Brother and Sister

Author: Anon
Published: Aug 16, 2016
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Kirsty thrust her hips up and my tongue entered between her lips and her perfect tasting juice ran onto my tongue flicking my tongue up and down her slit sucking on her big clit was sending her wild.

This is a story about me Dan and my sister Kirsty, we both live in a house that was left to us when our mum and dad past away a few years ago, myself I am 25 years of age and work from a near by builders, my Sister has just turned 18 and this is what my story is really about so sit back read my story and have a nice wank as I tell you what happened, ( why not send me a photo of you wanking as you read ).

A week before my sisters 18th birthday we were sitting having our evening meal and I asked her what she wanted to do and what she wanted for her 18th Birthday she was sitting across the table from me and looked me right in the eyes and said I would really love you to fuck me and take my Virginity Dan, I was not expecting that and nearly choked on my mouthful of food, What the hell did you say I said to her , I want you to fuck me she said again, well that is not going to happen I said to her your my sister I am sure you can find a man to fuck you your gorgeous any man would be lucky to have you, yea I know I could she replied but as it would be my fist time I just know you would make it special for me, Please think about it Dan Please, Ok Ok but I am not going to promise anything.

Well over the next week she would ask me if I was going to fuck her again and again, and each time I replied I was still thinking about it, it came to the night before her 18th Birthday and again she asked me you will have to wait until tomorrow and see I said, Oh and by the way I am leaving of work at Midday so I can take you out for a meal and drinks, Oh thank you she said with one of her most sexy smiles, yes she was my sister but when she smiled like that even I wanted her and my cock grew hard thinking about it, I still did not know if I would dare fuck her as it was totally wrong to do it.

So the morning of her birthday I was up and out early before Kirsty was even up, I left her Card and Gift on the table and of to work I went, about 10 I got a text from her thanking me for her card and gift and that she would see me at lunch time when I got home.

I got home at about 1:30 and walked in threw my boots into the cupboard in the hall ran up stairs and jumped into the shower, after about 15 minutes I dried off and dress and when back down stairs to see Kirsty and what she was up to, well when I walked into the front room you could have knock me over with a feather that was for sure.

There sat Kirsty on the sofa dressed in well not a lot really, she was wearing a pink tight fitting top with her midriff showing and and whit skirt, she got up and walked over to me pushing me back and I fell back into the chair.

OK she said what have you decided are you going to give me what I want for my Birthday, sis I stammered you know it's wrong yes you are so fucking gorgeous, yes I would love to fuck you but you are my sister, that sexy smile crossed her face and she said Ok Dan you just sit there and watch as I am going to show you what you have just turned down. She sat back down on the sofa her long blonde hair falling over her shoulders as she sat down she may sure her legs opened just enough for me to see her knickers just before she crossed her legs, she looked at me and as she did Kirsty ran her tongue over her sweet lips making them shine with moisture, Kirsty she you know Dan I have never had sex with anyone and I really wanted you to be the first I have often watched you shower and my god I would love to feel that big thick cock of yours deep inside me opening my cunt lips for the first time, yes I have had my fingers inside me and so men have got that far to but I want you to be the first.

I had know idea that my sister had been watching my shower the amount of times I had had a hard on while showering, Oh my god I said you have been watching me shower, OH yea and boy do you look good enough to eat and that fucking big cock she smiled at me what size is it Dan, well I said my cheeks going red I had never heard my sister talk like this before apart from the other day when she had told me she wanted me to fuck her on her Birthday, well it's about 8” long and about 51/2” thick , Oh Christ she gasped I want it I want it Please Brother please she said running her tongue round her lips once more.

With that she sat back on the sofa and just pulled her skirt up showing me her pink thin knickers as she did this I had to try to control myself as I wanted to jump up and rip her clothes from her gorgeous body and fuck her hard, but I held back I had to she was my sister, Oh she said I see that your cock likes what you see she said with a big grin, looking down my cock was straining at the zipper trying to bust it's way out and be free, Yea sis I said it loves what it sees just like I do my god you are so beautiful why the fuck are you my sister I would be fucking you silly if I could but you know I can't, Oh we will see about that she purred and that bloody sexy smile ran across her wet lips once more as she sat across from me on the sofa she was rubbing herself back and forth on the seat and as she did so I could see a damp patch forming on the crotch of her panties, they were getting wetter and wetter as she moved and ground herself into the seat Kirsty started to breath heavier her eyes sparkled as she looked over at me and then she started to suck on one of her finger slowly moving it in and out of her mouth moaning softly, Come take me Dan you know you want to come give me the best Birthday gift a woman could have your big fat cock, by now my cock was throbbing inside my jeans and wanted release from it's confined space, I was going mad I wanted her so so bad but dare I fuck my sister.

Kirsty then stood up turned round and lifted her skirt up to show me her perfect bum, it looked so firm and round, her panties pulled up between her well formed cheeks my god how I wanted to feel them in my hands to hold each cheek in my hands as I thrust my cock into her pussy.

She stood there swaying back and forth bending forward to make sure that I could see her wet panties between her legs and now they were really wet the damp patch growing by the second she ran her fingers up between her legs and over her arse crack and back down along her pussy pushing her finger into her slit as it slipped back between her legs, I could stand this no longer and I had to un-zip my jeans and pull my aching, throbbing cock from it's confined space, as it sprang into view Kirsty looked over her shoulder and said wow oh wow it looks even bigger this close up, my cock stood poking out on my jeans throbbing and twitching as I looked at my sister still doing sexy things she had now slipped a finger inside her panties leg and was running it up and down her wet slit and even from across the room I could hear how wet she was.

On and on she rubbed her slit and clit until Kirsty shuddered as she orgasmed with a loud moan she crumpled onto the sofa breathing heavy as she looked across the room at me my cock was twitching and throbbing like never before as I watch her pull her legs open and pulled her panties to one side showing me her shaven cunt, her lips were big and puffy from all the rubbing she had done, I wanted to get up go over to her rip of her panties and eat that wonderful wet cunt that was starring at me from across the room.

She also removed her top allowing me to see her trim tits and very hard nipples my sister had the perfect body and it was mine for the taking but I still did not feel right in doing so, come on Dan you know you want to fuck me how can you say no to this body and my wet pussy it's all your for the taking you only have to get up and come over here Please Dan make my Birthday Special for me please, but I just sat there my cock still rock hard sticking out from my jeans.

As I did not make a move Kirsty sat facing me and spread her legs wide and as she pulled her panties to one side she opened her pussy lips and her sex juice trickled out and ran down over her arse crack I had to take my cock in my hand and started to rub it as I watched her start to play with herself again, she took her clit between her finger and thumb and pulled and twisted it closing her eyes at the pleasure she was giving herself with the other hand she twisted one nipple making herself moan out load as more juice ran from her open cunt hole on and on she fingered herself until she came again this time even harder than before her arse crack was now soaked with her juice and as ran her fingers up and down her arse making them very wet and slippery and I gasped as she pushed some fingers into her pussy and then followed that by pushing fingers into her arse hole , by now she had lost all her clothing and she naked laying on the sofa legs spread wide fingers shoved into her cunt and arse while I wanked my cock. I could not take any more and I stood up my cock swinging out in front of me as I moved across the room, Oh Oh Dan dose this mean you are going to fuck me please say it dose please, well Kirsty I said after that fucking wonderful show you have given me and you can see what it has done to my cock how the hell can I say no, my god you are so beautiful and gorgeous I want you even though I know it is so wrong. With that Kirsty said Thank you Thank you Brother and got up of the sofa and moved in front of me and took my twitching cock into one hand making me take a sharp breath in and she kissed me hard on the lips her tongue pushing into my mouth, it was not long before Kirsty had me naked and she knelt down in front of me my cock still in her hand holding my cock straight out in front of me she moved her head close and pushed out her tongue and ran it up the slit of my cock how the hell I did not just shoot my load there and then I have no idea but Kirsty kept on licking it taking her head away just long enough to say wow your cock tastes fantastic and with that took the head of my cock into her eager mouth.

Looking up at me as she slipped the head fully into her mouth and sucking my pre-cum from the hole it was not long before her head was thrusting back and forth taking in at least half of my long cock each time she pushed forward onto my cock I thrust my hips making sure she was getting as much as she could take Kirsty than wrapped her fingers from one hand round my cock while still sucking on the head.

Kirsty had begged me to fuck her and now she was getting what she wanted my cock and by the noise she was making she was enjoying every minute of it on and on she sucked and ran her hand up and down my long shaft but I wanted her to take a few more inches into her mouth so I placed my hand on the back of her head and started to push her head further down into my shaft, Kirsty was gagging and spluttering each time I bit more went in but I did not stop and we now had over ¾ of it going into her mouth and down the back of her throat.

Kirsty was loving it as I pushed into her mouth when I did let her take her head away she just said more Dan more I want it all and everything fuck me show me what it is like to be really fucked I want you to do it all to me be my first in everything Dan and my cock slipped back into her mouth by the time we had finished Kirsty was taking the whole length and you could see her throat swell as the head pushed it's way down, when we had finished that I helped her up and sat her on the sofa I then knelt down on the floor between her wide spread legs and for a moment just looked at her cunt which was just inches from my face I could see each little fold of skin which were covered in her juice her lips still swollen from where she had worked on her clit and lips with her fingers and as I moved into her I could smell her wonderful pussy scent my cock twitching as it hit the back of my nose and it was time for me to taste her pushing my tongue out and it gently touched her pussy lips as it did Kirsty thrust her hips up and my tongue entered between her lips and her perfect tasting juice ran onto my tongue flicking my tongue up and down her slit sucking on her big clit was sending her wild.

Kirsty shot her cum into my mouth as she thrust up her hips as her orgasm ripped throughout her body she placed her hands on my head forcing my mouth hard against her as her came she was screaming OH OH FUCK DAN YES YES YES.

When her orgasm died down I pulled from between her legs and pulled her up and took her into my bedroom and I lay on the bed , telling Kirsty that if she was sure she wanted me to take her virginity then it was now going to happen OH you fucking bet she said as she climbed over me so she was now sitting on my stomach and my cock trapped between us and she started to move back and forth making my cock wet with her juice, I want you to slide down on my cock the first time as you will know how much you can take , looking down at me and with that sexy smile she said I want the fucking lot and with that she raised herself up on her knees and placed her hand down between us and took hold of my soaking wet cock.

She placed the head of my cock into her slit moving slightly to get it right over her hole , I placed my hands on her wonderful shaped arse to hold her up and so I could let her down slowly onto my big shaft, and slowly she lowered herself down sucking in her breath as inch after inch slipped into her just over half way she let out a cry, do you want to stop I said No No it just hurt a bit but she pushed down some more until she was sitting fully down on top of my cock and all 8” were deep inside her she just sat there for a moment letting her cunt get use to being stretched open this far and then slowly she began to move up when she reach the top she pushed down taking it fully into her once more.

As she rode my hard cock she bent forward and her tits were touching my mouth so I started to lick then and suck a nipple into my mouth Kirsty was now screaming at the top of her voice as she thrust up and down on my cock harder and harder forcing each and every inch into her I still held onto her arse cheeks and as she forced herself down I pushed her arse down at the same time making her ram herself down onto my cock forcing it open each time, then I felt her cunt walls tighten round my cock as she climaxed again her cunt walls rippling against my cock, her juice running down my shaft and over my balls.

After her orgasm left her I rolled her of me and told her to stand at the side of the bed and bend over placing her hands onto the bed I moved round behind her but before I fucked her again I kissed all down her spin until I reached the top of her arse crack and I knelt down and pulled her cheeks open allowing me to see her tight puckered hole and I ran my tongue over it and Kirsty cried out as my tongue slipped round and round her hole before kissing back up her back and round her neck until I reached her ears and as I started to nibble on her ear lobes she shivered and I put my hand down between us and placed my cock head at the entrance to her dripping cunt and just pushed forward entering her with one hard thrust I stood up straight and took hold of her arse cheeks and started to pound into her hard and fast, OH OH FUCK YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS she screamed as she neared yet another climax harder brother harder she cried as my full 8” rammed into her again and again my body slammed against her arse sending loud smacking sounds throughout the room Kirsty's pussy tightened on my cock again as she climaxed OH FUCKKKkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk she screamed as I kept on ramming hard into her, I told her to kneel on the bed and she quickly obeyed saying out it back it Dan please I want more more more as my cock slipped into her I lent forward and placed my arms round her and cupped her most wonderful breasts and squeezed them hard making my sister moan again and again.

I took hold of her hair pulled her back as I thrust forward again scream out for me to fuck her harder I could not believe that this was her first time and she was still going and wanted more I was getting very close to cumming myself by now and told her so Oh you had better cum inside me brother she said between her moans and deep breaths, are you on the pill I asked as I rammed home fully into her again, No No she scream but I don't care I want to feel you filling me up, Please Dan don't take it out, well if your sure.

I pushed hard into a few more times and then my balls tightened and I felt my cum starting to rush up my cock and I screamed out as I felt the release of it from the tip of my cock, Kirsty felt my cock throb and took hold of one of her tits and squeezed it hard as my cum filled up her virgin cunt, by the time my cock had stopped pumping it's load Kirsty's insides were swimming in my cum, Oh my Christ Brother she said I never knew it was going to feel that fucking good I really didn't, I could feel every spurt and throb of your cock and it was so warm as it hit my inside Oh thank you brother thank you for my Birthday Gift, Hang on I said you don't think this is it do you you asked me to fuck you and that is what I am going to do don't think your just getting away with the one fuck my darling sister and I slapped her arse as I pulled my cock from her really wet and dripping hole.

As I remove my cock from her wet cunt I saw just how big and puffy her clit was Kirsty gasped for air as I slowly pulled my cock from her inch by inch I pulled slowly from her she looked down as my cock came into full view OH fuck Dave that was so good your the best brother ever and finally my cock popped out of her and as it did her cum filled pussy could not hold it all inside and as she moved some of my cum seeped from her, I pushed her on her back and bent her legs up and this forced even more of my cum from her fully cunt.

I puuled her arse cheek apart and my cum trickled down from her pussy and over her puckered hole I lent forward covered her hot puffy pussy with my mouth and sucked my cum from her licking it all up by now my mouth was full so I held her legs up and lent between them placing my mouth onto hers and as I pushed my tongue into her mouth all the cum ran from me into her.

Once we had finished our long cum filled kiss I looked down at Kirsty still pulling her legs up high and her arse still in full view, Kirsty I said, you know what you said about you wanted me to make love to you, Oh and you have so wonderfully my darling brother, so you want in to make love to you fully I carried on saying yes, yes she replied well looking down at your swollen pussy I think that has have enough fucking for one night as I bent forward and kissed it and licked it again as more cum had seeped out, I think it is time for your other hole too feel the size of my hard cock don't you, WHAT she cried out you will never that that monster in my arse, Oh yes I will I said with a big grin you stay just like that and I will be back in just a sec.

I left her with her legs still up in the air as I went off to get a glass butt plug I have and when I came back to the room she had not moved at all ok I said I am going to open your virgin arse with this first showing her the butt plug, Ok she said sounding a little scared, don't worry sis I said I will not force it in we can take as much time as we like as my cock has got to get hard again and we also have all afternoon and evening.

After making the plug wet and slimy from pushing it in her cunt a few times it was not time to slowly get it into her arse, now just relax my darling sister and we will have this in and you will enjoy every minute of it, getting the very tip I slowly moved it round and round her puckered hole and Kirsty lay her head back on the pillow holding her legs up so I could get to her tight virgin arse round and round the applying a bit of pressure a little went inside her popping it back out and pushing it in again Kirsty let out a low soft moan, to take her mind of the butt plug I was trying to insert into her I lent forward and started to lick and suck her puffy pussy lips sending her crazy and as she moaned and cried out for more as she orgasmed once more and still she had more of my cum dripping out of her mixed with her own juice and as I licked this up I just gave one big push on the butt plug and it popped inside her causing her to cum again and scream out as some pain ripped though her arse as it opened up to take the plug, I left it buried inside her while I still worked on her pussy letting her arse hole expand.

Then without warning I pulled it out and once again Kirsty screamed but after the third or fourth time she began to enjoy it and was begging for more.

Her swollen cunt looked so good and well and truly fucked and now her arse was starting to look the same in and out I used the plug to open her arse ready for my big thick cock which was now rock hard again and ready to enter this new dark as yet untouched heavenly hole after a while of twisting it this way and that Kirsty came once more she was now panting for breath and I pulled the plug out once her climax subsided and rolled her onto her side and pulled her to the edge of the bed so I could stand next to the bed and my cock was not the same hight as her arse, Ok my lovely sister I have taken you pussy virginity now you are going to loose your arse virginity too so just relax and you will love it it might hurt a few seconds but once it is in you will be in heaven.

I placed the head of my big hard cock up next to her hole and slowly pushed forward STOP STOP she cried out NO MORE PLEASE NO MORE but with one push forward of my hips the head of my cock popped into her and I just held it still for a while she looked up at me saying you fucking bastard that fucking hurt say it did but how about now still hurting as I slowly started to push forward again with half the length in she stopped shouting for me to stop and started to moan and grown and saying OH Oh yes that feels wonderful more Dan more and soon I was buried up to the hilt and Kirsty was going wild as I pulled out and pushed it back in and it was not long before her arse hole just opened up each time my cock head came up to it, with Kirsty laying like this I could reach her tender swollen clit as I pumped her arse she started to climax again and again, Dan Dan fuck me harder she cried out as her cunt seamed to be climaxing one after the other.

As she lay on her side crying out for more I lifted her leg up so I could get just that bit more of my cock deep into her waiting arse, holding her leg up and pulling her arse cheek up so I could get a wonderful view of my cock stretching her tight hole open was wonderful by now Kirsty was begging for more and harder, Oh OH yes yes she cried Oh this is fucking wonderful came her screams fuck me harder Dan as hard as you can give me it all Oh fuck YESssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss she cried out again as I placed three fingers into her cunt and as soon as I did she climaxed once again and I was not far behind filling her arse this time when I was done I collapsed on the bed and we lay there both breathing heavy I pulled her close her back to my chest my now limp cock resting in the crack of her arse and my hand cupping her breast, Kirsty's nipple hard in my hand, and I knew it would not be long before my cock would be hard once again and I would fuck my sister some more.

About: The author of "Brother and Sister" is Anon. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Incest & Taboo Stories section.

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