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Looking Back: Knowing Now Thinking About Then

Author: Bruce Onajet Contact: Onajet@yahoo.com
Publish Date : Jun 25, 2016
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To start I was the luckiest boy around at the time. All my friends never got to do what I was doing. Because my Father had died in the war my Mom (Who was only 20) had went back to college. I had a younger sister (2 Years younger) but she most of the time had a sitter to watch her because my Moms friends thought I was cool and liked it when I went to the beach for the weekend parties. When I was there I would help catch the crabs with traps (Off the Docks) and I loved to carry them to the big boiling pots of water that were up and down the beach and drop the crabs in to cook. It was a good time to be alive in 1971-1972.

* * * * * * *

I remember having fun at those parties on the beach around Seattle and I would always watch as couples and threes would drift away from the camp fires and head down the beach after the sun would go down.

My Mom had many boyfriends and I would wait until she would leave the light of the fire and when I would sneak away to watch the girls as they would kiss and get naked with everyone. I was not sure then what they were doing for sure but I had a good idea. I watched a lot of girls have sex in allot of different positions and they never caught me watching. It would make cock hard and I would have to rub it. Pussies were hairy and tits were real back then. It was a time for free love. Sometimes I would watch one girl move down the sand with 3 to 5 guys. I thought that was neat. I watched them move and listen to them moan and it was doing things to my mind and body and I loved it. I tell you these things to set the scene for my first experience with sex with a girl.

Later that year the beaches got cold and my Mother was still dating so she would find different girls to watch my sister and me. One sitter named Joy was my first and both of us would talk all night about all sorts of stuff. She was very pretty around 18 years old and had a start to a nice rack with blonde hair. My sister would always take a bath and Joy would dry her off and take her to bed.

This night Joy and I had been talking about boys and things boys and girls do. This was the first night I had told her about the beach parties and she wanted to hear more. She got up and told my sister to get ready for bath time and this time she helped her and got her to bed very fast.

When she came back she was very excited and sat closer than usual and I loved it!! I started telling her about the crab pots and that stuff but she stopped me and told me to tell her about the couples and things they did. So I started talking about how they would pair off and do things and I also added how some girls went off with more than two or more boys. These stories made her jump and squirm in her seat and move very close to me and listen to every word I had to say. I told her about their movements and moans and this made her giggle and then she asked if I was ready for my bath. With that she kissed me on the forehead and told me to go and take a bath.

As I walked to the bath room I felt funny and I was not sure what was going on now. This bath time was different because this was the first time Joy came in to help me. She started the bath water and told me to get undressed. As I got undressed she turned to see me in the buff and said "Wow you are big for a young boy". Thinking back I think I was big for my age. My cock was already bigger than any of my friends and they all used to tease me about it.

She smiled and helped me into the tub. "Your Mom told me to make sure you both took a bath tonight and get clean so I will wash you tonight" She told me. With that she started washing my body and then she said "Tell me more about the couples on the beach".

As I described one scene where one girl was with three guys and they all were sort of doing things together she started washing my legs and when that happened I got a huge hard on. She let the back of her hands brush against it time and time again while I tried to tell her as best as I could what I could remember about the scene she stopped me and asked me "Do you or have you ever exercised your cock"?

I nervously said "What do you mean"?

She said "Have you ever stroked it until it spurted you know exercised it"?

I told her I had not and with that she asked if she could. I said yes not knowing what would happen so she said "Lean back and let it come out don't worry it will feel good when it does".

I shook my head OK and with that she started stroking me hard and fast. Within ten seconds I came! It was amazing and with that she asked if we could keep all of this a secret? I agreed because even at that age I was no fool.

When I got out and dried off she said we should go to bed and she would help me with other things. She again asked me again if I liked getting "Exercised" and I told her that it was the best. She then asked if I had seen any girls up close and if I would like to help her "Exercise"?

When we got to my room she made sure the door was closed tight and then she took all her clothes off and got into bed with me. As we talked I was getting hard again and she was showing me how to finger her and then she wanted me to use my tongue to "Exercise" her parts. She said her pussy needed to be licked and she would show me how. But before we got started on the licking she seen that I was hard again and she asked me if I had ever "Exercised" my cock in a girl before? I told her that I had seen it on the beach but never done that before so she decided to show me how to do that right now and pulled me up on top of her.

I was between her legs as she lifted her knees up on each side of me and then she said "Grab your cock and aim it at my pussy and take the tip and push it in until you can't push it any farther and then move it in and out until you spurt like in the bath tub".

This I liked and I was sure she liked it also all she said was faster and faster so I did. Her breaths were short and her moans were getting louder the longer I lasted and the faster I pushed in and out of her young tight pussy. She looked down and said "Don't spurt in my pussy pull it out and spurt on my belly I love that".

I fucked her a few minutes more then I felt the feeling starting to come up so I pulled out and rested it on her belly and spurted more than in the tub. She laughed and rubbed it all over her belly and said "Good job". She cleaned up and so did I and over the next few weeks she showed me every sex move a girl likes.

After that I was getting sure of myself and Joy started to invite me to junior high parties and play 30 seconds in heaven and spin the bottle and I knew I was 2 to 3 years younger than the rest it did not seem to bother anyone. Well it did not bother any girl that went to the closet with me. I swear looking back that Joy must have talked about the size of my cock because all but one of the girls that took me in the closet wanted to see my cock before they would even kiss me and most wanted to play with my cock the whole time we were in there.

Joy had told me never to spurt in the closet because that would gross all the girls out and I would have to learn "self-control" and I never lost control. But one of Joy's best friends (Sheri) was different. I knew that she knew what we had done because she as much as said so in the closet one time. She wanted more from me in the closet and I would give her 20 seconds of pussy licking and she loved it.

The next time my Mother went out she hired Joy to watch us and to my delight Sheri showed up with Joy. After my Mom left Joy and Sheri made supper like any other night but Joy and Sheri had their boyfriends coming over they told me. This made me mad but I held it together. I wanted to get off that night but I was sure that it would never happen. Joy's boy was 18 and Sheri's boy was 19.

The boys had brought a movie and with that my sister and me were sent to bed for the night. I heard the boys say that they had beer and smoke and it would be a great time. I also heard Joy tell the boys that Mom would be gone for the night that is why she let Sheri come over. They all cheered! I played my cards right and when Joy came in to check on me I played like I was asleep. With that I listened by the door for an hour until it got quite and I snuck out and watched these girls get fucked.

It was great because both the boys were sitting on the couch and the girls were licking and sucking their cocks and everyone was naked and all were moaning and having fun. I had snuck around the walls and behind the furniture and found a great spot to not only see all the action but hear all the action and this made me so horny and I had to jerk on my cock while I watched these guys get worked over by these babysitters.

Believe me when I say I learned allot from this night Sheri liked to have her boyfriend cum in her mouth every time and Joy liked to take it in the ass. I had never thought of that and never thought of cumming in Joy's mouth. But now I wanted to try. My problem was that I figured neither Joy nor Sheri wanted me anymore and I had not done that much with Sheri. The boys did a great job cumming twice to three times and the girls loved it. As it looked like they were getting done I started to sneak back to my room. After getting back to my room I heard the guys say their good byes and leave. As I listen very close I heard Joy say she was going to check on me and see if I had been woke up. I faked like I was asleep until Joy came in to get me up (LOL). Joy came in and seen I was a sleep and closed the door. I listened and it sounded like they both went to sleep.

I laid there wishing I could get some relieve from my hard cock and I heard the door slowly open. Shari was walking in very slowly and I acted like I was waking up. She bent down and said "Are you awake?"

With that I answered "Yes now I am".

She told me she was lonely in the house and wanted to lay with me if I did not mind. With that she crawled into my bed and snuggled up very close. She giggled as she reached down and lightly brushed her hand against my cock. Then she kissed me and forced my head below the blankets.

I knew she wanted me to lick her pussy so I did knowing that it could lead to better things. I think ether I was good at eating pussy or the other boy would not do it either way in a few minutes she was bucking like a whore possessed. She pulled me up and told me to stick my cock in her and ram it hard until I was finished. I did just as she asked me to. I fucked as hard as I could and never stopped. I hit bottom and her legs were around my arms as I hit the last 3 times and blew my load so hard I thought my cock would blow off. I think I was so deep that my nuts were in her pussy when I let go. She screamed so loud that my sister woke up and Joy came running in the room. Quickly Joy ran to my sister's room and got her back to sleep.

After that Joy came back in and told Sheri to be quite and leave me alone and stop ruining things. They both had words and I was too young to figure out why they were so mad all I knew was that this was the best sex I ever had.

Sheri never came over anymore but Joy and I fucked allot that year and she taught me more than any other girl ever could have. By spring my Mother remarried and I moved to the Midwest never to see her again.

I wish I could see how she turned out?

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