My 18 Year old Daughter

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Published: Jul 17, 2014
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On and on I fucked her I was now fucking her hard when I felt her cunt shrink tight round my cock and knew she was about to cum...

Hi my name is Dave I have a 18 year old Daughter her name is Samantha Sam for short, I have brought my daughter up since her mother died when she was only 3 it has been hard at times but very rewarding to watch her grow up to a beautiful young lady I am very proud of her.

As Sam grew up she was nothing to look at she did not stand out from the crowd she was just like any-other kid but now wow mother nature has sure taking her to the top of the beauty chain that's for sure, she has just turned 18 she stands 5' 9" tall long blonde hair it reaches down to just above her butt, she has sharp green eyes and a fair skin wonderful plump lips, she is a 36c breast and her figure well is out of this world she would give and model a bloody good run for there money, yes I know I am her father but it is the truth.

As she has grow up without a mum I have had to take on both rolls mum and dad and have taught her thing from Cooking to working on cars from plumbing to DIY and she is a wiz on the computer and that is what she wants to do and going to collage to get to were she wants to be, as she has grown up she has had to ask me question that a girl would normal ask there mother so we have a very open daughter, Dad relationship and talk about anything with out getting embarrassed, sitting her down and telling her about the facts of life was no problem and she knew most of it from school anyway,

Because I had bathed her, washed her changed her since the age of 3 she thought nothing of walking around the house in her small panties and nothing else so I often saw her magnificent breasts and her O so gorgeous body and I gust she had a shaven pussy as I have never seen any hair poking out round the sides of her panties since she was about 14, she had started to get her pubic hair when she was about 13 and her periods started about then and together we sorted that out to.

So I have been lucky that Sam is not one for going out to night clubs and pubs as I think I would worry my self sick knowing what she looks like and the men that would do there best to get inside her knickers so most of the time she was either in her room on her computer or sitting with me watching TV.

But lets go back to last year just after her 16th birthday we had been out to Thorpe Park ( fun park in UK ) it was a birthday treat and when we got home she said that she needed a shower has she had got all hot and sweaty so she plodded of to the bathroom while I started to fix us something to eat I was out of a few things so I was going to pop to the local Tesco which is just around the corner so I went to call though the bathroom door that I was popping out so Sam did not wonder where I was and when I got there the door was slightly open and as I looked though the gap there she was naked in the shower washing her long blond hair, as I said she has often walked around the house in just her panties but he she was naked and boy O boy talk about a instant hard on , she rinsed of her hair and started to wash her body placing gel in her hands the moving them over her body cupping her breasts and moving her hands round and round on them, MY god this was hot and sexy but she was my darling daughter babykins as I called her, but I just could not take my eyes of her I could not make out what was making me feel like this was it the fact that she had not panties on was it she was in the shower washing that most gorgeous body with gel and the water running down her and dripping of her wet nipples or just all of it but I knew I should not be feeling this way about my daughter it was wrong and then she placed her hand between her legs and I thought I was going to cum in my pants as she started to play with her clit rubbing it moving her hand round and round she put her head back and brought the other hand to her nipple and saw her playing with it hard, twisting it and then I saw my babykins push some fingers inside herself and she lent back against the wall as she worked on bringing herself to a climax and then as she came she shouted out OH OH DADDY yes yes, Oh my God she was fantasizing about me she was thinking about us having sex I could not believe what I just heard I left and instead of calling out I left a note and went to get what we needed for tea.

When I returned she was in her dressing-gown which was open and just covered her tits but her panties were on show, Hi daddy she said get what you wanted yea babykins I said soon have tea ready for us, pour us a drink will you I asked, when she brought the drink to me in the kitchen she said I am glad you went out O why is that I said well I left the bathroom door open if you had gone to your room you would have seen me in the shower daddy that would never do would it, well you walk around like that in front of me so what is the difference babykins well I do have some clothes on did you want me to stop walking around like this, OH oH no I said walk around naked for all I care babykins I have seen it all before and laughed you never know she went on I might just do that one day my daddy Yea yea I said and she patted my butt as she walked past and then she laughed.

That even saw just like any other we sat watching the TV I sat one end of the sofa Sam sat the other and this was a three seater so very often she would put her legs up so her feet where in my lap and I would just lay my hands on her ankles, since then she has been very flirty and often saying things that could be taken the wrong way I I wondered if she knew I had seen her in the shower that evening and had she left the door open so I would see her, that was answered a few week later when I was having a shower and she had been out so when she waking into the bathroom after returning home she made out that she was sorry for going into the room while I was having a shower but I saw her give me a looking over and her eyes stopped at my cock which had started to grow with her standing there looking at me, she was in no hurry to leave Go on Babykins I said leave me to my shower, but dad she said I need the loo sorry but I do have to go and with that she pulled down her knickers and sat on the loo and pee'd wiped herself and left and by now I saw hard and as she left I heard her say very very nice cock daddy.

This flirting was getting more and more frequent and she was leaving the bathroom door open more and more sometimes fully open and I now knew that she was doing it so I would watch her, and she had started to pop into the bathroom and my bedroom to try to catch me naked, and when I was bending over or doing something in the kitchen she would rub her hands over my ass, or squeeze past me making sure her cunt pushed into me, one night just a few weeks ago I had watched her in the shower and went she had finished I shouted out good night and went off to my room I was laying there with just a sheet over me as it was a very hot night and I was rubbing my cock thinking about what I had seen my sweet babykins doing to herself so I had a big tent pole of a hard on and she just came in and when she saw the tent pole so just said Oh sorry Daddy shut the door and left and as she left I shot load making the sheet wet and sticky.

So we are now back to where I started this story and Sam was 2 weeks past her 18th birthday and the weekend was here, we had been out for a meal which was a late birthday treat as I had been busy on her birthday and we got home got a bottle of wine and made some popcorn and settled onto the sofa, Sam had changed and she was just wearing her panties and her dressing -gown which she left open as she sat on the sofa and took her wine glass and then placed her legs up into my lap, I placed me glass onto the table beside me and put my hands on her ankles as I would normally and we settled down to watch some TV Sam flicked thou some channels and stop on one and it had some program on and it had quite a lot of sexy bits in it, as we drank our wine Sam looked at me and said what it like daddy and do you miss it, What's what like and what do I miss knowing what she was on about,Sex do you miss it and what's it like Daddy and as she said that her heel started to rub my cock though my jeans , so what has brought this on I asked well just watching this and what I found you doing the other night when I came into your bedroom.

Well Babykins I said what's it like so if your asking that question you have not had sex yet yourself then I take it, No NO Dad I am saving myself for that special person, and yes to answer your question I do miss sex a lot but you have been my major thing to worry about your far more important to me babykins them having sex that's for your I miss your mother so so much but I hope she would be as proud of you as I am, so what's like like well that's a hard on, yea she said with a smile as she moved her foot on my dick again I can feel it's a hard one and she burst out laughing, stop it I said I am your dad so she said with a very very wicked smile. Anyway back to the question I said but she was moving her heel move and move as I spoke, well I said taking the bull by the horns and I was hoping to shock her now it's like when you had fingers inside you and you bring your self to a climax but depending on the man it should be a lot lot more exciting.

So you have been watching me she said I knew it I knew it daddy well you wanted me to that's why you left the door open you naughty babykins you, and she rubbed her hell harder into my hard dick, I started to run my hand slowly up and down her lower legs up to her knee and she moved so she was laying now on her back with her legs out stretched and she had also opened her legs just a bit, so babykins I said what this man got to be like for you to let him into your knickers then, OH OH daddy she said really asking your daughter such a thing and more rubbing of my now aching cock, it wanted to be released from my jeans where it was getting squashed as it had no were to grow.

Now let me thing she said he has to be about 5' 11" of medium build I must know him very very well, he must be kind and oh yea he must be at least 50+ as I have been told that older men know how to make love to a young lady and not just shove it in cum then fuck off leaving the girl wanting, so I said have you anyone in mind yet babykins, Might have she said with one of her most sexy smiles.

I had to place my hand down and try to move my cock as it was curled round in my pants and starting to hurt a little, you un-comfortable daddy she asked o nothing to worry about babkins I said and my hand was still running up and down her leg but now it was going over her knee and half way up her thigh she closed her eyes and gave out a low Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm as my hand grew higher on her leg and now she opened her legs just a bit more and she saw me looking between her legs and once again smiled and said Daddy oh daddy what are you looking at you naught man you and me your daughter, well I said lets see I fit all the things your looking for in a man to get inside your knickers and who would take better care of you than your own father, if that is so why the hell are you still sitting there with you jeans on and your cock bend double get them off and let it loose daddy. She took her feet of my lap and said go on get the off daddy I want to see I want to see so I stood up undone my jeans button and then the zip and dropped them down to the floor Ooooooooooooooooo she murmured as she saw the bulge in my pants that looks big, go on daddy don't be shy get the pants off to she told me so I took a deep breath and down went the pants to join the jeans on the floor, OH CHRIST DADDY she gasped as my 9" sprang out as my pants dropped, well you wanted to see it babykins now you have , ooooooooooooooooooooo she said again and I sat back down and lifted my t-shirt over my head so I was now naked in front of my own daughter,and Sam placed her feet back onto my lap but took my twitching cock in-between her feet and started to move then up and down my shaft making me lay my head back against the sofa closing my eyes and it was my turn to moan.

My hand returned to her legs and I was now just touching those small panties she had on and as I touched them she jumped and I could feel the heat coming from her and her panties were wet to, she pushed her body down against my hand oooooooooooooo daddy you know I do not think this is fair I am naked you still have your dressing gown on and your panties , well why don't you take them of for me I stood up and my hard cock stood out in front of me as I reached over to take of her dressing gown she was now sitting there like I had seen her many many times apart from the wet patch I could see on the crotch of her small pink panties, well babykins you sure you want me to do this OH Christ yea I have had you do it to me so so many times when I have been plating with myself now you can do it so me for real god daddy I am trembling with excitement and I knelt down beside the sofa and place a hand on either side of her panties and she placed her feet flat on the seat and pushed up her legs and her butt rose from the seat and I slowly pulled them down of her hips and down the top of her legs, as I eased them down her pussy came into view and to my delight she was not completely shaved she had a thing line of pubic hair running down and then splitting to run down either side of her pussy lips and her pubic hair was blonde I could clearly see her moist slit and my cock now ached to be in there filling her virgin pussy with my her fathers cock.

Oh Babykins what a fantastic bloody pussy you have I said it looks wonderful are you really really sure you want me to take your virginity yes yes oh hell yes she replied, so I stood up and said ok but not here and I bent down placed one arm under her back and one under her knees and lifted her up and though to the bed room, if we are going to do this babykins I said as I lay her gently on the bed we are going to do this properly and no rushing, I want this to be very very special for you,Oh daddy she said just having you take my cherry will be special enough for me, so I got on the bed beside her and asked Sam what she had ever done with a man , have you held a cock have you sucked a cock have you tasted cum and have you ever had a man's hand on you pussy the answer came back NO daddy none of them no man has ever touched me and I have never touched a man, so this is going to be a big night of firsts for you then my sweet babykins I said Oooooooooo I do hope so she smiles and I lent over her and for the very first time our lips touch not as daughter and father but as lovers and oh my her lips so so sweet and so full, the last person I had ever kissed like this was her mother about 14 year ago, I eased my tongue into her mouth and she did the same to me and as we kissed lovingly and very tenderly I ran my hand down her neck and over the top of her chest and then touched her breast and as my hand cupped it she took a real deep breath and arched her back as her nipple grew hard to my touch, her nipple were dark compared to her light delicate skin and her nipple was so hard it pushed into my palm and then poked out between my finger and thumb and I close my fingers round it and squeezed it between them making her moan OH OH DADDY daddy as I kissed down her neck.

I reached her other breast and kissed very lightly round her dark nipple her breathing was getting heaver and her breast heaving up and down as I kissed her then I sucked her nipple into my mouth and as I did she arched her back and moaned out Oooooooooooooooooo Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm daddy daddy yes yes oooooooooooooooooo,then I change over to the other nipple and took the one I have just been pinching between my fingers she was really loving these and moaning louder and louder as I sucked and bit gently on her nipples I wanted her so so bad but this was her first time and my for some 14 years so I as much as her wanted to savour every second of this evening, Sam's body was trembling as I kissed her and I ran my hand lightly and slowly all over her flat stomach easing down towards her snatch her stomach was rising and falling with her heavy breathing more and more as my finger got nearer and nearer then they touched her pubic blonde hail what she had and she just took one big gulp of air and held her breath as my finger pushed it's way into the top of her slit.

I felt her wet slit and it opened with ease as my babykins opened her legs even further to allow me to get to her pussy, I eased my finger into her virgin slit and the tip of my finger brushed her clit and she climaxed just at this even smallest of touches on her so sensitive clit she shook as it went though her and all she could say was OH OH DADDY as she let out her breath she had been holding in while waiting for that touch, as I felt her body tremble I bit just that bit harder on her nipple which I think helped her over the edge, I moved my finger gently on her clit slowly round and round and she kept pushing her pussy up so I was touching her clit harder and with each push Sam was moaning OH OH I started to kiss down over her soft skin giving it a little bit every now ant then making her take more deep breath's and not my mouth was just above her pubic hair and I took my mouth away and got of the bed and moved round and knelt between her legs and the sight that greeted my eyes was pure heaven, My darling daughter was laying there with her legs bent at the knees and legs spread wide and there in front of my eyes was I sight I will never forget as long as I live.

Her pussy slit was open where I had had my finger and the gap between them glistened with the moisture of her cum, her light blonde pubic hair running down each side of her pussy lips and her hard clit poking it's head out between those moist lips and I could see her pussy hole there just below it and OH bloody sweet that looked I could not wait to taste her juice to see just how sweet it was, her juice was dripping from her hole and slowly seeped down her slit and round over her ass crack and I wondered if she would ever let me take her virgin ass to, I put my fingers up to her lips and pushed against her clit and she shook at my touch and I lowered my head closer and watched as my two fingers entered my darling babykins for the very first time I pushed forward and they just slipped into her she was now so wet and her insides were so slippery and it was if her cunt mussels sucked my fingers inside and I was up past my knuckles before I know it, as I pulled them back I saw how her inner lips pulled from her and then curled back inside as I pushed them back in again, I started to move them back and forth slowly at first and as I lent right up close to my babykins pussy I blew onto it and she shivered and screamed out OH OH yes yes OH DADDY YES and I started to move my fingers faster and faster slowly getting faster with each thrust in and as my Sam was getting to fever pitch I licked the top of her clit and she climaxed exploding and my darling daughter was the first woman I had ever seen squirt her cum from her as she climax, she soaked the bed but I just could not care less at this point and she was panting so so hard as she climaxed my hand was covered in cum and I just carried on pumping them into her, she was now shouting fuck me daddy fuck me please daddy fuck me now, soon babykins soon I said and I lowered my head fully into her pussy and as my mouth touched her cunt lips she pushed her snatch up hard against me and I sucked her clit into my mouth and just nipped it between my teeth and gently flicked the end with my tongue.

My fingers were now running up and down her ass crack as my mouth covered her snatch and Sam was going mad with desire wanting my cock deep inside her but I was going to make sure she orgasmed again for I planted my cock were no other cock had gone before then my tongue was somewhere no other tongue has ever been come to think of it, I was now licking her hard pushing my tongue as deep inside her as I could get it her hands came down onto the back of my head and pushed my face harder against her and her body started to tremble, the insides of her love tunnel started to ripple as a orgasm got closer and closer then Sam's body shook and as she arched her back to fore my face even harder against her she explode again and this time with my mouth covering her pussy as she squirted her cum it was forced straight down my throat and yes yes it did taste as wonderful as I had hopes oh oh so sweet my babykins let my head go after she had finshed her climax and I licked and sucked her pussy until I had made sure I had as much of her cum cleaned of her as I could get, I moved up her slit licking and sucking as I went and then as my tongue hit her clit she shivered again and my tongue then reach the top of her slit and I started to kiss up her body kissing each and every inch of the most fantastic body she still had her legs bent up and wide open and as I worked my body up on top of her she was starting to breath harder again taking very deep breaths getting ready to feel my rock hard cock touch her virgin skin,

I stopped on her tits for a while and with each pant of breath she was saying fuck me fuck me daddy please please fuck me I want your cock daddy, so I kissed up her long slender neck and then my cock touched her outer pussy lips and she took a gasp of breath and held it in as the head of my cock pushed against her wet lips and with just a small gentle nudge the head of my cock slipped inside her lips and they folded round it and as my cock slipped up and down her slimy wet slit trying to find the hole it wanted so much to dive into it hit her clit she let out the breath she had been holding with a OH Fuck Fuck and she started to cry , before I pushed into her I held my cock there and said what wrong babykins OH OH nothing daddy it that I am so bloody happy and never had such wonderful feeling like this and she smiled even thou tears still rolled down her most beautiful face so you dont want me to stop then I said, You had better fucking not she said and thrust her hips up and as she did that the head of my cock had found what it had been looking for and the head slipped into this inviting hole so warm and welcoming and it sucked my big cock in and took the whole 9 inches in one big slide inside her, she just pushed her head back into the pillow and let out a Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy GODdddddddddddddddddddddddddddd daddy and she clamped her legs round my back and locked them there by crossing her ankles, oh daddy oh daddy she kept saying as I move slowly in and out of her it had held that she had been fucking herself with her finger I am sure that helped her take my cock without any pain, After keeping me fully inside her for a while she lowered her legs allowing me to start moving in and out of her giving her the full 9 inches with each and ever stroke, my darling daughter was rocking her head from side to side and I pumped into her she was just saying them same thing over and over daddy yes daddy yes yes daddy yes and I had raised myself up on my arms and as I looked down at her face she was still crying with the pleasure I was giving her.

On and on I fucked her I was now fucking her hard when I felt her cunt shrink tight round my cock and knew she was about to cum and I was going to so I started to really slam into her and when she came she drench me in her cum splashing up over my body as my body was squashed to hers, it was spurting out of her like a fountain and then I felt my cum rising and I could hold back any longer,then just before I shot my cum deep inside my dear darling babykins I thought god is she on the pill as I have not got a condom on, I looked down at her sweet face and said in or out my cum in in she screamed in in cum in me and with that I gave one last hard thrust and I filled her virgin cunt with it's first ever load of warm cum and once more Sam clamped her lags around me closed her eyes and just took in all the pleasure she was getting from feeling my cock throb it's seed deep inside her wet wet pussy, she held me to her for some time not wanting me to take my cock out of her until we had no say in the mater as it went soft and slipped out of her, both of us still panting for breath I lay down beside her and she raised her head so I could slip my arm under her and she cuddled me holding me so so tight and she whispered in my ear Thank you my darling daddy thank you so so much and kiss my cheek,

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