My Dads Lesson - Part 2

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Published: Jul 22, 2014
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I felt a hand grab mine and pushed it away from the toy that was still buried inside my cunt.

After my dad licked and played with my pussy, I was so weak and light headed from the intense pleasure he gave me. "Are you ready for your next lesson" he asked me. "Yes daddy." I feel the head of his thick cock rub up against my clit. He slides the head up and down my pussy then suddenly stops at the opening of my cunt before asking me, "This will be your first time. Are you sure you want me to be your first" I kissed my dad passionately and then told him, "I can't imagine someone more perfect to be my first." He smiled at me before slowly inserting the head of his penis inside of me. The mixture of my cum and his saliva makes a wet sound as it goes in. The head was already too thick for my walls. He pushes his cock deeper inside of me but slowly as he didn't want to hurt me. He leaves his cock buried inside my pussy so it can get adjusted to his size. As my father is deep inside of me, I hear people downstairs laughing, playing, and having a good time. I keep thinking that maybe someone will figure out I'm gone and will go looking for me. I didn't care though; I wanted this more than anything at that moment.

My dad slides his cock in and out of me slowly, which is very pleasurable for me. As my pussy adjusts to his thickness, he increases his speed. Now my father is pumping his massive cock in my tight, no longer virgin, pussy fast and hard. I heard that your first time would hurt and cause a little bit of bleeding but the way my father was fucking me, I felt nothing but pure ecstasy. "Oooh fuck me harder daddy." My moans and screams were drowned out by the loud music being played downstairs and that encouraged my dad to go harder and deeper. I was feeling light headed once again so I knew I was about to cum. I tightened the muscles in my pussy around my father's cock as I drew closer to what feels like a massive orgasm. His cock tensed up inside of me letting me know he was about to cum as well. He thrusts his cock deep inside of me making m cum all over it. This orgasm was bigger than the last one. I came so much; it started to spill out onto my bed sheets and his cock. After I came, he shot his huge load inside of me and I felt his hot cum drip out of my pussy along with my cum. We both were panting from fucking for 20 minutes straight. He kisses me with more passion and then tells me how much he loves me. "Your mother and I don't have sex anymore but when we did, she was only half as good as you are." I didn't expect for him to tell me I was better than my mother when it came down to pleasing him.

We both realize we've been upstairs for too long and we needed to head back to the party before people got suspicious about our disappearance. We got dressed quickly while still covered in cum. We got downstairs just in time to say goodbye to our guests. My grandfather also attended the party and since he doesn't visit often he decides to spend the night. We all help to clean up and my dad casually "pretends" to brush his hands against my ass every now and then. It took us 30 minutes to clean up everything and I was exhausted. Not from cleaning but the amazing fuck session I had with my dad earlier. I head upstairs to shower and get ready for bed. After I get out of the shower, I decide to sleep naked that night. During the night, I couldn't stop thinking about how my father fucked me so I grabbed my rabbit (a vibrator with a clit stimulator attached), and slid it inside my already wet pussy. I grabbed my tit in one hand started playing with my nipple as I used my other hand to push the toy deeper inside of me. I was in heaven and oblivious to my surroundings at the point because I didn't know someone entered my room. I was fucking myself for 5 minutes before I felt a hand grab mine and pushed it away from the toy that was still buried inside my cunt. I didn't bother to look down since I figured it was my dad. He used the toy to fuck me. He slid the rabbit in and out of my pussy and increased the speed of the vibrations. I arched my back so the toy slides deeper inside. As the rabbit is being pushed inside my pussy and it rubs my pussy, I feel a tongue rub my ass. He removes the toy from inside of me and flips me over onto my stomach. Now my ass in the air and easier for him to tongue my asshole. The rabbit is still insides my pussy causing immense pleasure and the tongue in my ass is making it so much better. Without warning, he removes his tongue and slides a finger in. I felt slight pain but it quickly subsided. I didn't think I would enjoy having my ass penetrated. He finger fucked my ass so good and then abruptly stopped. I was ready to cum so you can see I was disappointed. I still had the rabbit inside of me but now since I've experienced something inside my ass, I wanted more. My eyes were closed the entire time so I didn't see him remove his cock from his pants. I heard and felt him spit on my asshole and then that's when I knew what was going to happen next. He forced his cock inside my ass. No warning, no rubbing, nothing. He just thrusts his cock deep inside my ass. It hurt like hell. I couldn't help but scream in pain. My ass hurt for what felt like forever but then eventually pleasure started to take over. As he rams his cock deep into my tight asshole, he fucks my pussy with the rabbit again. I was getting fucked in both holes and it feels so fucking good. He uses the toy in my pussy in one hand and pulls my hair with the other. My body starts to shake as I'm on the verge of my third orgasm of the day. He picks up speed and fucks me harder and the toy vibrating against my clit just sends me over the edge. I cum all over the toy and onto my bed. Two minutes after I cum I feel him shoot his load into my ass. It felt amazing.

I was physically drained after that. I was ready to go to bed. Then I hear him say, "Your father was right. You are an amazing fuck." I turned around to find my grandfather standing at the foot of my bed naked. "What are you doing here" I was completely shocked to see my grandfather standing there, his cock now flaccid with cum dripping from the head, looking at my naked body. My dad definitely resembles my grandfather except my grandfather doesn't exactly have the toned body like my dad. He's more average built and slightly less tan in color than my dad. He cock is about 2 inches shorter than my dad's, where my dad is about 9 inches in length but just as thick. "Your dad told me about the present he gave you earlier today and decided to give you one of my own," he says. I was speechless but turned on. I was getting wet off the fact that my father was telling my grandfather about how he fucked me. "Well, now I'll let you get some sleep. Happy birthday, Jess." He walks out my room still naked. I was shocked but completely satisfied. I had the two I love most in my life fuck me real good. My body was sore and it didn't take long for me to go to sleep. By the way, I went to sleep my rabbit still inside of me.

If you think I should continue this story and create a part 3 or something similar, please let me know and send positive feedback. I want to thank everyone who has already emailed me about how they enjoyed the first part and those who sent me very naughty things. ;) Don't hesitate to contact me via email at Also, if there is something in particular you want me to write about just let me know. Thanks again.

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