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The World of Ted - Part 4

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Author: deepprobsix
Contact: deepprobsix@gmail.com
Published: 13-Jun-14 Revised/Updated 16-Jun-14
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Ted your doing a great job so far and he started to move his hips back and forth as Jane still jerked him off...

* * * * * * *

After leaving Sue Ted walked home a happy young man, being with Sue was fantastic she was every thing he wanted Gorgeous, great figure, happy, and great at sex what more could a young man want well apart from his mother from time to time.

When Ted got home his dinner was already on the table and he sat down and ate it without saying a word he thanked his mum for the meal and went to his room where he showered and sat going though his music when mum walked in and said you alright son you seam very very quite tonight, yea fine mum just had a fantastic day with Sue you know the girl from the store, Oh yea said mum I like her always seams happy and give you the time of day, gives more than that said Ted with a grin, Oh I see got a girl friend so you won't be wanting to fuck your old mum now then.

Oh you must be joking Ted said I love you and would never stop fucking you mum you mean to much to me and not only that your a fucking great lay he said with a smile, his mum bent over and kissed Ted pushing her tongue into his mouth and they kissed for a while then she pulled away and was just about to leave the room when Ted said Mum have you ever been with another woman you know for sex, No she replied why do you ask Ted well please don't have a go at me but when I was with sue she asked me how I knew so much about please a woman and I told her about us, his mothers mouth dropped open and she could not say a word.

Ted went on don't worry Sue will not say anything in fact she wondered if she could join us one day and make it a threesome as she said she has wondered what it would be like with a woman and I wondered if you would be up for it, his Mum was shocked he could see that and she just stood there for a long moment before saying You told her about us and she wants to join us in sex, Yep that's about it said Ted so what do you say want to give it a try, Oh I don't know Ted tell you what let me think about it and talk it over with your father.

Ted was left sitting in his room with his music on and thinking about the day that had past he picked up his phone and text Sue it read: Sue my darling have asked Mum she going to thing about it, Thank you for a fantastic day, Love you Ted.

Ted pushed send as he did he thought should I have put love you this had been only there first date but hell they had made love most of the afternoon and it was to late now.

Ted's phone pinged and he picked it up and opened the message : Ted that is great news fingers cross she says yes, you have worn me out today but I am so happy, love you to Sue.

Wow thought Ted she said she loves me too, feeling as happy now as he had done when he had fucked his mother for the first time he turned of the music put on the TV and got into bed naked and lay there watching the TV.

When Ted woke in the morning it was 9:30 and his TV was still on that meant his dad had gone of to work and his sister had also left for school meaning only he and hi mother were in the house, so without getting dressed he went down stairs and walked into the kitchen where his mother was just clearing up from there breakfast and she looked up and saw Ted standing there Naked and with a big Hard on, well Ted bloody good job no one is here to see you standing there like that, Ted just looked at his mother and said well, Well what she replied, well what are you going to do about it, For Christ sake Ted said his mother what the hell are you on about, This This he said pointing down to he flag pole of a cock, Oh that said his mother.

She put down the dishes she had in her hands and walked over to him she just grabbed his stiff cock in her hand and took him thought to the front room where she pushed him back into a armchair and she kicked his legs open and knelt down between them and bent forward and licked round the head still covered be the foreskin, Ted closed his eyes and said slowly Oh Oh mum and she pushed the foreskin back slowly over the head and she watched as the foreskin peeled back revealing the big purple head beneath and the head glistened with the pre cum and his mother once again licked his cock head and licked the pre-cum from it and giving a Mmmmmmmmmm nice as she enclose the head inside her mouth, she cupped his balls in her hand and very gently massaged his balls as she slid her mouth down his cock, Ted took a deep deep breath as his mother now had the full length inside her mouth and throat, she started to rise and fall on his cock taking it from her mouth so just her lips touched the very tip and then slid back onto it once more.

On and on his mum sucked his cock and played with his balls, then she just stood up and his cock shone with the wetness of her spit where she had been sucking it and licking it, she took a step back and just stood in front of Ted and lifted her top up over her head and then put her arms round behind her and undone her bra pulling it off as she brought her hands back round the front of her, she dropped the bra to the floor and she stood there with her most wonderful breasts in full view, Ted wanted to touch them so so much.

Ted's mother then undone the button on her jeans and the lowered the zip, she did this so so slowly teasing Ted making him wait and then she rolled her jeans very very slowly off her hips and down her legs and when she stood back up again she only had a small thong on it was black lace and with red piping and you could see though the lace it was so thin and Ted could just make out her pussy slit beneath the fabric Oh how fucking sexy this woman looked just standing there for him and him alone.

Ted went to sit up and take his mothers thong from her but she told him to stay where he was and not to move, she started to run her hands up and down all over her body cupping her breasts in her hand and squeezing them twisting them, then she lowered her head and lifted up one of her tits and she licked her own nipple Ted had never seen that done before it was so fucking erotic to watch, she licked from one to the other then she lowered a hand gently down from her breast down her stomach and it was pushed inside her thong and Ted could see what was going on thou the thin fabric,

His mother pushed a finger down running it though her pubic hair parting it as she went until she found the top of her slit and Ted saw her push her finger into it and then she shuddered as her finger hit her clit and she moved her finger round and round she was moaning softly as she did this and Ted could not believe what he was seeing, His mother was getting wetter and wetter he could see her thong crotch getting damp and a few drops of cum dropped from it onto the carpet beneath her.

His mum was working hard on her clit with one hand and working hard on her tit with the other, she was saying Oh Oh Christ Yes Yes Oh Fuck and then she shook and she let out a Oh FUCKkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk as she came and now her sexy juice was really dripping from her thong and a thought of OH what a fucking waste went thou Ted's mind as he watched it drip onto the floor.

Ted's cock was still wet from his mothers licking and sucking and she just dropped her thong onto the floor and she turned round and backed towards Ted and when she was over him she lowered her self down and Ted grabbed his cock and placed it into her still dripping cunt hole.

His mother lowered herself down on it taking a deep breath as she did and then she was sitting in his lap with his 9 inch cock deep inside her Ted could feel her juice running from her and down around his balls, she put her hands on the arms of the chair and started to move up and down on his cock moaning and groaning as she did saying yes yes oh fuck yes, then Ted placed his arms round under her and took a tit in each hand and pinched the nipples really hard and it sent her into another orgasm and more juice covered his balls.

Ted was now thrusting up from the chair to meet his mother downward thrust, then she lifted of him and turned round and put a knee either side of his legs and slipped his cock back into her and she could now rise and fall on his cock hard and using her legs to do it instead of her arms was a lot better she was able to get more force behind her thrusts, both of them sweating as they fucked Ted playing with her tits and she with his twisting each others nipples sending pain and pleasure though their bodies.

When his mum came again it was like a river and Ted and the seat were now soaked she was also screaming and shouting YES YES FUCK FUCK YES as her cunt gripped his cock tight even thou it was slippery due to all her cum, Ted put his arms around his mother had held onto her bouncing butt and then opened her butt cheeks and slipped a finger inside her ass this took her over the top once more she really pinched Ted's nipples as she came so violently, this took Ted by surprise and he lurched upwards and he shot his cum deep within his mother womb filling her with his seed, when there climaxes clamp down she just flopped forward and lay against Ted breathing really heavy and Ted put his hands around her back and gently held her against him they sat like this for some time before his mother got up and went and got herself dressed.

Ted just sat there for a while in fact he was still sitting there when his mother re-appeared and she said about time to got your self dress my boy you can't sit there naked all day come on shift, don't forget you start your first job next week no sitting around them, Ted did not need reminding no more sitting under his tree on hot summer days larking about in the water with Sue and then making love to her out in the open.

Ted got up and Kissed his mum on the cheek as he went passed and patted her backside also, she gave him a smile and just as he was going out the door he said Mum did you think anymore about what I asked last night, yes said mum I talked it over with you dad and he said it was Ok with him as long as he could either sit in and watch or we taped it so he could watch it later, and what about you mum you up for that Yes she said I don't see why not just to see what it's like with another woman, so dad did not say he wanted to join in with us then just watch, that's what he said ok I will ask Sue and see what she wants to do, thanks mum your the best said Ted and went up stairs to get dressed, while he was in his room he text Sue, : Morning my dear, just asked mum and she said yes but there is one problem can you meet me dinnertime say 1 by the bus stop talk it over with you then love you T xx.

Ted went to shower and got dressed as he went out he said you sure mum as I am meeting Sue later and I will tell her what dad has said, yes yes I am sure just hope Sue goes for it as I am looking forward to it now, OK said Ted see you later and was gone.

Ted had just reached the bottom of the road when his phone buzzed to say he had a text :

Hi love that's good about your mum answer will meet you 1 at bus stop love u S xx.

So Ted now had 2 hours to kill and he did not want to go into the store as he knew that Sue would start asking about what the trouble was and he did not want to talk about it in the store, so with his hands in his pockets he headed of for the bridge and when he got they he sat on the wall with his feet dangling over the water below, god how time dragged when you waiting for something.

As he sat there he did not see this girl called Jane walk up and when she said Hi Ted jumped your jumpy said Jane with a laugh oh ha ha very funny replied Ted, so what you up to asked Jane, just killing time said Ted, what you waiting for, What's with all the bloody questions asked Ted you have hardly ever spoken to me before now you are given me the third degree.

Well Sue told me that you and her are going out is that true, yea so, just trying to work out what someone like Sue sees in you that's all said Jane, it's my 9 inch cock said Ted sharply getting fed up with the questions yea yea and I am a fairy she said back someone like you would be lucky to have 4 inch let alone 9 what a bloody day dreamer you are Ted, well to be honest Jane I don't give a fuck if you believe me or not I know what I have tucked away down there and so dose Sue and that's all that matters.

Tell you what Ted why not get of that wall come round the back of the hut on the playing field and prove it if your man enough that is teased Jane, I don't have to prove anything thing to you, YEA YEA I knew you were all talk Ted what a load of Bull shit, Ok tell you what Ted said swinging round and jumping of the wall if your so bloody sure I am telling a lie then if I come to the shed and prove I have 9 inches of cock you suck it off for me, and what do I get when I find out you don't ,well you will be able to tell everyone what a liar I am won't you Jane.

Jane thought for a moment then said OK Ted your on, Ted still had a hour to meet Sue so off they walked over to the playing field and Jane was getting a bit on the nervous side and was thinking Ted has to be bluffing but would he come all the way over here if he was, god what if he does have a 9 inches cock I will have to suck it of for him and I have never done that before in my life.

They reached the shed and there was no-one around so Ted OK then Jane round the back and Ted lead the way, Oh god Oh god thought Jane he is really going to do this oh god what am I going to do, she then blurted out OK OK Ted I believe you no need to prove it, Ted laugh and said do you think I have come all the way over here just for you to say you believe me we had a deal, but but Ted said Jane I have never seen a real man's cock let alone sucked one please Ted I am sorry.

But before Jane could say another word Ted undone his jeans and pushed them down along with his pants, poor Jane's eyes nearly popped out of her head when she saw his cock, then she said hang on that is never 9 inches long, no of course not said Ted it's still not hard yet once you have put your hand round it and started to rub it ,it will be hard and 9 inches so come on a bet is a bet.

Jane moved closer to Ted taking big gulps of air and then she put out a trembling hand and as it touched Ted's cock she was shaking Oh OH she was saying please Ted please don't make me please, Oh come on Ted snapped you are the one that wanted this now take hold of it firmly and start rubbing it, Jane curled he fingers round the shaft and as her fingers enclosed round it Ted's cock twitched in her hand making her gasp.

Now with Jane's fingers round his shaft it started to harden and grow, Jane was saying over and over as she looked at it transfixed oh my oh my what a size, I am so so sorry Ted I did not believe you please Ted lets stop now I will never tease you again I promise, I tell you what you don't have to suck it but you have to jerk it off and let me cum over your face what's it to be Jane, Jane took a deep breath and said OK OK I will jerk you off and you can cum over my face as long as I don't have to suck your cock.

So Ted said get down and kneel in front of me and start jerking me for, but but the ground is dirty and I will my white jeans all mucky, Oh for fuck sake here and Ted lay his coat on the ground for Jane to kneel on, Jane knelt down and took Ted's 9 inch cock into her hand and then the other hand and with both hands round his cock she started to move the up and down his shaft, Jane had this cock poking right at her and even thou she hated what she was doing she was fascinated by Ted's cock and the way the foreskin was sliding back to reveal a big purple head that now glisten with pre-cum, So Ted asked you have never seen a man's cock so close before and never held one either, No no Jane replied never looking up at Ted then returning her eyes back to his long thick cock,well I am glad I am the first and you sure you don't want to have a go at sucking it for me, No No No I will do this but not suck it, Ok Ok said Ted your doing a great job so far and he started to move his hips back and forth as Jane still jerked him off, About 10 minutes later Ted was getting ready to shoot his lot and told Jane to move a bit closer as he was going to cover her face in cum any second now.

Jane shuffled forward and closed her eyes and mouth and moved her hands faster and faster on Ted's shaft and then she felt it expand in her hand and warm creamy cum splashed out onto her face spurt after spurt shot from Ted's cock and by the time it stopped twitching Jane's face was covered, her eye lid's nose and all over her lip's Ted pulled his cock from her hands and quickly took a photo on his phone, then said to Jane come on get up and off my coat I have to go, But what about me said Jane and as she opened her mouth to say that cum ran into it and she had to let it run in her mouth and over her tongue she was just going to spit it out but changed her mind and she swallowed it and thin licked her lips getting more of Ted's cum off her mouth and she started to love the taste and ran her fingers round her face and eyes and then put them into her mouth and sucked them clean, Wow oh Wow said Jane that is bloody good stuff Ted, Yes well what did you expect from me I only give good stuff and walked away leaving Jane there to clean herself up, as he left he turned and said Oh Jane by the way I took a photo of your cum covered face so tell anyone about this and it goes on line got it, Jane nodded.

Ted had 10 minutes to get to the bus stop and meet Sue and she turned up just a few seconds after Ted they sat holding hands on the bench in the shelter and Sue said Ok Ted what's the mater you got me worried when you text this morning saying your mum said ok but there is a problem what's the problem.

Well Mum said she would love to try it with another woman so that's ok but she had to talk it over with dad as she would not do it behind is back just like when she had me she told him all about it, so the thing is dad said he was fine with it as long as either he could sit in the room and watch or we recorded it so he could watch it later and I told mum I would tell you and see what you wanted to do, Sue sat there for a while not saying anything in the end Ted put his hand under her chin and lifted her head up and lent in and kissed her then said look Sue you do not have to do this you know I want to be with you and have done for a long long time so all I want is for you to be happy.

I was just thinking Sue replied how to say this to you but here goes and don't get mad will you, how could I get mad at you Sue I love you said Ted, well if your mum wants to try with you and me why not let your dad join in to, I have never had a older man and wondered what that would be like as much as I have wondered about another woman, Well FUCK me said Ted and Sue thought she had upset Ted saying that, but no Ted carried on I love the idea I really do love the idea darling you are a fucking genius I will get it sorted tonight.

Sue and Ted sat there and Sue ate her dinner and as they sat holding Hands Jane walked by and sue waved Jane put her hand up but kept on walking not saying a word, wonder what's up with her said Sue, God knows wrong time of the month I reckon Ted said laughing, Sue japed him in the ribs with her elbow and said that's not nice Ted maybe true but not nice.

Ted walked Sue back to work and then went home to have a word with his mum and play a game on the computer, as Ted got in he found his mother laying on her bed reading, Ted knocked and went in and sat beside her and said mum you know what we were talking about this morning about you and Sue, mum put the book down and looked at Ted well Ted went on I have had a word with sue and she still wants to have you and her with me and she has said what about dad joining in instead of just watching, God almighty said mum this Sue is a hot one my love that is for sure, well I can ask him later if you want me to, yea sure said Ted he got up to go but mum said why don't you just lay her with me for a while so Ted lay down beside his Mother and he put his arm across her and after a while he fell asleep.

Ted woke to find his mother on her knees beside him and she had his cock out and was sucking on it taking it all the way into her mouth, his cock was rock hard and he just lay there closed his eyes and let the feelings of pleasure run though his body enjoying ever deep suck into his mothers mouth, the tip of his cock touching her throat and forcing it open as it went down into it.

It saw not long before he had the feeling that his cum was on the way up his shaft and then forcing himself up he shot his load down her throat and she took every last drop licking and sucking his cock to make sure she got it all, Just as his mother lifted her head from his cock there heard his sister shouting down stairs, you up there mum she said, mum swallowed hard and fast and then she yes dear be down in a minute, she got of the bed and straighten her clothes and left the room leaving Ted laying there with his cock hanging out of his jeans and going limp.

Later that night Mum came into Ted's room and said that she had had a word with dad and he had said that yes he would love that even though he did not know what Sue looking like or anything about her he would love a foursome, Ted sat up and said Great great I will set it up will have to try and work out when sis is out of the way and dad is home.

Two days later Ted heard his sister asking mum and dad if it was ok for her to go on a sleep over at her friend who lived in the next village from us mum said yes that would be fine, So plan get fucked was in action with the house free of his sister Ted text Sue, Darling Sue, great news my sister is going away for the weekend so how about or foursome on Saturday night can you stop over love Ted. Xxxx, Ted sat there staring at his phone waiting for the reply but when it let him know there was a text he jumped out of his skin, the text read : Dear Darling Ted yes Saturday night will be great getting wet in my knickers just thinking about it, love you always Sue. Xxx. Ted rushed from his room to see his mum and dad and said I heard Sis ask about going for a sleep over on Saturday so as she is away I have set up out foursome hope you two guys are still up for if Ted said, Oh yea we are replied dad.

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