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The World of Ted - Part 5


Author: deepprobsix
Contact: deepprobsix@gmail.com
Published: 16-Jun-14 Revised/Updated 21-Jun-14

Ted felt this cum starting to rise in his balls again and he could still hear Sue having orgasm after orgasm and his mother was still licking her out...

* * * * * * *

So Ted woke and the first thing he thought was It's Saturday fuck night as this was going to be the night Ted,Sue, his Mum & dad got together and had one big sex session Ted could still not believe that in a few short months since his 16th birthday he had fucked his myother fucked Sue, got a hand job from Jane and cum all over her face and now to night a foursome with his own parents.

He just lazed about for the morning as Sue was working until 3 so after dinner he went for a walk ,his sister had already gone to her friends so the coast was now clear at home, Ted sat on the bridge for a while and looked at his watch God it was still only 2 and he was not meeting Sue until 4 as she wanted to get home and change before they met.

Ted jumped off the wall and went to take a walk round the playing field and as he walked he had his head down music playing thou his head phones that he did not see Jane until he bumped into her when he looked up he said sorry Jane, hey you don't fancy given me another hand job do yea, You What she said in a angry voice after what you do to me last time, I did let you off the sucking my dick bit of our bet Jane and you did say you liked the taste of my cum when it ran into your mouth Ted said with a big Grin across his face.

Yea I bet you would bloody love me to wank you off again Ted, well it's up to you Jane it's always there when you want it and when your ready to loose that virgin cunt of yours I'll take that for you to just let me know and he carried on walking, Jane ran up behind him and grabbed his arm and spun him round and she looked at him and then said you bastard Ted and went to slap him but he caught her hand and pulled her to him and he kissed her fully on the lips, Jane tried to pull away but Ted had her tight and as they kissed Jane sated to calm down and she started to Kiss Ted back and soon there tongue entwined and they were standing in the middle of the filed holding each other tight, Jane took hold of Ted's hand and pulled him towards the shed were they had gone for his hand job.

Jane pulled Ted round the back and said you can't fuck me Ted but I will suck your dick for you if you want me to, you will be my first as you know so if I am not that good at it, Oh shut up Jane and get down on your knees and start sucking, Jane did what she was told and as she had normal jeans on she did not moan about the dirt, She dropped to her knees and soon had Ted's jeans undone and was pulling his pants down with them and his 9 inch cock sprang out at her, OH Oh what a cock she said and placed both hands around it and like before she started to ease the foreskin back and forth over his big cock head and it was not long before pre-cum started to drip from the slit on the top.

Jane did not want to waste any so she bough for head forward and lick the pre-cum from it and then she took her first mouth full of cock in her lift she saw soon sucking as much of it into her as she could without gagging which was about half of it Ted was now moving his hips back and forth in time her her head and every so often he pushed a bit further forward so more and more of his cock entered Jane's mouth.

Jane started to gag with each thrust in but Ted but his hand on the back of her head so she could not move it away, Ted started to move faster and faster really ramming his cock hard into Jane then with one last push his cock exploded sending streams of cum shooting down Jane's virgin Throat, Poor Jane cough and spluttered as jet after jet run down her throat when Ted had finished he let her head go and she pulled away gagging for breath when she finally got it back she said YOU fucking bastard Ted you nearly choked me then, Ted was pulling up his jeans and smiled at her well you offered Jane, Yea she replied but did not think you would hold my fucking head like that you sod, Ted turned and walked away laughing.

Ted met with Sue at 4 and could not believe his eyes when she turned up she was wearing a very tight top that really made her boos stick out and you could see the shape of her nipples thou it, a very short skirt that hardly covered her ass and stocking and suspenders and you could see the tops of the stockings below the hem of her skirt and long thin high heels and her blond hair was put up and she was wearing make up which she did not normally wear but Wow oh fucking wow she was looking a million dollars.

Ted when and told her how good she looked and how lucky he felt to have her be his side, Sue put her arm though Ted's and there strolled back to Ted's arm in arm, when they got in Ted introduced Sue to his mum and dad and when his dad saw here his eyes nearly fell out and he could not take his eyes of sue all though tea.

They sat and watch a bit of TV and had a few drinks and then Ted said ok are we doing this or what, Mum said as long as Sue is still up for it then yea we are, so how are we going to do this then said mum, Well replied Ted I wondered if you and Sue wanted to go up and get to know each other if you know what I mean and dad and I will be up in about 20 minutes, Yes said mum that sound's good to me.

So Mum and Sue went off upstairs leaving Ted and Dad to have another beer and chat, when they had finished there beer they started up the stairs and as they got nearer to the bedroom door they could here mum shouting OH OH Sue yes yes Oh sue YESssssssssssssssssss and when they walked in both women were naked Mum was laying on her back legs bent up at the knees gaping wide she had both tits one in each hand squeezing then hard and twisting her nipples, Sue was kneeling between mum's legs and was licking and sucking at mum's cunt for all she was worth and she had two or three fingers ramming in and out of mum's pussy Oh what a sight to greet us.

Ted looked over at dad and he had his trousers off already and was just dropping his pants, and within a flash naked, he got down behind Sue and ran his tongue fully down her ass and pussy slit stopping of at her ass hole to lick it running his tongue round and round the hole, Sue was trying to moan but her mouth was full of mum's hairy pussy, dad brought his hand up the inside of Sue leg and found her pussy and without stopping pushed two fingers inside her she had to lift her mouth away from mum to take a deep breath and say OH OH my God

and dad started to finger fuck her while still licking her ass.

By now Ted's clothes were a heap on the floor and when over to her mother lifted her head in his hand and pushed his cock into her open mouth and started to fuck her face, he reached down and took one of her tits and they both played with it Ted digging his nails into the nipple and as he did his mother came lifting her ass up off the bed pushing her cunt into Sue mouth and she came so hard Ted thought she was going to bite his cock off for a second or two.

Ted heard Sue cum over his dad's fingers and when she had finished he got up behind her and pushed his cock into her wet fanny hole and started to fuck her hard holding onto her hips forcing himself in slamming his body hard against hers each time dad thrust forward Sue was pushed hard against mum's cunt and that made Sue hit mum's clit and this was sending mum wild she was cumming again and again her whole body going ridged with each orgasm and then going limp before going ridged once more Ted knew how much cum mum shot out so poor Sue must be drowning in it by now but she just kept of slurping it up as fast as she could and moaning out loud when she came.

Then Ted wanted pussy so he said Ok OK I want some now so he said mum & Sue, can you both kneel on the floor and lean over the bed and they did kneeling and laying across the bed side by side Right then open your legs as wide as you can my lovely ladies said Ted and he got down behind his mother and dad got back down behind Sue and both took their cocks in their hands and placed them up against the two very wet fanny's that were now just in front of their cocks and both together pushed forward and they both entered at the same time and both women screamed out loud OH OH FUCK YES YES as dad & Ted took hold of there hips and started to fuck them and fuck them hard, Mum & Sue were looking at each other and Sue moved the top half of her body over and got close to mum and she kissed her as Ted & Dad fuck them.

Mum saw the first to cum screaming and shaking as her orgasm ripped though her and dad turned to Ted and said My god I have never seen her cum like that ever well what can I say Ted replied with a grin and carried on ramming into his mothers cunt, soon Sue followed and she screamed out also as she covered His dad's cock in cum , dad stopped for a moment and pulled his cock out of Sue and she was begging for him to put it back but he just made three fingers wet and slimy and then pushed his cock back into her and she gave out a long sigh as it slipped back into her, dad then ran his slimy fingers all over her as hole and then without any warning pushed two fingers inside my girlfriend ass, she screamed and screamed as his fingers went in further and further, she was screaming FUCK FUCK FUCK OH FUCK, Ted was just about to tell his dad to stop as he thought he was really hurting her when she said OH YES YES OH FINGER THAT ASS Ted was glad he had not said anything now.

Ted wondered if his mother would like that had dad ever done it to her he wondered and there was only one way to find out so like his dad Ted removed his cock and made his fingers nice and slimy and replaced his cock back into his mother fanny that was running with cum, then he placed his cum covered fingers over his mothers ass which was being thrust back and forth against his cock, then he pushed the tips of his finger up against her hole that looked like it was puckered up so tight but to Ted's amazement when his fingers touch the outer ring it opened up and his finger slipped into her ass and he started to move his fingers in and out the same time as his cock was moving in and out of her cunt. his mother was going wild under him thrashing about just as Sue was now doing under his dad. Then his dad took his cock from Sue's dripping fanny and brought the head up against Sue now wet open ass and with a push he popped the head of his cock inside, this time Sue did scream out and it was in pain but dad just held his cock still and Sue's screams faded away and dad pushed a bit more in once again Sue screamed and dad stopped moving and this went on until dad had his full length which was about 5 to 6 inches in-bedded deep inside her as, he held her hips and was pushing forward onto her hold his cock still but deep and Sue took a few deep breaths and then said Oh Oh my god never had that done before and looking at Ted with a smile on her face she said well Ted your dad just took my Virgin ass now it is going to be one hell of a night.

Ted wanted to try that so he said to dad have you ever done that to mum Oh yea he said she loves it don't you dear Oh yes she said but only ever had your dad's so yours is bigger so take it slow son won't you, You know me mum would not want to hurt you, so Ted removed his pounding cock from his mothers pussy and as he did so her sex juice flooded out of her and Ted would love to have got down there and drank it but he wanted to try his cock in his mother ass, Ted gently put the head of his cock up to his mother hole which was still open a bit from his fingers and he pushed putting pressure on it and then the head of his cock popped in, the head disappeared inside her ass, Mum gave out a OH Christ Oh Christ as it popped in and Ted said you OK mum OH CHRIST she said again you fucking bet I am alright get that fucker inside me Ted I want to feel you fuck my ass and fill it with your cum, by now dad was fucking Sue's ass hard and very fast his body slamming up against her butt cheeks each time and Sue saying YES YES OH FUCK YES each time dad slammed into her.

Dad gave out a loud Grunt and slammed into Sue once more and held himself inside her and he filled her virgin ass with it's first ever load on cum, Sue came at the same time and was saying OH OH I can feel your cum inside my ass oh Christ that's fucking good Oooooooooooooo yea really good. You next Ted she said I want a lot more of that, mum turn to Sue and between big gulps of air she said you fucking wait until you have this fucking monster inside your ass, OH OH Ted pound that ass Ted oh fuck yes mum was saying and now Sue and his dad sat on the bed kissing but watching him fuck his mothers ass hard until he like dad grabbed hold of her waist and rammed in bending his back so he forced every inch inside her before letting go of his cum, stream after stream of his warm sticky cum shot from his cock splashing hard against her inner walls filling her ass and she was moaning OOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooo yea Oh Fuck OOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooo TED TED you wonderful son OOOooooooooooooooooo Ted held himself as far into his mother ass as he could until he felt his cock starting to go soft and then it just slipped out of her and leaving it wide open and he could see inside her and the cum running down the inner walls and now dripping from her open hole, Sue asked Ted to move and she went round behind his mum and licked the cum that was running from her and his mum climax as Sue ran her tongue round and inside her ass.

When sue had finished licking out Ted's mum's ass she stood up and then his mum stood up her legs weak from the orgasm's she had been having but told Ted and his dad to lay on the bed face up so they did what they were asked, Sue got between Ted's legs and his mum's got between her husbands and they started to give then both a blow job cupping their balls in their hand and gently massaging them working to get them hard once more, Sue got up and turned around so she was now doing a 69 with Ted and he started to lick out her fanny running his tongue up her slit and forcing it inside of her pussy lips that were so so wet with her own love juice when his tongue touch her clit Sue shook and even thou she was kneeling above him her legs just gave way and she sat down hard on her face and at first he could not breathe but then she moved and he got his breath back and his tongue was now so deep inside her and as she came her pussy walls gripped his tongue and he could feel her pussy walls ripple with the orgasm and then the flood of cum followed running straight down his throat, while Sue orgasmed she took his cock fully down her throat as even thou it was not hard it was still a good length, and was still playing with his balls.

Ted could not see but he could hear his dad moaning next to him as his wife was doing something he enjoyed but Ted did not really care what they were up to he had is own pussy to think about or so he thought, because a short while after Sue got up off him and he saw that his mother had got off his dad and then they changed round and the next thing Ted knew his mothers fanny with it's thick hair was pressing down on his face and he was now licking this one out.

Ted had now both the juices from Sue and his Mum in his mouth and he thought it was funny how different they tasted his mothers cum saw nice but on the bitter side where as Sue's was sweet and tasted of honey but he was not going to say anything he was just bloody happy that he now had to wonderful cunts to fuck when he wanted.

He placed his hands up onto his mother ass cheeks and pulled then apart and then pushed a finger in her ass and she groaned out load as it slipped into her, Ted was now sucking on her clit and as it went inside his mouth he bit down on it not hard but firmly and then flicked the tip back and forth with his tongue sending his mother into yet another orgasm she screamed OH OH FUCK YES TED YES and her cunt just ran with juice as her body trembled on top of his.

By now with all the sucking Sue and his mother had been doing Ted was on the rise once more and he could now feel his cock opening up his mothers throat as she took the whole length ,how she breathed when she or Sue took it all Ted could not work out but it seamed like they could so why worry about it, On and on mum sucked and spat on and over Ted's harding cock, then once more it was all change and Sue returned and this time she knelt over him and took his cock in her hand and placed it at her fanny hole Ted watch as her hairy cunt lips opened up as she pushed it in and his big 6 inch thick nob head slipped inside her and as it did she gave out a long sigh of pleasure and she just slipped down the full 9 inches and just sat on him letting his cock sit high inside her filling her and as she sat there upright on his cock she ran her hands lightly from her pubic hair up over her stomach and then cupped her breasts one in each hand and pinched her nipples between finger and thumb and as she did this she threw her head back eyes closed and shouted OH OH FUCK YES YES and then she started to move up and down Ted's big cock.

Ted looked over at his mum and dad and they were in the 69 and dad had three fingers fully in his mothers ass and pumping them like crazy, between taking dad's cock down her throat she was moaning and her head was bobbing up and down on his cock and it looked like dad's cock was hard once more too.

After riding Ted's cock for a while Sue and Mum changed again Mum took the place of Sue sitting on his cock and Ted brought up his hands and cupped her tits and played with them as his mum placed her hands on his chest to help her move up and down on his stiff cock.

Sue had sat on his dad's cock the way she had done on his he two had his hands up and nipping and twisting her nipples as she slid up and down his cock, Sue looked over at Ted and smiled and mouthed the word I love you and Ted did the same back and as he did he saw Sue's body go completely ridged and then started to tremble as she was having one almighty orgasm and as she did his dad pulled her nipple as far as he could get them and then Ted saw him twist them Sue screamed and screamed as climax after climax ripped though her shaking body when so was done she just collapsed forward onto his chest and gasped for air and all Ted could hear her saying was OH fuck oh fuck oh fuck over and over again.

When Sue had her breath back dad ask sue to lay on the bed face down and he lay over her and pushed his cock into her ass once more and lifted himself up on his arms and started to pump up and down he was going at her ass like a steam train ramming it in hard and fast,Sue was biting the pillow and gripping them with her hands with the pleasure and the force dad was fucking her. Ted attention was brought back to his mother has she bent forward and kissed his lips has she climaxed covering his cock and balls in her cum then she lifted off him and went down between his legs and started to lick her cum off him, and as she licked his cock and balls she pushed two fingers into Ted ass making him life himself of the bed and his cock slid right into his mothers mouth and he moaned out loud as his mother finger fucked his ass.

When Ted looked over at his dad again he now had Sue on her Hands and knees and he was now fucking her fanny as hard and with as much force as he had been her ass, Sue was grunting and moaning with each hard thrust into her, Ted ask his mother to stop and if she would slide on her back under Sue and work her mouth on Sue's swaying tits his mother was only to happy to do that and was soon sucking on them making Sue cry out even more but Ted soon but a stop to her noise by shoving his cock into her mouth, Sue was now getting worked on by all three of them and she seamed to be loving every minute of it.

Ted and Dad rammed their cock hard into Sue and mum was sucking and biting her tits and nipples, Sue was in shear heaven her cunt dripped cum and Ted's mum saw this and turned round leaving her tits and slid her head under Sue dripping cunt and she raised her head and licked along Sue pussy lips making Sue shudder as she did so, Sue came again drowning Mum's face with her sticky cum and mum Drank it down as fast as she could but it was coming out of Sue cunt so fast that she could not drink it all and it was running down her cheeks into her ears,over and up her nose, and in her eyes but she he not stop drinking this wonderful sex juice and then Dad ramming home hard and filled Sue's ass with cum pumping what felt like tonnes of it to Sue as his cock throbbed and spat it up inside her ass,

Ted just kept on popping his cock in and out of Sue's mouth until he was ready to blow big time and he to thrust forward and he felt his thick cock open Sue's throat and push it's way down before the fist wave of cum splashed out and down her throat Sue did not need to swallow as it was being force straight down her throat as Ted's cock head was so far into it.

When they had all finished with Sue, Sue collapsed on the bed completely worn out and just could not move due to climaxing so much, Dad and Ted were limp after shooting so much cum into Sue and mum's face was still covered with Sue's cum so Ted went over to her and started to kiss his mothers face and by the time he had finished her face was mostly clean of cum Ted licked his lips and smiled at his mother and Sue, they all just lay there in a heap on the bed resting and getting there breath's back after such a fantastic session of hard sex, Ted's mum was the first to make a move as she was after what Sue had just had she want two cock and a woman's mouth working on her all at the same time.

She started with Ted working on his cock and placing her fingers around it and started to move them gently up and down the limp shaft, pulling the foreskin back and forth over the head his cock still shining wet with his cum and mum licked it off and then sucked his limp cock into her mouth and a few minutes later it started to twitch in her mouth and mum knew Ted's cock was not going to be long in being ready for her cunt once more.

When she had it hard and proud she knelt over Ted facing away from him and placed his now rock hard cock into her cunt and slid down on it and then placed her out stretched arms on his knees and started to rise and fall on his dick, Ted watched his mothers ass bobbing up and down in from of him, as dad watched his wife ride their own son this started to get him more worked up and his cock started to get hard once more and he move and knelt over Ted's chest and pushed his wife so she lowered herself down onto her elbows and then he placed his cock up against her ass and pushed forward and it popped into her and she screamed and moaned saying oH oH FUCK YES YES OH FUCK YES as she now had her ass and cunt filled with cock, by now Sue was ready for more to and she was just about to get under Ted's mum to suck on her tits when she said Sue I want your fanny in front of me so I can lick it while these two wild animals fuck me stupid Sue turned herself round and placed her body between Ted's legs and shuffled up so her legs were over Ted's and her pussy was just in front of Ted's mum's mouth and as she lay back the top half of her body hanging over the bottom of the bed making her cunt rise up and now touched the mouth that was ready to send it to heaven and back.

A tongue entered Sue's fanny lips and pushed it's way into her opening her lips and running up and down over the hole that was so so inviting and with each pass Sue pushed up her hips to try and get that probing tongue to enter her but each time it passed over it and hit her clit instead, each time it hit her clit a feeling like an electric shock ran up though her clit making her shake and shudder Sue was moaning out OH MY GOD YES YES, mum was now in heaven to but she could not moan out all she could manage was a Mmmmmmmmmmmmm Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Mmmmmmmmmm with each thrust of either Ted's and Dad's cock and each thrust pushed her harder against Sue's wet pussy both women were cumming and cumming, Ted had his dad's ass going back and forth just in front of his face so he thought Oh what the hell and lifted his hands up and placed them on his dad's ass cheeks and ran them all over then his dad did not seam to mind as he did not say anything then he pulled then apart and looked at his puckered ass hole and ran a finger over it and he was it twitch as he did this and hid dad made a harder thrust into his mum.

Ted did this again and again and each time it got the same result and then Ted stopped his finger on the hole and when his dad pulled back out of his mothers ass he held his finger there and it popped inside his ass hole and this made his dad shoot forward harder and Ted's finger popped out this when on for some time and then Ted started to really finger fuck his dad's ass and this was making him fuck his wife Ted's mother harder and faster then ever.

Ted felt this cum starting to rise in his balls again and he could still hear Sue having orgasm after orgasm and his mother was still licking her out, when the feeling move from his balls up to his cock it ran the full 9 inches and the his the tip of his cock and then his cum exploded from it filling his mother waiting fanny deep with cum and his mother lifted her head and shouted out so loud OH OH TED YES FILL ME TED FILL ME UP and Ted did not think his cock was ever going to stop spurting hid cum juice, then he felt his dad's cock twitch as it was rubbing up against his as it slid in and out of his mother ass and his dad's cock emptied it's load into her ass and she shouted again OH FUCK OH FUCK FILL MY ASS and he did, when Ted and dad pulled out of her Sue was soon there ready to lick up all the cum that was seeping out of her open ass and her wide open pussy.

They all agreed that they could not do anymore that night and Ted and sue moved of the bed and there was hugs and kisses all round then Ted and Sue went of to Ted's room leaving mum and dad worn out on the bed.

Ted lay next to Sue and they held each other tight and they started to kiss and cuddle Ted running his hands up and down Sue back lightly and very gently this was making Sue shudder as he did so, Sue lowered her hand and slid it between them and curled her finger around Ted's semi-hard cock and slowly moved it back and forth and after a few minutes of this he was hard once again, Ted did not know how he was hard again after being at it all evening but he was glad he was as he wanted to make love to Sue slowly and show how much he loved he.

Once he was hard again he rolled over on top of Sue and she opened her legs beneath him allowing him access to her very wet and red cunt but she wanted this as much as Ted did, and when the tip of his cock just touched her open pussy lips she climaxed as she was so sensitive down then and as he pushed forward slowly taking his time easing it in inch by inch Sue said OH OH Ted I love you so much and then it was fully inside her and he just kept it still and he kissed her when there lips parted he said I love you do you beautiful fantastic woman I love you to and with that started to pull back out of her making her take a deep intake of breath and again when he pushed back into her, Ted fucked this most gorgeous woman slowly with long deep strokes pulling out so the tip of his cock was just about touching her pussy lips and then pushing fully home just as slow until their bodies meet and he could not push any further into her.

Both were Moaning and breathing so hard as Ted made love to the woman he loved and then Ted felt the feeling and he knew that he was about to fill this woman full once more and he kept the same speed and he got nearer and nearer to his no return spot, slow pump after slow pump until his cock could hold back any longer and he gave then last thrust into her hard and as it hit home his cock erupted and Sue felt his cum hitting her inner walls warm and creamy filled every little space there was inside her until it had to over flow beside his cock and it ran down her slit and over her not so virgin ass, Ted stayed on top of sue for a while and his cock went limp and slipped from her and he rolled of and lay beside her again.

Sue did not want to waste any of his cum so she lowered her hand and scooped up the cum that was running from her and put her hand into her mouth and licked it off, she then returned her hand and this time pushed her fingers inside her and scooped out a lot more and she repeated this until there so none left then turned to Ted and once more they kissed and held each other close and fell asleep in each others arms.

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