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The World of Ted - Part 7

Author: deepprobsix Contact: deepprobsix@gmail.com
Publish Date : Jun 26, 2014
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Ted soon had three fingers buried deep in her snatch and his tongue worked overtime on her clit and Sue was soon ready for a big orgasm.

* * * * * * *

Ted said well I saw you hiding behind the long grass so I thought I would put on a show for you don't worry Sue never knew you were there I just wanted to see what I could make you feel, and I bet myself you had your hand down our knickers playing with yourself while you watched, Ted looked Jane right in the eyes and she turned red in her cheeks and he said I bloody knew it so you did like what you saw, so I ask again he went on did it make you want my cock between your legs Jane.

Jane started to open her mouth then shut it again turned way from Ted for a minute or two then turned back and said even if I did you are with Sue so how could we, Ted smiled and said why the hell should that stop us having fun I don't want to marry you just show you what your missing but I am friends with Sue how could I look her in the eyes knowing we had had sex, that's just it Jane it's just sex we would not be having an affair is it, I tell you what Jane would you let me have you if Sue said it was ok and she was there with us"What" the three of us Jane blurted out.

Sue would never go for that all she keeps on about is you she would never share you, so is that a yes or no then Jane Ted carried on, if I get Sue to say that we can have sex and she be there to watch so you know I have not told you a lie just to get into your knickers will you let me take your virgin pussy, once more Jane sat there and then said ok Ted but only if Sue is there and she is OK with it, right said Ted there is no going back on this if I get Sue to say yes you know that don't you, yes yes Jane replied I know.

So Ted spent a few hours walking around town then caught the bus home and met Sue when she finished work, Sue was staying over tonight but it would be just Ted and Sue in the bedroom tonight, Ted, Sue and the family all had tea and then sat around and chatted for a while had a few beers then Ted and Sue went of to bed, Ted undressed and got in bed and Sue did the same and they were soon kissing and touching each other he ran his hands ever so lightly over her breasts making her nipples stand up hard and with each touch Sue took a deep breath in and as she let it out she gave a Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Ted bent his head and ran the tip of his tongue over her nipple and she shuddered.

Before long Sue had spread her legs and Ted was kissing down her body and touched her clit with his tongue and a static spark jumped from her clit to his tongue and both jumped and Sue climaxed as it went though her making her whole body shake, Ted ran his tongue up and down the now shaved fanny of Sue he still liked it better hairy but he was getting use to it bald and smooth and a pussy was a pussy after all.

Ted soon had three fingers buried deep in her snatch and his tongue worked overtime on her clit and Sue was soon ready for a big orgasm it was getting closer and closer with each and every thrust of his fingers as he made sure that they hit her G-spot each time he pushed them in.

again and again he thrust them in and her fanny walls were gripping his fingers tighter and tighter and then she lifted her ass of the bed as high as she could and shouted out as a Massive orgasm ran thou her entire body, as she relaxed and Ted could move his fingers again his bedroom door opened and when he looked round he was expecting mum or dad to be standing there but no it was his 15 year old sister staring at him on his knees bent over the bed between Sue legs which were wide open and she could see all the cum seeping out of it and her mouth dropped open as she stared at Sue's leaking cunt and she finally said what the hell are you doing to her Ted why are you hurting her making her shout out like that and with that she ran from the room again and Ted and Sue had to laugh.

Once they had stopped laughing Ted got back to work and kissed his way back up her heaving breasts they were rising and falling with each heavy breath she was taking, as Ted kissed her his cock slipped into her wet snatch and buried itself fully inside her and she gave out a long low sigh when their bodies meet.

Ted held his cock fully into her for a while before moving and then withdrew it until the tip was just resting up against her hole and he then held it there, Sue was saying put it back in put it back in fuck me you bastard fuck me and with that with one hard push he rammed it fully home their bodies slamming together with a very loud slap Sue screamed again as her cunt was forced open as Ted big cock entered her, then Ted started to move back and forth but within seconds of him ramming into Sue and her screaming his door opened hard smashing against the wall with a loud bang and there again was his sister, TED TED she was said please stop hurting Sue please Ted.

Ted did not stop fucking Sue as his sister stood there watching his ass going up and down and she could see his big cock going in and out of Sue hairless cunt Stop it Ted stop It she kept saying your hurting her stop it, Sue turned her head and looked at her and said between heavy breathing and some moaning that Ted was not hurting her and her was just pleasing her and making her so very happy, well it dose not sound it she said still watching Ted cock disappear and reappear inside Sue, Ted turned his head and said Sue has told you I am not hurting her so fuck off and leave us alone, Sue said just before she went Thank you for caring about me and coming to HelPpppppppppppppppp as a climax went though her.

Ted kept on ramming his hard cock into her and then he got the feeling deep down in his balls and knew his cum had started it's way and as always the feelings ran thou his balls up the stem of his cock which was now buried deep into Sue womb and then it shot out of his dick with so much force Sue had said she could feel each and every bit of it hit her insides and by her reaction tonight was no different.

When they had both finished their climaxes and relaxed Ted lay next to Sue her head resting on his arm and her arm across his chest, after they had been laying there for a while Ted said maybe I should bring my sister in here and show her what it is all about then she would not have to keep thinking I am hurting you, Sue lifted her head and looked at Ted and she smiled and said you wouldn't would you, yea why the hell not , I have fuck mum you have fucked dad so why should we not fuck my sister just because she 15, Sue said do you think she would do it don't know replied Ted I will ask her next time I get her by herself, great said Sue and lowered her head back on Ted's arm.

Ted then said while we are no the subject of having sex with people I saw your friend today on the bus to town Jane, O yea said Sue, yea we got talking and I have know idea how but we ended up talking about us and the sex we have, I did not say anything about mum & dad but it turns out she saw us when we had sex under our tree two weeks ago, my god did she, she never said anything when I saw her last, well she did and it turns out that she is still a Virgin like my dear little sister and while she watched us she was playing with herself so she said, Wow hot hot sue said just think she watch me getting fuck by your monster and her a virgin wow.

A bad thought has just crossed my filthy mind said Ted "what what said Sue", Well Ted went on my sister is a Virgin and so is Jane maybe we should get them both in here together and you make love to one while I take the other then change round what do you think my darling, My god that sounds bloody fantastic do you think we can pull it off, yea don't see why not, so let's do it then Sue said all excited and with that jumped onto Ted hard and ready cock and he took hold of her firm breasts as the bounced up and down over him, they had wild sex after talking and planing how they would get the two virgins to give up their virginity but both were going to try there hardest to pull this off.

So the follow morning Ted walked Sue to work before setting of for work himself and they left it that Sue would talk to Jane and Ted would talk to his sister, when Ted returned home his sister was sitting in the lounge and she smiled at Ted and said Sorry about last night it sounded as if you were hurting her real bad, don't worry about it sis Ted replied I wanted to talk to you about that anyway but not here come to my room later will you so we can have a chat, OK she said will do.

Later that evening Ted went to his room to use the computer and a while later his sister knocked on the door and came in, she said what do you want to talk about well sis the other week you caught me Sue Mum & Dad having sex then last night you thought I was hurting Sue when we were having sex so I don't know what mum said to you about sex or what you know about it Ted went on, well not that much I know where it goes and how babies are made but that's about it why.

Well said Ted have you ever touched yourself and given yourself nice feeling between your legs, NO she said never, so you have no idea how sex or just touching yourself feels then sis, no no she said, well me and Sue have been talking and we wondered if one night you would like to join us so we can both show you what sex is all about and I would take your virgin cunt and you would know what it feels like and why Sue makes the noise she dose, don't say anything now but think about it and if it helps we are trying to get one of Sue's friends to join us as she is a virgin to so you both would be the same and loosing your virginity in the same night, OK OK she replied I will think about it and left the room.

Half hour later Ted's mum came into his room and said what is this about you wanting sex with your sister, O she told you then said Ted I wondered if she would, It's just that last night she came bursting into my room while I had my cock deep inside Sue and as we were on the top of the bed she saw it all, she said that by the noise Sue was making she thought I was hurting her so I just said that if she wanted Sue and I would show her what sex was all about and the noise is enjoyment not pain, I told her that Sue has a virgin friend and we were trying to get them in the same room together and we would both take there virginity's on the same night.

O I see said mum that dose sound like a plan am I invited into this little fuck feast then she said with a smile, don't see why the hell not I said don't tell me dad to, well maybe said Mum let me know when hey love sure thing said Ted, he Text sue : Hi darling just had a word with sis and she is thinking about it Oh by the way Mum wants in to. Love you Ted xx : Ted saw just getting ready for bed when his sister came back into the room and said mum said she would be there to so yes ok you can show me what sex is like, Great said Ted I will wait until Sue has had a word with her friend and we will set a date.

Ted then got a text from Sue : Hi darling lets hope it's a yes seeing Jane tomorrow so will ask her then what day shall we say hear from you soon love Sue xxx. : Ted text back : Sis said OK as long as mum joins in how about Saturday hope goes well with Jane love you loads XXX : Ted was now very excited and called his mum down to his room, as soon as she got there he took hold of her and pushed her back on the bed hooked his hand up under her dress and pulled her knickers down and off and pushed open her legs TED TED she said slow down slow down but Ted did not take any notice and was soon between her legs and his cock opened up her pussy lips and with a hard push it was full inside his mother and then he started to fuck her hard and fast.

Soon his mum was moaning YES YES TED OH FUCK YES TED with each thrust into her Ted's cock filling her love tunnel with each and every thrust Ted lowered his head and pushed his mouth onto her and pushed his tongue inside hers and their tongues entwined as they kissed, his mum had a few small climaxes as Ted fucked her and then pulled out and his mum screamed PUT IT BACK PUT IT BACK AND FUCK ME but Ted knelt up and told her to get on all fours and she turned round in a flash and Ted lifted her dress and with one hard thrust was fully inside his mother again, he took hold of her hips and thrust into her hard and fast and she was now moaning and cumming again and again, Ted notice that his sister was peaking though the door and he thought you wait my dear on Saturday this will be you bent over in front of me.

Ted got two fingers and jammed them into his mother ass and she shouted out OH OH YES and she climaxed yet again and Ted started to finger fuck her ass as he rammed his cock in and out of her, His mother was getting ready for a really big orgasm as her cunt was tightening up round his cock and she was now shaking all over and with each thrust into her she was saying YES YES YES GOD YES I AM CUMMINGggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg and as she did her arms gave way and she went down onto her elbows and Ted still rammed into her and then he was ready to shoot his cum so he pulled from his mother and told her to turn round and kneel in front of him he wanted his sister to see this and as his mother knelt before him he jerked himself off and then shot his big load of cum all over his mothers face and he heard his sister Gasp at the sigh of his warm cream white cum shot from the slit in his cock and splashed all over her face and it landed on her eyes,nose, and mouth. When Ted had finished his mother licked her lips and then wiped her face off with her fingers and licked them clean and this made his sister gasp again and then she left.

Mum licked Ted's cock clean and then picked up her knickers and left giving Ted a sexy smile, Ted showered and then went to bed and fell asleep.

The next day Ted was and work when his phone told him he had a text but he had to wait until dinner time to read it and when he did this is what it said. : Hi Ted just seen Jane and had a word with her and she is up for it and dose not mind your sister or mum joining in, you failed to tell me that she had sucked you off a couple of times but I don't care as long as you only fuck her when I am there, love you Sue. : Ted could not believe that Jane had told Sue about her sucking him off O she was going to pay for that he was going to fuck her hard that was for sure, Ted text back : Dear Darling Sue sorry I did not tell you but it was a fare time ago but glad we are ok and also that you have talked to Jane about Saturday it's going to be great, sorry again I do love you Ted, xxxx: So Saturday night was set this was going to be good so when Ted got home he told his mum and sister that all was set for Saturday night and there was no backing out now .

So Saturday was here and the day went so slow for Ted and Sue and poor old dad was going to miss out as he had to work so it was going to be Ted and four women and two of those were to be virgins this night just could not come soon enough for them both, Sue went off to meet Jane and bring her home Ted sister was very nervous and looked a bit pale in the face and Ted thought I will soon be putting some colour back in those cheeks.

Sue returned about 30 minutes later and there was Jane looking more beautiful than Ted had ever seen her before she was wearing a tight fitting t-shirt which showed of her well formed tits that looked bigger than Sue put no where near as large as his mothers, she was wearing a short skirt and Ted could not ever seeing her out of Jeans and with her make-up on she looked bloody fantastic how she was still a virgin Ted did not know, Ted introduced her to his mum and sister and Ted had to admit that even his sister was not looking to bad and as he looked her up and down he notice her tits where not much smaller than Sue's.

They all sat there having a drink or two and Ted said to his sister why don't you came over her and sit on my lap and give your old brother a kiss and lets get this started, so she crossed the floor and sat on Ted's lap and Ted took her head in his hands and turned it towards him and pulled her close and then there lips met and Ted kissed her gently for the first time, then they kissed again and again and this time Ted pushed his tongue out and tried to push it between her lips but at first she stopped him not knowing what he was trying to do so when they parted Ted said open your mouth when we kiss, so he tried again and this time she did and Ted's tongue entered her mouth and she soon picked up what Ted was doing and she to pushed her tongue into his mouth, when Ted had her kissing him he laid a hand on her breast and she took a deep breath and tried to pull away but Ted held onto her.

Ted started to squeeze her breast and she stopped kissing him and tried pulling away but Ted held on to her pulling her to him then instead she pushed towards his hand and he played with it squeezing her nipple which was now growing hard in his finger and thumb and for the first time she let out a mmmmmmmmmmm as he carried on playing with her tit.

Sue and Mum had now started on Jane and they had her laying on the floor and they were either side of her taking turns in kissing her and they were running there hands all over her body mum had one tit Sue had the other and Jane was moaning over and over again and she was lifting her but off the floor and loving every minute of it.

Ted turned back to his sister sitting on his lap and as he kissed her again he slid his hand up under her t-shirt and when his hand touched her bare flesh she took another sharp intake of breath and she was now getting feeling inside her she had never had before and between her legs there was a tingling and something she had never had before and that was her cunt was starting to get damp.

Ted moved his hand up and found no bra to get in his was and closed his fingers round this soft smooth breast and he knew that his hand was the first male hand to tough it and squeeze it and as he did she let out another Mmmmmmmmmmmmm and she had started to squirm about on his lap where her cunt was getting wet and the tingeing was getting deeper and deeper inside her, soon Ted had her top completely off and her wonderful small and very firm breasts came into view and she had very dark nipples that stood out against her very pale skin Ted lent forward and took one nipple into his mouth and she sighed OH OH that's so nice and then Ted licked it for the very first time and she shook under his touch and Ted thought she had just had her first ever small orgasm.

Ted wondered how he had not seen that his sister had a beautiful body; curves in all the right places and as she was only 15 it could only get better, Ted kissed her again and then asked her to get up which she did and he took hold of her hand and lead her out of the lounge and into his own room where he closed the door they had left his mum and Sue rolling around on the lounge floor with Jane and his mum was between her legs giving her a good licking out while Sue worked on her tits.

Ted pulled his sister to him and held her close to him and kissed her again and ran his hands up and down her naked spine making her shiver then he dropped to his knees in front of her and slowly undone her jeans and eased them down she was trembling as he done this and Ted said don't worry sis I would never do anything to hurt you, she relaxed a little when Ted kissed her breasts and sucked her nipples one at a time making her close her eyes as he did so.

He then kissed his way very slowly down her stomach holding onto her ass as he did so squeezing her ass cheeks at each kiss and she was now starting to give long soft moans each time his lips touched her soft delicate skin, then he reached the top of her knickers not the sexiest he had ever seen and why should they be she did not dress up for men as yet maybe now yes but until today no, so Ted curled his fingers into each side of the waist band and very very slowly pulled them down and what came into view even surprised Ted, there in front of his eyes was a wonderful sight.

He pulled her knickers down to the floor and she stepped out of her jeans and knickers and Ted looked up into her eyes and said Wow sis that's the best looking cunt I have ever seen and what Ted was looking at was a fully mounded pussy and it was very plump and she had thin black pubic hair which you could see thought but what made Ted want to get down there and run his tongue up her cunt was the inner pussy lips they were so long that they hung just out side her outer lips, God Ted had only ever seen a cunt like this in the magazines he had read but this was wonderful he wanted to pick her up throw her on the bed and ram his cock into it but he knew he must control himself as this was her first ever time.

Ted said again OH MY GOD YOU HAVE THE MOST PERFECT PUSSY, with that he pushed her legs wider and she stood they naked looking good enough to eat and Ted was planing to do just that well eat her pussy out at least, Ted bent his head forward and she took a deep breath and held it as his lips push up against her pubic hair and then gently he pushed his tongue out and it pushed against her outer lips and opened them very slightly and she let out her breath in a long slow Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Ted, and he pushed his tongue a bit further and the tip hit her clit and all of a sudden she just shook and was starting to breath very heavy saying OH OH Ted Ted I have a strange feel inside me what's wrong, Ted pulled away for a second and said nothing wrong sis I promise this is the feeling that make Sue and mum scream out just please don't worry just enjoy them and you will love it, with that he pushed his tongue back into her pussy and this time sucked her clit into his mouth.

Ted could hear Jane screaming from the lounge as his mum and Sue please her getting her ready for what Ted was now doing to his sister, Ted sucked, flicked, and lightly bit her clit making her moan even more her body was trembling and the he move one hand up and ran one finger down her slit touching her inner lips that were hanging down and each time his finger passed over then she took a real deep breath and kept saying OH OH TED then Ted pushed his finger in a bit further and opened up her inner lips and found her moist fanny walls Ted pushed harder and his finger slipped into this slippery pussy and she had her first ever finger fully up inside her snatch when he started to move the back and forth her body shook and her fanny gripped his finger and sis shouted out OH OH YES YES OH GOD YES and Ted felt her first ever proper climax going thou her body, Ted stopped licking her pussy and said see told you you would love it, OH Christ more more please Ted I want more.

Ted stood and picked his sister up and took her over and lay her on his bed then took a few steps back and started to undress and she could not take her eyes of him as he lifted his t-shirt and his slightly hairy chest came into view she looked at his nipple and how they were sticking out hard and she liked what she saw, Ted took of his shoes and socks and then stood there and undone his jeans button and then slowly lowered the zip down and started to peel them down over his legs and when he straightened up his thick long cock was trying to push it's way out of his pants making his sister take in a deep breath, yes she had seen it the other night but that was going in and out of Sue's cunt at the time and she could not see it fully but now it looked like a bloody great tree trunk and she knew that it would soon be fucker her and inside her virgin cunt.

Ted eased down his pants and his cock sprang out in front of him and it made her hold her breath as she looked at it, Ted Ted she said I want mum and the other in here like we said please Ted, Yea sure he replied and just walked out the door to get them and his cock was bobbing up and down as he walked, when he entered the lounge Jane was down between Sue's legs and licking her shaven cunt and Ted said when you lot have finished We want you in the bedroom as sis wants you all there when I take her for the first time.

Ted returned to the bedroom to find she was still laying on the bed but had closed her legs so Ted said there on there way and climbed on the bed and eased open her legs once more, as he knelt there looking down at her pussy he said just before they get here my cock is bigger than I lot of men's cock so as this enters you for the first time it might hurt just a bit but it will only be until it's in ok sis then you will enjoy the rest of it I promise, so how big are most cocks then she asked from 4 inches upwards and some are thick and some thin but don't worry dear sis I will try not to hurt you and with that he lent forward and placed his mouth over her fanny and sucked her inner lips into his mouth and flicked them with his tongue,for the first time his sister joined in by placing her hands on the back of his head and pushed Ted's head hard against her and as she did Ted pushed his tongue inside her pussy and she cried out OH OH YES dear brother OH YES and just as she said that mum,Sue and Jane walked into the room all naked and she turned her head to look at the three naked women standing there looking at the different pussies on show Sue's shaven cunt showing all her slit, Mum's really hairy cunt that was so hairy you could not see her cunt at all and Jane's like her covered in a little hair and looking a bit red but she guessed that was from where mum and Sue had been at it and they would be doing the same to her once Ted had had his wicked way with her and taking her Virginity.

Then she came again filling Ted's mouth with fresh virgin juice and my god it tasted so bloody sweet to Ted, then this was it Ted started kissing her ever so lightly from the top of her slit and slowly ever so slowly worked his way up her body kissing each and every inch as he went, her breathing became very heavy and her breasts heaved up and down mum came over and planted her lips on hers and pushed her tongue into her daughters mouth Sue and Jane came round the bed and each took a nipple and kissed it , licked it, bit it and then Ted was now kissing between her heaving breasts so Sue and Jane move out the way and Ted lifted his head and said can you two open her legs as far as you can so I can get inside her.

Sue and Jane took hold of her ankles and opened her legs and now Ted was laying on top of her and mum had stopped kissing her so Ted kissed his sister and then said you ready for this sis she just nodded and Ted raised himself up on his arms and looked down between them and saw her wonderful full mound just above his twitching cock he still could not believe how full and wonderful her pussy looked and he said to mum please can you take my cock and guide my cock into your daughters pussy for me, Mum put a hand down between then and took hold of his cock and placed the tip just between her daughters lips and Ted eased forward just a bit so the tip of his cock was just pressing up against her pussy lips.

His sister was now really taking deep breathes as his cock touched her and she could feel her outer lips open just enough to allow his head to enter, Ted's mum who still had her hand on his cock ran it up and down her daughters slit making the head touch her clit and also making Ted's cock wet with her daughters juices, Sue and Jane were still holding her legs open but also bent over looking between them so they could see Ted's cock enter this pussy it was pressing against and also Jane wanted to see it as she knew it would be her next.

Ted pushed and the tip of his cock found the hole beneath the folds of her inner lips and she said TED TED I AM SCARED please please I am scared but Ted put his mouth over hers and pushed his tongue into her mouth and their tongue entwined he pushed forward and his cock hit her very tight hole and he had to but more pressure on his cock and then he felt her virgin pussy give way and it opened up and the head of his cock popped into her tearing the thin skin and her virginity was gone Ted stopped kissing her and she screamed out OH OH FUCK FUCK that hurt but Ted just held his cock where it was not moving for a long time

Ted pulled his cock from her and then popped it back in again he done this a few times never pushing it any further in but just getting her hole used to the size of his cock.

Jane was watching and going Oooooooooooooooo Ooooooooooooo each time his cock came out and popped back into his sister, Ted's mum took hold of one of her daughters nipples and pulled it and twisted it and as she bucked her ass up in the air with the pleasure Ted pushed forward some more and at least half when inside her opening up her pussy walls and she cried out as Ted now started to fuck her slowly with just half of his cock length not wanting to push to much in at first she had now stopped moaning about it hurting and was now starting to moan with pleasure, Jane came up the side of the bed and took hold of his sisters hand and said to her what dose it feel like having a cock inside you.

If hurt at first she said though deep breathes but now Wow O fucking Wow it is so bloody wonderful you wait and see Jane you will love ittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt as she bucked her ass up and and this time her pussy walls gripped Ted cock instead of his fingers, Ted knew it was time to fill her with all that he had got so with his next push he entered a bit more and then more he only had two inches left and as he came into her again he pushed the whole length inside her and his body met hers and they slapped together for the first time his sister now had his whole 9 inches deep inside her where no cock or anything else had ever been before.

Ted held his cock deep within her then drew it back and removed it completely and she shouted Oh Oh Ted please please don't take it out please, so now can you see why Sue and mum make so much noise and that I am not hurting them, Oh Yea now I know why please please put it back I want it in me Ted please brother fuck me, how could Ted say no to his dear 15 year old sister that was now begging for him to put his cock back into her snatch, Ted pushed his hips forward and once more the head found her outer lips and push inside them and then found her hole and this time it opened up with no pain what so ever and he just slid the whole length into her with a gentle push until their bodies met once more.

Ted started to move his dick slowly out and back into her and with ever long stroke of his cock she gasped for air and moaned OH YES and she was starting to say it louder and faster Ted knew another orgasm was on the way all the three ladies just stood there transfixed watching Ted fuck his sister, God her pussy was tight against his shaft as he started to move faster in and out of her now pushing it home harder and faster and she said every time their bodies met YES OH YES and she was now moving her body up to meet his as he came down into her.

Ted was not going to be long in having a orgasm himself as her cunt was really tight against his now pounding cock, his sister had her hands up on his back and her nails were digging into him making him even more excited and he pushed harder into her she was thrashing her head side to side now and still saying yes yes as she was nearing her climax, then that was it she arched her back up forcing herself up against Ted's cock and she just had to cum, her body went ridged and she held her breath as her body felt thing that she did not know existed ripped though her body, all she could do was shout and scream OOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo FUCKkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk as they ran up and down her body Ted still pounding into her, Jane still standing there watching all of this had her hand down between her legs and was rubbing her clit like mad and now could not wait to take her place under Ted.

Ted was nearly there and he just did not stop pumping into this tight wet pussy on and on he pumped as hard as he could he had not thought anything about condoms or anything like that and he just pushed forward and held his cock fully into her and she felt for the very first time cum shooting from a cock buried deep inside her, she felt his cock swell and then throb, it spat out something warm that hit her insides hard as it splashed out she could feel it running down her insides on and on Ted's cock pumped cum into.

She was saying Christ Oh Christ Ted I can feel it I can feel you cum in me oh fuck that's good why the fuck have you not fucked me before Ted Christ that's good.

Ted held his cock deep within her until it started to go soft and then took it out of her and he move up kneeling either side of her and sitting over her heaving breasts he took his softening cock and told her to open up she looked at him as if to say What Why, but she did what she was asked and Ted put his cock in her mouth and said suck it clean it ready for Jane, then he heard something behind him and when he looked round his mum was down between her daughters legs licking her cunt getting her juice and his cum from her.

She sucked his cock and tasted her first ever cum and was not sure that she like it at first put after she had sucked on it for a while so started to like it even more and more and then she could not get enough of it, she was not starting to breath heavy once again as mum licked her cunt and she had now pushed two fingers fully inside her and she was ready to cum again and she did and when she let it ride though her body she bucked her body up so fast and hard it nearly threw Ted off her.

Ted got of her and Said one down one to go so your ready for this then Jane, After seeing what you have just done to your sister and how it made her feel oh the fuck yea I am ready for it.

Sue had joined his mum licking over his sisters body and playing with her tits, Ted said Sorry to break up your party but I need the bed as Jane wants my dick so you three can carry on where you like but the bed is ours, so they move of the bed and Ted got on with Jane and he kissed her gentle on the lips and then kissed down her body and he was now just inches away from her thin hair covered cunt and he ran a finger up and down her slit making her shudder and his mum and Sue had done a great job in making her wet but she was about to get her first male mouth clamped onto it and she was like his sister had been breathing heavy as he got closer and closer and then his tongue touched it and she cried out OH OH TED and he pushed his tongue inside her outer lips and found her clit hard and waiting for his touch just inside them.

Ted flicked his tongue over it and she shuddered once more and moaned out loud as he did so, Then Ted lowered his head and pushed his tongue into her hole and she tasted completely different but still as good and sweet, soon she was having a climax raising her body as she came and then like his sister he slowly moved up her body kissing every inch of her then when he reached her nipples she took a deep breath and held it as he took one into his mouth and bit down on it and ran his tongue across the tip of if she Siad Ted TED TAKE ME I CAN'T STAND ANY MORE TAKE ME PLEASE so he kissed up over her breasts and her her neck and licked her ear lobes and she shook again at this, again asked the three women for their help like they had done just know but this time he wanted Sue to guide his cock into Jane and she was more than happy to do it, grabbing his cock when he raised himself my on his arms and she ran his cock up and down her wet slit a few time and as she did Ted put a bit more pressure and it opened up her pussy lips and his cock head touched her clit and once more she shouted out take me Take me Ted I want it me me please.

Ted pushed forward a bit more and he felt it rest up against her hole and like his sister she was now really breathing hard and heavy but unlike his sister she wanted it and wanted it now there was no way she was scared after seeing how much pleasure he had given to his virgin sister,so without waiting anymore he pushed forward and he felt her thin skin around her inner pussy give way and his head popped in and as it did she screamed oh fuck oh fuck that hurt but push it in push it in and so Ted did without waiting he pushed half of his 9 inches into her eager cunt and as he did Jane was pushing up trying to get more in so without pulling out he just pushed forward and he soon had his body up against hers and they were joined together as one his 9 inch cock embedded deep within her and he held it there for a while but Jane was trying to get it moving back and forth by trying to raise her body and let it fall on his cock, Ted then pulled out and without stopping pushed it fully home again and Jane said OH OH OH GOD THATS SO FUCKING GOOD OH CHRIST and Ted was soon pumping in and out of Jane filling her fully with each pump, Sue Mum and his Sister had now left the room as they had seen him take the virginity of Jane and he guessed they were now doing to his sister what they had done to Jane earlier.

Jane bent her legs up and allowed Ted to get just that bit more inside her so he hooked her legs up over his arms and brought them up so her knees where pressing against her chest and he started to really deep stick her harder and harder he pounded into her she had cum a few times but nothing big then Ted felt her mussels tighten up as he pumped into her as his body met hers she was saying Ted Ted Oh Fuck TED and then it hit her and her pussy gripped Ted tight and he felt her mussels ripple as her orgasm went though her body she seamed to stop breathing for a moment as it ran thou her then she gasped for breath and let out a long loud Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and Ted could feel her juices running from her, but Ted when on ramming into her and she had another orgasm just as big as the last one but this time Ted was ready to shoot again and he speed up fucking her hard.

Pushing as deep as he could on and on he went then he felt his balls tighten and knew he was coming, He had not thought about condoms with his sister but with Jane he said can I come inside you or not, Jane replied yes yes you had fucking better don't fucking waste a drop of it I want to feel what your sister did, I have been on the pill for some time just in case, and that was all Ted wanted to hear and he gave one last push and held it deeper then he had his sister as the position they were in and his first lot of cum leapt out of his cock and hit the wet insides of her now not so virgin cunt and she squealed with delight as his cum splashed against her insides Christ Christ she shouted yes yes oh Christ yes as he let pump after pump of his cock fill her up.

When Ted was done he lowered her legs and just lay himself gently down onto her and her breasts squashed against his he put his lips on hers and she opened her mouth to allow his tongue to enter hers and she held him tight to her she did not want to let him go and she really did not want his cock to come out of her but she could feel it slowly going soft inside her and knew it would slip from her soon enough, when it did Ted and Jane rolled over onto their sides and Jane looked Ted in the eyes and said My God I never knew that sex would ever feel that good I have pleasured my self many times but could never bring myself off like that, You know Ted it's funny I never used to like you and here we are on your bed naked and you have just taken my virgin pussy and given me orgasms that I could never have dreamt of were possible, and she lent forward and kissed him tenderly on the lips.

She went on when she pulled away I never knew you would feel the cum inside me when you put it there I just thought I would feel your cock throb and that would be it but it wasn't like that I felt it hitting my insides warm and wonderful and I could feel it filling me up as more and more shot from you, Thank you Ted thank you so much like your sister I wish you had taken my virginity a long time ago.

Glad you enjoyed it and I have to say Jane I had never notice that you had such a fantastic body until you turned up here today when you walked though the door my cock started to get hard just looking at you so I should say thank you to you for letting me be the first it has been an honour taking your virginity you are a really beautiful woman.

Jane turned red in her cheeks as Ted said this, Come on said Ted let go see what the others are up to, so they got of the bed and walked down to the lounge to find it empty and they heard his mum saying Fuck yes yes oh fuck yes it was coming from her bed room so when they opened the door there on the bed was mum flat on her back, Sue was sitting over her face getting her pussy licked and his sister was kneeling on the floor with her head between her mother thighs licking her very hairy pussy and she had three fingers inside her.

The sex went on until Ted was fucked out trying to keep four women happy was a big ask but he had managed to fuck all of them once and his sister for a second time in doggy style while she licked Sue cunt.

Ted walked Jane home and when they got to her front door she pulled him to her and kissed he again and as their lips parted she said thanks again Ted it's been wonderful and you have made me so so happy, well said Ted you will have to try and talk Sue into you letting her let you join us again but just remember my dad might join in next time, OOOoooooooo she said two cocks what more could a broken in virgin want she laughed and went inside.

When Ted returned home Mum and sis had gone of to bed worn out from the evening fuck session, Sue was sitting up in bed and patted the bed beside her and said come on Stud I want you all to myself so Ted went to the toilet then got into bed with Sue and they curled up under the covers kissing and cuddling and Ted made slow tender love to the women he really did love more than anything.

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