cum and moved myself up above her and lowed myself just close enough to kiss her and I whispered in her ear tell me mother is this what you want and as I said that I just lunged forward and my cock entered her and she rose to meet me and our bodies slapped together and she screamed so loud YESssssssssssssssssssssss YESsssssssssssssssssssssssssssss OH FUCK YESsssssssssssssssssssssssss and I started to ram my cock as hard and as far into her as I could raising myself up fully on my arms so I could get as much thrust as I could to ram it home.

Mum came twice both massive explosion her cum was every where but I just carried on fucking her until I could take no more and with one finally thrust I emptied my balls of cum into her waiting pussy, filling her with my warm creamy cum, lowering myself down onto her and kissed her gently on the lips, I but my mouth right up to her ear and whispered has your baby son learnt well then my mummy dearest, as I pulled my head up she said OH my dear son you a wonderful and yes you sure know how to please a lady now.

I pulled out of her and got of the bed and my dad smiled at me and said well done my boy and he got onto the bed and rammed his cock into her and took over fucking her, it was only 10 in the morning mum was not going to be able to walk if the rest of the day was like this.

I left them to it and went out to get something to eat as I walked into the kitchen I found Kirsty on her back on the kitchen table legs up on granddad's shoulders and he was ramming his tool into her she was also screaming yes yes yes granddad that's it fuck me hard, it seams strange now but I grabbed a blow of cereals and sat and watch them fuck each other as I had my late breakfast.

When granddad had finished with Kirsty and filled her full of his seed she slid of the table and saw my limp cock and that it was still covered in mine and mum's cum she came over got down and started to lick and suck it, then granddad came over and took the blow from my hand and with out a word shoved his cum covered cock into my mouth.

Later that day I went back into see mum and she was asleep as dad granddad were in the living room giving Kirsty a good seeing to granddad had his cock down her throat and dad behind fucking her pussy or ass I did not know nor care which she was having a whale of a time so it really did not mater.

I walked over to the bed and ran my tongue from mum's foot up the inside of her leg over her knee and up her inner thigh and as I pushed my tongue into her well worn slit she opened her eyes and said Oh my son I love you come fuck me and fuck me slowly will you I want it to last as we have only ever made love rough and hard just fuck me gently, so I kissed up her body nice and slow and as with Kirsty as I got to mums tits the head of my cock was pushing into mum's pussy lips and it popped inside her and she let out a low soft Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm thats nice darling and as I moved up to kiss her the rest slipped into her Oh yes my darling she whispered into my ear nice and slow oh yes that good, and I was now just resting on my elbows just to that the weight of from mum and moving my hips back and forth slowly.

Back and forth my hips moved my cock easing in and out entering fully before pulling out so the head just touched her pussy lips before sliding the whole length back into her as the whole 11+ inches slid in she was saying Oooooooooooooo yes Oooooooooooo nice and she was having small climaxes and that is how we when for the next 20 minutes or so and I was now getting to have the feeling of my cum starting to boil and it would be rising soon but I did not want to speed up and nether did mum so we kept the same pace up and slowly very slowly it was building up inside me and mum saw getting ready to orgasm to and I whispered to her it's coming my wonderful mother it's coming and I felt it rise from me balls tingling and pushing it's way up my long cock and then BOY O BOY what felt like a firework had been strapped to my cock and just exploded my cock shot it's hot sweet sticky cum from the tip and up into my mother who took it eagerly and she wanted it all inside her and as my final shot of cum left my throbbing cock she raised herself as far as she could and she had one amazing climax when her climax had finished she just flopped her back down on the bed, she looked at my right in the eyes and said My son that was one of the best fucks I have ever had, hard rough sex is great and fun but nothing beats a slow fuck, you know mum your right that was that bast climax I have had since I started this a week ago, I have had some good one but that one beat the lot, Oh mum I love you I said and as I said that the door opened and Kirsty dad and Granddad came in.

Having a good time they asked us, yea we are I said and kissed mum again, day day carried on like that and by the time we turned in for bed I had lost count how many times I had cum on that day.

Sunday when I woke about 10.00am I could here Kirsty Moaning and groaning from her bedroom so I got up and walked naked down the hall to Kirsty's room when I got there I found dad laying on Kirsty's bed Kirsty was sitting on top of dad's cock and was leaning forward onto dad's chest and granddad was kneeling behind her and had his cock up her ass, I thought you said it was Kirsty's turn to be tied to the bed today dad turned to look at me Oh she will be dad and I thought we would just warm her up and get her ready for the day ahead.

Ok I said I will be back, I went to the kitchen and mum was sitting there she said have you seen your father yes I said he is under Kirsty and granddad is on top of her can I do anything for you I asked, yes she said you can come over here and stand in front of me and as I did mum took my cock and placed it between her tits and looking up at me said ok fuck them and she pushed them together so they trapped it between them and I started to tit fuck her and as my cock up she opened her mouth and bent her head forward and my cock entered her mouth and it popped in and out as I fucked her tits.

I put a hand down and nipped her nipples as I fuck them and mum loved that and she closed her mouth just enough so each time my cock entered her mouth her teeth scraped a crossed the head and sent shivers running thou my whole body on and on I fucked her tits and then I wanted to cum and I speed up and and as I started to cum mum sat back and my cum shot out of my cock at full force and spatted up her tits neck and face Oh yes yes she said as my cock twitched and jumped at each spurt of cum.

I was just going to lean forward and lick it of her when granddad walked in and said my I do that for you grandson yea sure a said and went over to the work top and picked up some toast for breakfast, I stood there watching my granddad lick my his grandson's cum of his own daughters tits and face and they ended up kissing each other and granddad was pushing his tongue as far as he could into mum's mouth.

I left them so it as I went back in search of Kirsty and when I got to her room she was in fact tied to the bed just like mum the day before, dad was just placing a vibrating butt plug into Kirsty's ass and by what I could see of it, it was a real thing one but she took it and dad switched it on and it started to buzz away inside her ass, Kirsty gave out a OH FUCK FUCK yes yes, then she turned to me and saw my limp cock and said been fucking mum have you, just her tits for now I said with a grin well don't just fucking stand there get over here and shove that cock into my mouth and lets get it hard again so you can shove it in my cunt.

I knelt on the bed beside her head and placed my cock as she had asked into her open mouth and as it touched her tongue she closed her mouth around it and I started to fuck her face, while this was going on dad and knelt on the floor and was now leaning over the bed and was pulling Kirsty's pussy lips apart with his fingers and then pushed his tongue inside her and as he did Kirsty gave a muffled moan and bit down onto my cock not hard but her teeth went into my cock and I shook with pleasure and I started to fuck her face harder and if was not long before it started to grow and as it did it entered her throat more and more until I felt it rubbing against her throat walls as it opened her throat so it could slip into it.

Dad was really licking and now finger fucking Kirsty hard and she orgasmed and dad drank her sexy juice licking it up from around her pussy lips and her clitoris this made her jump each time his tongue touch it sending move shock waves thou her body.

I was fully hard now and dad moved away and said she is ready for you son give her what she needs and I moved round and lay down on top of her and her dark brown nipples dug into my chest and with one fast hard thrust I entered from tip to the bottom of my cock no stopping until our bodies smashed together hard and as we hit together she gripped my cock with her cunt and had another orgasm but just as she was about to cry out dad shoved his semi hard cock into her mouth and she had to take it as he just pushed forward there was no way she could moan now and she just lay there shaking and I raised myself up and started to pound into her, then mum and granddad came in mum came straight over and took one of Kirsty's nipples into her mouth and and started to bit and suck on that, granddad still had a hard on so he climbed onto the bed behind me and lay on top of me and pushed his hard cock head up my bum and found the hole and pushed forward hard and my ass had no choice but to give way and let it pop into me and he just rammed it fully up inside me and now I was not only holding myself up but granddad to.

Dad was still fucking Kirsty's mouth but but his hand under mum and started to play with her tits and that made her bit down onto the nipple she was sucking on even harder and that made Kirsty cum again covering my cock in her sweet cum juice.

It was not long before I came filling her cunt up and dad shot his full load into her mouth and after a while granddad filed my ass with his cum, when we got of from Kirsty she was panting for breath and her breasts where heaving up and down as she took deep breaths but she was smiling and when she could talk she said WOW FUCKING WOW now that's what I call a good fucking thanks guys.

Mum moved round and got between Kirsty's legs and pulled her daughters pussy lips apart and as she did my cum seeped out for her well fucked hole and mum licked it up as it ran out and Kirsty opened her mouth and screamed OOH OH OH FUCK yes yes as she came again this time into mum's mouth.

During that Sunday we fuck each other granddad fuck me again and so did dad while mum sucked my cock while she sat straddled a crossed Kirsty's mouth, in the evening and for the last fuck of the day we were all in with Kirsty and we had now untied her and me, dad, and granddad stood round the bed and Kirsty and mum lay on the bed we started to wank each other off I was in the middle dad had one hand on mine and and I had one hand on his my other hand was on granddad's cock and he also had a hand on my cock.

So we started to wank and the ladies lay there ready to take our loads all over them mum and Kirsty both raised there hands and played with our balls while we wanked it was going to take a while due to all the fucking and cumming over the last weekend but we would not stop until each of us had shot our load, Granddad was first to release his load and it shot from him and landed all over Kirsty and Mum's coving there tits and stomach, after a while I came and mine shoot out from the end of my cock while dad kept a hold of it and moved it around as it sprayed over them mine landed on there tits and face, dad was the last on to cum and when he did he covered their stomachs and some on their pussy hair, they lay there covered it three loads of cum splash all over their bodies.

But before they could do anything dad sucked my cock getting of all my cum from the head and then I licked granddad's cock clean and in turn granddad sucked dad's clean while the ladies lay there and watch us, when we had finished it was their turn to clean themselves up and mum turned to Kirsty and pulled her on top of her and as there bodies meet the cum was squash between them and they kissed licking their faces clean of cum and Kirsty was grinding her pussy into mum's and both had a climax as they did this and then Kirsty moved down Mum's body licking and kissing it as she went taking all the cum from her and then she got to her pussy hair and pulled mum's legs further apart and shoved her face into her and she did not just lick the cum from her hair but was licking her clitoris and it was not long before mum had one last massive climax and then it was Kirsty that lay on the bed and Mum did the same to her and she ended with a big orgasm.

That was the end of our first weekend as a whole sex driven family, it was not the last by any means we when on to have many many more, Last year poor granddad past away and our weekends have not been the same without him as if not for him I might never found the joy's of sex with your own family, but we are looking for someone else to join our little family and we are trying to work out if my aunty and uncle would be up for it if they do I will give you full details.

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