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The World of Ted - Part 6

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Author: deepprobsix
Contact: deepprobsix@gmail.com
Published: 21-Jun-14 Revised/Updated 26-Jun-14
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Ted took a butt plug and it was a big butt plug at the widest point it was 7 inches thick and this was going into his mum's ass any minute now.

* * * * * * *

It had been six months since Ted,Sue Mum & Dad had first had six as a four some and every other Saturday since then they had got together and all had great fun in fucking each other sometime Ted's sister was at home she had now turned 15 but they always waited for to go to bed before getting down to sex and when she was at home they had to keep the noise down to so as not to wake her.

This Saturday was another night for Saturday sex but once again his sister would be home and Ted did not enjoy it as much when they had to worry about waking her up and not starting until late because she was still up, so on that Saturday his sister when of to bed about 11 O'clock and by half past they were in the bedroom and Ted was undressing his mother slowly removing her top and revealing her big breasts bulging over the top of her bra and Ted loved it when he saw how her bra pushed her breasts up together and made then over flow he bent forward and kissed then running his tongue up the cleavage and mum shuddered and he carried round to her neck and then ear lobes his mum loved her ear lobes licked and nibbled it always made her wet down in her sexy pussy.

He then saw his dad doing the same to Sue and Sue closed her eyes as he ran his tongue over her firm breasts sucking on them and he took a nipple into his mouth, Sue opened her mouth and gave out a sigh as his dad sucked and licked on her nipples and she placed a hand on the back of his head and pulled it hard against her forcing her tit further into his mouth, Dad was lucky as Sue's tits were nice and firm she often never wore a bra so he had access straight away.

Ted reached round and undone his mothers bra and pulled the straps over her shoulders and then pulled her cups away from her big round breasts her nipples hard and waiting to be sucked and Ted did not need asking he dropped to his knees and lifted her tit and placed his mouth over the nipple and just bit down on it his mother screamed out then remembered her daughter in her bedroom and clamped a hand over her mouth as Ted carried on licking,biting,and sucking on her nipples, Ted looked over at Sue again and she was now laying on her back with her legs hanging over the edge of the bed her feet on the floor his dad knelt down between her legs undoing her jean's and lowering the zip he took hold of the waist band and eased them down over her hips and she lifted her butt up so they slipped of and she lowered her butt back onto the bed.

Sue had told Ted how much she love his dad fucking her and how he had once said about he would like a shaven pussy for once as Ted mother never had shaven hers, so as his dad pulled down her jeans not only did he find that she did not have any knickers on but she had shaved all her pubic hair of to and she was completely bald and her pussy lips shone with the moisture of her pussy juice.

His dad's eyes popped open when he saw it and her jeans were of and his head was between her legs with in seconds and he was licking her cunt like it was the last one he would ever have, Ted returned to his mother and he now finished removing all her clothes and lay her back on the bed beside his darling Sue and he went over to the bedroom cupboard and took out a few toys and brought them back to the bed, Ted undressed and his 9 inch cock was hard and ready for action, first Ted picked up nipple clamps and placed one on his mother right nipple and as he let it go his mother arched her back and moaned OH YES as it bit into her tender hard nipple then Ted placed the other one and once more she arched her back, Ted pick up the chain that joined to clamps and just pulled on them his mother screamed as the pain ripped though her breasts Ted pulled harder and again she screamed at this point she did not care that her daughter was only just down the hall unaware of what her mother was up to.

Ted took a butt plug and it was a big butt plug at the widest point it was 7 inches thick and this was going into his mum's ass any minute now, he covered it in gel then lifted her legs and pushed them open and placed the conned head up against her puckered hole and pushed Ted was not being gentle as he put his weight behind it and just pushed it in his mother screamed and screamed as Ted continued to push this butt plug inside her and then with one last hard push it popped inside her and her ass closed around the neck of the plug and the bottom of it sucked against her hole and there was no way this would ever pop out by it's self his mum was now sweating with the pleasure and pain having this pushed into her.

Ted picked up a massive 12 inch vibrator and this was 6 inch thick Ted switched it on and started to rub it up and down her slit from her ass to the top of her pussy he did not push it in just had it touching the skin just running though her thick pubic hair, Sue next to his mother had taken hold of her hand as a orgasm ripped though her as his dad ate out her cunt Ted took a quick look down and saw his dad ramming three fingers my his girlfriends snatch as he licked her clit and she was going wild cumming again and again, Ted now pushed gently on the vibrator and he watch as the slit of mum's pussy lips opened up allowing the head inside and her lips were wet with her juice and then the tip touched her clit and Ted held it there as it buzzed away and she lifted her ass of the bed and she climaxed and Ted watched as her pussy lips closed and the climax ran though her and as she relaxed her lips opened up and saw her cum juice just run from her down her slit and down over the butt plug and onto the bed, it was such a fucking sexy sight Ted's cock was throbbing at the sight.

Ted took the vibrator and found her hole and pushed it fully into her fast and hard but due to being coated in all the cum that had run from her snatch it slid in without any problem and once it was fully in mum climaxed again, but Ted did not stop he pulled it back out and rammed it fully in again and again, dad was now kissing up Sues body and he had reached her tits and was going mad on her nipples sucking one while twisting and pinching the other, mum screamed out so loud again all thoughts of Ted's sister forgotten at this point all mum wanted to think about was how much pleasure she was getting with this vibrator buzzing 12 inches deep inside her she had cupped her own breasts and was squeezing them and twisting her own nipples. Ted dropped down to his knees and started to lick her clit as he push this vibrator in and out of her.

Mum was cumming again and again as Ted licked and sucked on her hard clit while mum writhed about on the bed her and Sue still holding hands, Dad had now entered his cock into Sue and was pumping hard into her Sue was moaning out loud in joy as she got fuck by a man that was old enough to be her own father but what did that mater as long as he was giving her what she wanted and he was by the sound Sue was making.

Ted now pulled the Vibrator from his mother and she said OH Ted give me the real thing come come fuck me please out your cock in me now fuck me please, Ted wasted no time he was up over his mum in a flash and with one fast thrust forward his cock entered her and as it did she wrapped her legs around his back and pulled him into her and as there bodies meet she climaxed once more.

Ted started to fuck his mother with deep hard thrusts and with every push into her She screamed OH OH TED YES YES and Ted then grabbed her legs and lifted them up and placed them onto his shoulder and her knees now rested on the breasts and he was really giving her every bit of his cock in what they called deep sticking, his mother was begging for more and more.

Ted's dad was just cumming by the sounds these two were making beside him and his mum Sue shouted out OH OH FILL MY CUNT YES YES FILL ME FILL ME and his dad must have done just that as Sue just gave out a OH YESSSSSSSssssssssssssssssssss.

The next thing Ted knew was that Sue was up at the top of his head and moving it out the way a bit and she knelt over his mother face and lowered her dripping cunt onto her mouth and as it got close to touching her lips Ted saw his mothers tongue push out between her lips and run the length of Sue slit licking off the warm creamy cum left there by Ted's dad, Sue sat right down on her face and started to rock back and forth on it fill mum's mouth with her own juice as well and as her husbands cum and mum was drinking it as fast as she could and then Ted felt her pussy lips tighten around his cock and squeeze it tight and once more a massive climax ripped though her body.

Sue was kneeling upright over his mum's face and had her breasts cupped in her hands and was pulling them squeezing them and nipping her nipples as she carried on grinding her cunt onto his mum's face and then Sue screamed once more as she came right into the mouth clamped hard against her snatch.

Just as Sue came was the time when we all heard someone SCREAM WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU ALL DOING TO EACH OTHER.

There just in the doorway was Ted 15 year old sister her eyes wide open mouth open but no sound coming out she just stood there looking at Ted's dad laying on the bed limp cock in hand, Ted laying on top of his/ her mum and what looked like his cock pushed into her. And Ted's girlfriend sitting on top of her mum's face with her own tits cupped in each hand twisting her own nipples and screaming as she done it.

Ted rolled from his mum and his big cock sprang out and stood up in full view for his sister to see and she gasped when she saw it spring up into the air as she had never seen a real cock before she was totally shocked at the size of it she knew about sex but never in her wildest dreams was it like that cock now before her young eyes, then she looked at mum's hairy cunt and how it was gaping open and she could see liquid running from it, what is that she thought and she looked up at Sue and as Sue lifted of her mother face she saw that her cunt did not have a hair on it, she had heard that some women shaved they pussy but just though it was not true but her was one right in front of her eyes and she could see Sue's pussy lips wide open and like her mother had something running from it and it dripped over her mothers face.

Ted's sister ran from the room crying as she went slamming her bedroom door when she got there, Mum got up and said Oh my god that's something I never wanted to happen she pulled on a gown and went down after her, Ted Sue and his dad got up and got dress as that was going to be it for the night, Ted and Sue went back to Ted's room and Ted sat on the bed and said Shit I never even got to cum what a shit night this is, Sue walked up to him and pushed him back onto the bed and she quickly had him naked and she stripped of herself and Ted was still hard and his cock stuck up like a telephone pole and Sue was soon sitting on it and sliding up and down it's 9 inch length, Ted lifted his head to watch her now smooth pussy going up and down on his shaft this was his first ever shaven pussy and it not only felt good but looked bloody good to, he could see her slit as it folded round his shaft and as she rose up her lips pulled out and then tucked back in as she slid back down, and her lips were open enough to see that her clit was big and hard as the tip of it just stuck out above the lips and he placed a hand down between them and his finger just touched it and Sue shook as climaxed as the feeling ran though out her body.

Ted worked on her clit and Sue's nipples grew so hard they ached and she had to take hold of them and play with then to relieve the aching she had and as soon as she pulled and twisted them she came once more covering Ted in her juice, Ted was not going to be long in coming himself and now started to rise his body of the bed as Sue game down and there bodies slamming together and then Ted held himself raised off the bed as cum shot from his cock into his girlfriend filling her where his father had emptied his balls earlier that evening.

Sue lay down on top of Ted and they Kissed and Sue said is that better my dear Oh OH much better my darling said Ted with a big grin across his face Ted rolled over and took Sue with him and now he lay on top of Sue and his cock still deep within her when it soften and slipped out of her he started to slid down her body kissing it as he went, neck, chest, breasts and nipples down her stomach and then he reached the place he had been so so many times but this time it was different.

Sue's cunt mound came into view and now Ted was so so close to it he could see every little bit of it how different it look not covered in hair and he could now see clearly her clit poking just out of her wet pussy lips and he could see that it had folds of skin and when he put his finger on it not only did Sue take a really deep breath he saw that the skin folded back over it as if it was a very very small penis Ted was amazed and he lent forward and sucked it into his mouth and closed his lips around it and Sue raised up her pussy and she took a deep deep breath as Ted flicked her clit with his tongue, Ted pushed two fingers into her and as she was so wet with her and his plus his dad's cum they just slid into her and he soon had her cumming and cumming his face covered with the cum running from her wide open snatch Ted lapped it up as it poured from her.

Ted was getting hard again already but instead of getting up to fuck her he took his fingers from her and just looked at this shaven pussy and then placed two finger one from each hand and opened her pussy lips wide so he could see fully inside her and was he saw nearly made him shoot his lot without even being touch, He could see her inner pussy walls lined with wet slimy cum and her own juices the folds of skin all the way inside her and he could even see it rippling as he touch her inner pussy and with each touch Sue moaned Ted was transfixed with what he was looking never had he seen it so clearly and he moved his finger on her clit he actually was he walls leak juice and Sue rose up her body again, TED TED FUCK ME TED PLEASE FUCK ME NOW this brought Ted out of his daydream and he started to kiss back up her body and as he reach her neck his slipped into her and she took a deep breath and held it as the 9 inches opened her cunt and slide inside her aching pussy, Ted started to fuck Sue slowly and Sue kept saying hard hard Ted fuck me hard but Ted wanted to last as long as he could and wanted Sue to climax a few more times yet and the best way to get Sue to have one massive climax was to take it slow.

Sue kept trying to push up against Ted as he pushed down into her but the way Ted was fucking her she could not do it, and and on Ted went Sue had had a few small orgasms but Ted knew a real biggie working it's way to the surface and he would hold his cum back until she reached where he wanted her to be, On and on Ted slowly took his cock from her and then replaced it more and more Sue tried to push up against him then Ted knew this was it he started to slam himself down into her harder and fast Ted got each time Sue moaned out YES YES OH FUCK YES and then this was it Sue suddenly flung her legs up and around Ted's back and her pussy mussels gripped hold of Ted's shaft and it was so tight that he could not move and she shot her cum Ted placed his mouth over hers and kissed her to stop her shouting out to loudly as his sisters room was only next door. Sue seamed like she was never going to stop her pussy just gripped him like a vice but as it relaxed Ted thrust into her a few more time and then filled her up once more, when Ted was spent they rolled over on there side and fell asleep in each others arms and Ted's cock still deep inside her and keeping his cum from running out of he.

At breakfast the next morning there was no sign of his sister and Ted asked where she was, his mum replied I have a long talk with her telling her all about sex and what the four of us were doing and how it gives pleasure and sex is not just for making babies, in the end she seamed fine with it and said she would never tell anyone as it was late before I left her room I thought I would just let her lie in this morning.

Ted and Sue went out for a walk as it was nice day and they ended up where Ted had first had sex with Sue under the tree across the fields, they lay there for a while hand in hand looking up at the sky though the tree when Ted heard something of to his right Sue had not heard it so Ted moved his head slowly and could just make out Jane peering though the long grass at them Ted had not seen Jane since she last sucked him off six months or so ago, Ted pretend not to see her and got up onto one elbow and kissed Sue fully on the mouth his tongue darting inside pushing her lips open, then as he kissed her he undone her blouse and she still was not wearing a bra so cupped one of her firm breasts and squeezed it making Sue squirmed as he played with it and she was moaning OH Ted Oh Oh yes and Ted then run his hand down and slipped it under her waist band of her jeans and slowly pushed his hand down until it reached the top of her slit and he pushed his finger into it he hit her clit straight away and started to move his finger on it sending pleasure rushing though her and she raised her ass of the ground as it did.

Ted soon had Sue Naked and he stood up and undressed taking a quick glance over to where he had seen Jane and she was still there watching them, I wonder if she's playing with herself Ted thought as he ask sue to get up on all fours knowing this would let Jane have a better view of him sliding his cock into this shaven pussy, Sue did want Ted asked and Ted ran his tongue down over her ass licking it all and pushing his tongue inside then carrying on down, he pushed two fingers inside Sue hole and her pussy quivered as they entered and he started to finger fuck her and he knew Jane could see all this as his fingers went in and out of her, he curled his fingers and hit her G-spot and she cried out OH OH TED more more more fingers pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee she called out and who was Ted to argue he slipped in three fingers now and Sue was cumming and her body shook and her arms went weak and she flopped down onto her elbows Great thought Ted now Jane will have even a better view with her down like this and he removed his fingers and got up behind Sue and placed his big cock up against her wet pussy and pushed and the whole thing slipped inside her and he thought he heard Jane gasp as he did.

As Ted fuck Sue he bent over her back and placed a arm under her and he could reach her clit as he fucked her from the rear and as he touched it once more Sue shouted OH OH OH TED YES YES YES and with that Sue came again this time it was much bigger and Ted was not going to be far behind her and on and on he pumped until with one almighty push he filled her full of his cream he held himself into her for a while as his cock finished pumping then pulled out and cum dripped from the end and with a quick look Jane was still there with her mouth hung wide open as she watch as Ted turned Sue over and dived down between her legs to eat out her cum filled snatch, when Ted had finished he kissed back up Sue's body and they kissed and hugged from a while and when Ted rolled of Jane was gone Ted wondered what she thought of the sex show and knew he would ask her next time he bumped into her.

Sue and Ted walked back home and they had tea Ted's sister acted as if nothing had happened and that was good, Ted hoped that this would not put a stop to there Saturday nights now that she knew what they were doing, Ted walked Sue home had a coffee and then retuned home himself and went to bed thinking of Jane watching him and Sue make out up the tree he dreamt of Jane crouching there hands down her knickers rubbing her clit while watching him slid his cock into Sues smooth,shaven pussy filling it not only with his cock but his cum to.

Ted meet up with Sue a few times that week and they went to town a couple of times but Ted never bumped into Jane until the follow Saturday she was waiting for the bus to town and as Sue was working Ted went and sat by her and when the bus turned up he got on too and sat next to her, after a short while they still had not said anymore then Hi to each other and Ted turned and said Jane she turned to look at him and he said So what did you think to the sex show the other week make you want my cock between your legs did it Ted said with a big grin.

How how did you know I was there she said shocked that he knew.

I you liked this part of the story then part 7 will be hear soon, don't forget I love to hear from my readers good or bad reviews, and also don't forget send a photo of yourself if it made you horny at I would love to see what you did to re-leave yourself, male or female I love both , all photos are kept for me only - deepprobsix@gmail.com

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