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The World of Ted - Part 2

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Author: deepprobsix
Contact: deepprobsix@gmail.com
Published: 05-Jun-14 Revised/Updated 07-Jun-14
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His cock parted her pubic hair and slipped into her wet slippery cunt and he was soon fully inside her and as he felt her ass cheeks touch him his mother orgasmed again...

* * * * * * *

Ted woke the following morning having slept the best he had slept for a very long long time and he had his mother to thank for that and he had woken up on his birthday no-longer a Virgin, This was going to be a good good birthday Ted could feel it in his bones, he went down stairs with a spring in his step for the first time in a long time his mum was in the kitchen and said Happy Birthday Ted sleep well, yes I did thanks to you mum.

He went over and gave her a kiss on the cheek and squeeze her backside as he did she said Now Now Ted none of that and smiled at him here's your breakfast as your late up your sister left you your card and gift as she is on her way to school, and dad's card is there to, he said he would give you your gift when he gets home tonight.

I think you had my birthday gift last night, did I said Ted with a cheeky grin I can not remember that mum don't fancy given it to me again do you, you cheeky sod she said well you never know your luck Ted you never know.

Ted had his breakfast and opened his card and gift from his sister and his dad and when he had finished he went over to his mum who was facing the sink and had her hands in water, he put his arms around her and cupped her breasts in his hands and squeezed them this made her close her eyes and take a deep breath as he nipped her nipples between his fingers and thumbs.

His cock started to grow inside his jeans and he started to run himself up and down his mother butt cheeks and his cock nestled between and then he ran one hand down the front of her dress and touched her though it and she shook as he rubbed her pussy thou her dress and knickers.

Oh Ted Oh Ted she said as he carried no rubbing her and playing with one breast, then he ran his hand down to the bottom of her dress and then back up her leg, his hand running slowly up the inside of her leg getting higher and higher and then it touched her she cried out as his finger touched her cunt gently and ran up a long over her pussy slit, Ted could feel the wetness on his finger up over her knickers he ran his hand and then reached the top of them and touched her warm flesh making his mother take another sharp intake of breath and saying again OH TED, Ted pushed his hand under the top of his mothers knickers and then slowly pushed his hand down and then he felt her pussy hair touch his finger and down further he pushed his finger cutting it's way thou the thick pubic hair and then it dipped into the top of her fanny slit and he pushed it inwards and her cunt was moist to his touch and her citrous was hard and wet as his middle finger touched it his mother threw back her head and shook all over as she climaxed and she cried Oh darling Ted Oh my Darling Ted that is wonderful and he started to move his finger around on her clit in small circular motions.

His mother was finding it hard to stand as her legs were weak from the orgasm she had just had but Ted did not let up and he pushed himself up against her and she could feel his hard cock press into her butt cheeks he pushed his hand lower and cupped it under her and found her wet hole and as he pushed inside his mother cunt she opened her legs allowing him to get his fingers further up inside her she was now panting harder and harder for breath and his finger moved in and out faster and faster and then his mother came once more her cunt gripping his fingers tight and made his hand so so wet when her climax released his fingers he pulled them from her and brought them up to her mouth and she licked her own cum from them and she tried to turn round but Ted said NO mum stop were you are and he took a step beck and she heard him unzip his jeans and then hitting the floor Ted Took hold of the bottom of her dress and lifted it and he saw her ass and knickers and he placed his hands on the top of her knickers and with one hard pull they where down on the floor and his mum gasped.

Ted placed his hands on her ass cheeks and ran them ever so gently over them and his mother was saying Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm Mmmmmmmmmmm and then without warning he slapped her ass hard and she screamed Ted Ted what are you doing and he slapped her again then gently rubbed her ass cheeks again and this time kissed them taking the pain of the slap away then slapping them again Ted done this time and time again and after a while his mother had bent forwards sticking her ass out so he could slap it harder and he loved kissing her ass, the skin was so so soft to his lips and his mother had a nice firm ass and she was loving it now, Ted saw a drip of cum fall from her very wet cunt onto the kitchen floor and knew his mother loved it and she was saying YES YES TED OH FUCK YES then she was bent over the skin more Ted stood up and took his 9 inch cock and pushed it up and into his mother pussy and without ant force it slid into her as she was so so wet.

His cock parted her pubic hair and slipped into her wet slippery cunt and he was soon fully inside her and as he felt her ass cheeks touch him his mother orgasmed again and he could feel her cunt mussels ripple up and down his cock as she climaxed, Ted felt great like a man making his mother cum like this was heaven and he took hold of her hips and started to thrust into her and their bodies slapped together as he forced his way into her and with each thrust his mother was saying YES YES YES OH FUCK harder TED harder and Ted did what she asked of him and really gripped her hips and as he pushed forward he was pulling her back onto him harder and harder he fucked his mother, god he never thought fucking was this good it was driving him insane and it was so so good to hear a woman moaning at what he was doing to her and not just him reading in some book and dreaming about it, YES YES YES his mother was still saying and then OOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooo FUCKkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk she screamed out as one of the biggest orgasms she had ever had in her entire lift ripped thou her body her cunt going into spasms as her climax took over her body and Ted felt like a king as his mothers cunt gripped his cock so fuck tight but Ted was was not finished yet he pulled out of his mothers cunt and her juice just flowed from her as he removed his cock, he turned her around and sat her up onto the edge of the sink and opened her legs stood between them pushing her dress up as far as he could get it and rammed his hard throbbing dick back hard into her.

On and on Ted pumped and his ass was moving like a fiddlers elbow as he rammed back and forth into her and his mother came again, pulling out of her while she was still climaxing his mum screamed at him PUT IT BACK PUT IT BACK but instead he dropped to his knees and pushed his face between her legs and his face pushed hard into this fanny that was running with juice Ted's face was covered in it and Ted started to lick up the juice that was his own mother cum and he loved the taste god he loved it, he was licking and swallowing it as fast has he could then his mother clamped her legs around over his shoulders and round the back of his head as she had another massive climax and Ted could feel his tongue being pulled into her rippling pussy and her sweet sweet nectar was still pouring from her and down his throat.

When his mother released his head from her vice like grip from her legs he stood back up and took hold of his 9 inch cock and look his mother in the eyes and said do you want it as he ran it up and down her pussy slit, yes she said , can't hear you my dear mother do you want it yes she said louder sorry can't hear you still running it up and down her slit just enough pressure to open her slit just a bit, with that his mother screamed at the top of her voice YES YES I FUCKING WANT IT FUCK ME TED FUCK ME NOW PLEASeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and he pushed hard into her forcing her back as he rammed into her there bodies meet hard and her pussy slapped against him and they meet.

Ted put his hand around her waist and held her tight and started to fuck her hard once more his mum raised her legs and warped her legs round his waist and helped him force into her and then as luck would have it they both came together, Ted's cock flooding his mothers womb with his hot sperm it was filling her up as it pumped and pumped from him and while his cock emptied out her pussy walls gripped his cock tight and it seamed to milk the cum from his cock it was sending small ripples up her pussy walls pulling his cum from him OH OH that feeling thought Ted as he lent forward and kissed his mother and once more she opened her mouth to allow his tongue to enter.

She lowered her legs after a while and Ted's cock was going soft and as she lowered her legs it slipped from her and his mother sighed and his and her cum dripped down from her pussy lips and splashed onto the kitchen floor between her feet, WOW bloody wow she said I though a part from last night you had never done it, she went on I took your virginity last night, you did replied Ted, then how on earth did you know all that, just from read magazines and book just doing what they say other people do, well by fuck you sure have learnt that's for sure, god you will have to teach your bloody father how to do that, Ted went back upstairs and had a shower and changed, when he came down his mother had put her knickers back on and was on her hands and knees wiping up her and his cum from the floor, Ted said Mum you had better watch being on your hands and knees in front of me I might just fuck you again right where you are, I believe you would to she said what the hell have I unleashed, I don't know said Ted but I bet you are bloody glad you did at least now you will get a good fucking and often, with that Ted patted his mothers behind and walked out the door.

It was drizzling with rain today the first day of rain in a long time but after last night and this morning nothing was going to dampen Ted sprites today that was for sure he set of down the street with a swagger in his step, he was 16 and lost his virginity to his own mother who would have ever though that, but did it matter who he lost it to the fact that he had was the most important thing and he had done it well by what his mother said, Well done Ted he said to himself.

He had been thinking so hard about fucking his mother he did not realise that he had reached the store, he went in and Sue was serving another customer so he hung around until they went and he went over to her and said that he was sorry for what he had said yesterday he had not meant it, Sue smiled and said Don't worry Ted I knew what you meant to say and I don't care if you had been looking at my boobs it's nice to know that someone is, he smiled and said what I bet most of the men that come in here are looking at your wonderful boobs, what had come over Ted today he would not have dared to say that to her face yesterday, Thanks she said again, anyway I am off work for a week in two weeks time are you still going to take me over by the river where you go and sit, Sure he said if you still want to, you try and stop me look Ted I had better get on but that is a date then you won't forget about it will you, Hell no he replied a date with someone like you will be etched on my brain I would never forget something as important as that Sue never, Ted brought a choco bar and left the store waving bye as he left.

I have a date with Sue Fuck me he thought a date with Sue he was so happy he felt like he had just won the loto.

He was nearly skipping up the road he was so happy, Ted went for a long walk even thou it was still drizzling with rain he was soaked when he finally got home late afternoon, his mum said look at you Ted what have you been doing just walking he said go have a shower and warm up, OK mum fancy joining me I am sure we could warm each other up what do you say, Now Now Ted your sister will be home soon I don't think she wants to catch us in the shower together,

Ted went up and showered and put on some dry clothes and went back down stairs just as she sister came in, Ted said Thanks for the card sis that's ok she said don't forget mine in three days will you, try not to said Ted what is it 13 he teased her, No 15 she snapped back and he laughed yea yea I know he said chill.

Once day got home they sat and had tea and then dad gave him his birthday gift it was a new Mp4 player Wow thanks dad said Ted I know your mother gave her your gift last night so that is from me, Ted look stunned that his dad knew that he had fucked his own mother his wife and seamed OK with it, don't looked so shocked dad went on mum told me what she gave you and I am happy with that, What did mum get you said his sister from across the table what what what she kept on.

Ted said mum got me a voucher for some new DVD's and Music so when I get that I can now put it on my new Mp4 great hey, yea said his sister, Ted could still not believe that mum had told his dad about them fucking and wondered if she would tell him about this morning to, but as long as he did not care why the hell should he, they all had beer and wine to celebrate Ted's birthday and Ted said that you to everyone for his gifts and as it was 11:00 pm he was off to bed as he was feeling a bit tipsy so of he went leaving his dad and mum to talk as his sister had gone to bed about an hour ago.

Ted was curled up under the covers when Dad came into his room and sat on the edge of the bed and said had a good birthday son, yes thanks dad been great so mum tells me she was your first ever fuck she said that you fucked her against the sink this morning by the way she was talking you did a good job in making her cum, so how come you don't mind dad that me and mum fucked each other, if your mum wants sex son I would rather it was with you than go out and find someone else so if you and mum want to fuck then that is ok by me, just wanted to tell you so you do not worry about it. Well thanks dad said Ted as dad left his room.

It was now Friday and the weekend was just around the corner and even thou it was two days since fucking his mum he was still on the top of the world, Ted rose late it was nearly 11 am when he swung his legs from the bed and made his way to the bathroom and as he got to the door he could hear the shower running and knew by now his sister would be at school and dad at work so he knew the only person in there could be his mum.

Ted entered the bathroom and walked over to the shower and as he did not wear anything in bed he did not have to worry about undressing so he just opened the shower door and his mum screamed and said Fuck Ted you made me jump, sorry said Ted come on mum move over if we shower together we save water he smile, Ted took hold of the sponge his mother was holding and put some shower gel on it and slowly started to wash his mother body starting at her neck and working around to her back running the sponge up and down her back so lightly she shivered and cave out a low soft Mmmmmmmmmmmm as his washed over her bum cheeks, then Ted turned her round and started to wash the top of her chest and gently worked his way down over her wonderful wonderful tits and as he ran the sponge over her nipples they became hard and pointed out from her breasts like coat hangers.

He lifted one breast with his hand and washed up under her breast then the other she put her head back and closed her eyes as Ted worked his way down over her stomach and he dropped to his knees and now the sponge touched her thick busy of hair and he ran it over it and mum moaned out and her legs opened and she lent back against the wall pushing her cunt her out towards Ted and he pushed the sponge over her cunt and between her legs, Mum said Oh Oh Ted as he worked the sponge back and forth over her pussy and then down the inside of her legs and back up the outside, the warm water ran over her body rinsing off the soap and as Ted stood back up his rock hard cock stood out in front of him.

Mum was still leaning back against the wall and Ted stood in front of her and placed his arm round her waist holding her and then pushed his cock into her pussy, her pussy lips felt the head of his cock touch them and just like automatic door they seamed to open up and allow the head of his cock to slip in and soon Ted was fully inside his mother once more bending his head he took one of the hard nipples into his mouth and sucked it pulling it onto his tongue and flicked the tip and his mother said again OH FUCK OH FUCK Ted yes yes oh fuck yes, with that Ted started to move slowly in and out of his mum's fanny he was going to take his time and fuck her nice and slow, he still had his arm cup round her waist and back holding so she did not fall or slip, he was changing from one nipple to the other and he slowly fucked her.

On and on he pushed into her and he felt her have a small orgasm as her cunt tightened round his cock as it went into her, then he withdrew from her and mum said TED TED put it back Oh fuck put it back but he turned her around and asked her to lean against the wall on her elbows and move her legs as wide as she could, she did not need asking twice and was soon bent forward leaning against the wall and Ted moved in against her again and took hold of his cock bent his legs a bit and then thrust up and entered her pussy from the rear, Mum came once again this time harder than before her body shaking with the climax, Ted still fucked her nice and slow and he lay himself up against her back and put a arm round her and ran his hand down he stomach and ran his finger though her thick bush of hair then he touched her clit and once more she shook at his touch, Ted moved his finger round and round rubbing hard against he clit and his cock moved slowly back and forth, his mother was getting more and more worked up and her body shaking as he carried on and then his other hand came round and grabbed one breast and he squeezed it really hard and this took mum over the edge and her cunt mussels gripped his cock tight and he could feel the cunt walls rippling as she orgasmed fuck that feels so good thought Ted as still carried on pushing back and forth into his mother, soon Ted felt his balls starting to tighten and he knew that before long he was going to fill his mother with his creamy seed, he speed up with his finger and rubbed harder and faster on the clit beneath it, his mother cumming again and again and then Ted felt his sperm rising up from this balls it rushed up thou his cock and then in one almighty explosion it fired into his mother womb and she screamed out as she felt it hitting her inside, spurt after spurt hitting inside her warm and sticky filling her up Ted gripped her tit and twisted the nipple as he shot his load deep inside her,

His mother was still leaning against the wall and Ted was leaning of her both of them panting for breath gulping in air and both feeling worn out after that wonderful fuck Ted's cock slipped out from his mother and he stood back upright and she turned round and put her arms up and around his neck and pulled him forward and their bodies squashed together and they kissed like to lovers and not like mother and son, Ted put his arms around her back and pulled her tight to him they were both so happy that they were now lovers and mother and son...

If you like this part of this story then let me know please or even if you did not. Any feedback is always welcome. Why not send a photo of yourself doing what you do while reading this part of the story I have now had a lot of photos from my dear readers and they are wonderful why not add your to my collection , I promise they are kept for my eyes only and will never be given to anyone else - deepprobsix@gmail.com

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