My Daughter and I

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Published: Dec 21, 2015
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Kirsty pulled away from our kissing just long enough to say my god dad your cock is so fat and long

A couple of years ago my wife was going away on a business trip and would be away for the week leaving on the Monday and not returning until the Sunday evening she had been away many times in the past and I stayed at home our daughter Kirsty who had just turned 18 was out with her friends most of the time so I had the place to myself.

Now I am 38 years of age and quite fit as I go to the gym to keep in shape have a full head of hair black, and a hairy chest which my wife forbids me to shave as it turns her into a wild animal when the hair rubs across her tits as we fuck making her cum in shed loads.

My Daughter Kirsty as I say has just turned 18 and I know I am her father but have to say she has the most gorgeous body shape much better than her mother did at that age she has long ginger hair that she got from her mothers side of the family dark almost black eyes and the most wonderful fair skin and from what I have seen it looks so smooth and soft, she is 6'2” tall so has the most gorgeous long legs that give you a instant hard on when she wears her very tight jeans.

Since she was 16 she has had boys staying over as here in the UK it is legal to have sex at 16 and we always told her that as long as she took care and not got pregnant we were happy for them to stay over.

So the Tuesday after her mother was gone Kirsty had sat and watched TV with me for a while and then got up and said I am going out dad don't wait up as I do not know what time I will be home, OK dear I said and a few minutes after she had gone I switched of the TV and went on my computer and went straight for the sextails web site as I scrolled through the stories there I came across one that I wanted to read so printed it off poured myself a whiskey and took my story and my drink off to bed.

I showered and dried off then flung the cover back and just lay naked on the bed took a sip of my drink and lay back and started to read my story, as I read my cock started to grow and I am very lucky in that department as I have a thick and a long 10 inch cock my balls are covered in think black hair and I have big thing veins running the full length of it, as I continued to read I took my cock into my hand and started to slowly move it up and down my shaft pulling the foreskin back over the head each time I was now about half way through the story by now and I was wanking faster as the story went on.

When all of a sudden the door opened and Kirsty stood there and said I am Home da and that was as far as she got, I quickly dropped the story and tried as quick as I could to get hold of the cover to pull over me, once I had covered up my hard cock stuck up like a tent pole and Kirsty just stood there her mouth dropped open for what like seamed a life time then she shook her head as if to clear it and said Dad Oh don't cover it up that was an amazing cock my cock no wonder mum moans out so load when your screwing her.

As I lay there with my tent pole sticking up she walked over and picked up the story I had been reading and sat down on the bed and started to read it, as she did she kept saying oh Christ Oh my God over and over and then looked at me and said dose mum know you read this , yes it was her that found the site in the first place we often read stories together, My God I bet she gets worked up when she reads them well you said you had heard us so yes she dose I said to her with a big grin.

Kirsty turned and looked me in the eyes and said Dad can I lay here with you and read this story with you Please Please she said promise I wont tell mum, you really want to I said Oh yes yes Dad I would love to, Ok I said and moved over but this time keeping the cover over me, Kirsty lay down beside me and cuddled up close and we started again from the beginning the story was 15 pages long and by the time we had gotten to page 8 my cock was harder than before knowing Kirsty was laying beside me, as I carried on reading I heard Kirsty take a deep breath and give a small moan and I then noticed she had a hand down the front of her trousers and was rubbing her clitoris.

Enjoying yourself I said Mmmmmmm then it seamed to registrar where she was and drew her hand out quick turned her head to look at me saying god I can see why mum gets worked up when she reads these stories and with that she lent forward and kissed me so tenderly on my lips and I could not help but give a soft low moan as her sweet moist lips pressed against mine after what seamed like minutes she pulled away saying sorry sorry dad I should not have done that, No you should not I said but I can not say that it was not nice in fact it was bloody nice and she smiled and lent in for another kiss and this time she pushed her tongue into my mouth pushing my lips and teeth apart.

I put my hand on the back of her head and pulled her to me holding her lips against my our tongues dance in and out of each others mouths and both of us were moaning as we enjoyed the pleasure, Kirsty's hard nipple was rubbing against my arm and we continued to kiss our kissing getting harder and faster as we got more and more worked up.

I eased my other hand under her and placed it lightly onto her back and started to stroke up and down her spine making her shiver at the very light scrapping of my finger nails, Kirsty's moans where getting louder and her tits pushed against my hard and then I felt her hand rest on my stomach and she moved her hand round and round rubbing though my hair and slowly her hand moved further down until she touched the very top of my pubic hair, I pulled away from her and looked her in the eyes and said you know we should not be doing this I am your father and but I did not get to finish as she pushed her mouth over mine once more and her long slender finger ran down through my pubic hair and then took hold of my long thick shaft.

Kirsty pulled away from our kissing just long enough to say my god dad your cock is so fat and long and her mouth was on mine once more her fingers move gently up my shaft and then she rubbed her thumb over the very tip of my cock head and smeared my pre-cum over it and I pushed my head back into the pillow and moaned as the pleasures ran though me.

Kirsty let my cock go and pulled away from our kiss and got of the bed and I though she was going to leave as she now knew it was wrong but no she stood beside the bed looking at me laying there naked my cock twitching after her touch, my god dad that is the biggest cock I have every seen and with that she pulled her t-shirt up revealing her young very firm tits they stood there round and firm her dark brown nipples standing at least ¾ of a inch rock hard oh how I wanted one of those in my mouth my cock twitched more at the thought of my tongue running over and round them while needing her other firm tit in my hand, Kirsty notice my cock twitching and smiled down at me and said Oh you like my tits then dad and as she said that she cupped each one in her hands and squeezed them and her nipples pushed out between her fingers and she closed her eyes and she continued to more her hands all over them and soft moans escaped her lips.

I had to take hold of my twitching cock and started to rub it as my daughter played with herself right in front of me but when she opened her eyes and saw I was rubbing my cock she said stop that dad I don't want you cumming yet so I removed my hand and Kirsty gave me a wicked sexy smile and dropped her hands from her tits and onto the top of her jeans popping open the button and slowly lowering the zip once that was fully down she started to very slowly push her jeans down over her most wonderful shaped hips inch by inch she lowered them, by now I was gasping great gasps of air as her small panties can into sight as lower her jeans went until she stood up and they slipped down her legs and she kicked them off.

What she had on was a very small lacy pair of red panties and I could see that she had very little hair round her pussy lips and them she was pushing these down and my eyes were popping out on storks as she stood back up and opened her legs so I got a full view of her very sweet young tender cunt.

I was right as she stood up she had just a very small amount of hair which ran down each side of her cunt Christ I had never in my life seen such a beautiful cunt and I told her so and her cheeks turned red and said Oh dad you must have, no darling I said I can say with my hand on my heart that cunt is the best I have every seen and if the men you have been with have never told you that then they are dick heads I said to her, with that Kirsty knelt on the bed beside me and lent forward and wrapped her slender fingers round my shaft once more and started to move her hand up and down my cock Mmmmmmmmm she moaned look at all that lovely pre-cum dad and lent forward and ran her tongue round and round and over my cock head, as she did I had to take a very deep breath pushing my head hard back into the pillow.

Kirsty continued and it was not long before my hips were thrusting up pushing my cock into her mouth and she let go with her hand and took as much as she could inside her my fat cock opening her throat as it pushed it's way into her, she took more and more and even though she was gagging at times on and on she went and then I could take no more of the back of her throat rubbing my cock head my cum shot out and splashed it's way down her throat making her choke as there was jet after jet of warm white cum being forced into her, when I had finished spurting and she had licked my cock and her chin clean she lay down beside me rested her head on my out stretched arm and said softly Oh Dad that was so so nice and you cum tasted wonderful thanks you daddy she said to me, it's me that should be thanking you my darling daughter that was one hell of a blow job one of the best and I let out a long sigh as I relaxed, Kirsty said well Dad how long before your ready to go again, I turned my head well my dear if you will let me suck those most wonderful nipple and that most perfect cunt about five minutes I should think, with that Kirsty lay on her back spread her legs wide and said Help yourself Daddy it's all yours to do what you want with.

I pulled myself up onto one elbow and looked down into her sparkling eyes and whispered are you sure you want to do this it is not to late to change your mind you know are you kidding me she said I have dreamed about just seeing you naked let alone be in bed with you, the times I have played with my cunt while I have heard to and mum having sex and have always wondered what it would feel like with you well now my dream has come true as she finished saying that I lent forward and kissed her sweet moist lips.

As we kissed I brought my hand over and gentle placed it on one of her very firm tits and squeezed it and her rock hard nipple pushed into the palm of my hand making Kirsty take a deep breath sucking air in through her nose as we still had our mouths clamped together and our tongues darting in and out of our mouths.

Gentle I needed her tit moving my hand from one to the other nipping her dark nipples between my fingers slowly twisting them as I pulled on them, I pulled my mouth away from her and she was looking up at me with such loving eyes and said Oh Dad that is so wonderful and I bent my head down and while pinching one nipple slipped the other one into my mouth .

Soon Kirsty started to shake as a orgasm welled up deep inside her her breathing became deep her moaning louder as I bit sucked and flicked her nipples going back and forth between her two twin peeks, the her body when ridged and she just screamed OH Daddy and she came her body shook as her orgasm ripped though her when it died down she looked at me and said Oh Fuck Dad I have never had a orgasm like that just though someone sucking my tits, well there is plenty more to come I said with a grin and got up on my knees and looked down at her most perfect body, I was so lucky having a 18 year old wanting me to fuck her and she was my daughter.

I moved my legs across her so I now knelt over her my balls resting on her wonderful flat stomach as I looked down at her I moved my hands up cupping both her tits and then squeezed them Kirsty closed her eyes as I soft moan left her lips and I bent forward and kissed her soft moist lips and then slipped up her body and took my cock in one hand and pushed it down between her firm breasts and Kirsty moved her hands up and pushed her tits together wrapping them around my cock as I started to rock back and forth fucking between her wonderful tits pulling at her nipples then I let go with one hand and put it behind me and slowly let it slip down her stomach down to the very top of her slit feeling her thin line of pussy hair touch my fingers she moaned out again pushing her head back into the pillow Oh Dadddddddddddddddddddddd she said as my finger pushed into the very tip of her slip and her juice made my fingers wet where she had cum a few minutes before, with the feeling of her wet cunt on the tip of my finger and her firm breasts squeezed round my fay cock it was not rock hard again and Kirsty raised her head and licked the tip each time I pushed forward, the tip of my finger touched her clit and without warning Kirsty Climaxed hard her body shook under me and I felt her cunt throb as it pushed her cum from it.

I eased my finger down into her slit and covered it in her juice bringing my hand back up and placed my cum covered finger into my mouth and licking it clean, Oh my darling not only have you got the best tits, best body, and cunt I have seen but you have the best tasting cum I have ever tasted and with that I placed my finger into her slit once more and repeated it again and again each time my finger slipped into her she shuddered and took a very deep breath.

My cock was so hard that it felt like it would explode not with cum but the pressure of the amount of blood inside it, I pulled my cock out from between her tits and removed my finger from her dripping cunt hole.

I got off from over her and she tried to grab my cock but I pulled away quickly and moved down the bed and knelt on the floor I now had her wet, slimy, dripping cunt just a few feet away from me and I could smell her cum sent as it drifted up from her hot pussy, I grabbed her legs and pulled her down the bed so he arse was just on the edge and pushed her legs wide and her slit opened as I did and for the first time ever I could see the inside of my daughters cunt, her hole was open and I knew if she did not change her mind I was going to feed that hole with my hard fat long cock very soon but first I had other things to do.

Oh Oh Daddy she cried out eat me eat my cunt please Daddy please I can not take much more I want to feel your tongue on my clit inside my hole Daddy please please her body still trembling, I lent forward and my lips were now inches away from her wet lips, I breathed in deeply taking in her sent at which my cock twitched, my lips brushed against her pubic hair and it was if a spark jumped between us and she pushed her cunt up screamed out OH OH YES DADDY and her cunt was fully against my mouth Oh Christ the taste of her was like nothing I had ever tasted and I do not think I ever will again unless I get to do this again to my daughter, her juice was so sweet as I opened my mouth and pushed my tongue inside her lips as they parted my tongue touched her swollen clit making her force her bum up of the bed as she came hard her just rolling from her into my mouth her hands came down onto the back of my head pushing my face even harder into her cunt, I was finding it hard to breath but I did not care if I was going to pass out or die then what better place could it happen between the wide spread legs of my daughter, my tongue was licking up her juice so fast that it must have been a blur as it darted in and out dragging the nectar from within in her.

Her legs came up and wrapped around my neck holding my head right where she wanted in, my lower face was now covered in cum as she came again and again her body convulsing again and again as her climaxing ripped through her body, she was thrashing her head from side to side screaming for more so I brought one hand up under my chin and as her juice had been running down her arse crack her hole was covered in her juice so I without warning pushed my middle finger into her arse hole it was a wonder she did not wake the whole street as she screamed out Yes Yes Oh Daddy yes yes and once more her body went ridged and then shook as a earthquake of a climax rush from head to toe and back again she was squashing my head so tight between her legs as she came but then as it left her she relaxed and I was able to lift my head and take a real deep breath.

Pre-cum was dripping from my slit and onto the bed room floor as I stood up and looked down at my most gorgeous daughter, she looked like a angel as she lay there naked, her legs still spread wide her firm tits with there hard pointed nipples poking up her body glowed with the pleasure she had received and the smile on her face said it all she pushed herself back up the bed and opened her legs again and just looked at me and said Daddy will you take my virginity I would love you to be the first as I know you have and will make it special.

What I said with sunrise you have never had sex what about all the boy that have stayed over surly you have done it with them, No Dad she said I have done what we have done so far but I have never let any of them make love to me and I would love you to be the first and cum inside me I want so much to feel what it is like to have a cock empty out it's cum inside you and to have you to be the first my Daddy would be wonderful I have played with myself dreaming of you doing it to me so please Daddy fuck me take my virginity pleaseeeeeees.

I raised myself up and looked down into her eyes and said I would love to be your first my darling but only if your sure and you know it may hurt for a few seconds as it first slides inside you, Yes Dad I know all that so with that I lent forward and kissed her once more and as I did I knelt between her wide spread legs kneeling there looking down at her body trembling with excitement and her sex juice dripping from between her cunt lips I had to say again that she had the most wonderful body and with the I lent over her taking a hard nipple into my moth and sucking it hard before running my teeth round in and biting it making her push her cunt up as pleasure went though her once more.

Laying on top of her my cock was squashed between us as we kissed and then I eased down just enough so the tip of my cock was just touching her outer cunt lips her warm juice felt wonderful as it ran over the head of my cock, Kirsty shook as she felt it touch her and she held her breath waiting from me to enter her for the very first time but I moved my cock head up and down her wet warm slit and pushed forward just enough so the head entered between her slit and as my cock moved up and down her pubic hair brushed over my head sending shivers up my cock and into my balls, pushing in a bit more the very tip of my cock now found the opening to her cunt and she still have not taken a breath still waiting for that first push, I kissed her on the lips and as I did she opened her eyes to look into mine and as this happened I pushed forward.

My fat cock pushed her cunt open for the very first time and as I looked into Kirsty's eyes I saw her winch as the pain of my cock opening her cunt hole put I did not stop on I pushed slow but firm not stopping and all of a sudden her cunt gave way and my cock head popped inside her, Kirsty's eye spread wide as her cunt took my cock and she took in a big gulp of air and as she let it out she said OH OH Daddy Daddy thank you thank you Oh Daddy that feels so so good, now I knew she was ok I pushed on my cock now slipping deep inside her filling her cunt with her very first cock her cunt walls opening to allow my cock access to her most deepest parts that had never felt anything before OHHhhhhhhhhhhhh Daddy she moaned as our body's came together and she now had the whole long length of my cock inside her.

I was now raised up on my arms looking down between us and the sight on my cock buried fully inside her was a sight I will never forget her gorgeous body under mine my body hard up against her feeling her hot cunt wrapped around my cock god I must have died and gone to heaven it looked and felt so fucking wonderful, I held my cock fully inside her not moving letting Kirsty get use to feeling my cock stretch her cunt, then I pulled back fully from her until the tip of my cock rested against her hole, and then pushed forward again this time without stopping not to fast but with a bit of force our body's hit together and I felt her cunt squelch and my body slapped against her and then I started to fuck her for the very first time, I got into a rhythm and Kirsty started to pinch and pull her nipple as I fucked her each time pulling fully out before pushing it all back in, Oh Oh Fuck YES YES she moaned out Oh fuck I have never felt anything like this Dad Oh Christ yes yes she screamed and I started to fuck her faster and harder out body's slamming together now as Kirsty forced herself up to meet my downward thrust, then her cunt tightened around my shaft and her body went as solid as a board then started to sake as her first orgasm with a cock inside her ripped through her.

If I thought that her scream was loud before it was nothing compared to this one and yes they must have heard her down the street as she screamed out OH FUCKFUCKFUCK YES YES YES YESSSSSSSSSssssssssssssssssssssssssss as her juices pushed out of her cunt around my thrusting cock as I did not stop I carried on fucking her hard as she climaxed again and again I felt her cunt walls contract against my cock as it was deep inside her, thrust after thrust I filled her love tunnel with my cock until my balls started to tingle and I knew I was going to cum, looking down at my Daughter I said to her you sure you want my cum inside you my love , YES YES DADDY DEEP INSIDE ME OH OH YES and after about five more deep thrusts her cunt clamped my cock again as she started to climax once more and that took me over the top I could not hold back any longer and with one last hard thrust I slammed my cock as deep as I could and then held it there, My cock pumped and pumped it's load deep into this virgin cunt filling it Kirsty was still cumming her cunt gripped my cock as she climaxed again and again.

Oh Oh Daddy she cried I can feel it I knew I would deep inside me Oh Oh Daddy it feels so so warm and good Oooooooo it feel a lot better than I thought it would wow I can feel it pumping from your cock and hitting my insides Daddy oh my Daddy thank you so much for being my first my god my orgasms were amazing I have never never felt a orgasms like that before and Daddy I want some more fuck me again please daddy fuck me again now please daddy, looking down into her red hot face I said well I willl take a while to get hard again but I am sure we can find things to do to try and getting hard again as quickly as we can my darling Daughter and I rolled from her and we lay side be side getting our breath back, I felt Kirsty place her hand on my stick wet cock putting her hand round the bottom of my shaft and drawing it up taking all her and my cum into her hand then she licked her hand clean and just said MMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmm Daddy that is nice even with that little bit of my virgin blood mixed in and she gave me a very very wicked smile.

We spent the night making love in different positions and in rooms all over the house Kirsty loved it when I sat her on the edge of the washing machine and put it on full fast spin as I rammed my cock into her her scream of sure bliss filled the house time and time again it was a good job it was only now Tuesday as I still had to go to work and when I came home I slept all evening until Kirsty came in about 1 in the morning demanding I show more places and ways to have fantastic sex we had sex again and again all that week and when my wife came home the first thing she done was took me to bed I was frighten my cock would rise to the occasion but lucky enough it did, but it was then I got the biggest surprise as we lay in bed my wife's head resting on my arm she said well my love I always knew you could last a long time but after fucking our daughter all week I wondered if you would be able to get it up for me, but I should have know better you have never let me down.

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