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My 16th Birthday


Author: DeepProbsix
Contact: deepprobsix@gmail.com
Published: 30-May-14

Aunt Tina took my cock from her mouth and just looked at it as she pulled the foreskin back and forth over the head just flicking it every now and again.

* * * * * * *

First can I say I was completely innocent I knew about sex but never wanked off or even had a girlfriend or kissed a girl on the lips for that mater, I lived in a small village so meeting girls and finding out about life was a lot harder back in the 60's, I hated school and tried not to go if I could get out of it so due to this I did not have many friends male or female.

The week before my 16th birthday mum asked what I would like and I said I did not have a clue, a nice 40 year old I said to teach me what I don't know and I laughed and mum said with a big grin see what I can do for you son.

Well the day came and my birthday went ok and I got a few good gifts and it was just family that came round so they stopped until late and then went in ones and twos so in the end it was just me,mum,dad and my auntie Tina she was about 55 and she saw not that bad looking for a 55 year old long legs jet black hair and very fair skin and most of all big big boos my god were they big I had dreamt about them many times.

Well I said I had have a great day and I thanked mum and dad and kiss aunt Tina on the cheek and thank her for her gift and she said O you will get a bigger one soon I had no idea what she was talking about so I went of to bed it was now about 11:50, I have always slept naked ever since I can remember so I got under the covers it was blanket and sheets in those days.

I was just dropping of to sleep when I heard my bedroom door open slowly and then close again, I thought it was just mum or dad looking in to see if I was ok as they some times did even now but then I heard the floor board creek and then I heard aunt Tina say only me Dave don't worry so I turned onto my back and pulled the covers down from over my head and there stood aunt Tina with her dressing gown on held together by a belt.

So she went on to say your mum tells me you want a 40 year old to show you the ropes then in sex do you Dave, I just lay they not knowing what to say well she said again yes I did ask her but I was just messing about aunt Tina, Oh she said that's a shame why I asked because I was going to let you learn on this and she undone the belt holding the gown together and it fell open and she pushed it back of her shoulder and it slipped down her arms and onto the floor.

My mouth just fell open so you don't want this then she said and picked up her gown and as she bent over to pick it up her ass stuck up towards me and I got a a hard on just like that she turned to me and saw the tent pole in the cover well she said it looks to me you might want it Dave.

Mum and dad have just got a new bed so I had there old one as mine single one was more worn out then this one and having a double bed was nice, so aunt Tina said well are you going to invite me into that bed or not, yes yes I said in a stammer please aunt Tina come and join me I was shaking as she eased herself into the bed beside me and our flesh touched and she lifted the covers and looked down and said Oh my I am going to enjoy you using that on me what a nice one Dave.

We both lay back and I said aunt Tina I have never had sex before I know what goes where but never done it not even kiss what about wanking she asked no never I started to once but I got this funny feeling and I got scared so I stopped, Oh god your a real virgin you will need me teaching you then I can see that so she went on where do I start.

She raised herself up on one elbow and her big tit fell and touched my arm her skin felt so smooth against me and I took a deep breath as she lent over me and touched her lips on to mine her kiss took my breath away as she eased her self so she was now laying on my as I said for a 55 year old she did not have a bad figure and she was not heavy as she lay on me.

She kissed me so tenderly and my hard rod could feel the heat coming from her cunt as my cock was trapped between us and I could also feel her pubic hair pushing against my dick as we lay there kissing.

Her tits were now squashed between us and her nipples pressed against mine and I could not believe that my aunt Tina was here in bed with me kissing me I raised my arms and placed them around her and pulled her tight against me and she gave out a soft mmmmmmmmmmmmm as I did so and she started to grind her cunt into my dick and I had the strangest feeling growing inside me as she did this.

She opened her legs and put them one each side on my body and then with her arms pushed herself up so she was now sitting up on top of me and she looked down at me and smiled and started to move her body back and forth so her pussy moved back and forth along my cock and the juice from her hot cunt was making my cock wet and the feeling grew inside me my balls starting to ache as she moved faster and faster sliding back and forth, she took my hands and lifted them up and placed them on her wonderful big breasts and as she did I had this sort of pleasure and pain shoot though my balls and up my cock and I shouted out OOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo and my first ever load of cum shot from my cock warm and wet and sticky it shot between us as she still slid back and forth along my cock as it shot it's load, I was panting for breath as I climaxed and she just held my hands on her tits and squeezed my hands so I squeezed her tits and her nipples grew harder in my palms pushing into them.

She said my my such a load of cum so that was the first load you have ever shot was it Dave, yes aunty I said sorry about the mess but god that felt wonderful as I came I have always been frighted when I tried to jerk of and that feeling started but now, well I had better clean this mess up so we can get and tech you a thing or to, as now your have cum the once it should take longer to cum again next time.

She eased herself down my body and I wondered what she was doing as I knew nothing about what she was doing and then she took my cock into her hand and Oh that felt so good to have her hand slowly wrap it's self around my shaft her fingers closing tight onto it and then slowly pull her hand down my shaft and as she did the foreskin slipped back over the head revealing the purple hear beneath and the small hole at the top where my cum had just shot from, the head was covered in cum as was my lower stomach and then what Tina done blew my mind completely she lowered her head and opened her mouth and I thought Oh MY GOD SHE GOING TO STICK MY DICK IN HER MOUTH and when her lips enclosed around the head trapping it inside her mouth the top of my head nearly brew off I thought I was going to pass out the room spun as she licked her tongue around the top pushing her tongue into the small hole at the top trying to make it as big as she could getting all the cum from it and then took the whole 8 inches into her mouth and I could feel the tip of my cock opening her throat as it slid down and then she pulled back up and down again.

She cupped my balls in one hand and started to roll them around OH Aunt Oh aunt I was saying Oh Christ Aunt as she moved faster and faster up and down my cock with her mouth, if I thought the feeling I had gotten from cumming were good them what I was feeling now was just insane.

Then aunt Tina took my cock from her mouth and just looked at it as she pulled the foreskin back and forth over the head just flicking it every now and again, then she ran her tongue up and down the length of it and round my balls to, she then started to lick up the cum from my lower stomach and once she had it all so moved up my body kissing as she came, when her tits were over my cock she took hold of my dick and lifted it up and placed it between her breasts and pushed then together and started to move then up and down so my cock was now being fucked by her enormous tits and she went down the top of my cock popped out from between them.

Then she started her way up my body once more moving slowly up until she was sitting over me again by now my cock had started to grow once more and she put her hand round behind her and took hold of it again and as she did I placed my hands on her tits and squeezed them hard and aunt Tina gave out a long Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Dave yes yes Dave so I carried on knowing I was doing something she liked, she lifted herself up pushing on her knees so she was now kneeling up straight and pulled my cock upright so it was now sticking up towards her hairy cunt and then she lowered herself down and slowly I felt her pubic hair touch my cock head and then the lips underneath her hairy cunt and the lips seamed to open allowing my cock to slip in between them and as her pussy lips opened some of her cunt juice came out and ran down my cock making it nice and wet then more and more disappeared inside her until she was sitting fully down on top of my I had to close my eyes and take a deep breath and hold it for a short while before letting it out with a OH MY GOD AUNT oh my god that feels so wonderful.

You like it then she said oh Christ yes I said and then she pulled her self up until she reached the top before pushing herself down on me again and again I took hold of her tits as they bounced up and down as she rode my cock and played with them making her close her eyes and moan again and again yes yes Dave yes yes she kept on saying and then she rammed down harder than she had before and just sat there and her eyes popped open and her mouth opened and she said CHRIST YESssssssssssss and as she said this I felt her cunt ripple around my cock then I felt a flood of juice run from her and I thought so woman do cum, I had read about it but wondered if it was true but now I knew and it was she just shook as it went thou her body once it had died down she started to rise and fall on my cock once more.

She was now pumping up and down on my shaft hard and fast and was resting her hands on my chest to help raise herself up I was starting to get that feeling in my balls again and this time I was looking forward to feeling my cum work up my balls and though my cock and this time it would land inside my Aunt Tina I started to push up and aunt Tina forced herself down and our bodies met with a loud slapping sound and then I held myself up and my cock emptied it's first every load on cum inside a woman and that woman was my dear aunt Tina and how lucky I felt and she just kept riding my cock while it pumped inside her and then she forced herself down and stayed there and she came once more.

Once she had finished her orgasm she lay down with me and we kissed again and she said how would you like me to stay for the week as there is so much more to show you and to learn Dave you have now cum twice and took your first pussy so I think that will be enough for tonight and then we can carry on tomorrow , Oh yes please I said I would love that Aunt Tina so I kissed her again and we both fell asleep.

If you enjoyed this story or if you didn't please let me know as I love to hear what you think, tell me what you were doing to yourself while reading it or better still send a photo all kept for my eyes only, have had some amazing one so far so come on be brave and send me one - deepprobsix@gmail.com

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