My Sister - My Partner - My Lover

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Published: Jul 11, 2014
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A love story between brother and sister born out of grief and a need to comfort each other that blossomed into true love.

I have changed our names, that is all, the story I am about to write here is all true. It is not a sex story as such but to some it will appear that way. This is a love story that was born out of grief and a need to comfort each other, then blossomed into true love.

My name is Collin, known as CJ, my sister is Abbi, short for Abbigale. We lived with our parents on a small, what we call lifestyle block of twentysix acres. Our parents ran a successful business in a town to the south of where we lived. There was also a coastal port a similar distance to the north. At this time Abbi was two years and two weeks older than I was and just after my fourteenth birthday during the winter of 1956 we had fed a bale of hay to the few head of cattle Dad ran for meat.We had just put the tractor away and had walked across to a row of large shelter trees that ran up from the road towards the house when a car came up the road and into our drive. We turned around and walked back to see who had arrived. As we topped the ridge where the house came into sight we could see Dad in what looked like a heated argument with two of the men, the other two were still at the car. We knelt down so we weren't seen and then these two men attacked Dad, knocking him to the ground, the other two ran towards the house. Dad was taking a vicious beating from these two so I jumped up and started to move passed Abbi at a run but she grabbed my foot and I fell. "Stop" she whispered, "what are you going to do, you will get badly hurt". "I have to do something" I said. "Go back to the road and when they leave get the registration number and make of the car". We were both crying but I did as I was told and ran down close enough to the road to get the information we needed. It seemed like hours but according to my watch was about fifteen minutes when the car came back down the road. The make of the car was easy so I repeated the number plate number several times so I would remember it then I turned and ran as fast as I could to the house. When I got to our garage Dad was lying on the ground and he was virtually unrecognisable. He was breathing so I ran inside the house and crashed into Abbi in the foyer and we both ended up on the floor. "What was the number" she screamed at me, "write it down" then she ran and called emergency services on the phone. I wrote the number down then turned to look for mum and Abbi yelled at me to come back. She told the police what had happened in between sobs and told them she needed an ambulance too then she hung up and rang the Sinclairs who were our closest neighbours. When she finished she came back to me and said "Don't go up there CJ, I don't want you to see her." I ran back outside and sat on the ground so I could cradle Dads head telling him the ambulance would be here soon. The Sinclairs car came racing up the drive and they jumped out, rushing over to me. Mr Sinclair put his face close to dads and said "He is still breathing, where is Abbi and your Mum"I pointed inside and then there was a scream from inside the house and he ran. A while later a police car came up the road and a police woman jumped out with a policeman close behind her. Mr Sinclair came out and told the police what was inside and the woman hurried off. The man lifted Dads head and put a rolled up coat under it and helped me up and took me inside where Mrs Sinclair and Abbi were sitting at the table. Mrs Sinclair was crying and Abbi's eyes were red and her nose was running. I pulled my handkercheif out and gave it to her and she stood, blowing her nose then she put her arms around me and we held each other. The police woman came back out and I could see she was having trouble with her emotions as she quietly told her partner what was in the bedroom. Then the ambulance arrived and told the police they needed to get Dad to the hospital as fast as possible. The policemen called his station and told them he needed forensics and a cleanup team. Why would he need a clean up team and why didn't the ambulance officers go to Mum. These were the thoughts going through my head. The rest of that day is a blur of police coming and going then just before it got dark a hearse arrived and they carried mum out in a bag and it was then the reality of what had happened in her bedroom hit me. The policeman came over to Mr Sinclair and quietly told him that Dad had died on the way to the hospital. Abbi and I were shellshocked and now orphans. The Sinclairs took Abbi and I home where we stayed with them until Mum and Dads funeral. That too is a blur. We stayed with the Sinclairs for about three weeks then we had a call from Mum and Dads lawyer so with Abbi having her drivers license she drove us to town where we were shown in and he proceeded to tell us about the wills. The upshot of that was everything was left to Abbi and I jointly. He told us the businees was being run by Dads accounting firm and he had spoken to the lady that helped Mum in the office and Dads foreman in the workshop. He also told us that those four men that had attacked Mum and Dad had been employees and were looking for the weeks payroll. He told us there was no payroll at the house that the accounting firm did that for the company. The lawyer arranged for Abbi to have cheque signing rights for house hold expences and he told me that to save me from persecution from the families of the workers at school Abbi and the Sinclairs would oversee my home schooling. That was a relief. A few weeks later the police told us we could go home if we wished, they were finished at the house. Mr Sinclair said he would drive us home but we told him thanks but we would walk. We walked back through the paddocks talking to our cattle as we did and they followed us to the gate then mooed when we didn't give them any hay. For the first few weeks we slept together because we didn't want to be alone at night. My schooling went well and I had a lot more time at home which suited me fine. As spring came after that winter we planted a garden and had Dads butcher kill a beast for us because we were almost out of meat.

Life went on and we put up a large green house where we grew exotic fruit to sell during winter giving us a small income and something to do with our time. The relationship between Abbi and I was very close and we would sit in front of the fire at night listening to the radio and most times we would cuddle in each others arms. It was natural for us to see each other naked, it seemed natural and just after I turned seventeen and the third aniversary of the home invasion that took Mum and Dad from us I went to bed and I couldn't help it and I cried. Abbi heard me and came in, getting into bed with me and we cried together in each others arms until we went to sleep. Next morning I woke as I always did as the darkness was softening to light. It was a minute before I realised the position Abbi and I were in. Abbi had her back to me and we were very close with my erect penis between her legs. Oh bugger I thought and tried to remove it but it was wedged there by her inner thighs. I tried again and Abbi moved. I stopped, not wanting to wake her and find me with my penis where it was. She sighed and started to stretch then she stopped. "Oh she said, is that you CJ" "Oh sorry Abbi I just woke and tried to get it out, I didn't put it there on purpose." "It's ok she said, maybe it was cold" I tried to pull it out again and she said "No it's ok just leave it there" I was uncomfortable so I told her it felt hot and I wanted to shift it. She lifted her leg and I pulled back. She turned over and said "Maybe you got excited in the night huh" "No I said I always wake up hard." She put her arm over my shoulder so I put mine over her waist and we lay there looking at each other then she kissed me on the lips. We broke the kiss and continued looking at each each other then she kissed me again and my penis started to grow again. "Oh you are getting excited she said, it's growing again" She kissed me again and this time she opened my mouth and we had our first passionate kiss. "I love you CJ" she said. "I love you too Abbi" Then she said "Maybe you should get a girlfreind" "I've got a girlfreind" I said "Oh, who" she asked."You are my girlfreind" She kissed me again and this kiss lasted for quite some time. "Make love to me CJ" she said and she urged me over her. That was the first time we had sex and it was arkward but after I had climaxed she smiled at me and said "That was nice CJ" We kissed again and I told her she was my world. She snuggled into my chest and we held each other tight then half an hour later she told me she needed to wash because what I had deposited in her was leaking out. At breakfast I was just cooking our eggs and she came up behind me, putting her arms around my waste and said. "Next time we go to town I will go to the doctor and get a contraceptive. "What's that for" I asked "It's so I don't get pregnant" she said. I turned around and put my fingers under her chin and kissed her. "I love you Abbi, I always will, you will always be my Abbi" and I kissed her again. "Good" she said. "you will always be my man CJ" We ate breakfast and did the dishes then went out and gave the cattle a bale of hay then as we turned to go back to the house the Sinclairs car came up the drive. "Good kids" they asked "We have a bit of news, you know we have had the property on the market for a while now, well we have sold, you will have new neighbours soon." "Oh Abbi said how soon before you leave" "A couple of weeks, that's all. Mrs Sinclair always came with a large square tin of baking and she said "Come on lets have a coffee." We chatted for half an hour then they told us they were starting to pack so we said goodbye and they drove home. After lunch we went out and made sure there were no weeds in our garden then Abbi said "Howabout we go up the coast and have the afternoon out and we can have dinner." "yeah ok I said, I can take you out on a date, you are my girlfreind" She came over smiling at me and kissed me so I kissed her back. "Come on she said, lets get changed and go" We showered and dressed in Nice casual clothes and she wore a nice dark green skirt with a dark red top and jacket and on her feet were her black stilletoes. I whistled at her and she smiled. She picked up the keys and took my hand leading me through to the garage where the Landrover was and while I opened the door she started the waggon and after she backed out I closed it and we were off. Half an hour later we drove slowly along the water front then we parked and walked along through the shops. I took her hand as we walked and then she put her arm through mine and pulled me close. She wanted to go into a dress shop so I told her I would meet her when she came out. Just along the road was a florest so I went in and asked for a single red rose, paid the lady then went back and waited for Abbi. When she came back she had a parcel and as she came up to me I pulled the rose from behind my back and kissed her. "Oh CJ thankyou that is beautifull and she kissed me back. I took her parcel and she pulled me in again and we went shopping. By the time we got back to the Landrover it was starting to get dark and there was a cold wind blowing. We drove up round the harbour to the town propper and found a restaurant and they found a table for us. We took a good hour over our meal then we had desert. I paid the bill then she said "Lets go to the pictures" "yeah" I said. I don't remember what the movie was except it was a western and when it finished we went to a milkbar where we had a hot chocolate. As she drove home I sat close to her holding her hand. At home when we got inside she said "Light the fire, it's cold" She came back into the lounge with her purchase from the dress shop and when I turned around she had this tiny little nighty on, it was almost sheer, allowing me to see her nipples with their lovely dark rings aound them and her almost black pubic hair. "Oh Abbi you are so beautifull. She broke out into a lovely smile and asked if I liked it. "Oh yes I said, it's what's in it that I love. We put our arms around each other, cuddling then we sat in front of the fire with the lights out watching the flames as they warmed the room. We had pulled all of the cushions off the sofa and chairs, putting them up against the sofa so we could have them at our backs. Abbi was only an inch shorter than me so she tended to like having her head on my chest when we sat like this. Half an hour later I put the spark guard up and we went to bed. That night we explored each other and kissed while we were doing this and it seemed to get us into a more sexy mood, I know Abbi was wetter than she had been that morning. While I was exploring her girl as I called it, she told me where and what bits she liked being touched and what had the biggest effect on her. Her nipples too were very sensitive and she liked me kissing and sucking on them. This time I slipped into her more easily and I lasted quite a lot longer because we kissed more and it was slower and more relaxed. We moved her dresser into my room so her clothes were handier and we carried her other stuff in, hanging it in the wardrobe. We talked a lot and before the Sinclairs left we asked them not to say anything about our situation to the new owners. They told us they were going to ask us about that and they were happy with our wishes. We wished them luck and they headed on their way. Our lives went on and I got my drivers licence and found a small station waggon to drive. Abbi liked it saying it was more comfortable so we used that when we went to town. One morning she said she wanted to go north again so on the following day we dressed and she drove the station waggon and this time we went to the main part of the town not the beach area. While she was backing the car out I went through her jewelery and found a ring she sometimes wore and put it in my pocket. In town Abbi had a few things to do so I went to a jewelers and asked if they could make a ring for me the same size as the one I had taken that morning. He showed me designs and I told him some of the things I wanted. We finalised a design and he told me a month and it would be ready. While I was there the lady took over and showed me a couple of nice matching wedding rings. I asked her if these rings were something I could buy later and she told me no they were a one off pair. "Look she said if you give me a deposit I will hold them for you so she took my finger size and told me she would get them altered to the two sizes. Two weeks later we went to see the accountants on a regular meeting and as we left I let Abbi go ahead and I told the accountant I needed a particular sum of money. He took me through to his office and wrote out a cheque to cash so I could give it straight to the jeweler. He of course didn't know what it was for. When the month was up Abbi and I headed to the other town where we went shopping and I sneaked off and picked up the rings. There was a bit of change from the cheque so I took Abbi to lunch where we sat chatting away while we ate. She asked me if we wanted to have the hassle of Mum and Dads business. I told her I wasn't interested in being involved in it and she said she wasn't either so we made the decission to talk to the accountants and put it on the market. On the way home we picked up a bag of fertiliser for the green house then went home. We cooked tea and afterwards I took tea into the lounge where Abbi was sitting on the couch in front of the fire. I put her tea on the coffee table then went up to our bedroom and came back with the three little ring boxes. I kneeled in front of her and she leaned forward and kissed me and said "Whats up." I popped the ring boxes on the seat beside her and her hand flew to her throat. I opend the engagement ring box and as I slipped the ring on her finger I told her I wanted us to be like a married couple would she be my partner. When I looked up she had tears running down her cheeks so I moved up and kissed her wiping the tears away. She looked at the ring saying it was so beautifull. Then I handed her the box with my ring in it and I opened the one with her ring and slipped it on in front of the engagement ring. She threw her arms around my neck and kissed me and cried "CJ my sweetheart I love you so much and I very much want to be your partner" She took the ring out of the other box and slipped it on my finger. We kissed each other several times then sat together and every few minutes she looked at her rings.

Our lives got better as years wore on, Dads business sold and we invested the money and then we erected two more large green houses. Then when Abbi turned twentysix and unbeknown to me she went off the contraceptives and a couple of months later she fell pregnant. As her tummy started to show she sat me down and told me she alone had made the decission to have a child and it was then I realised she was telling me she was pregnant. I put my arms around her, picked her up and spun around in the middle of the kitchen, kissing her as I did. When I put her down she had a big smile on her face and told me she wasn't sure how I would take the news. "I am very happy" I said.

We worked our green houses and made a good living with what we were selling then nine months later I rushed her through to the coastal town where she presented us with a little girl. We were aprehensive about our baby but when the nurse came back with her and told us she was perfect we looked at each other and I kissed them both. I stayed with them until Abbi's eyes started to close then I kissed her and told her I would see her the next day. It took quite a while to go to sleep because I was now a father and I wasn't used to being alone. Next morning I rushed through my chores and left for the hospital to see my family. When I arrived in town I found a shop that sold baby furnitue and picked up a bassinet and a few other things then I went to the hospital. I walked into the room and the nurse asked me if I would like to bring baby along for her feed. I looked at Abbi and she nodded eagerly with a smile on her face. I followed the nurse and she picked the little bundle up and handed her to me. I was scared stiff about hurting her and I never took my eyes off her as I slowly walked to Abbi's room. I sat on the bed, kissed the two of them then Abbi took her and dropped her gown down and put the wee girl on her beautifull breast. I sat and watched for a few minutes then I looked at Abbi and asked her. "Abbi what are we going to call her." "Any ideas" she asked. "Yeah I said there is one name I was thinking about." She looked at me and we both said "Fiona" Fiona was Mums name and we were both happy about that. The following day we took baby Fiona home and When we got inside I took them to Abbi's old room to see the bassinet. Abbi smiled and kissed me.

Baby Fiona grew and she was just a little bundle of fun and when she started to walk Abbi told me she was pregnant again. I kissed her and held her in my arms for several minutes just looking into her face and eyes. I told her she was the most beautifull woman in the world, she was my life, she was so strong in many ways and I was pleased she was going to give us another child. By the time she was ready to give birth Fiona was talking and was interested in everything around her. She came with me during that winter when I gave the cattle hay and she always came and helped in the green house. When Abbi woke me and said "CJ it's time." I jumped up, dressed Fiona and put her in her bed in the back of the little station waggon where she promptly went back to sleep. While Abbi dressed I rang the hospital and told them we were on our way. Early next morning we were blessed with a boy and he was all there as well, he was perfect. Fiona was quite taken with this wee person and wanted to play with him so I told her it would be a few months before she could do that. "Why dad" she asked. "Because he has only just been born sweetheart and he can't even see properly yet" She leaned over and looked at his wee face and kissed him, then she giggled saying he was all wrinkled. We kissed our new mum and went home and a couple of days later we were back home as a family.

Our life as a family couldn't have been better and we agreed we didn't need any more children, we had a perfect family. With Mum and Dads insurance and what we got from the sale of the business invested well we had a very nice little income from it and from our green houses. The kids grew and and we schooled them at home but got them into sport so they were meeting other children. And then the old Sinclair property came up for sale so we purchased it and and rented the house and the rent helped pay the mortgage. The house on the new place was on an acre and a half with the rest of the property being thirtyone acres so that gave us fiftyseven acres. Abbi and I put a gate in so we had access to our new property and we purchased a new tractor and a few implements to work the ground with. Each year we put oats in for silage as winter feed for our cattle. One day the two kids were doing their school work and Abbi and I walked out through the paddock of oats to make sure we weren't leaving it too long before harvesting. We were standing looking at a head of oats to make sure it was still milky and just then Abbi's and my eyes met and she smiled at me. I took her in my arms and kissed and said "I love you Abbi". She kissed me back and then she said, "Make love to me CJ, I want one here in the oats." She took her jeans off while I did the same and we lay down with them under Abbi's bum and we spent the next half hour making slow love and when I came she smothered my face in little butterfly kisses.

The kids met their life partners and gave us grandchildren and each Christmas we would all get together at the farm and celebrate our lives. Abbi is now seventy three and I am seventyone, we are still working our little farm and we still go to the cemetary and talk to Mum and Dad, telling them what we are doing, telling them about their grand and great grand kids. We told them we loved each other and would be together for the rest of our lives and beyond. So yes siblings can have a happy family and live together in love. We tell each other we love each other every day we always have and we always will. Our life was born out of tragedy and it made us stronger and gave us such a wonderful life. I hope you have enjoyed my story.

About: The author of "My Sister - My Partner - My Lover" is Murray Dennis - You can contact the writer at -. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Incest & Taboo Stories section.

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