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Family Week

Author: Tim
Publish Date : May 12, 2016
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The mother's planned ahead and for the next 3 nights had their son's and nephews eat their pussies, and suck out their Dad's and Uncles cum loads.

* * * * * * *

For the first time, the kids were invited to join their parents for the week when prior to now it was for the parents only. They knew something different was going on, but had no idea how different it was going to turn out to be.

The parents told the kids to unload the food, booze, and luggage. The first thing they noticed was the twin beds were missing and replaced with a king size bed. They were told to meet in the middle cabin at 6:00.

Finally, the time came and they went to the middle cabin. Out came the parents totally nude. The spoke parent began by saying that they have been swingers over 25 years. Now they are invited to the special week, since they were all over 18 years old.

As you can see, all your Mom's have shaved their pussies. Your Dad's love it. So girls, shave it off. Besides, you'll love it too. Since we are nude, we think you should be nude too. So, take your clothes off. We've discussed this and we are listing only three rules. Anything goes, no closed doors, and no means no.

Allright, line up across your parents. For the next 5 minutes you are to grope, grab, twist,feel up, and anything else you want to do. We'll rotate to your Aunts and Uncles for 5 minutes each after that. That way all the parents and kids will have touched each other and the awkwardness will have gone away. After that, everyone will go back to their respective cabin, and let things go where they want to go. Kid's will start with kids and adults will start with adults. Then,switcheroo. Mom and son and father and daughter.

The mother's planned ahead and for the next 3 nights had their son's and nephews eat their pussies, and suck out their Dad's and Uncles cum loads.

The next night at 6, one of the Mom's took control, for a while. She had a bag of all male's names. She had someone draw 2 names and read them aloud. These lucky 2 guys were going to get to double penury rate her. She said she loves getting 2 dicks fucking her at the same time. She waits all year long for this.

A wrestling mat was on the floor. Okay guys, come here and let me suck your dicks so your hard. Now, get the lube and get me all oily. Get me a little turned on by fingering my asshole and pussy so everyone can see. Now, would you mind lubing up your cock a little. Now, boy's fuck me at the same time. I want everyone to see me completely go crazy and their dicks sliding in and out of my holes. Boys, can you feel your dicks touching through my membrane. She finally had to ignore the audience and concentrate on her bliss. By the time she came, she was a puddle of sweat and cum. Everyone applauded. They all went to a different cabin afterwards.

The next night the 3 mother's walked in the room and declared that tonight's show was women on women. The men lustily watched and the girls watched in curiosity. The Mom's just wanted a good climax; and did they ever get one.

The next night another mom said it was her turn for a show. I love toy's. She pulled out a little clit teaser and began playing with her clit,until it poked it's little head out. Then she pulled out a butt plug ,7 inches across at the widest point. After lubing it up she began shoving it in and out, until she shoved it all the way in and left there. The neck of butt plug,4 inches across, hanging out of her ass. Finally, a dildo, as thick as her wrist was lubed up and shoved in and out of her pussy. The pace picked up where it looked like a piston going in and out of her fuck hole. When she was finally able to catch her breath, she told everyone to look how big her ass hole is, as she removed it from her butt. Her cunt looked like a freight train could fit in that tunnel. Wow!

The next night, the women told the men to stand up. We've had 3 nights of women's shows. Ladies, tonight we are going to have an all male show. Boys, get down on your knees in front of your Dad. We know you have tasted you dad and Uncles cum since we asked you to suck it out of our pussies every night. Take their cock in your mouth and suck them off. Play with your own cock while you've got your Dad's balls on your chin. The women loved it. Cheering them on as they got more and more turned on. The final night was a costume party. Briefly, the first girl said she was Little Bo Peep who lost her sheep. Oh, and her panties too. As she lifted her skirt up. The next was a mom dressed in a totally black lycra outfit, from hood to boots. She had a black studded strap on dildo around her pelvis. She said there are four zippers. One for her mouth, one for each tit, and one from her pussy to her asshole. Use all or none, it's up to you.

The next mom was dressed up as a sexy teacher. Her hair up in a bun, a starched blouse unbuttoned midway, and a short, tight skirt, and high, high heels. The square glasses topped it all off. As she sat down, she spread her crotchless panty hose and asked if anyone would like to stay after class. The next was a daughter dressed down in a modest 12 year old dress, Mary Jane shoes and white lace anklets. She said she was beginning to wonder about sex. She lifted her dress up showing offher white cotton panties. Can everyone see how wet my thingy is. I couldn't help but feel myself there. Would anyone else like to touch me there. A street walker was next. Tight,short skirt, stiletto heels, and bright red lipstick. For money she'd do anything. The last was a cheerleader. It seems like panties are optional.

The men were just as much fun. A cowboy with just a hat,boots, and chaps started it off. The total erection got the women's attention. A sailor, with just a cap, shoes, and button fly pants. The men had a Tarzan, Huck Finn, priest, and Batman (with a big bat stuck down his pants).

Hope everyone enjoyed this. I'd love to hear from you.

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