My Dads Lesson Part 1

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Published: Jul 17, 2014
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He finger fucked me hard and deep and sucked and flicked at my clit making me cum all over his face...

As a young girl in middle school, sex was on everyone's mind. How was it done Who was doing it Where I was so uninterested in sex at that time. I did become more interested in sex on my 18th birthday after my dad decided to talk to me about it. Even though I was 18 and knew the gist of it, I still didn't know everything about it or any in-depth details. This is the story of how my dad taught me about sex.

The day before my 18th birthday, my dad and I spent some time in the family room watching a horror movie while my mom was at work. My mom is an emergency room nurse and works the graveyard shift so she's gone a lot of the time. As my dad and I continue to watch, a sex scene appears. It's an unusually long sex scene for a movie that's supposed to be scary. At one point, the female character's breasts are shown bare on the screen. Out of the corner of my eye, I can see my dad getting an erection. It created a rather large tent in his sweatpants. I couldn't believe how big my father was. I guess he noticed that I noticed because he then asks me with a slight chuckle, "Never seen an erection before, Jess" I was just completely caught off guard by the question. "Honey, it's okay if you have. I won't be mad. Girls your age have probably seen and done it all by now. I've seen the way they parade around the school in those short skirts and shorts." "Well actually dad, I've never seen an erection in person before. I've never even seen a penis at all in person before. I'm still a virgin," I finally answered him. He wasn't completely shocked when I told him I was a virgin. "You're a sweet girl. I know you're probably waiting for the right one," he tells me. For some reason, I felt a lot more comfortable talking to my dad about sex than I thought I would. "Actually, I never had sex because mom has always made me put education first so I never had time to be social. I don't mind doing it but now that I'm graduating, all I can think about is having sex." My dad sits next to me quietly with a puzzled look on his face. I thought I had said too much and crossed the line with sharing that much about me with him. He then begins to say something that I wouldn't understand at first until the next day, during my birthday party. He says, "Well, I can teach you the ins and outs of sex tomorrow. Is that okay with you" "Sure," I said nervously.

The day has finally come where I turn into an adult. It's the morning of my birthday and my party starts in a few hours. I'm awoken by my dad bringing me breakfast in bed. For the first time, I've really noticed how handsome my dad looks, especially at the age of 42. He's lightly tanned from working in the sun; the tan brings out the green in his eyes. My dad shaves all the time so he has no facial hair. He keeps his hair short and trimmed as well as his nails. With my dad doing a lot of heavy lifting, his body is well fit and muscular. I can see the outlines of his muscles when he wears his fitted shirts.

My dad puts the tray on my lap and then kisses me on the lips, which is a first. I guess that's what all 18 years old do with their dads. "Good morning and happy birthday, Jess." "Thanks dad. This food looks so good. I'm starving." "Well eat up. I have a surprise for you." I was really excited for what my dad was going to give me. I ate my food quickly and yelled to my dad that I had finished my breakfast. He came in, this time with no shirt on revealing his perfectly cut abs, and he removes the tray from my lap. He then tells me to lay back and relax and wait for him as he returns the tray to the kitchen. I do as I was told and I lay back down comfortably in my bed. I guess I got too comfortable and doze off a little. I woke up to the feeling of something on my breasts. I open my eyes and see my shirt has been lifted and my dad is sucking on my nipples. He hasn't noticed that I've woken up and even though I was caught by surprise, the pleasure I felt kept me from letting him know I was up. I felt my dad flick his tongue against my now hard nipples and made me feel a slight tingle in my pussy. The more he flicked and sucked on my nipples, the stronger the tingling sensation became. Soon, I realized my dad got me really wet. I never knew I would get turned on by my father. He soon moved his lips from one breast to the other. He flicked and sucked on that nipple as well. He then used one hand to play with the other nipple as he sucked one. Then, he bit down gently on my nipple, intensifying the pleasure I was getting. I felt like I was heaven. The pleasure was just too much. I kept my eyes closed the entire time so I wouldn't surprise him and made him stop. I never wanted it to end. Then, the hand that was playing with my nipple slowly made its way down to my pussy. I always slept naked and now I'm glad I did. He rested his finger on top of my clit as he continued to suck my rock hard nipples. Then, he began to rub my clit causing my pussy to become even wetter. He sucked my nipple with more intensity as he moved his finger down to the opening of my cunt. He didn't go in though; he just ran his finger up and down my pussy and rubbed my clit gently. My pussy was now drenched. After about 15 minutes of my dad playing with my nipples and my wet pussy, he stops. I was actually upset about that, I was so close to having an orgasm. He got up off my bed and went downstairs as he licked his fingers clean.

I got up 5 minutes later and headed towards my bathroom for a shower. Walking by the mirror, I really got a good look at my now 18-year old body. I was always more developed than most girls. At 18, I already had a perfect set of 34D cup breasts. My slim, toned body is a result of 4 years of high school volleyball and my ass wasn't too big but it was firm. I also kept my pussy completely shaven. I loved the feeling of running my hands along my pussy and feeling nothing but smooth skin. My dark brown hair reached down to the middle of my back. As I showered, I kept thinking about my father playing with my nipples. It excited me all over again. I was so wet and not from the shower either. My pussy was actually throbbing for my dad's touch. I reached down between my legs and started to rub my clit gently. My knees began to get weak. It went on for 5 minutes before I decided to use the detachable shower head to help me with this task. I lowered the head down to my aching pussy and let the water hit my clit. I thought I was about to cum right then. I moved the head lower onto my pussy and closer. The shower head has two heads. There's the bigger head, that's used for rinsing your back and front. The smaller head is to get the smaller tighter areas. I decided to use the smaller head to get into my smaller and tighter area. I reached down and started to rub my clit as I slowly entered the shower head into my pussy. I was lost in paradise. I slowly guided the head in and out of my pussy imagining it was my father's cock. As I drew closer to my orgasm, I pushed the head faster and harder inside of me until I came all over it. I left the shower head for a while until I regain a little more energy. I then removed it and continue to shower normally.

Couple hours later, I was completely dressed and my hair was done. I went downstairs to find all of my friends and family already waiting for me. They were early, I thought to myself. I greeted everyone and they were all telling me "happy birthday" and "hope you have fun today." Those were the two basic comments I got as I greeted them. The party went on and I was enjoying myself. After everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to me and I opened the presents, my dad pulled me aside. "Jess, there's one more present for you. It's upstairs in your bedroom. Be there in 5 minutes." My dad headed upstairs and I cut the cake for people, thinking about what my dad had in store for me. After everyone got a slice, I then proceeded to go upstairs. I opened my bedroom door to find my dad naked on my bed. "Happy birthday, Jess. Today, you become a real woman." I was shocked, mostly at how big my dad's cock was just standing in the air like that. I guess he noticed that I couldn't keep my eyes off because he then started stroking it slowly. "You like what you see" "I love what I see. I didn't know you were that big dad." He patted the bed signaling for me to sit beside him. He then stops me and says, "Actually sweetie, why don't you undress completely before sitting down." I did what I was told. I got completely naked and then sat beside my dad on the bed. I couldn't believe that I was now naked in front of my dad who was also naked. "Why don't you grab it I know you want to know what it feels like to have a cock in your hand," he said. I grabbed his cock and felt it tense up in my hand. His cock was really thick. My hand couldn't completely wrap around the shaft. I started to stroke his cock slowly and as I did, my dad let out a soft moan so I knew I was doing something right. As my dad closed his eyes, I slowly increased my speed, stroking it faster. I felt his cock tense up even more and by the way my dad was breathing, I knew he was ready to cum. Since, he was teaching me new things, I decided to surprise him myself. Just before he blew his load, I lowered my mouth onto the head and let him cum inside my mouth. I started to have trouble keeping it all in but I soon swallowed every last drop of it. I wanted to taste cum for the first time and I couldn't believe it was my dad's. It tasted funny at first but then there as I swallowed more, it tasted much better.

My dad was completely surprised but didn't bother to stop me. He pulled my head towards and kissed my lips. We started to kiss and he put his tongue in my mouth and letting it explore. I then did the same with my tongue in his mouth. "You're dirtier than I thought you would be," he said with a smirk and a wink. I didn't care there was a party going on downstairs; I just knew I wanted my dad badly. My pussy was throbbing and aching for his cock. My father then got up and told me to lie down on the bed. I did exactly that. He then spreads my legs and puts them on his shoulders. I closed my eyes as I saw his head lower itself onto my pussy. For the first time, I had my pussy eaten. My dad was the person to have his mouth on my virgin cunt. I felt his tongue slowly doing circles around my clit causing immense pleasure. He then slid his tongue along the length of my pussy. Going up and down and every time he reached my clit, he'd flicked it with his wide, smooth tongue. I felt my body going weak and I was getting light headed from all the pleasure he was giving me. His tongue picked up speed, flicking my clit faster and occasionally sliding his tongue in and out of my tight, hairless cunt. When he started to suck on my clit, I felt something else enter my virgin pussy. My dad slid two of fingers inside of me. He didn't bother to start off with one. It didn't bother me since I was enjoying every last second of his tongue on my clit and his fingers exploring the inside of my pussy. He finger fucked me hard and deep and sucked and flicked at my clit making me cum all over his face. This was the first time anyone has ever made me cum. My dad licked up everything my pussy squirted out. He came up from between my legs and kissed me passionately. He kissed me like I was his lover and not his daughter. He then whispers to me, "Now that you've had and enjoyed the appetizer, it's now time for the main course." I just thought to myself that I couldn't wait for more.

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