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The World of Ted - Part 3

Author: deepprobsix Contact: deepprobsix@gmail.com
Publish Date : Jun 7, 2014
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Sue was standing there is just her knickers and they were small and pink and Ted was trying hard not to look at her...

* * * * * * *

Two weeks had past since Ted fucked his mother in the shower and he had fucked her many times since then Ted could not get enough of his mothers pussy juice he loved it but he wondered if all pussy juice tasted the same as he had ever only tasted his own mothers, she had said once when she has sucked him off that cum tasted completely different and that his tasted better than his fathers so I thought that pussy juice would differ to.

It was a very hot summer day and Ted was walking down to meet Sue as long as she was still up for the date as today would be a great day to take Sue across the fields to his spot under the tree and lay there with her and who knows what will happen, even thou he had made love to his mother several times since she took his virginity it was still Sue that he wanted he wanted to see her naked and look at her perfect body naked in the sun shine if at all possible Ted had reach where they said they would meet.

Ted heart sunk when he got there Sue was no were to be seen he looked at his watch and found he was 10 minutes early so maybe she would turn up, Ted jumped up and sat of the wall kicking his feet back against it while he waited, god time went slow when your watching it he thought then the time got to 10.00 when they said they would meet but still no Sue had she been kidding him just playing a tick, he did not think so but she was not here so yes maybe she was off with other friends have a good laugh at him.

The time was now 15 minutes past 10 and then Ted looked down the street and his heart skipped a beat as he saw Sue running towards him, when she got there she was out of breath and panting hard finding it hard to speak, when she had her breath back she said to Ted I am so so sorry I am late mum wanted me to do something for her and it took longer than I had hoped, Don't worry said Ted your hear now that's the main thing Sue, She hugged him and said thanks for being so sweet Ted.

So where is this spot you take yourself of to then she said Ted picked up the bag he had brought with him with some beer and food for lunch and of they walked as they walked Ted wondered if he should hold Sue's hand but no this was there first date so he left his hand down by his side after they had walked for a while he suddenly felt Sue curl her hand into his and inter locked there fingers Ted heart skipped a beat when she had done that.

They turned of the road and walked side by side alone the footpath the across two more fields and they came to Ted's spot, the weeping willow tree that bent over the river giving shade in the hot sun Ted took out the blanket he had but into the bag and lay it out and helped Sue sit down, Ted sat beside her and he took her hand this time and she did not push it away, they talked for a while and then Sue said she was going to lie down and look at the blue sky though the branches and leaves so she lay on her back and looked up, Ted lay down beside her by on his side propped up on his elbow and in stead of looking at the sky he looked down at Sue.

Sue looked at Ted and said why are you looking at me, Ted took a deep breath and said well if you must know I have never seen a woman as beautiful as you and I would rather look at you than the sky any day and she smiled back at him and her cheeks turned red Thank you she replied that is a sweet thing to say, just telling the truth said Ted but he lay down beside her and they both lay there looking up while holding hands.

After a while Sue said what I pity I did not bring my swim suit I would love to had a swim it's so hot would have cooled us off, yea would have been good he said did not know it was going to be as hot as this, good job this is just our first date, why said sue will if we had been going out with each other longer I would have said we could have skinny dipped but as this is only our first date sort off, I should never have said anything I am sorry Sue please forgive me.

Sue smiled and she you know what Ted that is a bloody great idea and I am up for it if you are, yea I am said Ted as long as you are sure, yea you can keep your pants on and I will keep my knickers on I don't mind you seeing my tits as you have been looking at then while I have been in the store she laughed, Ted smiled and stood up and helped her up and he looked and Sue and said once more you sure and instead of saying anything sue pulled her t-shirt up over her head and Ted knew then she meant every word.

Sue but her hands behind her back and unhooked her bra and as she brought her hands back she brought the bra with her and Ted saw her breasts and oh boy oh boy what wonderful firm tits she had her creamy white skin and her dark nipple Oh my god thought Ted they are much nicer than I have ever dreamed of, Ted was now taking of his trousers and he was getting hard after seeing Sues wonderful breasts poking out hard and firm different from his mother that were big and just a bit floppy but still very nice.

When Ted's trousers dropped to the ground Sue was standing there is just her knickers and they were small and pink and Ted was trying hard not to look at her as she ran to the river and she she ran past him he could not help but see the they were in fact a thong and from the back he could see all her ass as the thin cord that was right up between her ass cheeks.

Ted was starting to get hard and to tried and cover it up he ran for the water and jumped in and as he came to the surface Sue was right there in front of him, she was smiling all over her face Ted said what's so funny Sue she replied I could see that you liked what you saw you could not hide that up very well and she laughed again and splashed water over his face.

They played in the river for some time splashing each other and trying to push each other under the water then Sue said I am getting a bit chilly think I will go and lie in the sun and warm up, Ted said Ok I'll be with you in a minute, what waiting for it to go down Sue laughed again and got out of the river and as she pulled herself up the river bank Ted watched and the water was running down her back and between her ass cheeks and then dripping on the ground just like his and his mum's cum had done that day when he took her in the kitchen.

Ted put his head under the water as tried to get these thoughts out of his head as his cock would never go down if he kept this up and he really did not want to get out of the water with a big stiffy on.

Come on Ted called Sue stop worrying about having a hard on I don't care just come out and have a drink and something to eat and warm up, Ok Ok he said back and swam over to the bank and pulled himself up and as he stood and faced Sue as he walked towards her he saw

Sue's nearly pop out of her head as she saw just how big he was and she said Wow now I can see why you wanted to say in the water, My god and she laughed out loud again Ted put his hands over the front of his boxers and try his best to cover himself but Sue said come on Ted don't be silly no need to cover it up I have seen them before she said I am not a virgin so no need to be embarrassed, so Ted lowered his hands and walked over and sat next to Sue and said I am sorry about that Sue.

Come lets eat and forget all about it she said I could eat a horse and they ate and drank and then lay back to dry off in the sun. they took hold of each others hands and both fell asleep, then Ted was woken by someone kissing him on the lips as he slowly opened his eyes all he could see was Sue's beautiful face and her eyes looking into his, her tongue was pushing into his lips and he opened his mouth to allow it to enter her tongue touched his and it was like an electric shock ran thou his tongue and they entwined and they kiss like this for some time and he put his arms up around Sue's neck and pulled her tight to him, then he felt her hand on his stomach and it was moving up and down over his chest and stomach run thou his hairy chest, it got a bit lower each time and then Sue's hand touch the top of his Boxers by now Ted was hard again and the head of his cock was just under the top of his boxers and as Sue pushed her fingers under the top she touched his cock and he took a very deep breath.

Sue pushed her hand right into his boxers and then curled her fingers slowly around his rock hard shaft her fingers were smooth and gently on his dick as she slowly stroked it she was also breathing hard as they kiss and she rubbed his shaft, then she pulled away from kissing him and she smiled down at him and without a word between them she moved down between his legs and pulled off his boxers and all she could say was OH MY FUCKING GOD and with that she placed her hand back onto it and started to move her hand up and down his cock once more, she bent forward and took the head into her mouth and licked at it and ran her tongue up and down the length of it and sucked his balls into her mouth, Ted had never had that do to him before and he arced his back as she sucked one ball then the other into her mouth.

Oh Oh said Ted as she licked slowly back up the length of his shaft and slowly eased her mouth over the head which now had pre-cum covering the tip of the head, Ted lay there the sun beating down onto his body as this beautiful woman licked at sucked his cock and balls good life get any better Ted thought to himself, I doubt it came the answer.

Sue's head was now bobbing up and down his cock and she was taking most of his length and Ted loved the feeling he was getting, Sue then started to get up and she stood at Ted's feet and looking at him she took hold of the side's of her little pink thong and slowly slid them down over her hips and Ted's eyes bulged as slowly but surely Sue's pussy was coming into view he could she that she had a shaven pussy sometime else he had not see in the flesh and as her thong fell down her legs she opened her legs just a little wider and Ted had a great view of her long thin slit and it glistened but not from the river water but from her own juice sue lowered her hand and run one finger up and down the slit and her pussy lips folded around it this made Sue open her mouth and go Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

She knelt down between Ted's legs once more but did not start on Ted's cock but just above it she kissed his body so lovingly and gentle as she kissed round the base of his dick and then started to kiss up his body working her way up she kissed his belly button, ran her tongue round and in it then licking up thou his hair on his stomach and chest, she reached his nipples and slowly sucked one into her mouth and he cried out Oh Oh Sue Oh yes, he put his hands on her head and ran his fingers thou her hair and pushed her head tighter to him and she responded by sucking and biting his nipple again Ted cried out OH OH Yesssssssssssssss Sue Oh Yessssssssssss and as she carried on licking and biting his nipples she moved so she was now kneeling over him and she put a arm round behind her and took hold of his cock and placed it at the entrance to her shaven cunt, Ted said I do have condoms in my wallet Sue, but without saying a word she pushed herself back and the head popped inside her and she took a deep breath as it did, Sue stayed just were she was for a moment or to before moving again pushing her body down onto his cock which was slipping in inch by inch into her so wet pussy.

Down and Down Sue pushed until she was sitting firmly down onto Ted's body and she had every bit of his cock deep inside her love channel and she whispered My god Ted I have never been so full of cock before you have one hell of a cock, with that she started to rise up until it was just her wet pussy lips holding his cock in place then she slowly slid down the full length once more.

Sue started to rise and fall on his cock slowly pulling herself up and then ramming back down taking his cock hard into her she had now sat up and she held onto his nipples and pinched them and twisted them between her finger and thumbs and Ted looked at her, she sat there her wonderful naked body going up and down on his cock and her tits were sticking out firm and did not bounce that much and they looked fantastic and Ted reached up with both hands and took hold of them and just held them before squeezing them Sue once again Sighed and moaned as Ted's hands touch her flesh and cupped her tits, Yes Yes she said as he squeezed them, how different they felt to his mother big meaty breasts.

Sue had now started to rise and fall faster and faster when she rammed down onto his dick and she came she screamed OH FUCKkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk and her pussy trembled on his cock as she orgasmed and she lent forward and kissed Ted and then rose again and started to ride him once more she placed her hands on his shest to help herself move up and down on his rock hard cock, Sue had had a few cock's in her time but never one this big, Oh how good it felt ramming up and down inside her pussy,with each trust down it was rubbing her g spot and sending shards of pleasure though her quivering body, her nipples like coat hooks hard and sticking out from her stiff tits as she bounced up and down.

Ted was in heaven watching Sue on top of him he just hoped this was not one of his day dreams and he would wake up on his bed wanking hard then as always he felt his balls tighten and he said to Sue I am going to come very soon Sue you might want to get ready to lift off me, Fuck no she said I want your cum right up inside no way am I getting of this monster until it's finished it's job.

Sue rode on she was now ramming down hard onto Ted and he was pushing up to meet her and then the feeling moved from his balls into the bottom of his dick the started it's journey up his shaft and Ted screamed he it cum'sssssssssssssssssssssssssss and with that his cock erupted inside her Sue pushing her body down and Ted pushing up and he cock throbbing inside her, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm said Sue I can feel your cum deep deep inside me oh wonderful wonderful and lent forward and kissed he again.

Sue moved her legs and straightened them our so she was now laying on top of Ted and he had his arms around her hold her tight to him his cock still buried deep with in her holding his cum inside.

Then Ted rolled over and took Sue with him and now he was on top of her and he kissed her hard on her moist plump lips his tongue entering her mouth and moved it round and around hers, Ted's cock was still hard and so he lifted himself up on his arms and started to move his cock in and out of her very wet shaven pussy, Oh Oh Ted she cried as he thrust deep inside her she lifted her hands and placed them on her tits and squeezed them and played with her nipples and she came once again, her cunt gripping Ted's cock as she did so.

Ted pulled out of Sue he wanted to see if her cum juice would taste different to his mothers so as he slid his way down her body he kissed her all over as he went and then he was just a few inches from he fanny slit and he could smell her juice and that worked him up even more, then there it was the top of her slit this was the first real cunt slit he had seen without being covered with hair, Oh it looked so inviting so ready to lick and eat it was begging for his tongue to enter it's dark and moist depths and he waited no longer he pushed his tongue out and it just touched the tip of Sue's slit and her whole body shook at his touch, Sue saying YES YES OH TED and he pushed on into her his tongue hitting he hard clit and once again she shuddered and then he sucked it and bit it lightly sending her into yet another orgasm.

Ted placed his arms under her legs and lifted them up and put them onto his shoulders and this opened up her naked pussy lips giving him a better view and also better access to the folds of skin that were her lips and her clit stuck up between them, Oh how beautiful her cunt saw mush more so than he had ever dreamed it could be, he could see not only his cum but also hers mixed together as they pushed there way open of her love tunnel, Ted pushed his tongue fully into her and once more Sue took a deep breath as she came, more juice ran from her and Ted was licking it as hard as he could, The taste of Sue's thick creamy cum was much sweeter than his mothers and it was more like eating honey Ted did not want to stop eating this he would never want to eat anything else ever again.

He brought his hand up under his chin and entered two fingers into her slippery hole and then started to move them back and forth as he licked her clit sending Sue mad with pleasure, after a while Ted wanted his cock back inside her so he removed his fingers and started to kiss back up her body and his cock just knew where to go and it just slipped in and he still had her legs up on his shoulders so now he was deep sticking her her knees were up against her firm breasts and her pussy pushed up into the air and Ted was ramming into her hard and every little bit of Ted's cock was being forced into her and Sue was loving it as she came and came, her nails digging into Ted's back as she climaxed time and time again.

Ted was loving her nails digging into him this made the pleasure even more tents and he kissed Sue and then their lips parted she screamed as the biggest orgasm ripped though her and as her cunt gripped him Ted shot his second load inside the place he her only dreamt of up until now and it had never been anything like this.

When they had finished Ted rolled over and they lay on their sides kissing and running their hands up and down each others back's the sun still beating down on their naked bodies they continued to hug and kiss for some while and for a short while they both fell asleep hugging each other.

When they woke they sat up and Sue said that was so bloody fantastic Ted god I have never never cum so much in my life and it was not just down to your big cock it was how you knew what to do to please me wow oh wow where did you learn all that.

Ted took a deep breath and did not know if he should tell her the truth or lie, I can not say said Ted you would not want to see me again if I told you, What from the magazines you take from the shop yea I know you take them but I would never tell and I read them to you know you can learn a lot from them, yea said Ted I did learn some of it from they but not all of it, so where then said Sue.

Ted tired to change what they were talking about and said you know I have jerked off dreaming about you and what you would look like naked and me making love to you, and god your so much more beautiful than I could ever dreamt of Sue you are so so gorgeous your body is heavenly and wow your pussy it's the first shaven one I have seen, Oh in the book but real one I mean.

So Ted sue said you still have not told me where you learnt to make love that bloody fantastic and make a woman cum so much, come on Ted tell me let's get dress said Ted and I'll tell you the whole story on the way home but once I have told you I don't think you will want to see me again,but as you want to know and you have a right to I suppose if we do see each other again.

So they got dress and walked back across the fields holding hands you have to promise you will never tell anyone what I tell you he said, Ok I promise she replied, So Ted told the whole story from his 16th up until that morning, Sue had not said a word the whole time Ted had been talking and Ted did not know if that saw good or bad but at the end he stopped walking and turned to Sue took hold of her other hand as well, face to face they stood Ted biting his lip waiting for Sue to shout or scream at him but instead she pulled him forward and kissed him and they held each other close kiss, when they parted she said Thank you Ted for telling me the truth you did not have to but you did thanks she said and kissed him once more, sooo your not disgusted with me then Ted said that I have been having sex with my own mother, sounds to me like she was just being a good mother and looking after her son.

Wow your amazing Ted said to Sue, Sue looked at Ted and said you don't think your mum would let me join in with you I have always fancied trying it on with another woman, I have no idea but I could find out if you really mean it, yea said Sue Ok I'll ask her.

Ted let go of one hand and they walked on and Ted walked Sue right to her door and kissed her goodnight and walked away with Sue saying don't forget to ask her will you she called after him, Ok Ok he said I will ask and with that he walked home.

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