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The World of Ted - Part 1

Author: deepprobsix Contact: deepprobsix@gmail.com
Publish Date : Jun 4, 2014
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Teds eyes popped out of his head as he saw his naked mothers body standing just a few inches from him.

* * * * * * *

Ted is an 18 year old boy,he is a loner and dose not make friends easily, he has long brown hair brown eyes love to wear leather jackets and diem jeans and trainers, he is 5' 11" tall and of a skinny build and had a cock size of 9" long and 5 1/2 " in girth.

He lives in a small village way out in the country side and there are not many girls around and even if there were he doubt that they would want him around so he keeps himself to himself.

Ted knows all about sex but never done it he reads porn magazines he has stolen from the local book store he goes of for walks across the fields to a spot he knows where he sits under a tree by the river, it is so quite there and Ted knows that no-one else goes there so when reading his magazines he pulls his jeans down and takes he cock in his hand and while reading starts to slowly jerk himself of.

He has done this many many times and love the feeling of his cock spurting his cum from it and he just wished he could do to a woman what he has read in the books one day one day he tells himself I will.

He is now breathing heavy as he nears his climax and he starts to move his hand faster and faster breathing quicker and quicker as he is so near to shooting and then he cries out OH OH YES as his cock erupted and jet after jet of his cum spurts from it and splashes to the ground Ted is panting hard and he rests back against the tree and closes his eyes and falls asleep.

Ted love to sit here and sleep he dreams of the things he has read in the magazines how he would strip of a girl and lower her knickers and lick her hairy fanny and then shove his cock into it and thrust away until he filled her up with his cum instead of wasting it on the ground Oh that would be wonderful he dreams, he has a girl in mind to she works at the local store the same store he steals his magazines from, she is 17 long blond hair and a wonderful body and what looks like a great pair of boobs Ted has often thought what it would be like to hold them squeeze and play with them.

When Ted woke it was time to start his way home his mum and dad did did love Ted in there own way never asked what he got up to if he was out or at home but he was hungry and wanted tea so in placed his magazines in a plastic bag and stashed them inside a hollow tree stump he could not take them home if his mum found them she would throw them away and if dad found them he would more than likely keep them himself and Ted would not see them again either way it went so to Ted the best thing was to hide them.

Ted got home just as his mother served up tea he ate and sat and watched TV for a while before going to his bedroom and laying on his bed put some music on his I pod and placed it on the doc station and turned it up loud.

As he lay there his mind went back to Sue the girl from the store and how she looks and her beautiful figure and the way her ass went from side to side as she walked down the isle of the store, he was not sure but he thought that she knew he stole the magazine and had never said anything to the owner, and she always had a sexy smile for him when she served him they had talk a while and they had gotten on well or so Ted thought.

While laying there thinking of Sue he started to get hard again and he unzipped his jeans and pulled out his 9" of meat and started to jerk of again, he closed his eyes and this time he started to Imagen himself and Sue holding hands and walking down the street and across the fields to his spot beneath the tree where he helped her sit under the tree and they started to kiss and he pushed his tongue into her opening mouth and their tongues entwined as they kiss, then her ran his hand up he thigh and over her wonderful curved waist and then slowly placed it on her well formed breast and gently squeezed it thou the blouse and could feel it give to his hand and it felt so so good to touch her breast even if it was just thou the blouse.

He sat back up and looked right into Sues big blue eyes and he raised his hands and slowly started to undo the buttons on her blouse starting at the top and slowly working his way down them and as he undone the last one he pulled the blouse open and his eyes popped out on storks as he saw her tits, her skin creamy white and so so smooth her tits pushed up and bulged over the rim of the cups of her bra, shaking he reached out to touch them closer and closer his hand got to touching these beautiful mounds of flesh that were moving up and down as Sue took breathes of air as she waited for his touch and just as Ted was about to touch them his Mum burst thou the bedroom door.

Ted bolted upright his cock still in his hand and as hard as a rock he turned away from his mother trying to put it away but it was to hard it would not go back into his jeans, Bloody hell mum it would not hurt to bloody knock you know Ted shouted at her, O stop moaning said mum I have seen it all before not that fucking hard she went on but I have seen it I am your mother, yea yea said Ted still be nice to have some warning when your coming in though.

Ok ok I will try to remember next time, so what or who were you thinking about then you dirty sod mum said, no-one just playing around well what a waste of a good hard cock that is, MUM MUM what said Ted in surprise at what his mother had just said to him, God his mum went on I wish your bloody father had one that size you don't take after him in that department that's for bloody sure she went on.

I would ride him every fucking night , MUM MUM I don't want to know what you and dad get up to, That's the blood point we don't she said to him as he still sat on the bed trying to hide his cock back into his jeans but for some reason sitting in his own bedroom with his mother just behind him he could not get rip of his hand-on and knowing she was talking about sex was making him even more sexual aroused. Getting worked up sexually over his mother no no that's not right he thought and tried to shake the thoughts out of his mind but they just would not go.

Anyway why I came in here was to see if you needed a cup of tea or anything to drink she asked, no no mum I am fine thank you, as his mum turned to leave she said don't jerk of to hard and still think it is a waste of a blood great cock and then closed the door.

Ted lay back on his bed and just lay there thinking did that really just happen my own mother found me jerking of and did not yell at me and even said I had a nice cock No Ted thought I must be dreaming but knew he wasn't and the fact that he still had the biggest hard on ever, slowly he took his hand and wrapped his fingers round his shaft and started to jerk of again but this time he could not get the picture of his mum standing there watching him jerking off and then he thrust his head back into the pillow as he shot his load and he had never felt it shoot so much cum before, why had thinking of his mother made him cum so much it was Sue he wanted not his own mother but just could not shake the feeling off.

In the morning Ted went down for breakfast and as his mother put the toast on the table she looked at him and said finish off jerking when I left did you, MUM said Ted PLEASE don't but she would not let it drop well she said again did you or didn't you, yes yes I did happy now said Ted sounding angry, I just think it is such a waste of such a great dick she said Ted grabbed some toast and left the table and went out not saying another word to his mother.

The day was hot already and it was only 9:30 what am I going to do today Ted wondered and just stated to walk and he found himself walking towards the village store so he continued and when he got there he could see Sue serving behind the counter,her long blond hair tied up in a pony tail but shining in the bright sun light then she looked out and saw Ted she raised her hand and waved to him and Ted waved back, Ted thought oh my god you are beautiful Sue really Beautiful.

Ted entered the store and had a look round while Sue served and when the person left Ted went over to the counter and said Hi Sue how are you today fine thanks she said with her sexy smile and that stirred Ted's dick god her smile is so bloody sexy Ted thought, so Ted what you doing today don't know yet might go sit by the river to hot to do anything else he said, oh you lucky sod Sue replied wish I could come with you it's to hot in here I would love to sit by the river and dangle my feet in the water on a day like today, I wish you could to said Ted maybe when you have a day off we could do just that, I would like that Ted said Sue.

My god I just sort of asked Sue out and she has said yes thought Ted, Ok well better let you get on don't want you getting into trouble, Ok I will see you soon and don't forget our date some time will you Ted hell no said Ted how could I forget that, just as he was about to leave Sue called Ted he turned and she said quick take a Magazine he is right out the back, so Ted grabbed a magazine and said thank's sue see you soon and shut the door.

So Ted started to walk back up thou the village with his Magazine under his arm and he thought so she did know about the magazine and she wanted to come and sit by the river with me he just hoped it was going to be a nice day when she was off work next, did she know he was only 15 he wondered well I am not going to say unless she asks me he thought to himself.

Ted ended up at he stop under the tree and started to read his magazine and as usual his cock started to grow as he read the stories of sex and what people got up to and his thoughts returned to Sue and what he had been thinking before his mother had burst in on him last night.

He got back to just touching her breast and this time his fingers touched her tits and his fingers felt the smooth silky skin beneath his fingers and he squeezed gently and his fingers felt the skin give way and oh it felt so so good then his pulled her close and placed his hands around her back and undone her bra and as he sat back up straight he pulled the bra off her shoulder and down over her arms and her breasts were there right in front of his eyes and his hand raised again and this time he felt her nipple pushing into the palm of his hand and he could feel it growing heard under his touch and Sue was giving him that sexy smile as he played with it then he placed both hands on her breasts and Sue closed her eyes as he squeezed them making her take a deep breath as did so.

He touched her breasts and lowered his hands down to her waste and undone the skirt she was wearing and she knelt up so it dropped down to her knees and she had a small thong just covering her pussy and Ted grabbed her small panties and eased them down to where her skirt had fallen, he lay her back down onto the grass and pulled of the skirt and panties and she now lay there naked in front of him her legs spread wide and he was looking straight at her blond covered fanny and how beautiful it looked.

He could see the slit beneath the hair and he longed to tough it his first ever pussy, he lent forward and put his hand out and ran his finger down the slit and touched her pubic hair and as he did this he opened his eyes as his cock spat out his cum once again wasted on the ground, fuck fuck fuck he said to himself I want to fuck that girl and I will soon I have got to or I will go fucking mad just keep reading these fuck magazines and day dreaming and jerking off.

He just lay there under the tree in the hot sunshine with his trousers down around his knees and his cock going limp between his legs, when he woke it was 4:30 and decided to go home and watch Tv or something so he pulled up his trousers and took a slow walk home, when he got there his mother was getting tea ready and as he walked tough the kitchen she turned and said hi Ted you ok yes thanks mum been jerking off anymore she said with a bloody big smile across her face, Oh mum stop it stop it I am going to have a bath, just before you go tell me one thing what's that said Ted have you had sex or just the Jerking off, Ted hung his head and said in a low voice just jerking off and turned and left the kitchen, why was his own mother asking these question he wondered why did she want to know if he had had sex I know I am only 15 but in two day I will be 16 and it can do it then legally so what's her problem.

Ted went and had a bath and came down for tea watched TV and had a beer with his dad and mum about 11 O'clock Ted went off to bed and mum said now no wanking tonight as I don't want to be kept awake by your bed hitting the wall, Dad just sat there looking surprised at what mum had said and then I heard her telling him what she walked in on the other evening.

Dad came into Ted's room and said so you got caught out have a jerk of did you son and by your mother Ted nodded his head and dad went on well of all the people to get caught by I know I know I should have locked the door just did not think she would just barge in like that well never mine son just be more careful next time, Ok dad he said and as his dad left he turned and said if you want to borrow and few porn magazines let me know I have plenty of them, OK dad thanks but I am ok he replied.

So when Ted went down the following morning he said well thanks mum for telling dad now I will have him on my back as well as you Ted stormed out without having breakfast he just wandered around for a while then he felt he needed something to eat so he took himself of to the store and there was Sue she was wearing her hair up in a pony tail as usual but today she was wearing a thin t-shirt and a short skirt a very short skirt normally the boss would not let her wear things like this so when Ted had pick up what he wanted to eat he went to the counter and said Hi Sue you are look gorgeous today and then Ted noticed that he could see threw the thin t-shirt that Sue was wearing and he could see he bra beneath and as he had imagined her tits looked like they bulged over the bra that was pushing them up, Poor Ted could not take his eyes from them and he did not hear what Sue was saying to him and Sue reached over the counter and shook him saying are you OK Ted, yea yea he said sorry Sue what did you say, the boss let me wear this stuff due to the heat, well said Ted with someone as beautiful as you and dressed like that it's a wonder he dose not let you dress like that all the time I am sure you would bring in loads more customers just to come in to see them, er er er I meant see you, Sue laughed but Ted went bright red paid for his food and left he crossed the road swearing to himself for being so stupid fancy saying them in stead of you what a dick I am thought Ted.

Sue waved to him as he walked away he waved back and then being so fed up he thought sod it I am of home so as he walked it ate and still thinking about what he said as he got home, my my said mum as he walked in been eating lemons have we, No why replied Ted sharply, it's just that you looked so pissed off what's the mater you can tell me son, Oh yea so you can then tell dad and you can both have a bloody good laugh and he stormed of to his room where this time he did lock the door.

He lay on his bed so so pissed off it was not true, hoping against all hope that he had not messed up things with Sue that would top it all, Then he heard the door knob turn and the door rattle GO AWAY Ted shouted Then the door rattled again GO AWAY he shouted again, Oh come on open up Ted said the voice it was his younger sister she was just 14 and O how he hated her she was the favourite every thing she wanted she got Go Away and LEAVE ME ALONE Ted screamed at her.

Later that day Ted went down and felt better after a sleep and a quick jerk of and went out for a walk to just get away from his little sister how was bugging him, when he returned home he had tea and said he was going to go to bed and watch TV in his room for a change he said good night and off he went, it was Ted's birthday tomorrow and he wondered what rubbish he would get he hated birthdays as much as he hated his sister.

Ted lay there watching TV and he had heard his sister go to bed sometime ago and it was now just after midnight and then his dad went of to bed leaving his mum downstairs, at about 00:30 his door opened very slowly and his mum slipped in and closed the door behind her and she lightly walked over to the bed and said Happy Birthday Ted 16 today wow how time fly's she said.

Thanks Mum Ted replied and his mother lent forward and gave him a kiss but it was on his lips not his cheek and she held her mouth there a while which surprised Ted and as she pulled away Ted saw that her bed robe was only loosely tied and her could see her breast hanging down and he guessed that mum was naked under the robe this thought made his cock twitch, his mum sat on the edge of the bed and looked down at Ted and smiled and said so dear what do you know about sex, I know you wank but do you know anything else.

Ted's eyes widened at this and he looked his mum in the eyes and said yes mum I do know about it I have read loads of books and magazines, so you have never been with a young woman yet then she went on, NO not yet he snapped back ok ok said mum just trying to find out a few things, so would you like to know what it's like with a woman then Ted, Ted said yes of course I would but round here there not much chance of that is there.

With that his mum stood up beside his bed and took Ted's hand and placed it on the belt holding her gown together and then let his hand go, Ted just held it as if not knowing what to do, his mum looked at him and said well pull the bloody thing then it won't undo it's self.

Ted took a deep breath and he pulled on the belt and it slowly undone and as the belt fell away the robe opened and Ted eyes popped out of his head as he saw his naked mothers body standing just a few inches from him, Oh Oh mum Ted said Oh mum you have a wonderful body Oh my God and then the robe fell of her shoulders and now she was fully naked and Ted's eyes were moving all over her body taking in every inch of her, her breasts big but firm, her waist curvy for someone of her age he guessed, and then there was her cunt the thing he had dreamt of so many times while wanking off, he could see her thick dark brown pubic hair, her hair was so thick that her could not see the slit beneath.

Mum said move over then I don't want to stand here all night so Ted moved over and as his mum lifted the bed clothes she saw that his cock saw hard and said to Ted I see you like what you have seen so far then, yyyyyes he said as his mothers naked body touched his as she slipped in beside him, after all the times he had day dreamed about what he would do with Sue if he ever got the chance went right out of his head.

Well said mum and that made Ted think and the first thing he done was to lean over his mother and kiss her , he kissed her plump lushest lips and as they parted he pushed his tongue forward and it entered his mothers mouth and then he felt hers enter his and their tongues entwined roaming round and round in each others mouths Ted's cock got even harder as they kissed and as they kissed he jumped as he felt his mothers fingers curl round his long thick dick and he had to pull away from his kiss and take a sharp intake of breath.

As he returned to kissing her he raised his hand and lowered it slowly onto her breast OH GOD thought Ted I have a real tit in my hand and he squeezed it and felt the nipple grow under his touch and he played with it some more and then his mother moaned Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm nice Ted nice and so he knew he was doing right he moved away a bit allowing him to lower his head and he took the other nipple into his mouth and as he did his mother just said OOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooo Ted Ted Ooooooooooooooooooooo and Ted sucked it into his mouth and ran his tongue round the tip of it and it grew even harder Bite it Bite it his mother moaned and Ted did he did not know how hard so he just gently bit it HARDER HARDER she said and his mother was now moaning loudly as he carried on, his mum's hand was now moving up and down the full length of his dick and he could not believe how different his mothers hand felt stroking his dick than his own.

His mum placed her hand on the back of his head and pushed it harder down onto her tit and Ted was now sucking and flicking her tit as hard as he could then he let go of her breast and lightly ran it down her body running it over her flat stomach and then dear god he thought as his finger touched her pubic hair it is so thick and his fingers moved there way thou her pubic hair and they found the pussy slit that Ted had dreamt off so so many times and now he was touching one for real.

As his fingers touched his mothers slit she raised her ass from the bed as his finger slipped inside it and he touched her clit and as he did he felt his cock start to throb and his cum spurted out and it came in spurt after spurt, O god O god said Ted his head spinning as he emptied his balls all over the sheets, Sorry mum sorry mum said Ted Don't worry said his mother I am surprised you lasted that long, his cum covered her hand and she lifted it up and looked at the thick creamy stuff all over her hand and wrist and she raised it to her mouth and started to lick it off, OH fuck mum said Ted that's fucking sexy watching you like my cum off your hand Oh fucking wow.

Ted still had his finger inside her slit and as he went back to thinking about that he felt how warm and wet the slit was and then he felt his mothers clit grow harder and he started to move his finger on it moving it round and round pushing on it and she gave out a long low moan as he played with it, his mother was moving more and more squirming around and arching her back now and again, she had finished licking Ted's cum from her hand and wrist and now had her head pushed back into the pillow her eyes closed as her climax got closer and closer, yes yes yes said his mum and Ted started to move his fingers round and round fasted and all of a sudden his mother shouted out OH FUCK FUCK TEDDDddddddddddd and her body shook and Ted felt her clit shake under his finger and then the wetness of her cunt ran from her it poured from her and she came and came and then her body lowered back onto the bed and she was panting hard and fast getting her breath back OH FUCK Ted she said that was the best ever climax I have ever had and the first in a long long time thank you my son thank you, she was now stroking his limp cock once more.

They kissed and he moved his fingers down further and they slipped into her pussy hole and now Ted could feel where all the wetness had come from her pussy lips just opened up to allow his fingers to enter and with a small push they slipped fully into her and as they did a thought ran though Ted's mind this is were I came from I came out of here wow o wow, he started to move his fingers back and forth and it was not long before his mother had another orgasm this time with his fingers buried deep inside his mother cunt he felt the walls tighten around gripping them hard and then he could feel the walls of her cunt ripple as a orgasm ripped though her again.

When she had recovered once more she whispered softly get down and kiss and lick my cunt Ted Please please Ted I need it please, Ted did not need asking twice he removed his fingers and thought what the hell and shoved them into his mouth and licked them clean as he moved down between his own mother legs and she spread them wide and Ted could now see the slit thou her pubic hair and it was glistening with the wetness of her cum, Ted lowered his head as he lent forward, he was breathing hard as he got closer and closer and then his nose touched her thick dark hair and the smell made his cock grow hard and this time it felt even harder that last time.

He pushed his head forward and his mouth touched her pussy and she took a deep breath as he pushed his tongue out and it opened her pussy lips and even more juice flowed out and over his tongue and oh oh that sweet sweet taste it was heaven as it ran down his throat, he pushed his tongue out further and ran it from the tip of her hole and up over her clit and as it hit her clit she shook again and moaned out load, Ted Ted yes yes she said and he sucked her clit into his mouth and he remember what the stories had said in the magazine so as he sucked it he bit down on it and then flicked the tip of her clitoris back and forth and this made his mother placed her hands on the back of his head push it hard against her as she climaxed again and again, Ted was licking for all he was worth trying to drink down her cum as it poured from her open pussy.

She let go of his head and he came up for air and took a deep gasp and then she said come and give me a big kiss and he had read about kissing up a woman's body from her cunt hole all the way up to her mouth and so he kissed her cunt sucked her clit and up thou her pubic hair, over her stomach and then as he came to her breasts he took her nipples one at a time into his mouth and licked them sucked them and bit them, and now he lay on top of his mother naked body his hard cock wedge between them and he could feel her pussy hair touching his cock and it throbbed between them and he kissed his mother on her lips.

Ted was so so happy he saw sixteen and he was in bed with his first woman and he had given this woman plenty of orgasms even if this woman was his mother, the big question was would she let him fuck her or was this as far as she would let him go, Ted thought I don't mind if this is it, it is a bloody sight more than I have ever done before but before he could finish that thought his mum said you have been great Ted you sure know what to do that's for bloody sure god I have not climaxed like that since me and your dad were yound and never I don't think they were that fucking good.

Now son as you have pleased me so so much I want to be your first ever fuck so just lift yourself up a bit and Ted put his arms beside his mums shoulders and raised himself up and looked down between there bodies and he saw his big cock between the and then his mum's hand curled round it and pulled it down until the head of his cock was touching her pussy lips and the hair was touching his cock head and he eased forward and he was so amazed as he felt her lips open and allow his cock to enter, the wetness of her pussy felt warm on his twitching cock and then he felt it touch the hole it was looking for and he pushed forward and he felt it push up against her cunt hole Harder whispered mum and he put more pressure on it and then he felt it pop inside her and it slipped further and further in getting warmer and warmer and wetter and wetter and then it would not go any further he had his cock in bedded fully inside his first ever cunt.

Ted just held it fully inside his mum's pussy and he kissed her and then said Thank you mum thank you and he started to pull out and then push back in and as it slipped in his mother said OH OOOH Ted what a cock what a fucking great cock, Ted moved slow but pulled fully out before pushing his full 9 inches back into his mothers eager cunt, she was now moaning more and more as Ted started to speed up and he started to pushed harder and faster into his mother and then he felt her cunt walls grip his cock as they had done his finger and she pushed upward making sure he was fully inside her as she came and came orgasm after orgasm ripping though her body as Ted still carried on ramming in and out of her and as he did not stop this made his mother cum and cum even more she had never in her life cum so much and now it was her own son doing it for her.

Ted continued to pump his hard cock into his mother again and again their bodies slamming together with each push inward his mum moaned yes yes Ted yes and he knew the feeling that had just started deep down in his ball sack, slowly but surly it started to raise up and he said mum mum I am cumming, She held him tight to her and her breasts push into his chest as he pumped down one last time as his mother whispered in his ear Oh my son fill mummy's cunt with your cum, as as she said that his cock exploded like it had never done before oh fuck oh fuck said Ted as his cock emptied all of his cum deep inside his mothers womb.

When they both got their breath's back Ted said to his mum you won't get pregnant will you, don't worry son I can not have anymore children so I can take as much cum as I like and never get in the family way again, thank god for that said Ted, his mum rose from the bed and Kissed him goodnight Ted said as his mother Kissed him Thanks for the best Birthday Present ever mum thank you, his mum left the room without saying another word and went back to join his dad.

Please if you liked this part of the story then please let me know even if you don't then let me know, some of my readers have even sent photos of themselves showing me what they were doing to themselves while reading my other stories so be brave and send a photo all kept private for my eyes only - deepprobsix@gmail.com

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