It's Christmas

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Published: Dec 30, 2015
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Soon her mother was sitting over her and grinding her cunt onto her face and we fucked like this my daughter cumming twice

Christmas eve and I have always left the Christmas decorations until then as my mother and father did even thou my daughter is now 18 I still believe it makes it special to come down on Christmas morning and find the room in all it's Christmas Glory.

My wife was helping me and as we had just a few more things to do I said to her why did she not go to bed and I would finish off and be up in a few minutes, 15 minutes later I was in bed my wife and I where just laying there having a cuddle, the lights were out and she said I have just got to go to the loo be back in a minute.

I had been working all day and after putting up the Christmas decoration I was worn out and was just dropping of to sleep when I heard my wife come back into the room, a few seconds later I felt a pair of hands take hold of my legs and push them apart and my wife started to kiss up the inside of each leg pushing my legs as wide as they would go as she kissed further and further up, then I felt her moist warn lips suck one of my balls into her mouth turning it and sucking it like it was a hard sweet in her mouth and as she pulled back stretching my ball bag I let out a long moan as my ball came out of her mouth and as she took the other one in.

My cock was now hard and twitching as my wife sucked and teased my ball bag moving from one then onto the other then she managed to get both into her mouth as she placed her hand round my cock, Oh Oh Christ dear I said that is so so fucking good Oh Christ yes yes I moaned out as her hand ran up and down my full 10 inch cock she made sure she pulled the foreskin back over the top with each stroke she knew that sent shivers down my spine, she let my now wet soaking balls drop from her mouth and ran her tongue up my shaft to the very tip and then pushed the tip of her tongue into my cock slit pushing hard making sure she was getting as much into it as she could.

When she had as much into my cock slit as she could get her soft moist lips folded round the head clamping my cock into her mouth and as she moved her tongue round and round her hand was now moving up and down my shaft once more gripping my rock hard cock as she did then she cupped my balls in her other hand, Oh fuck that felt so so good I thrust my body upward as she continued to suck at the head and play with it with her tongue, I was going wild by this time as she continued to wank my cock harder and faster.

Oh Oh my god I moan as my cock started to twitch and jump at each stroke it was not going to be long before I was going to flood her mouth with my cream and she knew it as she sucked and pumped her hand faster Oh fuck Oh fuck Oh Christ I cried out and thrust my hips up and as I did she left go of my cock removed her tongue from my cock slit and drove her mouth down onto my cock taking it all every last inch of it and as the head opened her throat the first load left my hole and splashed down her throat pump after pump emptied out into her my wife took it all not wasting a drop as she still had her lips clamped round my shaft nothing was getting out of there and going to waste.

My cock pumped a few more times and I let out a long sigh as relaxed back down onto the bed and my dear wife sucked and licked my cock making sure she had every last drop of my cum.

She was still kneeling between my legs when she placed her hands behind my knees and lifted my legs up and pushed then up and back over my chest so my cock balls and now arse where sticking up in the air, What are you doing you sexy mad woman I said but she did not reply just lowered her head and started to lick my balls and my limp cock I felt her lower her self down so she was kneeling on the floor and bent over the bed still pushing my legs up and she started to lick up and down between my legs and got lower and lower down my arse crack until her wet tongue touch my hole, Christ my whole body shuddered as her tongue flicked across the outer part of my hole.

It was not long before she was licking from the very tip of my cock down over my balls and over my arse hole pushing her tongue into it as she past over it, moving her tongue round and round the rim of my hole making it wetter and wetter then without warning she pushed her finger into my arse rubbing the inside sending my body into into heaven my whole body shook as she continued to fuck my arse with me finger oh fuck fuck fuck I cried out where the fuck did you learn that one Oh my god that feel bloody wonderful my god I am glad I married you I moaned out as my cock started to twitch as she sucked on the head still making sure she had not left any cum down inside it.

Then she entered two fingers inside me sending some pain through my arse but the pain felt good strangely enough and my cock grew hard so quickly and it was soon fully erect once more and as my wife fucked my arse she now took all my cock into her mouth, after all this I still had not touch her yet and I so wanted her cunt on my mouth or on my cock I did not care which at this point I just wanted it so I moved my hand down but she knew what I was doing and slapped my hand making me pull away.

I was breathing really heavy now as no and on she went and then she just pulled out her fingers and took my cock from her throat and mouth stood up and pulled my legs together, she said now dear this is my Christmas Present to you so I do not want you to touch me I want to do this to you OK yes dear I said and my cock now stood up like a metal rod just twitching and waiting for something to happen.

My wife climbed on the bed and I felt her place one leg either side of me and she was not kneeling up with her cunt hovering over my rock hard cock then her hand wrapped round it and I felt her lowering herself down, Oh Oh yes yes dear oh yessssssss I said as I felt her her cunt lips touch the very tip of my cock, her warm wet cunt opened up as my cock pushed it's way inside her and I heard her gasp as the head popped inside and she slowly took it inch by inch until she was sitting down fully on me she then pulled up and then down onto the full length once now, it was funny she felt a lot tighter than usual but I did not take much notice on and on she she thrust up and down my cock and then I felt her cunt getting tighter and she was about to cum, on and on she thrust down until she gave one last hard thrust down and stayed there as her cunt shook against my cock, it was then she screamed out OH FUCK DADDY THAT IS SO GOOD and as she said that the light came on and I could not believe wheat I was seeing there was my 18 year old daughter sitting over me with my big cock full inside her.

Happy Christmas my Daughter said with the biggest smile right across her face, and my wife stood to the side of the bed naked and said Happy Christmas my Darling.

I could not say anything for a while but my daughter started to move herself up and down my shaft again this time leaning forward placing her hands on my chest so she could fuck me harder slamming her body down so hard against me.

The next thing I knew and saw was my wife's cunt coming down over my face and it pushed hard down on my mouth I was soon licking her clit and sucking her juice from her as she rubbed her cunt back and forth over my face covering it in her slimy juice, My daughter was just going to cum again as her cunt mussels griped my cock and then she screamed out OH FUCK MUM YES YES SQUEEZE MY NIPPLES HARD and as she did my daughter rammed down and stayed down on my cock and it was my turn to force myself up as I shoved my cum inside her OH FUCKING HELL DAD she screamed out yesyesyesyes oh fuck yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss as we came together a few seconds later my wife pushed down on my face cutting of all my air but I knew she was about to cum and she is not a big squirter but she dose pump out her cum with some force so I opened my mouth just in time to take it as it was forced out of her.

We all flopped onto the bed worn out and my wife told me that she and my daughter had been having sex for about a year and now she was 18 my daughter had said she would like me to fuck her and cum inside her, well that was some great fuck I said well daddy she said there is going to be a lot more where that came from, so you going to lick my cunt out now and I can have mum sitting on my face, well I did not need inviting twice I rolled her over and looked down at my 18 year old's cunt and by god it was beautiful her lips were longer than her mothers they hung out from her pussy all soft and pink and they were wet from our last fuck and I could see some of my cum seeping out between them, I just thrust my head down and pushed my tongue into her as I did she thrust up against my face so I was hard against her, she pushed my head even hard against her as she ground her cunt into me my tongue slipping as deep as I could get it inside those wonderful wet lips I had just been looking at.

Soon her mother was sitting over her and grinding her cunt onto her face and we fucked like this my daughter cumming twice filling my mouth each time and like my wife she pushed her cum out with some force to, my wife came filling her daughters mouth and covering her face, when my wife moved over I eased myself up and help my body over her with my arms as I felt my wife take hold of my cock and aim it her her daughters cunt there you are my darling now fuck your daughter hard and fast just like you do me I want to hear you slapping your body against her make her scream out with pleasure, I just rammed into her giving her the full 10” in one hard push our bodies smashed toghered with a load slap yes yes that's it my wife said that's want I want to hear soon I was pounding heard into my daughter my wife screaming harder you fucker fuck her harder and she took hold of my daughters legs and pushed them up so my thrusting cock went just that bit deeper.

My daughter was screaming as she came and came she was on her forth orgasm when I felt my seed rising once more I looked down into her sweet sexy face and said hold on hold on we can cum together, I'll try daddy I'll try and I pumped harder into her she was gritting her teeth trying to stop herself from cumming her head was being thrown from side to side then I screamed out now my love now and as her cunt gripped my cock in what she told me later was the biggest orgasm she had ever had I shoot my load so deep and hard inside her it was a wonder it did not come out her mouth, we collapsed together she whispered thank you daddy that you for this it's been wonderful having such a big cock inside me and she kissed my cheek.

As I rolled from her my wife took my limp cock which was covered in our daughters cum and my own and licked it clean before licking out our daughters cunt, she looked at me and she gave one of her wicked smiles, what you thinking I said well I know I have cum a few times but I have not had your cock tonight have I our daughter has been hogging it so I want it before you go to sleep she looked at our daughter and said come on your the one that's made it this limp you can help me get it hard again and soon both of them were licking and sucking my cock and balls, just when I thought they did not stand a chance if started to twitch and get hard and about ten minutes later it was back hard and proud.

My wife was about to jump onto my cock when I said I have a better idea I want you two sexy ladies to get on your hands and knees side by side which they did and I moved round behind them and took hold of my cock and pushed it deep into my wife as she let out a long wonderful moan, as I started to fuck her I used one hand to finger fuck my daughter, after a while I swapped round then back again this went on for about half an hour as I had cum so many times I was going to be a long time cumming again both my wife and daughter where cumming in bucket loads when I finally felt my cum start on it's way and as I was deep inside my daughter I pulled out and moved over to my wife and just got it inside her before my cock exploded deep inside her, when I had finished cumming my daughter pushed my to one side rolled her mother over and dived down between her wide spread legs and licked her and my cum out of her well fuck cunt.

When the weekend got here the first thing we done was go out to the bed store and we ordered up a big kingsize bed as we all knew from now on we would be spending a lot of time fucking on it so we wanted a big bed to move around on.

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