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The World of Ted - Part 8

Author: deepprobsix Contact: deepprobsix@gmail.com
Publish Date : Jun 30, 2014
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She was naked laying on top of the bed legs spread wide waiting for Ted to get between them and fuck her brains out.

* * * * * * *

After Ted, Sue, Jane,mum and his sister had sex that night and Ted had taken the virginity of Jane and his 18 year old sister he wondered what he had unleashed in his sister as since taking her for the first time over the next two week Ted had found her in his bed 8 times out of the 14 nights most of the time when he entered his room there she was naked laying on top of the bed legs spread wide waiting for Ted to get between them and fuck her brains out.

Each time he found her there how could he say no and always ended up letting her have his 9 inch cock anyway she wanted it and over the last two week they had done it in many many ways, Sue had joined then and a couple of times so had his mum & dad ,, dad had loved it making love to his very own daughter he was over the moon, when he got down between her legs and ran his tongue up and down her thinly hair covered cunt and tasted her sexy juice he lapped it up shoving his tongue fully into her and bringing her to a massive climax and taking her juice into his mouth and swallowing it all down.

Then moving up her young body kissing her all over not missing an inch of her young trembling body sucking her nipples and then biting them before entering her, pushing her pussy lips open with the head of his rock hard cock, and knowing that his wife was watching him have sex with her daughter made it even more erotic for him, when he started to fuck her hard Ted's sister was in heaven she was moaning out load as she got nearer and nearer to her climax, His mum was saying Go on Go on Dear fuck her fuck her hard come on you can fuck her harder than that, Having his wife urge him on made him ram into her so hard that there bodies nearly fused together as they hit together so hard.

Ted sister was now Screaming and scream in shear delight as she neared her orgasm his dad hammered his cock into her he had never felt so excited and worked up not even when he had Sue for the first time because this was his own young 18 year old daughter is what excited him he wanted to fill her insides with his cum and watch as it ran from her when he took his cock out and then go down and lick her juice and his own cum together, Then she let one long scream out and her legs wrapped round her dad's back and she had one amazing climax that seamed to last forever, his dad was still pumping his cock into her riding thou her climax which made it last even longer, when she he lower her legs his dad just shouted YES and rammed his cock hard into her and filled her full of the cum that had made her in the first place, in the end his cock went soft and slipped from her wet cunt and as dad wanted he knelt up and watched as his cum ran from her down over her thin pubic hair and trickled down her slit he lowered his head and licked up the cum and her juice and she moaned and shivered as his tongue touched her.

Once his dad had finished his mother took over and got into a 69 with her daughter and soon had her very hairy snatch hard down on her daughters face grinding it into her making her whole face wet with the juice that was flowing from her, Then she lowered her head and started to lick her thinly covered pussy pulling her outer lips wide to allow her tongue to reach in as far as she could get it and she was licking it she found that some of the cum from her husband was still inside and licked that out to, as she was licking her daughters cunt she pushed in two finger and made then wet before taking them out and pushing then into her daughters ass, this was the first time she had had anything in her ass and she tried to moan but her mouth was still full of her mothers snatch and she had her mothers cum juice running down her throat so could not do anything but take it.

Soon she was being fucked hard in the ass and now had two fingers ramming into her hard once her ass had become less tight mum shoved another one in beside then and as she did Ted's sister raised her body as much as she could and had yet another climax and as she came not only did her cunt ripple around her mothers tongue her ass gripped her mothers fingers really tight as the climax ripped thou her.

When they had all finished Ted's sister showered and went of to bed tired and worn out but Mum Dad & Ted wanted more so Dad lay on his back and his wife took him in her mouth while kneeling between his legs and Ted got behind her and she to worked on his fathers hard cock Ted slipped is cock into her at fist just the tip but then he took hold of her hips and with one hard swift thrust forward he pushed fully into her and it was a wonder she did not bit of the cock she had in her mouth as the pleasure ripped though her entire body, Ted did not stop the moment his body slammed into her he was pulling out and then ramming back into her once more and the way Ted was hitting hard into her each time he hit fully home it forced his mother forward and she took his dad's cock fully down her throat and this made him cum in double quick time shoot his cum right down the back of his wife's throat.

Once his cock had gone soft he pulled himself out from under her and said ok that's me done I will leave you two to it, when he left the room Ted pulled the big butt plug out of the cupboard and it was soon embedded in his mothers ass pushing it over 7Inches wide as it slipped into her, then as her ass ring snapped shut around the smaller neck it sucked it fully in and snugly home until the bigger base stopped it from going right up inside her, even though she had had this in her several times it still hurt a bit as it slipped in but Ted didn't care he just wanted it in there as he knew that with that filling her ass and his cock filling her cunt when she came it was always an explosive one and this time was no different, as Ted fucked her hard her lent over her back and placed a arm round her had put his hand down between her legs and he could feel his cock going in and out of his mother hairy snatch, but then his fingers touched her hard clit and as soon as he started to rub his fingers round and round she did indeed explode as he knew she would, it was such a massive climax that her legs and arms just gave way and she fell forward going flat onto the bed, Ted just let himself go with her keeping his cock embedded deep with in her and once they hit the bed he just carried on fucking her. And has his body hit her backside the thrust of his body pushed against the butt plug and that pushed it into her ass.

Soon Ted's mother had cum three times and all as big as each other and she was saying no more Ted please please no more, Ted got up and pulled out the butt plug and that hurt more because at least when it went in it was a cone shape but coming out it was the biggest end first, but out it came and he rolled his mother over and pushed his cock back into her and she said again no more son please no more , but mum I need to cum too and he started to pound into her with he held himself up on his arms and he pushed forward with his hips again and again with each thrust he hit home his body made contact with her clit sending shock waves rippling thou her and she came once more but this time Ted came with her filling her deeply with his cum Ted bent forward and kissed his mother very tenderly on the lips and pulled out of her saying I love you mum, she got up of the bed once she had her strength back and went of to her own bed and cuddled up with her husband who was already fast asleep.

The next day Ted met Sue and said he was going to arrange a few days away so they could spend some time alone together and Sue was very happy with that and could not wait, Sue said to Ted that Jane had been onto her about if she could join them again sometime Ted replied it was up to her as he did not mind as long as she was ok with it so Sue said how about Saturday that way maybe your dad will be there to, sounds good to me and they then went of to the pub for a drink and to talk about were to go for a few days.

On that Saturday Ted's dad was indeed there to help Ted out with the four women that he had to satisfy all by him self and instead of going of the the bedroom they all stayed in the lounge as there was more room, Ted took his mum bending her over the sofa while his sitter lay on the sofa with her legs up over the back so her mother could lick her pussy as she bent over the sofa, Sue was laying on the floor with Jane kneeling between her legs licking and drinking her juice as it flowed from her and dad was kneeling behind her fucking her pussy holding onto her hips pulling her back onto his cock as he thrust forward. After a while like this Jane and Sue changed places and so did mum and Ted's sister and after that Ted took Jane and Sue over the sofa it was change after change all cumming many times that nigh and Even Jane stayed over that night and slept with Ted and Sue,

So two weeks later Ted and Sue went on there two week holiday him and Sue had rented a luxury caravan and had a wonderful time there met a black couple Tony and Didi while in the bar one night and ended up going back to there's and once the wine flowed it was not long before sex was the topic of conversation and then the cards came out and a game of strip poker started, it was long long before Ted and Tony were down to they pants while Sue and Didi still had there jeans and bra's on and before they started they had agreed that the first two undressed would make love to each other while the other two watched so Ted was beginning to sweat he had never thought about having sex with a man and by the look of the bulge in his pants his fucking cock was bigger than his.

As luck would have it Ted and Tony won the next two hands and The girls lost a hand each so they were now to their knickers and bra, Sue had a small pair of briefs on and they were pulling right up into her slit and they were looking rather wet from where Ted was sitting, and Didi had a very small thong on bright red and they did nothing to cover her slit what so ever and Ted could see that she had thick black and very curly hair and could not wait to put a parting down the middle with his tongue and see what lay beneath. But then he lost his last hand and has to stand up and drop his pants and his hard shaft sprang out from it's confined space and Didi said Oh Ted very very nice and smiled at him, so Ted moved over to the sofa and watched as the others played on next to loose was Didi and her bra came of and boy Oh boy did she have a pair of boos god Ted had never seen any that big not even in his old Magazines he had looked at them when she sat there in her bra but now they were out they looked twice the size, Ted was trying to work out to tit fuck her first or put a parting in that pussy.

Ted watched as the next hand was played and his face dropped when it was Tony that lost and he stood up and dropped his pants and Ted was right his cock was longer at least 12 inches but not as thick as Ted's and then Didi and Sue both said together right a wager is a wager so come on you two get down to it.

Both Tony and Ted looked at each other well come on then get to it they said again Ted stood up and walked over and without saying a word pulled Tony against him and their cocks got trapped between them and Ted kissed him and he did push his tongue into his mouth and Tony took it without trying to stop him.

As he kissed both girls cheered out loud and Ted held Tony tight, before long Ted was kissing his way down Tony's body and he sucked and kissed his nipples and Tony took a deep breath as Ted did this and then he carried on down his body but he did not have to go down to far to reach Tony's cock as it reached up to his belly button so he took hold of it and licked around the head and Tony trembled as Ted put his lips over the top and sucked it into his mouth, Tony placed his hands on the back of Ted's head and slowly guided his cock further and further into Ted.

Ted took at least 8 of the 12 inches and then he started to gag but Tony did not remove his cock but just held it there keeping it still and slowly Ted stopped gagging, then Tony pushed another inch in and then stopped but Ted could not take anymore and Tony pulled out and then pushed back in and started to fuck Ted's mouth Ted closed his lips round Tony's shaft as this long cock pushed in and out of Ted's mouth, Then Tony stopped and pulled right out of Ted and then lay on the the floor and said Come on lets 69 so Ted and Tony sucked each other but did not cum yet.

They got up after a while and said ok you two your turn to get fucked now, Ted took hold of Didi's hand and took her to the sofa and got her to bend over the back pushing her ass out towards him and he could see the dark ring of her ass looking at him and her black skin was so erotic to Ted he had never touched a black skinned woman before and to have Didi just inches in front of him bending over the sofa and he was looking right at her ass he dropped to his knees and placed his hands on her ass cheeks and pulled them apart and he moved his head forward and ran his tongue down her ass crack from the bottom of her back and down under her she squealed as his tongue ran over her ass ring and she tried to push back onto his tongue but it kept on going down just touching the start of her hairy cunt.

Then he brought his tongue back up again Ted carried on like this for a while and then stopped on her ring and pushed a tongue into it and she shuddered at his touch and as he pulled his tongue from her he slipped two fingers into her and she moaned out loud as they pushed fully into her and Ted started to fuck her ass with them.

It was not long before Didi stopped and shook as a climax ripped though and Ted removed his fingers and stood up and placed the head of his cock against her dark black hole and Ted could not take his eyes for his cock as he pushed forward and watched as inch by inch his white cock slipped into her and till there bodies meet and his was hard against hers and she had taking all his cock inside her ass, Ted then pulled back and it popped out and her as ring snapped shut but not for long as Ted was soon making it pop open again as he pushed fully into her.

Each time Ted pulled out and pushed his fully length back in Didi was shouting FUCK FUCK YES YES FASTER FASTER, Ted did what she asked and was soon fucking her ass like a sledge hammer pounding hard and fast into her, Didi was screaming by now and she had had a few good climax's to, Ted looked over and saw Sue on all fours and taking Tony's 12 inches but from where Ted was he could not make out if it was in her ass of cunt but which ever it was sue was having orgasm after orgasm and screaming out in sheer delight at what Tony was doing to her.

Ted pulled out of Didi and told her to lay on the floor and he knelt over her and took hold of these wonderful very large tits and they were big, he placed his hands on the sides of them and they felt soft and smooth but heavy as he pushed them up and he asked Didi to place his cock between them which she did, then Ted trapped his cock between these mountains of flesh and started to rock back and forth and each time he pushed forward his cock popped into her open mouth, Ted saw that Sue was now sitting up on top of Tony and riding his cock like crazy her head was being throw back and forth her tits bounced up and down as much as they could as she pounded his long cock slammed hard down from tip to the bottom in one hard push Sue was screaming and moaning each time.

Ted looked down at Didi's tits and was amazed to see that her nipples were even blacker then the rest of her body and her nipples were so so big they were at least an inch and a half long and rock hard this got Ted even more excited and he thrust forward between her tits even harder as he was sitting up straight he was able to but one arm out behind him as Didi had taken over holding her big lushest tits around his raging cock and he ran a finger down Didi's stomach found her very thick black pubic hair and he pushed his finger though it and found her moist slit beneath as his finger entered her slit Didi shouted out as a orgasm went though her and as she shook beneath Ted this took him over the edge and he thrust forward and his cock went further into her mouth and he filled her mouth with his cum and Didi could not swallow it fast enough if Ted could have pumped twice as much she would have taken it all.

As Ted got off Didi his cock was going limp and he knew it would be a while before he was up and running again so he got down between Didi's legs and for a few seconds did nothing but stare at this wonderful amazing pussy that was inches from his face, He looked at how thick the hair was and the fact that with the black curly hair and the black skin he could not see her slit beneath it not even being this close to it, Ted put his hands under her legs and lifted them up and spread them wide and as he did it was like the parting of the black sea her pubic hair parted and Ted could see the slit, he opened her legs a bit more and then this wonderful thing happened, her outer pussy lips opened and what Ted saw started to make him hard again even thou he had only just shot his load a few minutes before.

Ted watched as her legs widen and her lips parted to show her deep slit and that to his fascination was a very light pink and very very wet by what Ted could see, Her clit was poking out hard and inviting begging to be sucked and nibbled on and Ted took a big deep breath and lowered his mouth towards this wonderful honey pot and as his tongue touched her clit she orgasmed she wanted his tongue there just as much as Ted wanted it, Ted sucked it into his mouth and she placed her hands on his head and pushed his face hard into her snatch and Ted started to lick her juice as it came out of her.

On and on Ted sucked as he also fingered her deep and hard he was now up to four fingers and he could not believe this and he tried his thumb as well and that slipped into her, god her hole was big but on and on he rammed his fingers into her and she was cumming and cumming her juice covering his hand and he gave one forcible pushed and to his disbelief his whole hand went into her and her cunt lips closed around his wrist, Ted had read about fisting but had never believed it but now Christ his whole hand was buried inside her and he popped it back out and then in again, Didi was now shouting at the top of her voice YES YES OH YES OH Jesus Christ YES YES and Ted carried on pushing his whole fist in and out of her.

Just behind then Sue and Tony must have been enjoying themselves as the noise Sue was making was nearly matching Didi's what the hell anyone walking by the caravan must have thought Ted did not know nor did he care he had his fist inside this wonderful black woman and she was loving it, Ted finally wanted to slid his man hood deep inside where his hand had just been and it is not very often you can say that, he pulled his hand from her and had a quick glance over his shoulder and Sue was on her back Tony held himself up on his arms and was ramming his full 12 inches into Sue and by god she was loving every single inch of it.

Ted was now going to do the same and raised himself up over Didi and entered her the big head of his cock pushed her lips open and finding the warm wet hole which lay beneath and it push on opening that hole so the rest of his 9 inches could follow as I have said Ted might not be as long as Tony but he was sure thicker as Didi took it and she dug her nails into his back as Ted pushed in and there bodies met there pubic hair entwined as they grinned their bodies together and as they did Ted's body pushed against Didi's clit and this drove her mad and she was moaning out loud and then she came once again, Ted pulled back and then thrust in hard and started to really fuck Didi hard and each thrust brought a OH YES from her and she shook as yet another orgasm went though her body, she now brought her legs up and wrapped them round Ted's back and then placed her hands on her breasts and started to play with her extra long nipples pulling them and pinching them as she twisted them and she was screaming and from behind Ted Sue was doing the same and it sounded like she to was having orgasm after orgasm.

Ted lowered himself a bit so he could kiss Didi big full lips he notice that her lips were wonderful to kiss being so full and plump, they were so soft on his and she opened her mouth to allow his tongue to enter and Ted was now on the verge of cumming and he pushed himself back up on his arms so he could force himself in harder and then he flushed his balls out and his spunk filled her insides more and more pumped out of his cock and then Didi lowered a hand onto her clit and rubbed herself and she to came and her fanny gripped Ted hard and squeezed every last drop of Ted's juice from him and out to the inside of her waiting pussy.

They fuck Tony and Didi couple of more times over the last week of the holiday before Ted and Sue set of home fully relaxed and not looking forward to Monday when it was back to work.

Ted and Sue arrived home and once they were in Mum was there and his sister asking about the holiday and they said they had had a great time and told them all about their times with Tony and Didi, they got a drink and Ted's sister told them to sit down as she had something she wanted to tell them so Ted and Sue sat on the sofa and his sister just came out with I am Pregnant, Ted was so shocked that he dropped his can of beer What he said when did you find out last Monday was no feeling to well and went to the doctors and they said I was pregnant, no idea if it's yours or dad's, Sue said what are you going to do keep it of get rid of it, No going to keep it she said Oh that's good replied Sue I don't like the idea of getting rid of it unless there is something wrong with the baby.

Oh well said Ted after a while just thing if it's a boy you'll have your own cock on tap once he is big enough and if it's a girl it will be another bit of pussy for us all. TED said hie mother what said Ted just telling like it is.

A month or so later they were told they it was going to be twins which surprised everyone, when the time came for her to have them it turned out it was a boy and a girl, Ted said when he went to the hospital to see his sister oh well fun times ahead for us all then,

A year later Ted and Sue got married and Sue is now expecting her first child and no idea if it is Ted's or his Dad's and they don't care either way as they still have plenty of sexy fun and always kept within the family now no other outsider apart from Jane that joins in now and again when she feels the need of a big cock, On there wedding night Ted Sue Mum and Dad and his sister all went away leaving the baby with Jane for the week and that night in the hotel Ted took his now wife while she lent over the balcony of their hotel room and she Sue shouted out as she orgasmed people walking below looked up to see what was going on and Sue just waved back.

No one got to sleep that night Ted and Sue will never forget they wedding night as He covered all three women that he has in his life with whipping cream from one of those spray cans they were laying side by side on the king size bed that Ted had booked,He had them laying Mum on one side laying the right way on the bed, his sister was in the middle laying the wrong way round and then Sue on the other side the right way round, Ted and his dad had tied them together so that mum had one hand to the bed the other was tied to his sisters foot as she was laying the other way round then her other foot to one of Sue's hands and her other hand was tied to the other-side of the bed and the same with the feet and hands at the other end of the bed. Then as I said had coved them in the whipping cream and on the top of each breast he had placed a cherry over the nipple.

Dad had filled there pussies with cream running it up the fully length of there slits the girls were moaning in pleasure already with just the cream being placed on them, Ted went round and Kissed Sue and said Happy wedding day my darling love and then said ok dad you can have sue first I want mum, so Ted went round and his sister said What the fuck about me Oh said Ted you will just have to watch for now then you will have me and dad fuck you while Mum and Sue watch, That's ok then as long as I don't get left out, my dear sis we would never leave you out you know that.

Ted stood beside his mother and bent over and kissed her tenderly on the lips and then the chin moving down her neck and this made her moan a long low Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Ted as he move further down and reached her nipples and Tits that were covered in cream and the two cherries on the top of her nipples, Ted licked the cream of from around one tit before lowering his mouth over her nipple and sucking the cherry off the top and licking all the cream from it Mum's nipple now ached as Ted licked it it was harder than she had ever know it to be. It longed to be sucked and bitten but Ted moved over to the other tit and done the same with that one, mum was now shaking with each and every touch that Ted gave her with his lips and tongue, Oh OH Ted his mum was saying OH Christ Ted my nipples my nipples are so fucking Tender oh please suck them bite them please Ted please she kept on, and Ted did what she asked and as soon as he bit onto one of them she was so worked up that she climaxed and as her sex juice ran from her cream filled cunt it made the cream run from her and the sight of that made Ted even harder than he thought possible and because his sisters head she down at the bottom of the bed she said Oooooooooooooooooooooooo mum I can see your cum juice washing away the cream god that looks so bloody sexy mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Ted then bit onto the other nipple and mum arched her back, Ted's dad was do the same sort of thing to Sue but he had one hand down between her spread legs and had two or three fingers pushed inside her at the same time as working on her nipples and tits.

Ted and sprayed the cream all over their stomachs and another cherry sat on the pile of cream at their belly buttons so Ted now started to lick the cream from her tit and down her stomach and reach her belly button and once more sucked the cherry into his mouth and then licked up the cream running his tongue all around and in her belly button making mum shout out again OH OH TED YES YES and once more she could not control herself and climaxed again. And again his sister went OOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooo as she watched her mouther cunt leak her juices .

Ted was now at the top of her Black haired covered pussy and he moved round and knelt between her legs and bent forward and finished licking the cream from her stomach and then down though her pubic hair and reach to were her hard clit stood proud and waiting to be sucked and like her nipples it was harder than Ted had ever seen it, Ted looked over at his dad and he was just about to shove his hard cock into Sue but he had left the cream all over her cunt and was going to push some up inside her with his cock so he could lick out what was left after he had cum.

Ted looked back at the pussy in front of him licked his lips and then lowered his head and his sister said go on Ted go on eat out that pussy go on shove your tongue in there make that bitch come with your tongue make that bitch beg for your wonderful cock make that bitch beg, Ted had never heard his sister talk like that before he tied them up and but cream all over them but he liked it, and then he pushed his tongue inside his mother and touched her hard clit and once more she shook and then climaxed his sister cried out yes yes that's it make her cum that's it Ted, Ted soon had his tongue running up and down her slit licking up any cream that was left and not been washed away by all her climaxes and the juice that had run from her.

It was not not before Ted had four fingers in there pumping away at her as she climax again and again His sister was watching all he was doing Go on Ted she kept saying shove them in go on why not use your fist like that whore on your holiday go shove your fist up her cunt tell you what Ted fist fuck that bitch you can fist fuck me come on I want to see your fist in there.

Ted was now so fucking worked up by what his sister was saying with all her dirty talk that he curled his thumb round with his other four and push all his finger into his mother who was now thrashing around as much as she could on the bed shouting out YES YES TED FIST FUCK ME GO ON YES DO IT FUCKING DO IT and Ted pushed all five fingers back and forth and each time they did go in that bit further he was now so nearly there and he push back and forth three or four times more and then one hard shove and it slipped into her full her pussy closed round his wrist just like Didi's had done his mother screamed out in shear delight as she felt her sons fist pop inside her womb god she felt so so wonderful and she came her pussy gripping Ted wrist so so tight, All this moaning and the dirty talk had got his dad so worked up he had filled Sue up with his cum and was now resting on top of her both had their heads turned to watch Ted as he started to fist fuck his mother popping his fist in and out of her soaking wet fanny she was screaming and cumming again and again, Ted then pulled his fist out and his mother started to beg him to put it back in but Ted took no notice and got up and looked down at her and took hold of his cock and waved it just over her cunt and said do you want this , YES YES please please fuck me, his sister said again Go on Ted make that fucking bitch beg for it run it up her cunt crack Ted make her beg.

Ted did just take and his mother was now going crazy pleading and beg for him to place it in her and fuck her, Ted turned to his sister and said think that's enough begging don't you sis, yea she said go on Ted fuck her with her go on I want to see it open her cunt and fuck her go ram it in, Ted lay over his mum placed his cock in her slit and with one really hard thrust he was in and his mum wanted it so much that she pasted out for a few seconds and came back round as her cunt let go and she had one of the biggest climaxes she had ever had and her cum juice shot out from beside Ted thrusting cock and her daughter Squealed as she watch her mother cum and cum, Ted was so worked up that he could hold on no longer and rammed home once more and came deep within her and once more his sister said OH OH TED fill her go on filler her with your cum, when Ted was empty he slid down and licked her cunt and licked up all the cum he had put in there and his dad was doing the same to Sue,


Oh I don't know Ted said teasing his tied up sister I feel worn out don't you dad shall we call it a night, You had better fuck not said his sister I want that fist inside me and I want it now, Ted laughed OK OK he said don't blow a gasket sis was only joking and with that he moved round from between his mothers legs to between his sisters, now both his mother and Sue would be able to see what he did to his sister, His dad had left Sue and moved round he licked the cream from her tits and sucked the cherries from her very had nipples and then sat across his daughter facing away from Ted so he could stick his limp wet cock into her mouth, Since she had had her baby she had kept her pussy shaven so Ted could see right away the affect watching what he had done to his mother had had on her as there was cum juice dripping from her running down her slit but even still Ted spat on her outer pussy lips and ran his finger up and down it without pushing into her Oh Fuck me Fuck me TED PLEASEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeee she screamed as he ran his finger up and down her slit again, then he touch her waiting clit and she trembled all over, and Ted knew she had just had a small climax as most juice dripped from her, Ted took two fingers and pushed them into her.

The instant his fingers entered her she arched her back and came again this time harder than before Ted started to pound his fingers into her again and again soon he was up to for his sister could not moan or say anything as she had her fathers cock stuffed into her mouth, then Ted curled in his thumb and that too entered her cunt slipping in along side his other fingers, his sister was lifting her ass up and down trying to get more and more of his hand inside her Ted knew that she was so wet that he did not need to spit on her cunt again and to just keep working on her slowly pushing forward bit by bit, he was now up to the widest part of his hand and if he could just get that bit in her cunt would suck the rest of his hand in on and on he pumped his hand soaked with her wet,slimy cum juice and this time he pushed into her but instead of pulling out he held the pressure there the widest part of his hand pushing hard against her cunt hole not letting up he could feel it slowly very slowly easing forward he was now there the widest part then all of a sudden her cunt sucked his hand me and just like the other two cunts he had had his fist inside her wrist clamped round his wrist and gripped it very very tight.

Her whole body shook as her cunt closed round Ted's wrist and Ted felt sorry for is sister just a bit as she could not say or moan due to having her mouth still full of his dad's growing cock, Ted tried to pull his hand out but her fanny mussels just did not want to let it out so Ted started to move his finger deep inside her and she was now shaking and convulsing on the bed as Orgasm after orgasm ripped though her non stop Ted felt each and every one as her cunt walls rippled round his wrist.

Ted bent forward and licked what cream was left on his sisters stomach and as he did that she relaxed a little and Ted got his hand to slid out and then pushed it back in once more and now Ted could really started to fist fuck her, all this time his mum and Sue had just watched but now his mum said go on Ted give that bitch daughter of mine a fucking hard fisting I want to see that fist popping in and out of the fucking shaved pussy hard and Fast, then Sue joined in Yea Ted fist fuck her fist fuck her hard go she deserves to be fucked hard, and Ted did he was now pushing his fist back and forth and in and out of her gaping cunt hole, his dad finely move down and put his now hard cock between his daughters tits and stated to fuck them, now without the cock stuck in her mouth she was screaming out time and time again FUCK YES FUCK YES BROTHER OH FUCK YES THAT'S IT SHOVE THAT FUCKING FIST INTO ME, mum said go on son you fucking her the birch you heard want she wants now give it to her, Ted was ramming harder and harder into her and then she exploded like never before her cunt stopped Ted's hand in it tracks he was just going to pull out of her when her cunt clamped round his wrist and held it as if it were in a vice, she shook from head to toe she screamed YESSSSsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss as the most powerful orgasm Ted had ever seen forced it's way though her and when it finally finished her whole body went limp and as she did Dad shot his lot all over her face covering her eyes, nose, and mouth with his white thick creamy cum.

After that Ted untied them and he now wanted sex with his wife and this was there wedding night so while his sister tried to get her self back together and mum and dad started kissing and cuddling Ted pulled Sue to him and said I love you wife and she replied I love you to my husband but shut the fuck up and fuck me will you.

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