My Dream of Fucking My Aunt Comes True

Author: N.M.
Published: Sep 21, 2015
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She started to pee and I could hear the pee trickle into the bowl. I just stood there shocked. Still holding my cock facing her and started to realize what was happening...

From the time I started wanking. My most favorite fantasy was my aunt. My moms sister. She was beautiful and I knew it was never going to happen but forbidden fruit is always more appealing.

I was in campuss studying making me around 18. I had fucked before a few times but they were with hookers that my cousin arranged for me. I had been with other girls but not all the way. I loved my aunt and she was in her late thirties or 40 but looked gorgeous. She had small tits though and had a bit of a tummy but nothing too much. She was fair with short hair and medium height. Her son was in high school and we were extremely close. I felt bad about that after the event but not worse than the awesome feeling of a dream coming true.

Our families went on a holiday together to the Drakensberg one holiday and this is when the event took place. Her son and I were sleeping in one of the rooms on the floor talking shit cow we smoked a joint. Then we could here the wall from the next room being gently banged and then harder. We knew his parents were sleeping in that room and we started to laugh and then he felt a bit awkward. I told him to relax as I wouldn't say anything to anyone. It lasted for about 3 mins but it felt longer as we both just sat there. My cock was rock hard now and was clearly viable as I was in boxers. He said wtf. This can't be turning u on. I just made an excuse saying I haven't fucked in such a long time that I get horny quite easily. I couldn't tell him that I wished it was me with his mom in that room.

The next day all were planning to go to this resort nearby as it had some good activities. I just got back from a walk and was stoned as shit and preferred staying back. Anyway one person had to as my grand dad was with us and he was a cripple and couldn't walk. Someone had to be with him in case he needed to use the bathroom. I offered to stay back before anyone else could and it was welcomed.

Soon after they all had left I went to our room and got my stuff to take a shower. I checked on my grand dad and made sure he was ok then headed to he shower.

I was still stoned as hell and enjoyed the hot shower hitting in my body. I was enjoying the feeling soaping my body and started rubbing my cock thinking of my aunt from last night and immediately I was rock hard. I do have a decent size penis as I was told by all that saw it even one hooker told me that I as really big. I was always clean shaven and this made it look even bigger. I also had huge balls.

I was so in grossed in my thoughts that I didn't here the knock on the door. Then it opened and my aunt stepped in quite abruptly and said she needs to use the bathroom urgently. Not giving me time to react she just came in and sat in the toilet after lifting her dress up and pulling her panties down.

She started to pee and I could hear the pee trickle into the bowl. I just stood there shocked. Still holding my cock facing her and started to realize what was happening.

My cock got even bigger than it was and I knew this was the biggest I saw it. I stared to speak first breaking the silence. I thought I was alone here with pops. She said no I wasn't feeling well so was lying down in the other room and uncle Thaig knew I was staying back.

This was her husband and wasn't there when I offered to stay back. He was ok 12 years older than her and I was totally jealous of him. I also hated him coz he didn't treat my aunt well. He was a nasty man with dirty ways that often left my aunt crying and complaining to my mom. Yet she was still so faithful and scared of him.

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